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Owning a Microwave oven is probably one of the best investments you can make to make your time in the kitchen a bit more pleasant. Not only it saves you time, fuel and effort but also retains nutrients more efficiently as compared to traditional stove-top cooking. If you haven’t been using this genius invention all along, you’ve been probably missing out on the promised nutrition of your vegetables.

However, there have been some allegations on the safety of the use of microwave ovens in the past, especially when cooking for children. But, there also have been subsequent studies and researches that favor the appliance. Leading Health Organisations like Harvard medical school and World Health Organisation have cleared the use of microwave ovens of any and every accusation. On the contrary, Microwave ovens are better at holding nutrients making it a better option rather.

Whether you want to make an easy and fast snack or a full-fledged dish, microwaves are always going to come to your rescue. Looking for the perfect microwave for you according to your needs can be a bit tedious job. Don’t be overwhelmed by the range of choice available in the market. To help you with your search, We have sorted different Microwave Ovens for different purpose on this page.