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Island Range Hood Reviews

A clean and well-ventilated kitchen is not merely a dream but a necessity! If the one-stop solution to getting exceptional ventilation in the kitchen, improved aesthetics, and attractive lighting exist- it does with Island Range Hoods. 

The Island vent hood extracts combustion products and cooking vapors from the kitchen space, allowing increased circulation of fresh air. But that does not sum up all you need to know about it! 

A regular range hood attaches to the exterior wall of your kitchen, reducing the counter space you get to cook. Whereas, the center island range hoods hang over the stove in your kitchen and suck out grease, smoke, or other exhaust from the food you prepare without restricting your free movement in the kitchen. 

Additionally, there is a huge upside to installing a range hood over the Island kitchen since it also gives an aesthetic up-leveling to your kitchen’s interior. Below is a detailed description of Island Rangehoods reviews, compiled to give you a crystal-clear idea on which one to go for!

Best Island Range Hoods - Reviewed

Cosmo 668ICS750 Island Range Hood
  • 380 CFM Airflow with 3 levels of motor-fan speed control 
  • Noise below 65 dB
  • Eye Catching design 
  • Energy-saving model 
  • Duct Convertible to Ductless
  • Dishwasher safe Permanent filters, no replacement required 
  • The Installation requires professional help 
  • May require a remodeling of ceiling 
  • The bent corners may bother if your kitchen has a lower ceiling
  • People are unsatisfied mostly with the customer care services of COSMO 
Editor's Rating:

With precise soft-touch controls for power, lights and fan speed up to 3 levels, The Cosmo brushed stainless steel range is easy to operate. Customers who have bought the Cosmo 30” Island Mount Range Hood are particularly impressed by the efficiency with which it delivers an impeccable performance. The arrangement is flexible and usage is fairly easy. 

The Modern European Design of the mount range hood makes it the best fit for a contemporary kitchen with special attention to inner aesthetics. Well, why not! If you ought to spend time in the kitchen, you might as well want to make it worth your while right? 

Cosmo Island Mount Range Hood works pretty silently keeping the noise levels below 65 dB. It improves the brightness of your counter with 4 powerful LED lights on the lower plane that hangs right above your stove. However, what’s more, interesting is the powerful suction of 380 cubic feet per minute that flushes out all the steam and odor in your kitchen in a matter of minutes! 

  • Convertible mount range hood with decorative chimney 
  • Easy to operate control panel for fans and lights 
  • 343 CFM motor for exhausting 
  • Noise levels below 65 dB 
  • Washable stainless steel filters
  • included carbon filter kit for vent fewer installations
  • Customers complain about the lack of thoroughness in the instruction manual 
  • The 4 in-built lights could have been brighter 
  • The glass collects excess vapors to condense which can be a bit messy
Editor's Rating:

Another sleek and attractive range hood with efficient performance, the FireBird Stainless Steel Island Range Hood is the best fit for a modern kitchen and a budget-sensitive pocket. The Convertible Island Mount Range Hood has an impressive chimney for 8- 8.5 ft ceilings. You can operate the fans and lights with a precisely designed touch control.

The 343 CFM motor powerfully sucks out smoke, odor, steam, and grease from the interior of the kitchen. There are 4 in-built LED lights of 1.5 W each that lighten up your kitchen desk decently. 

The 2 stainless steel Baffle filters make your life a lot easier by collecting the grease and oil molecules in the kitchen air. They are machine washable filters so you need not worry about heading up and bothering your shoulders to clean them. The installation is not a bit of hassle but the customers argue that the manual is poorly-written which may confuse you initially. Nonetheless, It is a true value for money and you may just love the way it keeps your kitchen fresh and airy.

  • Stylish design 
  • Powerful 900 CFM motor performance 
  • Greater control of motor’s speed, the light intensity with low noise 
  • Highly performing unit for a larger kitchen 
  • ETL & CETL Compliance
  • 10 years warranty on motor and 5 years on switch and lights
  • The control panel is not the best 
  • Expensive 
  • Installation is tricky and you may need added help 
Editor's Rating:

Is your kitchen your vast room for experimenting with tastes and ingredients? No less than a powerful suction can ensure the best environment indoors free of grease and oil. The EKON NAP03 36″ Island Mounted Stainless Steel Range Hood has a 4-speed motor for precise power control and 1-15 minutes adjustable timer to customize the performance of the Island range hood.

