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Best Thor Range Reviews

A gas range is what completes any kitchen – your cooking partner through all meals all day long. It’s only wise to invest in one carefully after reviewing all of its aspects because obviously, it’s going to come in rough use day and night. A gas range that can outlive every single penny spent on it (perhaps endure even more) is the one that’s usually the best.

Thor gas ranges is one name that seems to fit this description really well. It’s currently one of the leading names in the professional gas range market. Interestingly, though Thor’s final products carry the “Made in China” label on them, several of their parts and components are directly imported from the US and Europe. The ignition valves are a Spanish make and the thermostat a direct US import.

There are a number of excellent features of Thor gas ranges which make them a popular purchase choice in the market. Greater efficiency, faster and versatile cooking, professional look, and a strong construction build are just some of them. Given below are more detailed Thor gas range reviews of each of the gas ranges from Thor. We hope they help you get a better pre-purchase understanding.

Our Top Picks

1 Thor Kitchen HRG3080GMT 30” Freestanding Gas Range By Thor
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2 Thor Kitchen HRG4804U 6 Burner Double Oven Gas Range By Thor
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3 Thor Kitchen HRG3618U 36” Slide-In Gas Range By Thor
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4 Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30” Professional Style Gas Range By Thor
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5 Thor Kitchen LRG3601U Pro-Style Freestanding Gas Range By Thor
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Thor Kitchen Range Reviews (2022)

1. Thor Kitchen HRG3080GMT 30” Freestanding Gas Range

Thor Kitchen HRG3080GMT 30” Freestanding Gas Range
  1. Large oven capacity letting you cook several dishes even simultaneously
  2. Efficient burner heating capacity; 4 burners allow for comfortable cooking
  3. Black porcelain drip pan on stovetop and in oven makes surface cleaning hassle-free
  4. Strong stainless steel construction quality
  5. Safe to use appliance
  1. Few complaints of stove knobs having blistered and peeled off
  2. May be slightly higher-priced compared to other brand models

An excellent stainless steel offering from Thor that instantly speaks durability at the first glance. Stainless steel is evergreen and Thor’s gas range is here to prove just that. In spite of the steel body, the appliance is nowhere large or overwhelming. Thor carefully designs its kitchen appliances to fit all kinds of work spaces – small or large.

This one too is a compact design that would only take up a small space in your kitchen yet offer you the best of what larger professional ranges have to offer. This 4-burner stove easily allows for multi-tasking with a heating capacity of up to 22,000 BTUs, greater than conventional gas cooktops. They also provide equally efficient simmer functionality at 650 BTU.

The oven underneath the gas stove has a 4.2 cu ft capacity and a convection fan that lets food bake evenly on all sides. Also, the appliance’s cooktop uses natural gas as the primary source of fuel. However, the oven requires an AC power supply to function.

Most importantly, the auto re-ignition feature ensures safety in use because it prevents gas from building up over the cooktop. The knobs are made of zinc alloy that prevents them from getting hot.

2. Thor Kitchen HRG4804U 6 Burner Double Oven Gas Range

Thor Gas Kitchen Range HRG4804U Review
  1. Equipped with electronic ignition facility and automatic re-ignition feature
  2. Provides manual convection cooking mode and oven control settings
  3. Huge oven space for versatile cooking
  4. Detachable backslash allows for use as freestanding or slide-in
  5. Can be easily converted to Liquid Propane (LP); conversion kit included with product
  1. Lacks self-cleaning feature
  2. No electronic display or clock timers for convenient cooking

Featuring in the top 3 Thor stove reviews, it has to be the company’s most prized offering to date. This 6 burner gas range comes with in-built dual ovens which makes it more suitable for professional setups. Yet, placing one at home is also a great idea if you’re a regular party host.

Starting with the durability and efficiency of the range, the griddle is made of pure stainless steel with 18,000 BTU. Besides, 3 burners have 15,000 BTU and the other 3 have 12,000 capacity. In addition, there’s an in-built infrared broiler with 16,500 BTU and a large dual convection oven with a whopping 22,000 BTU.

