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The thought of remodeling your kitchen could make all the difference in improving functionality, convenience and the overall ambiance of the your kitchen; especially with Verona Gas Ranges. It requires an in-depth research and an ample amount of time to find the best one out of many. Verona is one of the finest kitchen appliance providers with a wide range of collection of gas burners. The products and services, both are reliable. This article will clarify why Verona users overtly recommend them to others. Here’s an in-depth insider look at what Verona has to offer.

Established in the year 1958, Verona has always been popular for its efficiency and stylish collection. Have a look at the Verona gas range reviews for insight into those highly satisfied customers with all the features Verona had to offer. With an array of sizes, fuel types, and colors there is a wide range of perfect Verona kitchen everywhere.

Verona manufactures kitchen ranges in three distinct categories. The brand has named them the N series, Designer Series and Prestige Series. Further, you’d find Verona ranges in all prominent sizes; i.e, 24, 30 and 36-Inches. Also, there’s enough variety for you to choose a model that aligns with your convenience with regards to the fuel configuration. The models from the series can be found in freestanding and slide-in configurations too. The brand manufactures across all configurations but Verona Gas ranges have specifically been pampered by users for their sheer compatibility and overall user-friendliness.

Comparison Table

Product Size Cooktop Type No. of Burners Oven Capacity Convection Price
1. Verona VDFSEE365SS Electric Range 36 Inch Radiant Electric Smoothtop 5 5.0 Cu. ft. Yes Check Price
2. Verona VEFSGG304NSS Freestanding Gas Range 30 Inch Gas 4 3.0 Cu. ft. Yes Check Price
3. Verona VEFSEE365SS Electric Range 36 Inch Radiant Electric Smoothtop 5 4.0 Cu. ft. Yes Check Price
4. Verona VPFSGE365DSS Dual Fuel Kitchen Range 36 Inch Gas 5 3.9 Cu. ft. (Total) Yes Check Price
5.Verona VPFSGG365SS Freestanding Gas Range 36 Inch Gas 5 4.0 Cu. ft. Yes Check Price

Verona Appliances Reviews - Best Verona Ranges

  • Comes with a large cook-top that can heat a huge amount of food easily and quickly.
  • Glass made doors are easy to clean-up.
  • Premium interior design with a stainless steel body and ceramic black cooktop.
  • Top-notch customer assistance from appliance executives of Verona.
  • Value for money.
  • Complicated controls in comparison.
  • Minor heating issues.

The designer series is one of the finest collections Verona has to offer. The VDFSEE365SS model has 5 core elements. It has a full stainless steel body, and the cooktop has a black ceramic finish. VDFSEE365 model has the European convection oven style made exclusively in Italy. 

You get a black ceramic cooktop, curved handles of stainless steel, touch control, timer, and a pull-out drawer as storage. It’s best suitable for people who would love to give their kitchen a professional look.

The beveled door, stainless steel body, polymer finish knobs, matching control panel – all of these features give a stunning look to this designer Verona convection. It runs on 120V/240V amp:50A. Gets the job done timely and pretty impressively. You’ll get a two-year manufacturer warranty in case there are any issues later.

This true European convection oven is packed with broiler power of 2,200 W and 3,300 W of oven power along with 5 heating elements. This makes cooking and baking relatively fast. The large inner storage can fit almost anything you throw at it. Here, have a look at the pros and cons of the Verona Designer Series to get a clear idea.

  • Premium design and color.
  • Freestanding installation is easy and convenient.
  • Compact size and suitable for small kitchens.
  • L.P. Conversion Kit is included.
  • High-end customer assistance from appliance executives of Verona.
  • No self-clean feature.
  • Clock and Timer function is unavailable.

Are you looking for a feature-packed kitchen range but in a compact size? Verona’s 30-inch Freestanding Gas Range is the one for you (Model No. VEFSGG304NSS). This Italian-made range is highly recommended for small kitchens. It’s equipped with four cooktop sealed burners, including a pair of versatile power burners. You can manipulate the heat between 700 BTUs to 17,000 BTUs, which is extremely handy for all sorts of cooking and baking.

The freestanding range comes in 3 different finish variants; Stainless Steel, White, and Matte Black. Each one of them is extremely suited for modern modular kitchens. The power requirement is 120V and 15 Amps. There’s standard 3-inch backyard protection along with 2-inch optional island trim. It’s a single oven that weighs around 275 pounds and is easy to move around.

Verona VEFSGG304NSS comes with L.P. Kit so you can turn it anytime you want, if necessary. It has a turbo-electric convection fan that spreads the heat throughout the entire oven cavity. Then the infrared broiler switches to optimal broil settings by extracting and radiating the heat. 