It provides 900 CFM air suction and exhaustion without creating noise beyond 65 dB of sound levels. So here is your solution to have a clean and high-quality cooking experience and then setting down for a quieter dinner. The stainless steel baffle filters require no periodic replacement. Just put them into dishwashers and get the filters cleaned in no time and effortlessly. 

Two 3w LED lights of adjustable intensity, 4-speed touch control, LCD, switch panel and remote control make operation safe and convenient. It assures a restaurant-like feel to your modern kitchen which gets all the way better with 5 years warranty.

  • Minimalist design 
  • 350 CFM airflow capacity for small to medium kitchen 
  • Touchscreen control panel with 3-speed levels
  • 4 bright cool LED lights 
  • Mesh filters can be washed in the dishwasher 
  • Noise levels below 65 dB
  • Customers are dissatisfied with the packaging that added dents to the unit
  • The lights don’t have adjustable intensity 
  • Does not have a fancy design
Editor's Rating:

The Golden Vantage 30” Island range hood with 350 CFM airflow capacity is a competitive unit for medium to small kitchens. It works with a 120 V electricity supply in the most efficient ways as compared to other units in the price range. The stainless steel range hood features a touch-screen control panel that operates with just a soft touch. 

It does not have a curved tempered glass top as we have seen above in most of the contemporary designs of Island range hoods which could be a boon and bane at the same time. If you struggle with steam condensing on the glass and dripping off, this unit might be a lifesaver for you.

But if you are looking for a sleek and modern design with the range hoods, this may not fit your preference unless you have an eye for a minimalistic design that saves you bucks!

  • Tempered glass arch to add a modern touch
  • Dishwasher-safe permanent filters 
  • Easy maintenance and durable build-up
  • Efficient airflow and lower noise fan vent 
  • Sensitive and responsive touch panel control
  • Installation can be really hectic or require professional help
  • The lights are not adjustable in intensity and could be too bright 
Editor's Rating:

Cosmo has a wider recognition for making luxury kitchen appliances worth the spend. You can rest assured with the brand’s promise for giving you an untarnished experience of the fresher and brighter kitchen with its 36” Ducted Island Mount Rangehood. The speed of the fan can be adjusted up to 3 levels which definitely permits you to customize the exhaust as per your cooking. It is efficient in energy saving. The 6 A motor gets your kitchen a faster removal of foul air, grease and steam with noise levels less than 65 dB every time. 

The permanent filters, made of high-quality stainless steel, are again a huge attraction that can be washed multiple times, unlike aluminum filters that permit only 3-4 washes. The parallel plated filters also allow more air to be sucked out, enhancing the flow of fresh air in a shorter time.

The energy-saving LED lights also provide greater interior illumination, improving the decor of your kitchens and making the food more visible. The unit arrives with a 5 years warranty so that you get the needed peace of mind and quality assurance.

  • Energy-efficient model 
  • Lower noise levels- max 60 dB
  • Machine washable filters 
  • 350 CFM airflow capacity adjustable to 3 levels 
  • Convertible, charcoal filters included 
  • Switch control panels whereas competitive units have a touch 
  • Aluminum mesh filters require replacement after 4 washes 
Editor's Rating:

The AKDY Stainless Steel Island range hood has a recirculating charcoal filter kit included with the unit which permits you a ductless and ventless arrangement of the hood. The powerful 194 W motor gives a suction airflow capacity of up to 350 CFM. It has 3 levels of fan speed controls that allow you to adjust your needed intensity of exhaust. Impressively, the 1.5A motor of the exhaust fan is silent in its function, keeping the noise level under 60db. 

The Range Hood also offers a 36” model for kitchens that are medium to large in size at a minimal price difference. Keep in mind, the size of your kitchen is not just the breadth but also the height of the kitchen ceiling. The 30” variant, that we are speaking of, is ideal for  8 to 8.5 ft ceiling height. You can adjust the duct or concert to ductless as per your preference. The design is practical and ideally functions for smaller stove areas rather than extending far and beyond the kitchen top. With 3 years of warranty, you can rely on the quality and installation without trust concerns. 