The strong industrial-grade construction quality of the product is what makes it superior among its counterparts. Not to forget, the multiple cooking and baking options provided by the griddle and 6 burners. The simmer functionality of the stovetop is excellent, allowing you to make the best juicy steak ever.

Interestingly, Thor has finally come out with a product to stand proud against its competitor Vikings which is renowned for producing high-end kitchen appliances. While the latter can cost you a fortune; you may never imagine of buying one, Thor 6 burner can be easily afforded.

3. Thor Kitchen HRG3618U 36” Slide-In Gas Range

Thor Kitchen HRG3618U 36 inch Slide-In Gas Range
  1. 2 cu ft. oven capacity for simultaneous cooking of multiple dishes
  2. 6 large burners allow faster cooking; can get hot enough to boil water in just seconds!
  3. Cast iron grates are extremely durable to withstand metal pans sliding across burners
  4. Oven interior is made of blue porcelain and exterior body of stainless steel for easy clean-ups
  5. 2 year manufacturer warranty on parts and labour both
  1. Knobs may stick when pushed in during ignition

One of the most affordable options on the market, this gas stove can offer way better efficiency than most other high-end 36 Inch gas ranges. The cost is further justified by the excellent durability; steady grating and strong resistance to stainless steel pots and pans on stovetop.

The best feature is its simmer setting which can get very low, perfect for when you want your food to actually simmer. There are 6 burners which are relatively larger for comfortable cooking. Their heating capacity is strong enough to boil water in just seconds.

The range comes equipped with a 16,500 BTU infrared broiler to help grill food to an even brown. It not just prevents excessive heat from burning food but also carefully traps in its natural juices. The convection oven has a high-power 22,000 BTU capacity. The oven’s interior size is 5.2 cu ft., higher than all the other top-end models in this category.

For the look, Thor has tried to keep the range looking stylish with LED lights beneath the knobs that light up when the burner’s turned on. It’s literally unbelievable for a professional product like this to be available at this affordable price point. Must keep in every kitchen.

4. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30” Professional Style Gas Range

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30 inch Professional Style Gas Range
  1. Electronic ignition with automatic re-ignition functionality
  2. Large oven glass window allows for easy viewing of cooking progress
  3. Twin halogen oven lights
  4. Heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates
  5. Porcelain drip pan on stovetop and inside oven allows easy cleaning
  1. Gas boiler doesn’t auto simmer when oven door is opened causing knobs to melt due to flame.

A relatively smaller gas range exclusively meant for constricted kitchen spaces. Baking in its convection oven is an absolute pleasure for it allows perfectly even browning of food on all sides.

Besides, the oven has a capacity of 4.2 cu ft. which makes it ideal to bake multiple dishes at a time at a high power of 22,000 BTU. The 4 stove burners are equally efficient at heating and cooking food in lesser time at 18,000 BTU, 15,000 BTU, and 12,000 BTU (twin burners).

As for maintenance, this gas range easily scores a point for its strong stainless steel build which is not only durable but also facilitates easy cleaning. And the steel finish lends a gorgeous professional look too. Thor provides two year warranty on the product as well – both on its parts as well as labour.

Though the appliance runs on natural gas, there’s an LP conversion kit included with the product. Easy instructions facilitate faster conversion. The outer body is stainless steel which assures durability while the oven interior has blue porcelain finish to lend style. Stainless steel and porcelain both can be easily wiped off too which means that the appliance is extremely easy to clean as well.

5. Thor Kitchen LRG3601U Pro-Style Freestanding Gas Range

Thor Gas Range Review
  1. Oven capacity large enough for cooking multiple dishes
  2. Stainless steel body assures durability
  3. Porcelain ensures faster cleaning
  4. Storage drawer provided for comfortable cooking
  5. LP conversion kit included
  1. Doesn’t include griddle for the middle burner

With 6 burners and 6 cu ft. convection oven capacity, this is definitely a great offering from Thor at this price point. The burners display exemplary performance as well at a maximum of 18,000 BTUs, while the U-shaped burner has 18,500 BTU.

