Zephyr Range Hood Reviews – Buying Guide

Zephyr Range hood reviews

Zephyr is a company founded by an innovative family. It is in business for the last twenty years and has been great pioneers in designing, innovation and creation. Over the years, the company has been manufacturing state of the art products powered with beautiful designs, creativity, and smart looks. 

They have been a big name in the wine and beverage cooler section with some recent buzz in the range hood domain.  Since innovation, creativity and user-friendliness are the three pillars of development for Zephyr, they focus greatly on their customer satisfaction. Zephyr range hoods are known to be thoughtfully designed, economical and effective at venting steam and kitchen odors. Due to these desirable virtues, zephyr range hoods are one of the most popular options among other under-cabinet range hoods

To that end, they not only create the best kitchen appliances but also power that up with grand and prompt after-sales service. So, if you are planning on installing a state of the art kitchen hood range, below is a comprehensive zephyr range hood review that we believe, would help you in picking the right one for your kitchen. 

While if you’re still not set with this brand, we’ve also put together our views on Cosmo and Golden Vantage range hoods for your reference. Do check them out if you’re looking for more options to compare. Now, let’s proceed with the Zephyr Hoods Review.

Zephyr Range hood Reviews

1. Zephyr AK2100BS 30″ Power Typhoon Series Under Cabinet Hood

Zephyr AK2100BS 30 inch Power Typhoon Series Under Cabinet Hood
  • Removes all form of smoke, smell and grease
  • The self-cleaning method works very well
  • Unscrewing the grills for cleaning is very smooth and easy
  • The noise level is not very high even in the highest setting
  • Lights focus on the front burners
  • Tad bit difficult to install
  • The grease does not stay trapped in the little drawers  

This particular Zephyr hood range comes paired with a lot of resources and benefits. For starters, it is powered by a self-cleaning filterless cleaning system that is dishwasher proof and comes with residue cups.  

The Zephyr AK2100BS 30″ Power Typhoon Series is backed by a Turbine blade design which delivers up to 850 CFM. However, irrespective of the power, the fan is ultra-quiet and the noise level of the same ranges from 0.9 – 5 Sones. The range comes with quite a few interesting and useful features and lights are one of the essential ones. The lights installed on the range come with two settings- regular and night light. Though when the fan button is turned off the lights go off, there is a separate switch which controls the lights. This feature is very impressive and comes in handy while cooking even though the fan may not be required. 

Finally the Zephyr AK2100BS 30″ Power Typhoon Series comes with an effective speed control feature. This Zephyr hood can limit the maximum blower speed from 590 CFM to 390, 290 and so in accordance with local electrical code demands.

2. Zephyr AK7100AS-BF 30″ Essentials Power Series Gust Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Zephyr 30 inch range hood
  • Easy to install
  • Clears the air very fast and generates a fine draft
  • Vents are easy to clean in a dishwasher
  • Has a great suction power
  • Made out of very thick steel
  • Is noisy even on the lower setting
  • The lights are bright but produce its own heat

The Zephyr AK7100AS-BF 30-Inch Under-Cabinet Range Hood is unique in its operation. It does not require any external venting of air. Instead, the air is forced out through the charcoal filter system that removes impurities before purifying and supplying the air back into the house. 

Owing to this unique air filtration system, the household temperature and humidity level is well maintained since the internal air is not allowed to exit the kitchen. Installing this hood is far easier than dealing with the ones in the market since it does not have elaborate pipes and channels to be installed. The hood range comes with a 210 CFM built-in blower that adds to the quick removal of the dank air gathering in the kitchen.

In addition to cleaning, the hood also illuminates the kitchen with two, powerful halogen bulbs. The unique mechanical slide provides a lot of control of the kitchen environment which can be maintained easily. The construction is very stylish and sleek, which adds to the modem kitchen design. Like other hoods, this one too is dishwasher safe and comes with an optional ductless kit.

3. Zephyr AK1200BS 30-Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

Zephyr AK1200BS 30-Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood
  • Leaves the kitchen smell-free
  • Lights focus on the oven
  • The hood does not produce a lot of noise
  • Installation is easy and simple
  • Lights could have been brighter
  • Quite noisy
  • Does not remove steam 

The Zephyr’s high-performance Breeze II hood range ensures maximum ventilation than any other range available in the market. The Breeze II series hood is powered with state of the art 400 CFM blowers that can control and eliminate the toughest grease, smell, and smoke.

Cleaning the grills and vents is not difficult at all and can be washed in the dishwasher. The aluminium filter cleans the air automatically, and does the work in just 5 minutes! The breeze series comes backed with 250-CFM blowers that have three-speed control technology. The noise level is not very high and is excellent in cleaning airborne pollutants.

Since the range comes with three fan speeds, the user has the option to select one to suit the type of food being prepared. The lights provided by the range are quite powerful, bright and last for a long time. The lights too, can be controlled to set the mood of the kitchen. 

