Carpets undoubtedly add beauty to your flooring, not to forget lending a cosy and warm touch below your feet as you walk or sit. As lovely and comfortable as they may be, carpets can be a real pain to clean as well. What with all the dust and grime setting in, not to mention the stains and spots if you have kids at home, carpet cleaning can become a frustrating chore to accomplish.

carpet stains can be accidental spillovers, caused by kids or active pets if you’re a fond pet owner. These stains can often be quite stubborn if left untreated. Although there are some effective DIY techniques to remove carpet stains, it is highly advisable to get a portable carpet cleaner if you find dirty spots on your carpet every alternate day.

As technology advances, we’re progressively able to lend help from automatic tools that save both, time and effort. Carpet cleaning is one such chore that’s almost completely went from a laborious task to mere setting up a machine. If you’re a bit behind the trend, let’s get you acquainted to the working of a carpet cleaner.

Using The Carpet Cleaner Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Pre-treating the Carpet

Pre-Treating The Carpet

We begin with clearing off the carpet area of furniture or all other items placed over it to ready it for cleaning. There might be certain immovable pieces of furniture over and around the carpet too (especially if you have wall-to-wall carpet flooring). You’d need to work with the carpet cleaner carefully around these items to prevent the furniture from getting any marks or scratches from the machine.

Before starting to use the carpet cleaner, pre-treat the carpet or clean it thoroughly. Start with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt on the surface. Vacuuming also prevents the dirt from further setting into the carpet later.

Certain areas on the carpet which have heavy stains on them should be cleaned with a carpet shampoo. This would help leave the carpet spotless (which may not be achieved with a carpet cleaner). You can either spray the shampoo on the carpet area directly or blot it over the stain with a wet paper towel. Leave the shampoo to set in for about 5 minutes before using the carpet cleaner over it.

Step 2: Setting up the Carpet Cleaner

Setting Up A Carpet Cleaner

For those who may not be aware of how to use a carpet cleaner, here are some basic instructions to set it up:

  • Pour hot water into the water tank. The tank is located on the front end of the carpet cleaner. Detach it and place its spout under a hot water faucet. Water needs to be filled to about ¾ of the tank (filling capacity indicated on the tank).
  • Pour carpet cleaning formula into the tank. It’s specially designed for carpet cleaners and is different from carpet shampoo. Mix the formula with the hot water in the tank, pouring it until it reaches the desired level (indicated on the tank). In case your carpet cleaner has separate tanks for hot water and cleaning formula, you need to fill the first with hot water only and the latter with a mix of hot water and the formula.
  • If your cleaner has a cleaning dial, you need to set that up too. It’s generally located at the front of the cleaner, right next to the tank. It displays settings for light, normal, or heavy cleanings. You may choose the most appropriate, depending on your carpet staining.
  • Next, set the tools dial on top of the water tank to floor cleaning option. This can be done by spinning the dial until the arrow points down to the floor cleaning setting. Your carpet cleaner is now set up and ready for use.

Step 3: Cleaning the Carpet

Cleaning The Carpet

This is the last and final step in how to use carpet cleaner – the cleaning itself! Plugin the power cord and turn on the power and heater buttons located at the back of the carpet cleaner. 

Start moving the cleaner forward and backwards. For this, all you need to do is pull the trigger of the cleaner’s handle. This would spray water from the tank onto the carpet. Keep holding the trigger and move the cleaner first forward, then pull it back. Repeat this procedure to clean the entire carpet area, working around small areas at a time for better results. 

Now to suck up all the water and dirt from the carpet, release the trigger. Go back over the same area that you just cleaned but this time don’t pull the trigger. Move the cleaner forward and pull it back. This will suction up all the dirt and water and repeat the process until there’s no more water left in the carpet. This can be known by looking at the water tank; when water stops flowing into the tank, it indicates that all the water has been pulled up from the carpet.

Keep cleaning the carpet until the water tank’s level indicates full. For heavily stained areas, pull the trigger to release more water and formula solution or turn the setting to strong, if necessary. Then repeat the above step to alternate between wet and dry passes.

Keep a watch over the tank right next to the water tank which gets filled with dirty water during cleaning. Once the dirty water reaches its maximum capacity indicated, empty it into the sink and refill the water tank with clean water to continue cleaning. 

To reach hard-to-access stained spots, you may fit a tool such as a vacuum attachment to the end of the hose (tools and hose provided with some cleaners). Before using the tools, you need to set the tools dial to access room corners or steps.


Carpet cleaning isn’t difficult after all if you have a carpet cleaner handy. Use one today and keep your carpet looking new as ever!

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