 The oven’s convection fan is equally powerful, allowing for perfect and even browning of food. The white flaky design of the fan with a grey background lends an attractive look to the oven. Adding to that is the porcelain interior which not only provides a smooth finish to the oven but also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance for longer.

A similar black porcelain drip pan is provided at the stovetop surface too which makes it easy to clean up after each use. The cooking grates of the burners are made of heavy-duty continuous cast iron and are extremely long-lasting. No matter how often you slide across stainless steel pans between burners, grate finish remains stable.

At 6 burners, the has range presents an extremely comfortable option for large families or when you want to host a party. The storage drawer provided at the base of the appliance is its true feature. The drawer facilitates easy and convenient storage of spoons and spatulas while cooking.

Thor Kitchen Ranges- What makes them Superior?

1. Sturdy Construction

Thor Range Reviews – Are Thor Gas Ranges Worth the Money?

Thor Gas Range satisfies the requirements of the present day, occupied with catering establishments for reliable, well-constructed equipment that offers adaptability, high-grade performance, modern appearance and value for money. Thor gas ranges have been designed with safety, user-friendly interface and performance as paramount. The Thor kitchen range is forged with stylish and robust modular design, integrated with high-quality brushed stainless steel, large heavy-duty adjustable feet and large cool to touch dials for easy controls of cooking time and temperatures. 

Cooking surfaces have been constructed with rigidity and reliability at the forefront accompanied with high BTU burners that can efficiently cope with the everyday kitchen demands. Durable in construction, with an emphasis on high performance, they allow you to run your kitchen productively and efficiently. Moreover, Thor gas ranges are quite easy to clean as well and come with removable accessories that make cleaning even easier. 

2. Dual Ring Burners

Dual Ring Burners in Thor Ranges

Thor gas ranges are featured with dual ring top burners that are manufactured in Germany. On medium and high flame, both the inner and outer burners are turned on for an even heat distribution so that each portion of the food is cooked well. For low and simmer setting required for delicate cooking such as for making sauces, stews, melting chocolate, etc. only the inner burner is turned on so that the food doesn’t get burnt. It comes down to 650 BTUs. 

Overall, the burners can generate an enormous amount of heating power because of their size and structure. They burn even hotter than the tubular broilers and that too with low BTU’s. They offer you a highly impressive and faster cooking experience, which is quite a valuable feature for the homes that have high-cooking requirements.

3. Attractive Design

Apart from a durable and high-performance gas range, you would want to select the one that looks appealing and blends well with the kitchen décor as well. Thor gas ranges are quite aesthetically charming and are capable of becoming the center of attraction of your kitchen space. The ranges have been featured with blue porcelain oven interiors combined with two alluring and finely recessed halogen lights that make a delightful contrast with the cooking food. Combined with a streamlined under-cabinet range hood, the assembly essentially completes the look of a functional kitchen. 

4. Rapid Cooking

Thor professional ranges are integrated with a convection fan, which is a standard element on all models and has a reverse direction function. This feature contributes to ultimate heat control and offers you a faster cooking experience by drastically reducing the cooking times. This also makes the Thor gas models energy-saving devices which can save you a lot of money in the long run. So, you can say that these ranges are highly suitable for people who have high cooking requirements and looking for budget-friendly options.

5. Varied Cookware

There are times when you have to work with distinct large and heavy pots and pans to prepare some specific dishes. It gets daunting to lift them and move around on the cooktop surface, especially if you have got restricted hand movements. Considering this, Thor brand featured their gas ranges with continuous heavy-duty grates that can handle any size of cookware and you can slide them easily as well in all the directions. Some of the ranges also feature bridge elements that offer you some extra space for placing large and wide pans while offering you an even heat distribution.

