In current times, we have all the goodness of primitive microwave features fused with the latest technology. Even though you will find many brands competing in the microwave market, Samsung is one of the most chosen brands for the customers. Samsung provides the best electronic devices and keeps up with their reputation even in the microwave section. They provide durable products with premium features within affordable price ranges. This is one of the reasons for them to be able to rise to the spot they’re on, today. 

Their core values are reflected in their under-cabinet appliances as well. Among other prevalent Over-the-range microwave brands, Samsung is one that certainly catches the buyer’s eye. Through the jungle of Samsung over the range microwave reviews, you’ve landed here. So we will provide you with an informed analysis for why you should go for Samsung over the range convection microwave. 

Best Samsung Over the Range Microwaves

  • Sensor Cook
  • LED Cooktop Lighting
  • Two-stage programmable cooking
  • Eco mode
  • Interior ceramic lining
  • Users have complained about the door not being too smooth

This Samsung otr microwave has all the premium features of a great microwave oven. It has an Eco mode that reduces standby power. This suits the modern families that believe in being eco-friendly and appreciate lower electricity bills. With an Extra-Large 2.1 cu. capacity, it’s very much suitable for medium or large families. The internal ceramic lining makes cleaning the microwave a very convenient task. It has a recessed Handle and stainless steel handle that’s a feast for eyes. 

An aesthetically pleasing body and 1000 Watts Cooking Power, make it a powerful combo on your shelf. This has 10 Power levels and an easy to use LED display. Equipped with LED cooktop lighting and two-stage programmable cooking, it makes the cooking process very convenient. 

Some of its users consider the Sensor Cook feature as its best feature. This sensor cook automatically sets cook time for the optimal results. The incredible cooking control with 10 power levels and defrost feature makes using this microwave very smooth. Its extra-large capacity is cherry on top as hosting large dinner parties becomes a cakewalk. You can cram multiple dishes in it and get crispy food evenly cooked from top to bottom.

  • Eco-mode
  • LED Display
  • Extra-large capacity
  • Powerful ventilation system
  • Ceramic finish 
  •  Not sturdily built; users have complained about it ceasing to function in a couple of years

Samsung over the range microwave with its gleaming body finish and LED display makes it very aesthetically pleasing. This microwave also has an amazing capacity of 2.1 Cu. The extra-large capacity makes hosting festivities or parties extremely easy. The Cooking Power of 1000 wattage and Eco mode deems it as the smart microwave for smart households. 

The Eco mode reduces power consumption on standby mode, saving you money on those long electricity bills. You can also let go of that hassle of unplugging the microwave when it’s not in use, as Eco mode will turn off the display. 

It has a ceramic finish in the interior makes cleaning very convenient. The underside of the over-the-range microwave features a powerful ventilation system that quickly and quietly eliminates steam, fumes and odours from the kitchen. It has a nearly silent system that clears the air with 400 cubic feet per minute of turbo ventilation. For context, the ventilation standard in this one is a notch better than premium downdraft cooktops that have a downward venting apparatus built-in.  

Every premium feature integrated into this microwave, it is nothing but a blessing to your kitchen. The convenience of cooking allows you to spend the time saved from cooking with your family. 

  • Stylish appeal
  • Interior ceramic lining
  • Auto menu
  • Easy to defrost food
  • Electronic touch
  •  Has a loud buzzer besides elevated noise levels while functioning. 

Packing all the powerful and durable features Samsung is known for, this microwave is an amazing choice for the career-oriented young couples. It is extremely durable and hosts all the premium features of Samsung microwaves. 

Even though it lacks the capacity, it covers up for it by the Auto Menu feature. It does the thinking for you and sets the settings for optimal results. So you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee while the microwave does the hard work for you. 

The electronic touch gives you the comfort of easily programming your cooking time at the mere touch of the button. This is not even the full list of what amazing features you enjoy in this microwave. You also get an ultimate sleek outside and interior ceramic lining. This ceramic lining makes cleaning extremely convenient. 

Long gone are the days of getting tensed about defrosting your food. You just have to select the weight of food and your oven takes care of the rest of the work. It gives your kitchen an aesthetic appeal while also providing you with crispy and evenly cooked food. Further, it has a modest 300 CFM venting assembly, ideal to go with your 30″ electric cooktops

  • Auto defrost feature
  • Interior Ceramic lining 
  • Powerful ventilation system
  • Great appeal
  • Lightweight
  • Bad customer service in need of assistance or repair. 

Samsung over the range convection microwave utilizes energy, time and space in the best way possible. It eliminates the trouble of clogging your kitchen space with microwave and a separate ventilation hood. It serves as a powerful combination of both devices and reflects the core values of Samsung effectively. A durable body and stainless steel finish give you fingerprint resistance that reduces smudges and minimizes the cleaning.

It has a large capacity of 1.9 Cu. The dinner parties that seemed to require superhuman management skills become a cakewalk with this capacity. You can cram all the dishes in one go and relax with a magazine as the microwave will handle cooking effortlessly. This microwave uses sensor cooking technology to make cooking fun and easy for its user. 

The sensor reheat function takes over the headache of guessing work in determining the cooking time and reheat time. It even adjusts cooking time for optimal results. Same goes with auto defrost option that makes the process of making chicken or mutton super easy. You just have to put in the weight of the food and microwave will take care of the hard work. 

  • Sensor cook technology
  • Eco mode saves power in standby mode
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Excellent design
  • One of the noisier models 

The seamless stylish Samsung over the range microwave comes with plenty of space to cook your favourite meals evenly. Its body offers smudge-proof resistance so that your microwave looks brand-new for a long time. The interior ceramic lining makes dealing with greasy and stubborn stains very easy.

