VacMaster VP320 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

VacMaster VP320 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

Vacuum sealing can deliver multiple benefits at once! Whether you are looking forward to a heavy-duty domestic or commercial utility, VacMaster VP320 Chamber Vacuum Sealer can be the best fit for your expectations. Yet, as we speak about expectations, it is important to conduct a fair assessment of the ups and downsides of any product that we are planning to invest in! 

What is the purpose of buying a vacuum sealing machine? By and large, it is to save money on our food-related expenses and to cut down on food waste. Vacuum sealing assists in packing meals in an airless environment and extending the shelf-life of fresh organic food items, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, and so on. The feature does not only give us the flexibility to buy groceries in bulk but also benefits in storing our garden’s harvest or home-cooked meals. 

However, that barely sum up what you should look for in a vacuum sealing machine. From the size of your kitchen, and your pocket, to your choice of unit type (external or chamber vacuum sealer), several factors influence one’s decision to buy a vacuum sealing machine. In this VacMaster VP320 Chamber Vacuum Sealer review, we will explore the factors in detail and arrive at a verdict on whether or not to go for the unit. 

VacMaster VP320 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review 

VacMaster VP320 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Dimensions 22.25″ W x 20″ D x 20″ H
Chamber Size 16.75″ W x 18″ D x 7″ H
Weight 50 Pounds
Chamber Count 1
Lid Transparent Polycarbonate
Material Chamber and Housing- Stainless steel
Vacuum Pressure 2.95″ Hg – 29.53″ Hg
Pump Capacity 20m3/h
Seal Width 16 inches
Controls Seal Time Buttons | Digital Time Display | Pressure Indicator | Seal Button | Start Button
Electrical Specs 110V, 60Hz, 13 Amps
Chamber Lid Operation Spring Assisted/ Manual
Accessories 100 Assorted Vacuum Chamber Pouches, 25 (8″ X 12″), 25 (6″ X 10″), 25 (12″ X 16″) and 25 (14″ X 16″), 2 Filler Plates, Maintenance Kit, and User’s Guide


  • Excellent for commercial use 
  • Heavy-duty built and performance 
  • Transparent lid and digital control panel gives maximum control
  • 16 inches wide, Automatic and Spill-proof sealing 
  • Less expensive package bags
  • Low wastage of packaging bags 
  • Increases the shelf-life of food up to 5 times 
  • Efficiently vacuum seals large-sized and fluid items
  • Helps in saving based on buying in bulk, on sale, and preventing waste
  • Preserve food’s nutritional value, flavor, and overall quality 
  • Easy oil-level check and maintenance


  • Expensive than external vacuum chambers 
  • Not portable 
  • Bulky design 
  • Not noiseless

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1. Size, Portability and Design

VacMaster VP320 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review 

The VacMaster VP320  has an external dimension of 22.25″ W x 20″ D x 20″ H. The size makes it evident that it has been designed for medium to large-sized kitchen space. It fares similarly with its predecessor, the VacMaster VP215 . The chamber-sized 16.75″ W x 18″ D x 7″ H,  is crafted to meet the demand of medium to high volume commercial and food operations. The chamber is spacious with a domed lid to assist in packaging larger food items. Weighing 50 lbs, the VacMaster VP320 vacuum sealing machine is not portable enough to be displaced effortlessly. 

It has the following features designed to handle almost any vacuum packaging task:

  • Stainless steel body and chamber
  • Can accommodate max bag size of 16″ x 18”
  • 16″ removable seal bar with double seal wire
  • User-friendly digital control panel 
  • Adjustable seal time, digital time display, and pressure indicator
  • Easy-to-read pressure indicator
  • Heavy-duty, transparent lid with lock
  • Heavy-duty 1.5 HP rotary oil pump

2. Performance

In contrast to the external vacuum sealing machines that suck the air out of the packaging bag, Ary VacMaster VP320 generates a vacuum inside the chamber to equalize the suction pressure all around the bag and seal it. This prevents the chances of spillage of liquids. In external vacuum sealers, even with the most robust commercial grade sealers, you need to cool and harden most of the delicate items before vacuum sealing but the same is not the case with chamber vacuum systems. Be it solid, moist, or liquid foods, you can safely seal it without mess or chances of disturbing the food structure. 