6. Augmented Features

Cooking and baking are therapeutic for some individuals and if you can vouch for this, then you must be using a high-quality professional gas range in your kitchen. The range that offers you durability along with some other additional benefits. Thor ranges are also loaded with some useful features incorporating additional burners for cooking large meals at the same time and some of the models even add a griddle in the middle for an extra cooking space. 

You can also buy ranges that feature double ovens if you quite often bake multiple food items that require distinct cooking temperatures. Moreover, Thor ranges have also come up with the dual fuel range that offers an electric oven and a gas stove. While the gas burners heat up spontaneously offering you the faster cooking experience, the electric oven offers you thorough baking.

Cooking surfaces have been constructed with rigidity and reliability at the forefront accompanied with high BTU burners that can efficiently cope with the everyday kitchen demands. Durable in construction, with an emphasis on high performance, they allow you to run your kitchen productively and efficiently. Moreover, Thor gas ranges are quite easy to clean as well and come with removable accessories that make cleaning even easier. 

Verdict- Are Thor Ranges Worth their Price?

Thor Kitchen ranges fall in the domain of an expensive price range that may affect the decision of most of the buyers. Some of you may start wondering whether these ranges offer value for money or not? After delving into the reviews of distinct Thor models we can assure the fact that they are designed for heavy-duty, convenient cleaning and installation along with premium quality stainless steel that makes them quite durable. These ranges have an influential reputation in the industry and are preferred by most of the top chefs as well. Most of the consumers expect a high-quality and expensive gas range to last up to 13 years and Thor ranges truly stand for this. 

Additionally, the Thor brand offers you two-year warranty as well, so that you can ask for customer support in case of any defect. This saves a lot of your maintenance money. Besides this, these ranges stand amongst the energy-saving devices as they have rapid cooking ability by lowering the cooking time. Thor ranges are not only one of the most exceptional gas stoves in today’s market, but are also astounding units that can complement any kitchen décor. 

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  1. Food for thought. I purchased a Thor 48” double gas range. Large oven did not work from the moment it arrived. The small oven door was also damaged. It took 3 doors before I got one that was not damaged. Also, Thor does not warranty their product without a problem in my mind. You as the consumer are required to pay the repair company travel costs. Thor uses few companies to do their repairs. I live in a small rural community. No one close. Thor tells me it’s in the manual, funny, I don’t have the manual until after the range was delivered. I would not have purchased this product if known. I’ve tried putting a review on their website. Every time, I get an email saying that my review does not meet their requirements? You cannot put up a poor review. I only purchased because the reviews on the site were all good.

  2. With respect they offer a warranty, but the customer service is complete BS and the warranty department NEVER gets back to anyone. I filed a claim for our unit due to faulty oven hinges (which have rendered the oven USELESS) due to temperature inconsistencies which has been the issue all along, a couple months into owning my unit… I still have had ZERO resolution because I don’t get returned calls or emails, much less a service technician… and they don’t have ANY replacement parts for purchase for diy. I have to use a 2×4 to keep the oven door closed properly in order to maintain any semblance of appropriate temperature.

    How in the holy hell can you make claims that the complaints people make are based on their flawed understanding that they are getting a high end product for a mediocre price? I’ve owned thermador, Viking, etc., all of the way to basic builder grade appliances, AND THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IVE HAD THIS SORT OF ISSUE WITH ANY OTHER PRODUCT. I have never in my life wished that I stuck with the original ge appliance that came with my home purchase, more!

  3. I bought a Thor gas range. I was so excited to finally have a gas range and stove. After having it a week I realized the thermostat was defective, can’t maintain a temperature. The service department is hard to work with, all email and not nice at all. I am sick that I bought this range, it is going to be at least a month, probably longer to get a replacement part. I know parts are hard to get but to have this happen on a brand new appliance is awful!! If they are making them they should have parts in stock. I will not recommend this range to anyone. Very unhappy with the customer service.

    1. Girl… try a 2×4… that is what I’ve resorted to.

      If the company has helped you FINALLY… please let me know who you eventually got the help from.