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Top 10 best Air Fryer in India under Rs. 10,000

Best Air Fryer in India introduced about a decade ago has gained some major attraction. It uses a technology that doesn’t require fat and a lot of oil to fry foods rather it is to fry without needing to dunk food in oil. So how can it fry something without oil? It is based on the Rapid Air Technology that is an air fryer blows superheated air to cook food. Air inside it is up to 200 degrees Celsius and keeps on circulating, creating a browned, crispy surface just like the fried food. With their mechanical fan, they circulate this hot air at high speeds to cook foods fast and also gives the food a crispy brown texture.

One can surely cook a batch of fries, using just half a spoonful of oil. So, the food cooked involves extremely less oil, fewer fats and therefore is healthier. And it will surely give you the same result as toasting, baking or roasting. Though they have seen some great sales in different countries, you have shell out some good money for buying one. So, the air fryer is worth the expense? To know more about Air Fryer, you can check our guide about Air Fryer, their Advantages and Disadvantages in detail. Today we are here with a list of Best Air Fryers which you can buy in India that costs less than or around Rs. 10000. But before starting of, let’s checkout some health benefits of using an Air Fryer.

An air fryer can offer many benefits to its customers.

  • Low-fat meals
  • Easy cleanup
  • Uses hot-air circulation, cooks without oil.
  • This ultimately produces healthier foods
  • Cook multiple dishes at once
  • Prepare a meal within minutes

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At the tip of your fingers, you can have an appliance that specializes in making delicious, healthy meals that look and taste just like the ones made in oil fryers.

Top 10 best Air Fryer under Rs.10,000 in India

1. Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer

This thing can get your fired snacks you love without actually using a single drop of oil.Myself and my father who is not allowed to eat oily food due to health concerns are both enjoying the benefits of this device. Takes less time to cook food, I would say almost half the time when I compare it with its contemporaries.

It uses the Rapid Air technology for circulating hot air around a metal mesh basket inside the appliance. It requires little or no oil depending on the food item. It can also bake and grill. The starfish design on the bottom of the Airfryer facilitates air circulation, ensuring your favorite foods cook evenly. The integrated timer can allow up to 30 minutes of pre-set cooking times. The fully adjustable temperature control allows you to pre-set the best cooking temperature for your food up to 390°F. It comes with removable non-stick coated which does cleaning and washing easy. Philips Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology saves you and your home from the smell of fried oil compared to a regular fryer.

I use it mostly for cooking chicken, it takes only 10 minutes to cook chicken pieces which are marinated only for one hour. After comparing this to my friend’s fryer I found, his fryer takes almost 20 minutes for doing the same job. Its really handy for quick meals and for people who are health conscious. Philips is the best when it comes to consumer electronics goods especially kitchen and grooming.

Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer


  • Built Quality : Its sturdy and well built. The knob and the handle are pretty solid too. Made of good plastic and other materials
  • Easy to use : Please note that’s its a fryer which can be used to fry french fries, aloo tikki, kababs, frozen chicken and veg snacks. It cannot be used to fry pakoras or any other dripping snacks. We just have to sprinkle a little oil/ butter so that it doesn’t stick to the steel tray on which the snacks are put. Simple , just two controls time and temperature and does everything with these two.
  • Working : It has a heating coil and a fan on top with a temperature nob and timer. A tray with a pull to remove mechanism with a metallic mesh grill on which the snacks are put for frying. It takes a lot time to fry anything, eg for normal hara bhara kababs it takes around 30 mins to cook, so you’ll end up frying on traditional kadai to save your time.
  • A card is given with the fryer which specifies the amount of time and heat intensity required to cook most of the snacks/chicken/veg dishes.
  • Compact – Does not take much of your room in the kitchen , also easily movable if needed


  • Not Cheap- Its not cheap compared to the other brands with similar use , but you get what you pay for.
  • Cleaning – The mesh basket that you keep the food for cooking tends stick to food and its not easy to clean after use unless you soak it for a while.
  • Auto off – The machine still runs and throws hot air even if you take the tray off , I think it helps to save energy if the machine is automatically switched off once the cooking tray is taken off.(But you can always turn the wall switch off)

2. Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt 4L Air Fryer 

Havells is a leading electrical products brand, am already using its induction cooker which has been working really well for a year. You can expect great quality products from Havells as they are the same brand behind “Futura” cookwares. Havells Airfryer lets you fry, bake, toast, roast, grill and reheat the food with id Rapid air technology by using hot air making it up to 85% less oily as compared to the traditional deep frying. So, you can enjoy your snack, guilt-free. IT is developed in a way that it filters out the most nauseating and unpleasant odors giving one an extremely clean and odorless kitchen. It has a built-in integrated Timer with an Auto-Off and a Temperature control making it enable to cook food quickly and crisp e.g.  with Havells AirFryer; french fries can be cooked within merely 12 minutes. It comes with a huge 4 L Pan Capacity, so more people to serve is never a problem. A very chic, well designed and really usefull product if you like your food nice n crispy . The fries and chicken nuggets came out golden and well cooked.


