One thing that may stand out to all health and food aficionados everywhere is the importance of boiled and steamed veggies in your daily diet. Not only are they extremely important for a nutritious diet, but they can also be surprisingly delicious. Steamed broccoli, corn, carrots – all of these are truly underrated in their nutritional content and satisfactory taste values. 

No matter if you’re having them as sides for your meat or just seasoning them for a quick meal – every way of preparing steamed carrots can be a healthy and tasty experience for you. 

However, the easiest way to prepare carrots (and the healthiest, too!) is definitely steaming carrots in the microwave. This procedure is absurdly simple and can even be life-changing for some, owing to the myriad of ways in which steamed carrots in microwave can be consumed. Let’s see how to cook carrots in the microwave.

Microwaved Carrots | The Easiest Way To Add Veggies to Your Plate 

Microwaved Carrots

Perhaps the best thing about steamed carrots, apart from their taste value, of course, is how easy they are to prep and make. It’s an even easier process if you’re doing it in your microwave – the one-stop appliance for quick meals for everyone. No matter if you’re using a countertop microwave, and over-the-range, a drawer or any other type of microwave that essentially functions with a magnetron.

Tenderizing carrots means that it’s much easier to consume, and it is something you can whip up easily in your microwave. You have to have no special skills with cooking in order to get carrots ready for your plate, so keep reading to know exactly how to make this wonderful meal. 

Does Microwaving Carrots Reduce Its Nutrients? 

If you’re strongly considering introducing steamed carrots into your daily diet, we have some good news for you: it is one of the best ways in which you can get your fill of those good vitamins and minerals every day. Most of the ways of preparing carrots can be healthy, but the most preserving method of all is steaming. 

This is really lucky since it also happens to be a method that requires minimal prep, ingredients, and the easiest procedure you can imagine. You can also prepare them as desserts by glazing them with brown sugar, so as to get those nutrients while satisfying your tastebuds! Besides, contrary to the arguments that you may have read online, microwaving carrots won’t reduce their nutrients. In fact, it may be even better than cooking vegetables on your cooktop, given how a microwave works.

How to Steam Carrots in the Microwave? 

Materials needed: This is stuff that you will mostly find strewn around your kitchen, so you don’t have to take an emergency trip to the store to get anything! All you need is carrots (the number depending on how much you’re going to consume), water, a microwave-safe bowl, salt and pepper, and butter. If you’re someone who likes their carrots to be sweet, then you can introduce some sugar to the mix as well!

  • Firstly, you will have to peel your carrots.
  • After this is done, chop them up into roughly bite-sized pieces. You don’t have to be too precise with this step, just cut according to what seems most consumable!
  • Put them all in a microwave-safe bowl and put around two tablespoons of water in there, which is going to be responsible for steaming the carrots.
  • Cover this bowl with a lid – preferably also microwave-safe. It is not recommended to cover this bowl with plastic wrap, as this can affect the steaming of your carrots.
  • The duration of the steaming will be around 4 to 6 minutes. During this time, the microwave should be turned up high, allowing the carrots to soak in all of the water and tenderize subsequently.
  • Lastly, take the bowl out of the microwave after it’s done. Be careful, it may exude steam so it’s pretty hot for the first couple of minutes. Poke them with a fork and if it slides through smoothly, you’ve got yourself some perfectly steamed carrots!

How to Steam Baby Carrots in the Microwave? 

Materials needed: Everything you need to steam regular carrots is needed for this procedure as well. Just switch up the regular carrots with cooking baby carrots in microwave instead!

  • It usually requires more eyeballing in order to steam your baby carrots. Your cooking time and temperature largely depend on the number of baby carrots you will be taking. 
  • Get your baby carrots inside a microwave-safe bowl. Remember to weigh the carrots first, since the water you put in there will depend on this weight!
  • For instance, for two pounds of baby carrots, you need to be putting in around four tablespoons of water. Keep a mental note not to add too little or too much water. Tough pieces of baby carrots are equally as unappetizing as soggy pieces of carrots.
  • Adjust your microwave temperature accordingly – pop the bowl in the microwave with the microwave-safe lid for a small amount of time so as to minimize risks. 
  • After you think they’re done cooking, take them back and poke them through with a fork to see if they’re done. Pop them back in for half a minute if they’re still tough inside. And that’s all you needed for baby carrots steamed in the microwave.

How to Serve Microwaved Carrots? 

There’s honestly very little you have to do to make steamed carrots delicious – their natural flavor does it all! Though something you can never go amiss with if you’re consuming them as a main dish is seasoning with butter. For this, all you need to do is add salted butter and pepper to your steamed carrots – baby carrots or regular. Something this simple shouldn’t be allowed to taste so good!

Another thing you can try is adding them as side dishes to your mains – they make for an excellent accompaniment to potatoes, meat, bread, pasta – you name it. A lot of people prefer to have their carrots sweetened as well – all you need to do is add sugar to glaze or some honey after they’re steamed. The possibilities are truly endless.

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