This process makes sure your food is properly cooked and baked. On top of it, this gas range has pretty decent storage capacity and comes with 2 years of warranty.

  • 5 sealed electric elements European convection oven for fast cooking.
  • Huge oven capacity.
  • Smudge-resistant full stainless steel body.
  • Value for money.
  • Top-notch customer assistance from appliance executives of Verona.
  • Heating issues.
  • Ceramic Glass cooktop is not stain proof.

This model is one of the most in-demand Verona 36 inch Electric Range on Amazon. Why? All the other electric ranges out there are either too costly or lack certain functionalities. However, this 36 inch has everything you would require. This one packs 5 sealed element burners and a black ceramic glass cooktop. The Italian finish of 304 stainless steel gives a premium look to the range.

Verona 36 inch Electric Range has chrome knobs and a heat proof oven handle. This multi-functional European convection oven comes with storage drawers, 2 racks, clock timer, and more than sufficient storage. It weighs around 250 pounds, which is average. The full stainless steel body is quite attractive. 

However, the glass top is not scratch-resistant. Apart from that, the entire range looks quite attractive. You can also opt for a white variant. The 36-inch electric range comes with a 2-inch backyard. It has a storage capacity of 4 Cubic feet.

Venora Electric range requires a power capacity of 120/240 V and 50AMP. It has a LED light heating system that can cook and heat food fast. This freestanding electric range has an easy installation process. The appliance executive support of Verona will assist you all the way.

  • Multi-functional double oven.
  • Premium quality looks and design.
  • Feature-packed technology like EZ clean porcelain, Flame failure safety device.
  • Value for money.
  • High-end customer assistance from appliance executives of Verona.
  • No major cons to be listed.

The most innovative and versatile Verona 36 inch dual fuel range is the Prestige series. The VPFSGE365DSS model is your all-in-one package. The only double-oven in the list has 5 elements of sealed burners to cook delicious food with 2000 W of Broiler power and 2,400 Oven power. It has up to 52,000 BTU output heat and electronic ignition on top of it. 

The body is made of the smudge-resistant 304 stainless steel, which gives a professional look to your dual fuel range.

This latest edition of the Verona Prestige series has 2 turbo-electric convection fans for proper heat circulation. It has an EZ Clean Porcelain oven surface for manual cleaning. Additional features like a digital clock and timer, L.P. Kit, Flame failure safety device, and adjustable stainless steel legs are there. 

Prestige Series VPFSGE365DSS is a multifunctional oven that has beveled doors with cast-iron gates and full-width storage space that makes it stand out in the crowd.

Power requirements are 120/240 V and 40 Amp. This dual range weighs around 280 pounds and has a backyard of 2 inches (8 inches optional). This one has 4 available colors, i.e., Matte Black, Stainless Steel, White, and Burgundy. It doesn’t get any better; does it? Browse more 36″ Gas Ranges to compare the VPFSGE365DSS with. 

  • 6 sealed-burners for fast and multiple cooking.
  • Wide and spacious.
  • Intuitive design and extremely light-weighted.
  • Value for money.
  • Stain and fingerprint resistant.
  • Switching to propane involves a lot of hassle and money.

The Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365SS is one of the most versatile freestanding gas ranges out there. It has 6 high-performing Italian sealed gas burners that can cook you almost anything and everything. Packed with an 18,000 BTU Triple Ring Burner, a pair of Rapid Burners (12,000 BTU), Semi-Rapid Burners (10,000), and 4,500 BTU Auxiliary Burner, you can try any variation of cooking. The Rapid Convection feature will take care of it. 

This freestanding gas range uses two powerful fans to circulate the heat in every corner of the oven. On top of it, you get four special oven functions, i.e. Broil, Bake, Convection Bake, and Convection Broil.

VPFSGG365SS has a full stainless steel finish body of 304-grade. Since it’s corrosion-resistant, you can easily get rid of smudges and fingerprints with a single swipe. The Verona 36-Inch Range is surprisingly light-weighted (250 Pounds) and extremely suitable for all types of modular kitchens. The stainless-steel body gives it a shiny look along with durability. The storage capacity is around 4.0 cubic feet, which is quite decent.

Verona 36 has a power requirement of 120 V and 9AMP. The fan-assisted circular heating technology makes sure that the food is cooked faster and more conveniently. It has a cool-to-touch oven handle to prevent accidental burns, which is a nice touch.

Verona Gas Ranges – A Comprehensive Guide

Verona – A word about the Brand

Verona Appliances Review

The demand for the Verona line of ranges, ovens, and cooktops has been popular since 1958 all across Europe. Each part is specially designed and manufactured (in Italy) is a symbol of durability and beautiful appliances. Standing in the digital era, Verona ranges are available on sites like Amazon or Wayfair.

