Summer’s here and coffee lovers are looking for the chilled version of their favourite beverage to quench thirst. Be the reason behind your affinity towards coffee its uncountable heath benefits or simply the push it gives you to keep doing your A1, you can count on a decent coffee maker to keep you up on supply. But why buy unreasonably expensive iced coffee from cafés when you can make your own cold brew at home? And, cost isn’t the only reason to choose cold brew coffee over its iced counterpart.

The former brings out a distinct flavour of coffee not enjoyed in either of its two versions – hot and iced. Intrinsically full flavours which are smooth; rich taste that’s delicately sweet too. And, all of this can be affordably enjoyed with the new KitchenAid Cold Coffee Brew Maker.

Kitchenaid Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review

Kitchenaid Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review - Should You Buy It?
DetailsKitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Capacity (fl. oz.)38
Product Weight (lb.)6.57 lb
Total Servings8-12 Cups
Coffee Ratio3:1
Tea Ratio7:1
Brewing TimeWe Recommend 24-72 Hours.
Power TypeNon- Electrical
Coffee Type to useAny Ground Coffee


  • Compact design to fit both tight-spaced countertops and refrigerators
  • Strong quality; thick glass walls, stainless steel steeper and metal handle all speak durability
  • Reusable steeper allows for paper-free filtration
  • Easy to carry around outdoors for brew parties
  • Pour spout has convenient no-drip design


  • Steeper has extremely fine-mesh metal that may leave very fine coffee sediment behind.

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1. Build Quality

Priced just under the $100 mark, this home appliance presents impeccable sturdiness that makes it well worth its cost. The transparent walls of the coffee maker are made of thick robust glass which allow for easy viewing as your coffee sits to brew for hours. The base of the machine is made of heavy-duty plastic but has brushed stainless steel all around it.

As for the handle, which generally decides how strong the appliance is to hold and use in everyday routine, that too is made using branded stainless steel. Besides, there’s a black plastic square-shaped attachment above the glass walls, which holds the lid and the brew basket steady and can be also be easily removed.

Speaking of the brewing basket, located right under the lid, this too is a stainless steel make. An extremely thin piece of fine mesh metal has been used into which you could even see your own reflection!

Generally speaking, the stainless steel parts speak highly of the product’s build quality. And, even if some of the other parts are made of glass or plastic, those too have been used of excellent quality to exemplify strength and durability. Definitely a great buy at this price; no regrets!

2. Design

KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker Design opinion

This cold brew coffee maker comes in two sizes – 28oz and 38oz total capacity. You can comfortably make as many as 19 servings (approx.) at a time. The current model is also 35% bigger than its original counterpart. As for the product dimensions, it measures 8 x 7.2 x 8.48 inches and weighs 7.2lbs.

Yet, the current version is conveniently as compact as it could be; sleek and trendy and one that can be comfortably placed both over the countertop or inside the fridge. KitchenAid has made some careful considerations in design, using permanent brewing basket instead of replaceable filter.

3. Portability

Because the entire unit is so compact in design, you wouldn’t have to think twice about its placement. Constricted countertop space? No problem! You wouldn’t even feel it’s there. And, the sturdy stainless steel handle makes it super easy to move it around too – in the living room, bedroom, or balcony/terrace/garden. If space is not a problem and you can spare some on your countertop, a grind and brew coffee maker would offer a fresher brew as compared to the ones that store coffee.

Most importantly, the handle allows for easy portability of the coffee maker between the countertop space and the refrigerator too (where you can enjoy the authentic cool brew). And, if you want your coffee maker to serve dual purpose of brewing cold tea, enjoy it too in the garden.

4. Usability

Usability of KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

KitchenAid has definitely factored in user-friendliness of the product which reflects in several of its features already discussed above. The cold coffee brewing method is just as easy as all of its other aspects.

You only need to mix 2 oz of coffee concentrate with 6oz of anything chilled – milk, water, or ice. And let the machine do the rest. What you get is up to a max of 38 oz of coffee concentrate! Just let it refrigerate with the coffee maker placed inside and enjoy fresh cold brew. The in-built steel tap allows for easy brew dispensing straight from the fridge.

5. Filter

KitchenAid has made a stupendous attempt at doing away with the need for a paper filter in this product. The detachable stainless steel brewing basket makes the entire filter operation paper-free. What’s more? Paper filters commonly found in conventional tea/coffee makers require higher maintenance (cost-wise too) in terms of frequent replacement owing to regular wear.

However, the steeper used in this cold brew coffee maker by KitchenAid can be completely reused, for it’s removable and washable. This extends longevity of the brew basket, making it conveniently low on maintenance. To enhance efficiency, the steeper clearly indicates the fill level too.

Verdict – Our Final Thoughts

The KitchenAid cold brew review highlights one fact that the company’s latest offering is definitely a steal at this price. It’s hard to find good quality, strength, durability, reusability, easy and low maintenance, and above all, mobility – all in one in a coffee maker for this price value. Even if some argue its high pricing, it’s definitely worth the amount of everyday convenience that it brings along. You can enjoy a cold brew tea or coffee right at home any time of the day without spending big bucks at a café outside. Could it actually get better than this? We don’t think so.

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