  1. Full digital – no manual rotatable knobs. Display of temperature and time makes it easy to configure instead of knobs.
  2. The touch of buttons is very smooth. Just graze the finger over it and it takes the input, no need to press.
  3. Functioning is excellent – made french fries as per the recipe mentioned in the recipes book obtained along with the product and they turned out perfect.
  4. Product looks sturdy – plastic quality is very good.
  5. Havells is a very well known brand. So, can go for it as an alternative to Philips


  1. The capacity of the basket is only 2.5 L. Havells is misleadingly advertising “pan capacity = 4 L” which can’t be used for actual cooking. It’s just for collecting excess oil during cooking.
  2. The operation manual is almost useless. They just changed the name and gave the Havell’s old model’s (one with the knobs) manual. So, you need to figure out the buttons usage yourself through experimentation.
  3. The name of the buttons is misleading. “Mode” is for temperature setting, “Timer+ and Timer-” are for timer settings. There is no concept of modes. I couldn’t see any operation of “Call” button which even doesn’t glow.

3. American Micronic – 3.5 Liters Imported Air Fryer

While some of you might not be aware of this brand, you don’t need to question it’s quality. American Micronic offers top notch quality with decent customer support. The foods cooked using this Air Fryer require less oil as compared to other ones. It’s a great product in nearly half the price of Philips. Works perfectly. It’s a Great product, very easy to operate and maintain. cooking has become an entertainment after I bought this. I would recommend to buy this product blind folded.


  • Non-stick frying basket for easy cleaning
  • TurboTunnel Freshair technology fries the tastiest food without the oil
  • 50% Bigger, 38% faster, 27% more energy efficient than the first generation fryer
  • Free home Pickup & Delivery for Warranty Repairs/Replacement all over India

4. Concord Digital Air Fryer 2.8 Litre

Coming from a long line of foodie family where every third person in my famaly either owns a restaurant or is a chef , Food is a very important factor to me , after considering all the facts and ads i finally went for this and boy was i glad to have made this choice ! to my surprise this little thing can really make some tasty as well as healthy food be it veg or nonveg with lean and mean grilling with extremely less oil and the consumption of oil in our house has come down from 5 leters to barely 500 ml !

In the Box, you get Air fryer, Frying bucket, Oil dipper, Warranty card and Free recipes book with lot of exciting foods that you might have not tried yet. One of the Best air fryers in this price range and is even better than most fryers which are twice as expensive , if you are a foodie you could close your eyes and blindly go for it and wont regret it, and get ready for a more tasty and healthier food with lesser oil consumption.


  1. Lets you control the temperature of the heating coil to suit the meat or veggies you want air fried
  2. Temperature is almost accurate with +/- 3 degrees C
  3. Has instruction engraved on the device for most frying
  4. Consumes very less oil to almost none
  5. Food tastes great even without oil as it retains most of the moisture in it and perfectly grills on all sides
  6. The masala does not get burnt and beyond taste like when you deep fry it and you can really enjoy the actual flavor
  7. The touch sensitivity is great with bright blue led display like an expensive car dash board
  8. Completely teflon coated so cleaning is very easy
  9. Has a powerful built in exhaust fan in the back for heat decipation so the outer shell does not get too hot and max temp on outside is 75 degrees
  10. Very sturdy and excellent build quality and adds to your kitchens ambiance
  11. Cooks meat in flat 10 to 15 mins depending on how rare you want it
  12. Safety button with button cover for the handle so you accidentally dont detach the pan from the base
  13. Food tastes like it has been cooked in a authentic tandoor


  1. The frying pan is a bit small and you may need to operate it multiple times for a big family
  2. There is no auto shutoff if you accidentally pull out the pan when its running
  3. Very short power cable

5. Prestige PAF 4.0 2.2 1400-Watt

The Prestige PAF 4.0 2.2 Liter Air Fryer being an air fryer is also a bread maker and OTG all in one. It comes with a digital display. Up to 80 percent reduced fat content surely makes it an attractive buy. You can easily make a variety of food items like the crunchy crisp potato chips, chicken, fish and even pastries.

The Prestige Air Fryer makes use of hot air circulation very vigorously around the food kept in the basket. The fryer also uses a grill accompanied a fan to blast high-speed hot air around the food. This super-heated air is circulated to all sides at once to heat and cook the food. I have used it for cooking bread rolls and they came out crisp and the oil I put in was collected in a seperate cup. Its absolutely brilliant. Health and taste in a same package. Only thing was it took around 20 ninutes to cook 4 bread rolls. But that is ok conpared to the health benefits


  • Cooks by hot air
  • Fry, grill, roast, bake and more
  • Oil and smoke filter
  • Easy to operate knob controls
  • Temprature and timer control


  • Lock is too tight and does not come out easily plus it is difficult to close

6. Pigeon Super 12044 3.2-Litre Air Fryer

Pigeon is known for offering premium products at less prices as compared to Philips, Prestige & Havells. This is definitely one of the best Air Fryer in this segment. It’s basically a fan-assisted oven, and it has many uses, although it is not as versatile as I had hoped it would be. The Air Fryer is really good for roasting chicken legs, sausages, and other meat products. The fat drains away, and leaves you with a perfectly-browned piece of meat and thoroughly cooked in the middle. You can also cook Pork Belly, Pork Scratchings, etc. so the fat melts away and you have the perfect crispy texture. It’s like a small tandoor!