You can rest easy as your microwave’s 300 CFM powerful ventilation system takes care of steam, fumes, and odours. This also prevents the extra money required for a separate ventilator hood. But hold on, this not only saves your money on a ventilator but also on the electricity bill. It has an Eco mode function that cuts down on electricity consumption and switches off the display when not in use. So, you can relax and enjoy your food instead of worrying about unplugging microwave as soon as it finishes cooking. This over the range microwave has 10 Power Levels and Two-Stage Programmable Cooking. The smart way of cooking is possible with its sensor cooking technology. It has both auto restart and auto defrost functions. 

Through Samsung under cabinet microwave and over the range microwaves, Samsung caters to the modern household and their needs effectively keeping the premium quality of products intact. 

Samsung Microwaves – The Good and the Bad

Samsung microwaves deliver great performance and sturdiness in a very affordable range. They take up innovative ideas and integrate them into their technology. This makes their products and services unique on their own. In respect of some products, some customers have complained of bad customer service. But this has not been a significant problem in all the areas of India. Otherwise, microwaves contain all premium features that fulfil your needs. 

The cooking process gets very convenient and fun owing to the smart sensor technology used in these microwaves. These microwaves are well suited for almost all households and a great investment. 

Factors to look for in a Samsung Over the Range Microwave

Samsung Over the Range Microwave Reviews

1. Size

You may think that choosing the right size and capacity will be no big deal. But the experience of many microwave owners says otherwise. Every house has its own unique needs and cooking capacity it has to accommodate for. Thus you must evaluate the average capacity that will be required by your household.

While 1.6 Cu works great for small nuclear families, hosting guests for dinners might be a problem with this capacity. At the same time, 2.1 Cu is too large for your household. Therefore you need to evaluate your suitable size before purchasing. 

2. Control Panel

The control panel is strategically placed to enhance the convenience of microwave operation. The controls are very easy to get used to and a lot of guesswork required in cooking is done by microwave only. This is achieved by the sensor cook technology. 

The control panel also adds an elegant touch to the overall look of the device. 

You can also set the desired cooking time at the mere touch of a button. Thus the operation is very smooth running and the owner’s manual cover instructions in a very precise manner. Samsung offers ease, comfort, good appeal and sturdiness in these microwaves.

3. Wattage

The most important thing you need to know about wattage is that the higher the wattage, the quicker the cooking time, and the more uniformly you can expect your microwave to heat the contents inside. A microwave functions with a magnetron, which is rated to produce some output in watts.  In general, as long as the microwave is at least 1,000 watts, your food should be well cooked. You can also get low-watt microwaves that are typically cheaper. But they’re slower and also bit unreliable. With these low-watt microwave ovens, we would certainly suggest buying from a reputable brand and reading reviews for each model. 

The microwaves discussed above have mostly 1,000 wattage cooking power and they offer great performance in an affordable price range. The eco mode in them cuts down on unnecessary electricity usage. 

4. Convection Feature

Convection ovens are the popular and latest technological advance in the oven industry. These use heat regulation for cooking food preventing the issue of dealing with cold spots in your food. The heat regulation is done by a fan. 

These microwaves are convection ovens. They provide great versatility for cooking food in lesser time. Convection microwaves can also be found in countertop configuration besides coupled as wall mounted oven and microwave combos. As discussed Samsung brings good old sturdiness and reliability of old devices or methods together with the latest technology. It gives amazingly cooked food in a short time and great comfort. 

This paired with sensor technology can reinvent your cooking process completely. You don’t have to deal with long hours of waiting, preheating, doing guesswork and flipping food for tasty meals. You can still get delicious food while your microwave does all the hard work for you. 

5. Venting Power

Cooking spicy and tasty dishes result in a lot of fumes. This is very annoying because making delicious dishes become a nightmare. Some of you might have to get a ventilator hood installed for dealing with these fumes or smell.  Samsung has tackled that problem really well through these microwaves. 

These microwaves don’t need to be paired with any ventilator hood. They have a powerful ventilation system that eliminates the entire steam and unwanted odours from your kitchen.

This feature gets rid of a lot of unwanted hassles away from your life. Anything between 300 CFM or 400 CFM works as a great ventilation system for small to moderate sized kitchens. Although a dedicated under-cabinet range hood is a better option in terms of numbers, an OTR microwave can suffice for modestly busy kitchens. This could however be controversial if your kitchen has a professional grade gas range


If you’re sensitive to noise, try the model you’re going to use before you purchase, so that you get a sense of what to expect from the sound. If you’re buying a microwave online and you don’t have a chance to check it out, our microwave reviews will help you out. So you can find out which microwave model you want to stop. Although this is uncommon for microwave ovens, you can also find decibel ratings for each unit.

These microwaves can provide you with good performance without rattling your apartment. This noise problem is a significant issue if you have toddlers or infants in your house. In this case, Samsung microwaves usually don’t make a lot of noise and are reliable as well. 


Samsung microwaves are a good investment if you’re looking for something that gives you a convenient cooking process along with durability. Samsung provides the best range to choose from in the Microwave oven class. These are the over-the-range microwave ovens with the new advanced features and varying cooking power.

The Samsung Over the Microwave Range looks amazing in your modern kitchen. It was built to be very chunky, but it seems to be modern.

Great venting system, large size, and a few additional features, combined with a fair price, make Samsung one of the best microwave ranges we’ve ever analysed for reviews.

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