As an active user, I can assure you that each and every model has some specialties. Are you planning to get a Verona burner? At first, choose which one perfectly fits your kitchen, which is not an easy task. Verona is among the most popular appliances in today’s market.

After two years of massive use, Verona will still be my first preference. Whenever I walk into the kitchen the burner looks the same! As soon as you are in the oven, you will hear the fan’s hum, which continues to run even after 10 minutes. Do not worry! This is the cooling feature that is quite preferred by all professional cookers. It is beautifully handcrafted with features like convection fan, infrared boiler, stovetop light, chrome knobs, and handles. 

Trust me; you can assure that your kitchen will look perfect as well as your food will taste better! I will strongly recommend, Verona 36 inch dual fuel range for all kitchens, as I am sure to continue using Verona in the future 

How are Verona Gas Ranges Unique?

Verona Luxury Kitchen Appliances Review

The Verona designers took the gas ranges to another level. Professionals have now incorporated several features like brass burners, pull-out storage, color-matched control panel, soft door, conventional fan, and so on.

Compared to other brands, Verona is favorite among the chefs due to certain reasons:

  • Every Verona gas burner comes with a head-burner that is placed closer to the cooking surface. It is primarily designed for better and effective cooking capability.
  • A special European convention feature is incorporated in the Verona gas burners. It can pre-heat the air to create a more uniform temperature inside the burner.
  • Professionals introduced a “Flame Failure” feature to the Verona gas ovens. It enhances the safety of the user by cutting off the gas flow as soon as the flame is switched off.

You will be introduced to both low and high flamed burners with a thermocouple system. Verona range reviews by several customers state that these appliances are easy to clean and remove any spill. Verona’s pro-style ranges are adorable and are significantly pocket friendly. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the perfect kitchen solution. A sophisticated burner recommends using stainless steel and aluminum utensils. On the other hand, glass, cast iron, and ceramic is strongly prohibited from using.

Factors to consider while buying a New Verona Kitchen Range

1. Fuel type

Fuel Type Gas Electric and Induction in Verona Ranges

When you are thinking of buying a stove, there are several decisions that need to be made. Like, the size, type, how many ovens, and color finishes. But the primary matter of concern is what type of fuel your kitchen ranges will welcome!

Gas cooktops are popular due to the rapid, high heat, and responsiveness that is ideal for cooking your favorite meat recipe. It also has a ventilation system that works when the system gets overheated. In the case of electric fuel type, though, it takes a longer time to heat up, but once done, it is better at a steady rise in temperature.

It is important to choose what fuel you want to use for your Verona Kitchen Range. If you go through Verona stove reviews, you will find several opinions about both types. Have a look at them and research a bit to find out the choice that suits you the most.

2. Oven Capacity

Oven Capacity in Verona Gas Ranges

The main feature of the Verona gas stove is its capacity. Here is an array of Verona gas ranges along with its capacities. The higher is the oven capacity, the greater space you will get.

The normal capacity of the gas ranges generally varies between 4-6 Cu. ft. These may include single oven and gas ranges with double ovens. Meaning, there’s a wide array of selections for you to consider with regards to the oven capacity.  So, Verona Gas Stove is perfect for its capacity. Have a look at all of them and choose which one suits your kitchen the most!

Verona VEFSGG365NSS 36”: The capacity of this model of Verona is about 4.0 Cubic Feet. Spills and other blends can be wiped off easily. Convection cuisine guarantees evenly-cooked food for better taste. For storing pots, utensils, and other cooking utensils it is the perfect choice. It is favorable for easy height adjustment.

Verona VEFSGG304NSS 30”:  This model of Verona is highly durable with a capacity of 3 Cubic Feet. It has a feature of a Turbo-Electric Convection oven with an Infra-red broiler. Made of stainless steel bezels, porcelainized cast-iron grates, covers, and flame failure safety device this model suits perfectly to your kitchen.

Verona VEFSGG244NSS 24” – The  most reliable feature is that this model is made up of stainless steel and has a capacity of 2.5 Cubic Feet. The most enjoyable fact about the range is its looks. The stove-top works properly, and the oven heats swiftly and manages the overall temperature as well.

Verona VEBIG24SS 24”: This model is embellished with flame failure safety mechanisms and has a capacity of 2.0. This model is the electronic ignition with EZ clean porcelain surface. It has an infrared boiler and boiler timer within it. 