  • Extended chimney for proper ventilation
  • Convertible-ducted with the ductless alternative for charcoal filters
  • 4 LED bulbs to light your cooking area
  • 400 CFM high advanced airflow
  • Washable Aluminum Mesh Filters
  • Filters are not permanent 
  • The metal cover is sharp so be careful while installing
  • Rocker control needs a lot of balance
  • Installation can be hectic- opt for professional help
Editor's Rating:

To get an exceptional suction of odor, oil, and steam in your kitchen, the Winflo 30” Convertible Island Range Hood is one of the best appliances to have. The range hood requires at least 8ft.-9ft. high ceiling. The chimney extension for high ceilings is also available. The 400 CFM airflow capacity effectively serves medium-sized kitchens and those with voluminous cooking. It eliminates all the pesky particles blowing out of the cooking and refreshes the kitchen with improved airflow. It has a rocker control, may call it a hybrid of push-button and touch, to help you regulate the airflow as per your kitchen activities. 

This impressive range hood has 2 Aluminum mesh filters with a stainless steel sound shield panel to deliver a convenient function concerning the overall cleaning and quiet operation respectively. The fans generate less than 65db sound intensity. Therefore, it provides you with convenience and comfort above and beyond the hygienic kitchen environment. The unit offers 3 years of warranty for you to trust the quality and rest assured while owning the product.

  • Elegant design with Black Stainless Steel
  • Washable 3 mesh filters 
  • Touchscreen control 
  • LED lights with warm lighting 
  • 3 level motor adjustment 
  • Lower noise levels than 60 dB
  • suction, not the strongest
  • The warm lights may not suit your kitchen lightings 
  • Filters are not permanent 
Editor's Rating:

Looking for a futuristic design for your new or remodeled kitchen? AKDY is here to satisfy your quest. With AKDY 36″ Black Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Hood, you can get rid of steam, grease, and odor in your kitchen with all elegance and brilliant finish mounted right above your stove. 

The powerful  194W motor delivering 343 CFM air suction with 3 adjustable speed levels promises you performance with grace. You get a touchscreen control panel to operate effortlessly in managing the operation according to your kitchen activity. It is modern and minimalistic in design which makes it a great choice if you want to balance elegance with modernistic touch and find an appliance that suits almost every type of kitchen decor! 

The unit has 3 aluminum mesh filters that remove any grease or smoke stains, promoting a perfect airflow with efficient ventilation of the entire kitchen. Who said that the kitchen can’t be a sweet place for you to enjoy the art of cooking? The AKDY Island range hood keeps the noise level below 60 dB so that you foster peace of mind and carry on your art without getting disturbed

  • Traditional design, great for replacement 
  • Baffle filters are worth the praise and need no frequent changing
  • Washable filters
  • Noise levels less than 65 dB
  • 350 CFM air suction 
  • Easy installation 
  • Suction does not seem powerful 
  • Rocker control needs familiarity to operate 
  • Not a futuristic design 
Editor's Rating:

This 30 in. Convertible mounted range hood by Winflo is made of premium 430 stainless steel in a classic and elegant design for minimalistic kitchen decor. It has two easy-to-wash baffle filters which are dishwasher safe. They are durable, easy to remove, and clean. The 350 CFM air suction capacity removes smoke and grease efficiently. The unit has 4 energy saver LED lights with soft and cool lightning. The low noise level operation with 65 dB at maximum speed, gives you a quiet and peaceful kitchen environment beyond a clean one.

The rocker controls for high and low fan speed are easy to control. The panel has an on and off operation for lights. This unit is convertible, can be vented out of your dwelling or recirculating (ductless) with charcoal filters that are sold separately.

The adjustable and telescoping chimneys can fit 8 Ft. – 9 Ft. ceiling. However, chimney extension for a high ceiling is also available for purchase but not available along with the model. The installation of the Range Hood is made all the way easier with mounting hardware, flexible ductwork, and plug. The 3 years of warranty on the unit can deliver you better quality assurance and peace of mind.

