Pros and Cons of a Microwave Drawer

Pros and Cons of Microwave Drawer

If you are getting a new house or renting out living space, then having a proper and well designed kitchen is highly important. Hence, modern kitchens are quite important these days that offer various things to the user. One common thing in modern kitchens is that most things are kept inside drawers and compartments for a minimal look. This even includes microwaves as they can be kept inside a microwave drawer. And today we are here to tell you what is a microwave drawer along with all of the important microwave drawer pros and cons that you can learn by going through this article until the end.

What is a Microwave Drawer?

Just per its name, a microwave drawer is essentially a microwave that offers a form factor similar to any other pull out drawer in your kitchen. Traditionally, all types of microwaves have a hinged door that opens and gives you access to the area inside. But this design has an issue that your microwave keeps taking space on your countertop. Even if you have a large kitchen, this can be an issue for a lot of users because of the aesthetics of a countertop microwave. On the other hand, a microwave drawer is integrated along with other drawers and cabinets in your kitchen. This allows you to pull out a drawer in your kitchen where you can keep the food items that you want to microwave after closing the drawer.

Despite their popularity, there are very limited models available at your disposal if you’re going to be limiting your search online. However, there are pretty good options if you have a basic understanding of the features you want in your new drawer microwave. To lend a hand to confused homeowners, we’ve compiled a list of the best microwave drawers that we believe justify their prices dollar-to-dollar.

Pros of a Microwave Drawer

Now that you know what is a microwave drawer, you might want to know more about it. To be more specific, you would be interested in knowing about the pros and advantages of microwave drawers. While there are various benefits, the following are the pros of getting a microwave drawer for your kitchen:

  1. Microwave drawers are quite easy to access even for kids as they are generally placed at a low height.
  2. Your modern kitchen will look quite sleek and minimalistic with a microwave drawer.
  3. There is more space left in your kitchen for other kinds of stoves for the countertop.
  4. These come with a lock option that can be handy for preventing your children from using the microwave if needed.
  5. A lot of the microwave drawers get installed flush to your other cabinets for a seamless design. You could even opt for a custom installation where you position the microwave drawer your wall oven giving it the functionality of a built-in oven microwave combo.
  6. Putting and taking out food items from a microwave drawer is quite easy.
  7. The height of most microwave drawers is highly ergonomic and you do not have to bend down for putting food inside.
  8. Unlike standard convection microwaves or over-the-range microwaves for that matter, both right hand and left hand users can easily access a microwave drawer as it opens outwards and not sideways like a hinged door.

Cons of a Microwave Drawer

To make the right purchase decision, you must know all of the microwave drawer pros and cons. This is simply due to the reason that nothing is perfect and even microwave drawers have a few cons or disadvantages that include the following points which you should keep in mind before buying one:

  1. If you forget to enable lock on your microwave, kids can easily reach the microwave drawer.
  2. The installation process is quite complex as you are not simply putting a microwave on the countertop.
  3. Unlike built-in and over-the-range microwaves, you don’t find a convection feature in these.
  4. Despite taking less space, the lower cabinet space still gets used by a microwave drawer.
  5. Owing to the improved functionality, a microwave drawer is priced rather steeply. (Check budget microwaves under priced $100)
  6. Opening a microwave drawer requires you to press a button that needs to get used to.
  7. Unlike a normal microwave, these microwave drawers keep the food stationary instead of having a turntable. This might lead to non-uniform cooking. Countertop convection microwaves are know to have graciously eliminated this con.


As with any other appliance for that matter, microwave drawers too have their pros and cons. The most usual benefit that they offer is a clutter-free countertop and give your kitchen the look of a truly organised kitchen. However, their relatively higher price point is a subject of consideration when buying a new microwave drawer.

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