Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Review | Is the Slide-in Gas Range Worth Buying?

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Slide-in Gas Range Review

Thor industries have been there for quite some time, one of the sister companies of this well-known brand is the California-based Thor Kitchen. The company is a startup which is using cheap shipping facilities and Chinese factories to bring in high-end domestic appliances to the US. 

The products from this brand are the icing that innovation requires. The company makes big and bold dual-fuel ranges, ventilation hoods, stainless steel dishwashers, coolers, French door refrigerators and gas cooktops. Though the company has stiff competition, it has managed to stay afloat owing to its innovation, simplicity of design and useful features. 

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Review – Freestanding Gas Range

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Review | Is the Slide-in Gas Range Worth Buying?
1. Width 30-Inch
2. Fuel Type Gas
3. Range Configuration Freestanding
4. Burner Type Gas Burner
5. Number of Burners 4
6. Oven capacity 4.2 Cu. ft.
7. Oven Cleaning Manual
8. Oven Racks Two standard racks, 4 Rack Guides
9. Oven Light Two Halogen Lights
10. Hidden Bake Element Yes


  • The convection mode of the oven can cook multiple dishes at once
  • Easy to use cooktops with powerful gas burners
  • Elegant design and professional looks
  • Durable construction


  • Scratches very easily
  • Oven lighter fails to function
  • The oven does not have pre-heating options
  • Manual controls

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Thor Kitchen HRG3080U | Compared to Other Top Cooking Ranges

Fuel type
Cooktop Style
Oven Capacity
Oven Cleaning
1. Frigidaire FFEH3054US
Ceramic Glass
5.0 Cu. ft.
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2. Frigidaire FPGH3077RF
Gas Burners
5.1 Cu. ft.
Check Price
3. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U
Gas Burners
4.2 Cu. ft.
Manual Cleaning
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4. Whirlpool WFE540H0ES
Ceramic Glass
6.4 Cu. ft.
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5. Samsung NE58F9500SS
Ceramic Glass
5.8 Cu. ft.
Self-Cleaning with steam
Check Price
6. KitchenAid KSGG700ESS
Gas Burners
5.8 Cu. ft.
Self-Cleaning with Steam
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1. Design

The Thor Kitchen HRG3080U has a dimension of Height: 39″ X 30” Weight X Depth: 27.5″. The Thor HRG3080U is well constructed and virtually very attractive. It’s solid to touch and made out of steel. The body of the range is quite shiny and well-engineered and rivals top professional gas ranges. The control knobs are easy to turn, which controls the four burners of the range. The cooking grates and made of iron cast and are quite large and heavy. 

The best part about the product is the simplicity that it offers. The control panel on the range is not electronic and can be used manually with switches and knobs. The temperature range of the burners is between 150 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The three grids provide an even cooking surface on the stove. The broiler is placed on the top of the oven. The four burners and the oven can be lit with an electronic lighter, but even matches can be used to ignite the oven since its gas-powered. The oven measures 27.5 inches and, is 30 inches wide. 

Additionally, it comes with a 39.8-inch tall vent. The viewing window on the oven is quite large and provides a clear view of the food being prepared. Finally, the two halogen oven lights placed inside makes monitoring easy. 

I. Rangetop

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Review | Is the Slide-in Gas Range Worth Buying?

As mentioned earlier, the Thor kitchen HRG3080U has four burners. The first burner is 18,000 BTU second one at 15,000 BTU and two more at 12,000 BTU. The burner pans that come with the 12,000 BTU. are black with glossy enamel and are shaped in a way to allow easy cleaning. The easy clean-up feature of the range top makes this range quite popular. 

There are three grates available for use. The two grates placed on the outside must be kept that way to facilitate cooking; however, the inner grate is optional. The burners light up and produce heat almost immediately. The higher power burners can be used to make dishes that require more power and heat like frying meat or boiling vegetables.

