Why Is My Room So Dusty? Reasons And Solutions

why does my room get so dusty

If you’re wondering about the answer to “why does my room get so dusty”, even when you try to best to keep it as clean as possible, then you’re in the right place. Your bedroom is your space to relax at the end of a long day – and you should not have to spend this period of relaxation sneezing your lungs out because of the dust in your bedroom. 

This seemingly unexplainable phenomenon of copious amounts of dust happens to everybody, so you’re not alone here. There are also a few very specific reasons why your bedroom could be so dusty – so if you want to fix the problem and have your bedroom air be clean and pristine once again, then read on!

Why Does My Bedroom Get So Dusty? 

There may be numerous reasons why dust accumulates so fast apart from the common reasons such as not cleaning your space often enough. A dusty bedroom can entail numerous negative probabilities if it goes unchecked, such as the respiratory issue of asthma. And if you have a mild dust allergy, then it may be exacerbated if your room is dusty all the time due to unexplainable reasons. 

But if you attempt to evaluate and eliminate certain reasons to “why is there so much dust in my room”, then you can try out a few measures to fix them. These are the most common reasons for your room being dusty, so they can be fixed equally easily as well. 

1. Hair and Skin Flakes 

This one is the most unavoidable and also unpredictable reason why is room so dusty all the time. Even those who take personal care and hygiene incredibly seriously may have hair follicles and skin flakes all over their bed – and since these are largely invisible to the human eye, you might not even know that they’re there. 

Since everyone prefers to spend most of their time in their bedroom, it makes sense why these follicles and flakes are so concentrated in the bedroom. They might also settle in the air, making your room dustier than before.

2. Pet Hair and Dander 

If you’re someone who has been living with a pet for a while, then a large part of the dust in your room is caused by their hair and dander. Not to mention the stains from them peeing freely around if yet untrained. Specific types and breeds of pets shed more hair than others and are uncontrollable in how much hair they keep leaving all over the place. 

They may also bring in the dust on their paws and through their fur – and while you can’t exactly prevent them from doing so or shedding fur, you can definitely take a few measures to greatly reduce the amount of dust they carry in your bedroom so that this space can become less dusty for you. 

3. Carpets and Fabric Fibers 

Most of the articles that you have put in your bedroom to furnish it may be carrying fibers in them. These fibers can irritate the respiratory system once they take to the air in your bedroom, where they will stay till they settle down once more. 

They are also an excellent shelter for dust mites, which can settle in the fibers of fabrics very easily and then aid in the dust propagation around your room. While it is impossible to avoid the breaking down of the fibers present in the fabric of these items, you can attempt to clean and dust these fabrics every now and then.

4. Outside Dust and Smoke 

No matter where you go, you can expect bits of dust, dirt, and other contaminants stuck to you when you’re coming back home. These environmental contaminants can also come inside the bedroom if you keep your windows open – especially if you’re living on the lower floors of a multi-storeyed building. 

You can avoid bringing the particles of dust, bacteria, mold, viruses, or other contaminants into your bedroom by thoroughly changing your outfit and cleaning up before you step inside your bedroom – or you can find dust from unexpected places in your bedrooms such as the bottom of your shoes, your backpack, and your clothes.

Effective Measures To Clean And Avoid A Dusty Bedroom

1. Unclutter Your Bedroom 

It’s easy to just sweep everything under the metaphorical rug when you’re trying to clean your living or working space – and this is especially true with our bedrooms since we have all sorts of unnecessary items in them all the time. 

We displace things from their original places hoping to put them back later, but we never do. Learning from the minimalist lifestyle, it is important to keep only those things around in your bedroom that you’re going to utilize at any given point of the day. 

Go on a cleaning spree and you’ll discover items that you thought you had previously lost – and that is just one of the benefits of decluttering your bedroom. That book on the bedside table or that shirt you kept on your bed to wear to work the next day? Return them all to their designated spots and you’ll already see the difference. 