  • 380 CFM Airflow with 3 levels of motor-fan speed control 
  • Noise below 65 dB
  • Soft touch-control panel 
  • No hassle of bent-corner designs 
  • Duct Convertible to Ductless
  • Dishwasher safe Permanent filters, no replacement required 
  • The Installation requires professional help 
  • May require a remodeling of ceiling 
  • People are unsatisfied mostly with the customer care services of COSMO 


Editor's Rating:

Experience the boon of cut-edge technology with Cosmo COS-63ISS75 luxurious range hood. It is a premium appliance that has it all for a medium to the small open-space kitchen with heavy activities throughout the day. Homeowners and builders believe in the Range Hoods for their reasonable price and unmatched quality. The modern European design blends seamlessly with other stainless steel kitchen appliances and gives a great makeover to the kitchen.

However, the design does not have anything futuristic or fancy about it. The 380 CFM air suction capacity with 3 levels of speed control and a maximum of 65 dB sound levels make its performance powerful yet quiet. It is convertible with an Optional Carbon Filter Kit available for ductless (sold separately). 

The unit indeed makes your life easy in the kitchen! The Cosmo ARC-FLOW Permanent Filters are dishwasher-safe and extremely durable. This is not only energy-efficient but also a one-time investment for cost savings. It has a 5 years warranty period which makes it all the greater to buy! 

Best Island Range Hoods - Buying Guide

1. Elegant Design

Design is choice-based but while buying an Island Rangehood it should be considered for several reasons. Beyond improving the aesthetic value of your kitchen, an elegantly designed Island range hood vent also improves the real-estate value of your property. A tempered glass arch design or simply upscaled built conveys your love for your kitchen. You need to keep the ceiling height and cooktop height in mind while selecting the design. It is satisfying to work in a space that is designed in compliance with contemporary interior trends. You can opt for minimalist or sleek and improved designs provided they do arrive with the functional necessities that we are discussing ahead! 

2. Sleek yet convenient controls

There are primarily two options with respect to control – the electronic push-button and an LCD touch panel. The units with an LCD touch panel have highly proven to be more precise in terms of adjusting the speed and giving you better control.  It is also convenient as it will respond to a mere touch. On the contrary, the conventional push-button will take an effort in pressing the buttons which might feel more inconvenient on a model that hangs from the ceiling. The control panel and other added features are a great upscaling to have but that also makes a price difference between the two models. 

3. Suction Capacity

The suction capacity of the range hood is determined by its ability to suck out the smelly and oily air or vapor from the kitchen and permitting the flow of fresh air. It is measured in terms of Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). It basically indicated the volume of air that can be drawn out in a minute at the highest motor speed. The suction also emanates noise which you should be very vigilant about while buying any Island range hood vent. It goes without saying, the higher the CFM, the higher is the efficiency and speed of the motor to exhaust the oily kitchen air and promote fresher air circulation. 

4. Venting Configuration

This is another functional aspect, although one of the most overlooked, where you need to decide how you get the air out of the kitchen. There are duct and ductless options but depends heavily on your cooking operations. If you have less greasy and more steamy air to exhaust, a carbon-filtered or ductless model could help. On the contrary, if you tend to work with greasy and greater levels of odors, smoke, and bad smell, a duct would allow quicker and efficient exhaust. 

You can also choose between permanent filters and aluminum mesh filters, the latter requiring replacement after a fixed number of washes. 


Your kitchen needs as much attention as your living room does. A clear and clean kitchen does not only ensure hygienic conditions but also gives a clutter-free sense that helps you focus better on the joy of the art. The Island Range Hoods are highly beneficial in cleaning the kitchen air and promoting a clear flow of air. It prevents grease and dirt from accumulating over the kitchen counter, ceilings or walls. Therefore, you can realize a decreased frequency in cleaning the kitchen in the longer term. 

The article was our attempt to give you a wider range of knowledge on the various aspects that you need to consider before purchasing the Best Island Mount Range Hood for your kitchen. We hope it gives you crystal clarity and you did find our research insightful!

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