Samsung NE58F9500SS Review | Is the Slide-in Electric Range Worth Buying?

Samsung NE58F9500SS Review | Is the Slide-in Electric Range

Samsung is a household name that we all have heard. Established in 1938, as a trading company, this South-Korean conglomerate has been ruling the appliance industry all these years. Be it mobile phones, air conditions, washing machines, micro ovens, Samsung deals in all. Now, it has come up with a cooking range that is feature-loaded like all the other products that this company manufactures. 

While many companies have come up with competing appliances, Samsung remains strong owing to its great customer service and state of the art features that it offers for a very affordable price. The Samsung NE58F9500SS is no different in this regard. 

Samsung NE58F9500SS Review – Slide-In Electric Range

1. Width 30″
2. Fuel Type Electric
3. Range Configuration Slide-in
4. Burner Type Ceramic Glass
5. Number of Elements 5
6. Oven Capacity 5.8 Cu. ft.
7. Oven CleaningSelf-Clean with Steam
8. Oven Racks 3
9. Oven Light Yes
10. Hidden Bake Element Yes


  • High burner performance
  • Knobs placed in a convenient position
  • Burners cook fast
  • Wide temperature range of the oven
  • Sabbath mode included
  • Built-in temperature probe


  • Requires professional installation
  • Does not come with warming drawer
  • Low timer key volume

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Samsung NE58F9500SS | Compared to Other Top Cooking Ranges

Fuel type
Cooktop Style
Oven Capacity
Oven Cleaning
1. Frigidaire FFEH3054US
Ceramic Glass
5.0 Cu. ft.
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2. Frigidaire FPGH3077RF
Gas Burners
5.1 Cu. ft.
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3. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U
Gas Burners
4.2 Cu. ft.
Manual Cleaning
Check Price
4. Whirlpool WFE540H0ES
Ceramic Glass
6.4 Cu. ft.
Check Price
5. Samsung NE58F9500SS
Ceramic Glass
5.8 Cu. ft.
Self-Cleaning with steam
Check Price
6. KitchenAid KSGG700ESS
Gas Burners
5.8 Cu. ft.
Self-Cleaning with Steam
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1. Design

Every Samsung slide in electric range review posits that this 31 inches wide, 26 19/64 inches deep and 36 inches high range has a very easy-to-use design with user-friendly guiding panel controls. The control panel is fixed in a convenient position at 75 degrees. The panel control moves from the right to left, which makes it easy for the user to get used to them. The range top has five burners.The Right Front: (9/12″) produces 3,000 Watts. The Left Front on produces ( 6/9″) produces 3,000 Watt. The Right Rear burner (6″) illuminates 1,200 Watts. The Left Rear burner (6″), gives 1,200 Watts and the Center Rear produces 100 Watts. 

The front left burner offers a variable size between 6-9 inches, while the front left burner can be adjusted between 9 to 12 inches. The middle burner is kind of a warning surface, and the temperature produced by this is ideal for making sauces and soup. The oven capacity stands at 5.8 Cu. Ft. which is pretty decent. It does come with a removable door and a tinted glass window to monitor the cooking process


All NE58F9500SS review suggest that this model has a brilliant range top. The dual fast burners are very speedy and can bring water to boil with four to five minutes. Additionally, all five burners offer a different temperature range that can be used while trying out different recipes. The temperature range provided by the five burners is between 99ºF to 831ºF. Such a vast temperature range makes it easy to melt butter and cook a raw steak! The burner in the middle is suitable for making sauces. While the cooktop is almost perfect, being made out of ceramic, it makes it difficult to find spills. The raised edge of the range makes way for liquid to be spilt on the floor. But, overall, the range is excellent.


The 5.8 Cu. Ft. is a True convection oven comes with a hidden element placed at the back of the oven fan. This helps the oven to achieve equal distribution of heat during baking and broiling processes. The oven does come with a temperature probe which makes the cooking in it easy to monitor. The true convection mode of the oven can be used for both baking (175°F – 550°F) and roasting (175°F – 550°F). This range comes with an interesting Sabbath mode which leads to continuous warming once the oven is switched on.