4. Zephyr AK6500BS 30-Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

Zephyr AK65500BS 30 Inch Under cabinet range hood
  • Does not produce a lot of noise
  • Size is ideal even for small kitchens
  • Very easy to install
  • Heat and smoke from high heat cooking can be pulled out easily
  • Very bright light
  • Quite loud even on lowest settings
  • Placement of the controls in the front slide is faulty 

This hood is the part of the essential power series Cyclone range that has a modern design and is quite easy to clean. Not only does the hood add to the glamour of a kitchen, but it also offers 600 CFM that eliminates air with its centrifugal blower. The range has three-speed levels that can be used depending on the type of food being prepared. Additionally, it has a mechanical slide along with dual-level halogen lighting. 

Overall, the hood is very easy to maintain and clean. The sound level of the range falls between 1.5 – 5 Sones. The power range of 290 – 600 Blower CFM works like a charm and the 2 x 35W halogen lighting illuminates the kitchen and the food being prepared. 

The modern clean lines provided by this range is the perfect kitchen interior that one can get. The self-cleaning feature of this range uses a centrifugal blower to liquefy and cook leftovers without making use of a complex cleaning system.  Finally, the self -cleaning option coupled with all the other essential features, makes the hood a must buy.

5. Zephyr Tempest AK7000BS 30-Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

Zephyr Under Cabinet Range Hood Review of Tempest AK7000BS 30-Inch
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized kitchen
  • Powerful exhaust fan
  • Perfect lines and operational features
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with two light setting
  • Makes a little noise
  • Advisable not to clean in the dishwasher  

Range hoods are quite an obvious addition in standard kitchens  due to their placement. It is hence important for a range hood to have somewhat of a subtle design. This one features just that. All in all, the hood is very flexible and efficient. The hood presents a stylish and beautiful stainless steel look and comes with dishwasher friendly stainless steel looks and finish.  Unlike the other ranges in the market, this one comes with a wireless remote and a recirculation kit that makes way for ductless venting so that users need not worry about smoke and smell while cooking. 

The 650 CFM built-in blower included with the system cleans the kitchen like a dream and does not leave as residue or steam behind. The range comes with six-speed electronic touch controls which adds to its sophisticated design. Additionally, it offers a six-speed range which is higher than most hoods available in the market. 

Additionally, this range has a few more exclusive features like the auto-clean button and clean air mode. The hood uses two 35W lights to light up the kitchen. It also comes with a dual-level lighting and two SS Pro-Baffle filters.  The hood is integrated with a delay-off power function that activates the hood right after five minutes when its turned on. It also includes an optional recirculating kit and an optional remote control which comes with a few selected models. 

Zephyr Range Hoods Reviews – Buying Guide

Types of Range Hoods

1. Under-Cabinet Range hood

Under-Cabinet Range hood Types of Rangehood

Though there are various designs and control features, most under cabinet hood extends almost halfway over the stove to expel the smoke and steam from the cabinet doors with the help of the suction power on the hood. These hoods are installed right under the wall cabinet with ductwork hidden away in the adjacent wall. 

Indeed the design may at times take the best part of the cabinet space, but it might be the only option for those who cannot install the recommended stove-to-hood clearance in a standard design. However, the ducted under-cabinet hoods will require the users to install the ducts during the construction of the home. Otherwise, it will be difficult to install these. 

2. Top Wall-Mounted Range hood

wall mount range hood

Sometimes hoods have to be installed in spaces where there are no cabinets above them. In such cases, wall-mounted hoods are considered. Wall-mounted hoods are often designed to look like a chimney and are thus referred to as wall-mounted chimneys. They are designed to be wider on the bottom, generally stretching out the entire length of the stove. This design allows them to absorb all steam and smoke. Though they are a bit pricey, they are a popular choice for those who wish to install the hood right above the stove with no cabinets placed above it. This sort of hoods, mount on the exposed pile of vents placed on the wall to vent on the outside. While this type of hood has a lot of benefits, if installed in a small-sized kitchen, they might reduce the number of cabinets in the area over the range. 

3. Island hoods

Island Range Hoods in Different types of Zephyr Range Hood

These too look like chimney hoods with a wider base design and are ideal to be installed in spots which lack a wall required for the attachment of the hood. Thus these hoods are installed right over the stove in an island like manner, thus earning its name. In the island hood, the ducts do not connect to the wall. However, it does connect to the ceiling and vents out the smoke. Though these hoods are expensive, most of them are designed to look sleek and attractive.

A lot of times island hoods are selected for nothing but the aesthetic. However, the installation process of this hood is very complicated.

Some other non traditional range hood options are also slowly increasing in popularity. One example is the notorious downdraft vent. More on it and how it compares to other counterparts in my guide on the different types of range hoods.

Range hood Vs Over-the-Range Microwave Ventilation

over the range vs range hood

Vent hoods are far better than the OTR microwaves when it comes to venting smoke and fumes from the kitchen. The filtration system of hood ranges is usually more effective than OTR microwaves since the hoods are designed particularly to suck out any form of steam, grease and smoke generating from the kitchen. Additionally, the range hoods offer users an easy installation process where they do not have to be installed near an air duct outside the home.