3. Oven Racks and Positions

Oven Racks in Verona Ranges

A close friend of mine asked this question to me some days back: Which oven rack position is best to use for all applications? Then I realized that I had never even thought much about this factor. Following the expert advice, I realized that racks have certain positions and directions that should be followed.

You can replace the racks in the following procedures:

  • Insert the rack with the help of stop-lock laying on the rack supports.
  • Push the rack towards the rear of the Verona oven.
  • Place the racks properly. The stop locks will run under, as it supports the locks when the rack is pulled forward.

The thumb rule for baking is to put in the center rack, neither too hot nor less hot.

But when you are entering a large turkey, then it is obvious to keep it in the lower rack. Racks serve an important feature if operated appropriately. You can utilize those flexible racks of their full advantages.

4. Oven functions

Verona Gas Stoves allow an user to control the heat immediately after turning on the burner or the oven. You can regulate to high or low according to your need! Gas stoves stop cooking immediately when the heat is turned off. While some of the verona stoves have specially designed burners that hold low heat. It can simmer liquids and more. Verona gas stoves are used both for commercial and domestic purposes.

  1. Convection Fan: These fans help to circulate air and help to maintain temperature throughout the verona gas ovens. An oven is generally a convection but a fan is inaugurated in it, making the overall structure gas stove a better place for cooking. These features correspond with the maximum level of convenience when it comes to cooking a wide array of dishes in the kitchen. Look for these in the model you set your eyes on.
  2. Broil Element: This is a special function of verona gas stoves. It aims to provide heat directly to the top of the dish while grilling.
  3. Oven Rack: Verona gas stoves can readily change to any rack position. It is the perfect place to bake cakes, cookies, and brownies or more at the same time.
  4. Fan Blade: Fan blades are of the most important function of verona gas stoves. It is a component of convection fans that influences the direction and power of heat flow.
  5. Bake Tray: Baking tray in verona gas stoves are used for baking bread rolls, pastries, cookies, and much more. There is a hidden baking tray that protects the baked food from spills and drips. 

5. Oven Cleaning

Cleaning Verona Appliances and Gas Ranges

A range of ovens either needs to be cleaned by hands or provides much easier self-cleaning options. Cleaning process is quite difficult in manual ovens. It is recommended that when you are purchasing a new verona gas, select an easy clean model to enjoy more benefits. Manual ovens might be better in finishing but an automatic cleaner makes cleaning much easier and smoother. The convenience these offer rivals that of the brands top competitors including Cosmo and Thor kitchen ranges.

Advantages of Self-Cleaning Ovens over Manual Ovens

Manual cleaning ovens need some strong cleaners along with various utensils which is perhaps a hetric procedure. On the other hand, Automatic cleaning stoves use heat only to clean the ovens. No such strong chemicals are required in automatic cleaners. Manual cleaning is much time consuming, whereas self-cleaning allows the whole process to be done on a fixed time automatically. 

You may need to pay $100 or  some extra amount for getting a self-cleaning feature but with manual you have to spend much more money on purchasing cleaning utensils.

Whether you choose an oven that is self-centered or one that is cleaned manually, it is important to clean the oven very often.  Do not get confused between the two gas ovens. We suggest leaving the cleaning process for some time in an automatic cleaning gas stove. It is perhaps the best choice for those who are sensitive to scents and chemicals.

6. Price and Warranty

The factor that you might be concerned most about is the price and warranty. If you are searching for a more qualified style range, it’s natural that the price will gradually increase.

I have looked for some alternatives to Verona but have similar characteristics. They are far costlier compared to Verona. But only the price is not a factor; you will have to look at the product’s warranty.

As per my concern, Verona gas stoves offer 2 years warranty upon each appliance. I can provide you with a general idea of the price. It may vary between 8 thousand to 12 thousand dollars, depending on the product and availability. There are some cheaper rates of Verona products, but they are quite different from the luxurious ones.

Price is something that is not the only factor in getting Verona. You can browse the online platform where these accessories are available. Obtain the accurate one for your place.


Thanks to the most innovative technology, Verona 36 inch dual fuel range provides so much efficiency. It does provide professional quality on both functionality and style. Experts of Italian engineering are proud to introduce such valuable appliances to the customers all across the US. With so many sizes, styles, and designs, there is no doubt that Verona is the perfect choice for your kitchen.

If you are looking for an impressive European style gas oven, then have a look at the wide range of Verona kitchen collections. Have a look at the Verona gas range reviews and select the most suitable appliances that suit your home. Be sure to shop the most impressive variety of Verona Cooking Appliances today!

From my point of view, the Verona range is simply amazing at a great price. It is versatile and looks stunning. I hope you can now make a suitable decision to make the renovation perfect.

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