Layer your potato chips with slight olive oil before air frying to get the brown crisp look


  • The Air Fryer is not noisy, so it doesn’t disturb the peace and quite – until the time ends with a loud “PING”!
  • All in all it’s a good machine, and it beats a lot of the competition on price and size, and also has a 2-year warranty.


  • No response from the local technician even after multiple attempts to contact him. Poor service. To compete other good brands which provide good after sales service, Pigeon should probably improve this aspect.
  • Once you start the timer there is not any option to stop it either the fryer is on or off, you have to wait until it stop itself (very frustrating).

7. Philips Daily Collection HD9216/81 Air Fryer

Powered by Philips unique Rapid Air Technology, it lets you fry with air to make food that is crispy as well as tender.  It is the healthy way to fry! The manually adjustable time and temperature control is integrated with the timer and allows you to pre-set cooking times of up to 30 minutes and up to 390 Fahrenheit. It also has an auto-off function which includes a “ready” sound indicator.

  • Timer with ready signal and auto shutoff
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Cord storage
  • Dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning
  • Rapid Air technology fries the tastiest food without the oil
  • Basket Capacity is 28 oz.

This comes with a timer with ready signal and auto shutoff, Adjustable temperature control for the perfect result,Cord storage keeps kitchen surface neat and tidy, Dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning, Rapid air technology fries the tastiest food without the oil. the Airfryer circulates hot air around a metal mesh cooking basket, requiring little or no oil as it fries, bakes and grills. The starfish design on the bottom of the Airfryer facilitates air circulation, ensuring your favorite foods cook evenly.

8. NutriChef Digital Electric Air Fryer PKAIRFR28

The NutriChef model PKAIRFR28 comes with a capacity of 3.2 Liters. This Is a digital electric air fryer with and comes with a dual basket that can give you quick and easy cooking every time you use it. The inside is Teflon coated and can get your food ready in 30 mins. The frying quarts and the non-stick pans, both can be used at the same time to fry. The fryer itself was well constructed and the basket goes in and out easily ( a complaint on some other air fryers). However you need to know that the basket is small. This is great for two people but larger families would need a much bigger unit. 

Temperature varies from 170 to 400 degrees F, and this proves a high rage for better cooking. LCD and easy to touch button controls add to the great experience. Dimensions are 14.1 inches long X 11.4 inches wide X 12.95 inches high. The total unit with basket weighs about 13 pounds.


  • Built Quality better than premium brands like Philips
  • Easy to use and healthy – no grease/oil and the food is crispy. just use the same cook time as you would in the oven


  • My only real negative is the instructions are not very good. It talks about a warm up button that doesn’t exist (maybe it is the on/off button)

9. Jaipan YJ2588 2.5-Litre Air Fryer

As the name suggests, an air fryer uses the technology of hot air circulation to cook food and as such, the oil requirement is far less than the traditional fryers. Also, compared to the other fryers, it cooks food faster. The air gets heated up to 200 degree Celsius, and circulates through the food, making it crunchy and crispy. The aluminum body of the cooking pan gets heated up quickly and aids in faster cooking. Also, since aluminum is a safe metal for cooking, you need not worry about the quality of the food. The automatic features allow you to prepare food without putting in much time or effort. Super and heavy duty product.low consumption,everything is working fine. You would be very happy with this product.


  • The product shown in the picture & the actual product delivered is totally different.
  • No instructions for the user product.

10. Sanjeev Kapoor Prato Air-Fryer by Wonderchef (Purple)

Going towards the look of the air fryer its looks pretty classy. Use of the timer, on and off buttons are very clear. There’s no hidden function or button that one needs to get trained on. The frying basket has a capacity of 2.2L which is enough for a family of four. Pulling out the basket simplifies the work of putting the food in and out.

  • Automatic shutdown function to know when the food is ready.
  • 30 min Timer is making it easy to select the perfect timing to cook.
  • Innovative rapid air heat circulation technology
  • Large 800gm/ 2.2L capacity frying basket.
  • Pull out basket simplifies putting food in and taking it out of the fryer.

While you might find many options of Air fryers ranging from costly to cheap ones. Finding the best one if the tricky part. Sometimes all the costly ones aren’t great. I hope this list helped you in deciding the perfect Air Fryer in your budget and needs. Stay tuned for more Kitchen Buyers guide. If you have any doubt regarding any product, you can ask us in the comment section.

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