II. Oven

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Range Oven

As per most Thor HRG3080U review, the Thor HRG3080U features a 22,000 BTU convection vent which has a 4.2 cubic feet of baking and broiling capacity. The exterior of the oven presents a cheerful blue enamel finish which is quite attractive and earns itself a respectable spot among other top dual fuel ranges. However, baking is not ideal in this range because heat and electronics do not go hand in hand. The Thor kitchen HRG3080U does not have a timer clock. The oven does not pre-heat, so it limits the scope of coking variations to a great extent. Finally, it does not have self-cleaning features. 

However, the oven does have a convention mode which can be used while making cakes, bread and soufflé. However, it’s not True convection and thus lacks the hidden heat element seen on professional models. While most oven racks are brackets, the Thor HRG3080U racks are placed on a frame that protects the enamel coating inside the oven from being scratched. These racks can be adjusted to five different heights. This allows one to place the food being prepared at five different positions inside the oven and makes way for maximum airflow. It also makes broiling turkey, ham and goose easy. 

2. Installation

Thor HRG3080U Range Oven Installation Procedure

To install the Thor HRG3080U, a conversion kit will be required. The model is a free-standing variant as hence is conveniently installed as compared to slide-in and drop-in kitchen ranges. The stove runs on 172 pounds fuel, thus getting one tank in place is very challenging. It’s important to note that the plug on the stove does not allow it to stand flat on the ground. Thus flat extension cords will be required to provide the necessary ground clearance. 

A 10-inch clearance from the side walls is essential to maintain safety. Additionally, anti-tip brackets must be installed before the range is placed on the floor. All the packaging items must be removed from the oven and the burners before it is set. It’s important to get rid of any adhesive material that might be on the surface with soft cloth water and dishwashing liquid. 

3. Electrical Requirements

The range must be electrically grounded in accordance with the local codes, in the absence of the same the National Electrical Code rules can be followed. The power supply must be set in the ideal polarity. In case reverse polarity is used, there would be continuous sparks even after flame ignition. It’s ideal for getting the polarity of the range checked by a qualified electrician. Make use of 120V or 60Hz, grounded branch circuit which is protected by a 15-amp or 20-amp to delay the fuse time. 

The cooking range comes along with a three-prong plug to protect the users against hazards. This must be properly grounded into the three-pronged receptacle.

4. Price

The Thor kitchen hrg3080u comes in two colours, blacks and white, and there is a difference in price between them. The price range of Thor kitchen HRG3080U is between $1800- $1999. It is quite expensive, and since it does not come with an effective oven, it’s not worth paying the price. The oven lacks pre-heating features, electronic timers and other facilities that make using the oven effectively tricky. However, on the other side, the high-powered burners make the entire cooking process quite easy. On the flip side the Empava 30 in. 4.2 cu. priced at $1,181.69 is both excellent at cooking and baking, and comes with more features for the price range. Finally, Whirlpool also has professional models for a cheaper price range.

5. Warranty

The Thor kitchen HRG3080U is covered by a 2-year warranty by the manufacturer which more compared to the other cooking ranges. However, this warranty is applied to products purchased in the USA and does not extend to products purchased in the surrounding areas. Additionally, the warranty does not apply to any damage resulting from abuse, natural disasters, accidents, loss of electrical supply, alteration or outdoor use. The customer service of the company does not extend to consultation calls for fixing the wiring of the house, any form of repair and replacing of the fuses and services required to correct the installation process. 

6. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Professional Gas Range: User Reviews

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Professional Gas Range long term Review

As per many Thor HRG3080U review, the product is perfect for daily use. The burners heat up quickly and provide even heat distribution. The oven too can be used regularly and has an excellent convection mode which can be used for making cakes, bread and much more. The oven provides perfect browning something that bakers look for. However, the oven does not have a self-cleaning feature and lacks preheat features. The flame from the burner licks the outer grate to some extent and is a bit unsafe. There is also some issue with the convection fan and the lighter which can refuse to work at times.

Our Verdict

Should you buy the Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Gas Range? This range is ideal for people who have experience in professional cooking and wants a professional quality stove in the 30″ countertop gap. The cook-top is heavy-duty, and manual control means that it is possible for the user to adjust the heat quickly as per need. Though the convection mode can be a little challenging to use initially, it comes by. All, in all, this range can be purchased and makes an excellent addition to the kitchen.

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