The oven comes with just a few racks, that can be placed in seven different positions for the ease of cooking. The oven temperature and its pre-heating range are ideal for baking cakes, and biscuits. Both the broiler and the oven can reach the targeted temperature very soon. Finally the oven cones with a self-cleaning technology which takes 20 minutes to deliver light-cleaning results

Storage Drawer

The range top comes with a spacious storage drawer to keep the pots and other cooked items. Additionally, since the drawer is elevated, keeping track of the food being prepared is also quite easy. However, the range does not come with a warming drawer. A warming drawer is a separate cooking appliance that makes use of the low heat setting to keep the food items warm, and ready to eat no matter when they are made. Additionally, these can also heat plates and pre-bake bread doughs. But since the oven does come with a Sabbath mode, it’s effective to some extent.

2. Installation

As per many Samsung NE58F9500SS reviews, a minimum 30″ clearance space must be provided between the cooktop and the walls around. This greatly applies to walls that are made of wood, or metal. A 24″ minimum surface clearance must be provided at the bottom to save the wood floorings. Additionally, no wooden storage cabinets should be placed right above the cooktop. This can lead to a possible fire hazard. It is also important to keep a minimum of 18” adjacent between the cooktop and the adjacent cabinet. Before the installation, anti-tip brackets must be installed on the floor to keep the range from tipping over. Additionally, they must also be moved if the range is to be shifted to another place. 

3. Electrical Specifications

The cooktop range is Star-K certified. It requires 40 amps and voltage of 240/208 Volts. Since the range does require a lot of electricity, it must be installed after following the local or in the international electrical code set in the USA. The rating plate is located over the oven, and it must be checked before the power is supplied. Additionally, the plug must be grounded properly so that it can draw a sufficient amount of power required to operate. A circuit breaker or an amperage fuse can also be used during the installation process. The rating plate must be referred to know about the amperage required. An extension cord must never be used for the installation of the appliance. 

4. Price

This cooktop range from Samsung starts from $ 1,094 and is one of the finest cooking range in the market. It has a very effective cooktop with a vast temperature range which can melt butter and cook steak in no time. The true convection oven is also decent, and overall it’s a good buy compared to other range in the market. The Whirlpool WEE745H0FS for $1,614.10 comes close, but it lacks a temperature probe and has a basic self-cleaning mode- two of the pain points address by this Samsung range. 

5. Warranty

The product warranty extends up to 1 year; however, if the product is taken out of the United States, the warranty becomes void. The period of the warranty begins right from the date of the purchase and is only valid in authorized Samsung stores on the display of the purchase bill. Samsung dealers can also provide home service. However, this facility is not available in all areas. For the ease of servicing, the cooktop range must be placed in a convenient position and easily accessible by the servicing agent. In case of servicing cannot be done at home, the dealer may choose to take the range to the workshop.

6. User Review

Samsung NE58F9500SS Long term Real Review

While the range offers a world of benefits to the users, the volume of the timer is quite low and hard to hear. Additionally, the glass surface of the cooktop is hard to clean. But keeping these two issues aside, the cooktop range is a great addition to the kitchen. It is well constructed, and the burners reach a temperature of 400 degrees within a matter of minutes. The stay warm burner is very effective to keep the food items warm, and the oven specifications are over the tops. The manual provided by the company is easy to understand and follow. The instructions are very clear and come in very handy if any user finds it difficult to use the temperature probe.

Our Verdict – Is the Samsung NE58F9500SS A Good Buy in 2020?

Should you buy the Samsung NE58F9500SS Range? The Samsung NE58F9500SS Range is mighty impressive. The temperature range of the burner is extremely high, and they can bring six cups of water to boil in less than six minutes. The mid-to -high-temperature range of the burner makes it easy to try out different recipes. In addition to the burner, the oven too is pretty decent, making it easy to bake cakes, bread and cookies. Since its a True Convection, there is uniformity of heat distribution which makes baking and roasting easy. Overall this cooktop range by Samsung is ideal for daily use and can be a valuable contribution to any modern kitchen. 

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