How to use Roti Maker (Chapati Maker) | Make round Chapatis

Once you are done with buying Roti Maker, you might be wondering How to use this Roti Maker which looks like a heck of a task. Well, it isn’t much difficult. You just need some practice like any other work. What exactly Roti Maker does is, once you place the ‘atta’ balls inside the Roti Maker tawas, the force applied, presses the dough and we get a round Chapati. If you are someone who is tired of your parents always criticizing you that you can’t make round rotis. Roti Maker will do the job perfectly for you!

A good roti maker one will not only let you make the softest of phulkas and even parathas. On a side note, you will need to get used to this Roti maker before you can successfully make perfect rotis or phulkas. Personally, it is very tricky though. Although you might struggle at start wasting dough, after a few attempts you can get the handle of it both in terms of dough consistency and usage.

How to use a Roti Maker

Step 1. Place the roti-maker on a table or any flat surface which can manage the heat & pressure applied to the Roti Maker.

Step 2. Switch on the Roti Maker by plugging it to 3-pin socket board.

Step 3. Place the kneaded and dry wheat flour in separate utensils on the table next to the roti-maker.

Step 4. Take some portion of the kneaded dough into the palm. Form round balls out of the dough using your both palm.

Step 5. Once you have formed round balls, place those balls in dry flour so that the upper surface of the balls gets completely packed in dry flour.

Step 6. Press lightly the patty to make it in  flat circle shape & Apply the dry flour on all sides of the patty.

Step 7. Place the patty on the roti maker & close the lid of the Roti Maker.

Step 8. Apply little pressure on the lid to press the patty.

Step 9. Keep holding the lid with pressure, bring in the other lever towards the closed lid and press it for few seconds.

Step 10. Remove the lever. Lift the the lid.

Step 11. Turn the roti to the other side.Wait for few seconds.

Step 12. The roti blows up and flips out of the roti maker. This is the indication that the roti is fully done and cooked. Take it away from the roti maker.

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