2. Keep Doors and Windows Closed 

As we already mentioned, there may environmental airborne pollutants that enter your living space if you keep the doors and windows open. While there are a lot of advantages to keeping the doors and windows of your house open such as better sunlight and fresher air, in some situations, the cons tend to outweigh the pros. 

Especially if you’re living in a busy area or on the lower floors of a multi-storeyed building, these pollutants may regularly infiltrate your home and stay there. It is important to keep the doors and windows closed in this case since keeping them open may mean that you’re unintentionally inviting these pollutants to mess up your respiratory system and also cause many cardiovascular issues in the long run. 

Alternatively, you can try leaving the window open slightly during the early hours of the day or instill a screen so you can get that ventilation without the added risk of dust.

3. Restrict Pet Movement 

This one may be a heartbreaking step, but it is a necessary sacrifice to keep your bedroom free of dust and to also avoid it in the near future. As said before, your pets bring in copious amounts of dust – either with their fur, paws, or other parts of their body. And during shedding season, the problem of dust becomes uncontrollable. 

To avoid this, restrict your pet’s movement to anywhere outside the bedroom – let them have free rein in other parts of your house, but not the bedroom. You can train your pet to follow this – additionally, when you’re grooming your pet, attempt to do it outside of your bedroom as well. 

Brushing their fur coats or even petting them can release an onslaught of dust and dander into the air that you may not even be able to see. Hence, it is best to set new rules in order to keep your pet out of your bedroom area – because the less time they spend there, the less they will shed. 

4. Occasionally Shampoo Your Carpets 

Cleaning your carpet is a fundamental way to keep your bedroom free of dust – and doing this regularly will give you the best results. You can choose to vacuum, steam or shampoo your carpet. Even if your room has carpet flooring, you will need to vacuum your floor more regularly than if you had hardwood or simple tiled flooring. 

As mentioned before, the carpet in your bedroom is a hotspot that attracts all kinds of dust to settle in and irritate your respiratory system when it is disturbed. Hence, if you do not clean your carpet by shampooing it, vacuuming it, or steaming it, then you’re allowing more dust to accumulate which can give you numerous health issues. 

It is best to vacuum your carpet before shampooing it – and you can use any carpet cleaner for this purpose and a vacuum that has a powerful suction. You can even make your own homemade carpet cleaners for shampooing your carpet. 

5. Use An Air Purifier 

The best and easiest method of removing the airborne particles of dust in your bedroom might involve you investing in a HEPA Air purifier. As the name suggests, air purifiers with HEPA filters can absorb even the tiniest particles of dust that may be in the air that are practically invisible to the naked eye. 

So if you’ve been trying to rid your bedroom of dust and have been unsuccessful still through manual methods, then the best option for you to answer “why does my bedroom get so dusty” would be to get a HEPA air purifier – it truly works wonders against small particles of dust that can be as tiny as 0.3 microns. However, be mindful of tricky alternatives that might not be just as effective. Read our take on True HEPA Vs HEPA type air purifiers for more on this.

The air purifier is responsible for cleaning all the air in your bedroom so if you’ve been suffering from a mild dust allergy and can feel it getting worse, then getting an air purifier with a HEPA filter is the only way forward for you – since it will suction in all the dust (even particles that have settled on items in your bedroom). Depending on the size of your bedroom, there are different options to choose from. If your bedroom spans less than 300 sq. ft., small bedroom air purifiers might suffice.

Final Words

As you have seen, it is really not a difficult feat to answer “how to remove dust in a room”. The reasons why your bedroom may be so dusty are very common and can be solved by taking a few simple precautions against inviting dust into your household and letting it settle over your furniture. 

If you’re ready to be proactive about the quality of the air and its cleanliness in your bedroom, then it is time to make a few decisive changes with the above-mentioned suggestions that will surely reduce the dust content in your bedroom air exponentially. 

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