On the other hand, cabinets and Over-the-Range Microwaves are very difficult to clean and maintain. It must be borne in mind that while using the OTR microwaves, the cabinets placed on top of the range may render useless after a while.

OTR microwaves result in greasy and dirty filter screens. All in all, the range hoods are a better option than OTR microwaves; as far as venting is concerned. However, some premium over-the-range microwaves may prove to be a better investment for households with limited counter space. 

However, in cases where someone decides their kitchen is better off without either of these, there are some alternatives to range hoods that can clear kitchen odor just as well while helping you avoid the bulky installation. 

Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Zephyr Range Hood

Zephyr Range Hood Buying Guide

1. Size and Style

For choosing the ideal hood, the surface size of the cooktop must be checked. Though it’s not an exact requirement that the range hood should be an ideal match with the stovetop, it’s advisable that both are complementary so that the smoke, steam and particles that drift up while cooking gets absorbed by the hood before they can drift to the other areas of the kitchen. Depending on the size of the stove, a cabinet hood has to be fitted in the space available below the counter if one chooses to buy this type of hood. An island or a mount hood is very limited in size and can be set easily depending on the amount of free space available. In that light, the space below and at the back of the stove must first be measured before purchasing a hood. 

2. Ducted vs Ductless Venting

Hood ranges are either ducted or ductless. The one with ducts move the air outside the house, and the ductless ones recirculate the air they absorb while removing smoke and food smell. Though ducted hood ranges are far more attractive and efficient than the Zephyr ducless range hoods, they are a bit complicated to install. On the other hand, a ductless hood may be an ideal option for those living in buildings which have restrictions against installing hoods during construction. However, ductless hoods require frequent filter change and regular cleansing. Ducted ranges generally have aluminium filters installed to trap grease that has to be cleaned out periodically.

3. Design and Construction

Though there are some basic hoods that are not that aesthetically sound, that does not mean one can find a beautiful well-constructed hood range. In that light, many islands and mount hoods have gripping designs that are sure to turn heads. These are sleek with very catchy colours. If one is opting for an inert hood, the choices are endless. They can actually get the contractors to come up with a range hood design to suit their needs. Of course, kitchen styling is an important thing to look into while looking for hood range, and luckily, there are many companies that have exclusive hoods designed to suit the requirement and taste of a wide variety of people. 

4. Filters

In order to keep the kitchen smelling fresh, the filters have to be cleaned regularly or even periodically as per the instructions given. However, the users must look into the type of filters being used by the hood to trap the grease, smoke, odour and other kitchen particles, since the onus of cleaning these will fall on them. Generally, two forms of filters are used, a mesh filter or a baffle filter. Though it might seem like they are the same in their function, they are quite different. While mesh filters are intended to trap more grease residue, they require frequent cleaning, and they are cheaper than baffle filters too. But no matter which filter is selected, it’s important to check if they can be cleaned in a dishwasher. 

5. Fan Speeds and CFM

Most vent hoods come with different fan speeds. This allows the user to turn up the range hood higher whenever something heavy-duty is being cooked. Additionally, the fan speed can be reduced if the cooking is not to cause a lot of smoke or smell. Naturally, it’s important to have a few speed options, and most of the range offers two to three speed options to choose from as per the need of the dish being prepared. The power of the hood is usually measured in CFM. Of course, the more powerful the hood, the easier is the absorption job. The power of the hood heavily depends on the type of food usually prepared. Ideally, 100 CFM per linear foot of range is the metrics to go by for wall-mounted hoods and 150 CFM for island vent hoods. 

6. User Interface

There are some models that come with wireless connectivity which makes controlling the hood super easy. Often the hood can be controlled with the help of a keypad and a display panel that sends signals to the electronic control board via a ribbon wire cable when the buttons are pressed. While this seems like a very smart option with friendly user-interface, there is no way to DIY check in case the electronic control board fails to operate. Lack of this feature may render smart hood ranges expensive.

If the electronic control board does not respond when the power button is turned on, then in all probability the entire electronic control board panel must be changed.

7. Warranty

Kitchen appliances are used daily, thus naturally wear and tear of these appliances are quite on the higher side. Owing to this issue, the appliance might get damaged pretty easily over time. While sometimes it’s a minor difficulty that can be fixed in no time without heavy investment, in other times major technical glitches might occur which might require one to spend a huge chunk. Thus, it’s important to check for the warranty of the brand before buying hood ranges. Additionally, look at the problems that are covered by a warranty plan, the number of years till the warranty lasts and of course the clauses under which the warranty becomes null and void. 


Indeed hood ranges are not cheap appliances, and thus a lot of considerations must be looked into before buying one for your kitchen, But of course, if you are making your kitchen from scratch or maybe remodelling it, having one of these installed in your kitchen is a must. 

Thankfully there are plenty of options to choose from, and the list provided above gives you the top five products that you can consider. However, in addition to going through the products, make sure you have considered the size of your stove, the space in your kitchen and the type of food you generally cook to select a hood that can keep your kitchen clean and smell free. 

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