The VacMaster VP320 chamber vacuum sealer, with a powerful 1.5 HP vacuum pump, is suitable for:

  • Small to medium processors
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Laboratories
  • Hunters & Fisherman
  • Sous vide cooking

The VP320 chamber vacuum sealer endures prolonged usage and delivers a strong, as well as consistent, vacuum and seal every time. The 16 Inch removable seal bar with double seal wire makes it easy to seal large food items, such as a pound of meat, and fluid items like smoothies. Each vacuum and seal cycle takes about 20-40 seconds, depending on the workload, pulled off quite efficiently by a heavy-duty 1.5 HP oil pump. Moreover, the stainless steel body allows the vacuum sealer to have a sturdy built and prominent durability. 

3. Ease of Use

The ARY VacMaster VP320 commercial chamber sealer is extremely convenient to use.  It operates almost automatically once you close the lid. The control panel allows the user to customize the settings for vacuum and sealing. The vacuum time and heat impulse duration are separately adjustable. The lid automatically opens after the completion of each cycle, indicating that it is ready to operate on the next package. 

The VP320 chamber vacuum sealer has a front-mounted 16″ seal bar covered by a transparent and unbreakable polycarbonate lid.  For vacuum sealing packages that don’t fill the chamber, the duration of the cycle can be reduced dramatically by setting poly spacing boards into the bottom of the vacuuming chamber which can reduce the amount of extractable air. The vacuum sealer has a heavy-duty oil pump that gives it the necessary power to perform. The VacMaster VP320  is a commercial vacuum packaging system, built-in obeisance to the highest standards for durable and trouble-free service. Since there is no wiring in the chamber and the interior is smooth-cornered stainless, the ARY VacMaster vacuum sealers are easy to clean up.

4. Versatility 

The VacMaster VP320 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is the most reliable countertop vacuum sealer for commercial use. The unit is dependable when it comes to performing the heavy-pulling tasks of vacuum sealing. 

The 16″ removable seal bar is positioned in the front of the machine. The seal bar does the function of sealing alone and not suction. The vacuum created in the chamber equalizes the pressure on the sealing bag, as a whole, leaving no cracks or groves while vacuuming the air out. Such functioning makes chamber sealers exceptionally good at sealing liquids. The seal timer is adjustable and the vacuum cycle time can be adjusted for different package amounts and consistencies. The unit is easy to clean and maintain. The machine can play a pivotal role in keeping your business or restaurant running smoothly with little interruption. 

5. Vacuum Pump

The Ary VacMaster VP320 has a powerful 1.5 HP oil pump that provides years of dependable service. They are responsible for initiating and regulating the vacuum created inside the chamber. Its efficient performance does the heavy task of vacuum pressing larger, irregular, or fluid-type items from all directions inside the chamber. 

For keeping the oil pump performing its best, you’ll need to keep up with regular oil changes. The oil sight glass helps you to view the color and level of the oil. The oil level should be between 1/2 and 3/4 full in the sight glass. Before refilling your unit, be sure to drain the existing oil. The process is easy to carry out without much hassle.  It has a robust built and is capable of delivering consistent operation.

6. Value for Money 

Despite being a little more expensive than an external vacuum sealing system, the Ary VacMaster VP320 has several advantages that might prove it as the most cost-effective product.

Firstly, the bags used in VacMaster chamber sealers are less expensive. They are close to half the cost of a traditional textured bag used in external bag sealers.  Moreover, since what you’re sealing stays in the bag instead of getting sucked into the machine, you’ll be able to seal messy items like soup, gravy, or flour. 

With the VP320 you can extend the shelf life of food by 5 to 6 times than its regular life. Additionally, vacuum sealing is also beneficial in maintaining food quality, reducing freezer burn, and cutting down food waste. This dramatically deducts the expenses that show up due to the wastage of food. Overall, the unit delivers a true value for money in the long run.

Whatever the argument, the Vacmaster VP320 is certainly not for regular home use. We’d only recommend you to invest in this workhorse if you have high typical sealing requirements. Otherwise, you may just be better off with a domestic grade food sealer. Here are some of our recommended models for you to consider if pinching pennies is your top concern:


The service provided by the VacMaster VP320 chamber vacuum sealer, reviewed above, does not only have commercial benefits but can also meet your domestic or residential needs. While the dimensions and price of the unit might seem unsuitable for your kitchen, you need to focus on the larger picture to grasp the concept. The vacuum sealer uses inexpensive packaging. The cost per packaging is extremely low and the smart design also reduces the wastage of bags around the edges of sealing. They are highly efficient and robust in their frame. And who said you need a vacuum sealer to only seal food?  You can vacuum pack winter clothes, papers, and other items that may catch mold when out of use. It helps in managing the storage space and keeps your items good to use! 

Undoubtedly, the VacMaster VP320 chamber vacuum sealer is one of the best vacuum sealing machines available in the market! 

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