How to Sharpen A Meat Slicer Blade?

How to Sharpen A Meat Slicer Blade?

Owning a meat slicer can lend you unmatched convenience and precision when working with raw meat. In fact, we highly recommend investing in one if you’re into meat-based recipes and enjoy making them at home often. However, as with all appliances, especially those that work with meat such as meat grinders and meat slicers demand maintenance.

Meat slicer blades tend to go blunt with time and require sharpening. Sharpening meat slicer blades at home is a skill you might want to master if you want to keep your appliance in pristine condition with low upkeep costs. This guide will help you learn how to sharpen meat slicer blades, all on your own.

How To Sharpen A Meat Slicer Blade By Hand

Some meat-slicer machines have a built-in sharpener, whereas others come with a sharpening stone. While the blade is in use, the integrated sharpening stones sharpen it. If your meat slicer requires manual sharpening, follow the steps outlined below.

You’ll Require The Following Equipment’s

You’ll need the following items when learning how to sharpen meat slicer blades:

  • Protective gloves: Because the blade will become extremely sharp, you must wear cut-proof gloves to protect your fingers. These gloves are made of mesh and protect you from getting hurt. If you don’t have any special gloves, thick work gloves will suffice.
  • Safety glasses: These glasses protect your eyes from being damaged by fire sparks or small stone particles during any procedure that involves sharp objects.
  • Sharpening stone/whetstone: You’ll need a sharpening stone, also known as a whetstone, to sharpen your slicer blade.
  • Soft washcloths: Once you’ve finished sharpening your meat slicer, wipe it down with a soft washcloth. Instead of a sponge or scrubber, use a soft cloth because it doesn’t scratch the blades and cause them to rust quickly.
  • Sanitizer: Germs can easily infect the blades of meat slicers. Sanitize the blade after finished sharpening. It is essential to use a sanitizer to keep bacteria at bay.

Rub some oil across the blade’s surface. Put on the blade guard once it’s dry. Keep your appliance in a safe and dry location. In the next part, we will list the meat slicer blade sharpening steps for you to follow. By following these steps, you should be able to sharpen your blades without any issues.

1. Selecting A Sharpening Stone: If your meat-slicer came with a sharpening stone, now is the time to use it. If not, you can purchase sharpening stones from your local hardware store. 

2. Clean The Blade: Sharpening a clean blade is easier. Apply a small amount of detergent to the blade surface, followed by a small amount of water. Scrub the area until all stains are gone.

3. Place The Sharpening Stone On The Meat Slicer: Disconnect the power cord and turn off the device. Secure the sharpening stones to your meat slicer.

4. Sharpen The Meat Slicer With Sharpening Stones: Locate the meat slicer’s locking knob. You will find it at the base shaft’s bottom left corner. The locking knob has the appearance of a black plastic knob.

5. Oil The Blade: Dress the blade before sharpening by soaking it in sharpening oil or cooking oil. The sharpening oil protects the stone, removes debris, and promotes the formation of an inclined edge on the slicer blade.

6. Start The Meat Slicer: To sharpen the meat slicer’s blades, plug it in and turn it on. Allow about 30 seconds for them to sharpen. Turn the machine back on for another 30 seconds after about 4 seconds.

7. Take Out The Sharpening Stone: Remove the sharpening stones by unscrewing the knob and sliding them to the left side of the base shaft. Return the knob to its original position and keep the sharpening stone safely.

8. Disinfecting The Blade: To avoid the spread of germs, use rubbing alcohol to clean the blade before rinsing it with water carefully. Allow the blade to dry before replacing the blade cover. If you find this complicated, you can try using a sharpening stone or call a professional to sharpen the meat slicer. While your meat slicer is being sharpened, you can learn how to cut meat thin using your knives.

How To Sharpen A Meat Slicer Using A Sharpener?

How To Sharpen A Meat Slicer Using A Sharpener

The next method in your quest to learn how to sharpen meat blades is to learn how to use a sharpener. Keep reading the article learn how you can use a sharpener to sharpen a meat slicer blade.

Step 1. Remove the machine from the electrical outlet and remove any residual food or cooking oil before sharpening a meat slicer with a built-in sharpener. Clean the blade thoroughly with water and detergent after wiping away any debris.

Step 2. Check to see if the blade on the sharpener attachment is centered between the two sharpening stones. Rotate the attachment 180 degrees until the sharpening stones and blades are in contact with each other. Tighten the locking knob after ensuring the sharpening attachment is in place.

Step 3. You can begin sharpening the blade after it is completely dried. You’d short-circuit several electrical components within the machine if you didn’t.

Step 4. To get started, press the sharpening stone button. It causes the blade to spin against the grinding mole, which remains stationary. Allow the blade to run for 30 seconds before coming to a complete stop to create a burred cutting edge.

Step 5. For around four seconds, simultaneously press the sharpening and deburring buttons. Clean the blade and stone every time after sharpening. Clean the machine and disinfect the blade the same way you would if you weren’t using the built-in sharpener. After sharpening and cleaning, reset the sharpener kit to its original position, then secure it with the locking knob.

Safety Precautions To Ensure While Sharpening A Meat Slicer Blade

Safety Precautions To Ensure While Sharpening A Meat Slicer Blade

Sharp tools, such as a meat slicer, should always be handled with caution; otherwise, the user risks significant harm.

The blade must then be replaced or sharpened, which is a time-consuming task. You must be safe while doing so. As a result, safety precautions should be taken when using the equipment to slice meat, sharpening its blade, and replacing it. The following are some of the suggestions:

1. Wearing Cut-Resistant Gloves: When working with the slicer blade, there is always the risk of slipping or losing your grasp. You can reduce the danger of injury by wearing a cut-resistant glove.

2. Maintain A Clutter-Free Work Environment: Whether you’re sharpening the blade or replacing it with a new one, a clean work environment can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

3. Concentrate On The Task At Hand: Maintain your focus. You’re dealing with a razor-sharp blade. If you work carelessly, you risk injuring yourself, which you don’t want to happen.

4. Never Put Your Hand Across The Slicer: Trying to reach across the slicer while running risks injuring the arm if it comes into contact with the spinning blade. If you need to cross it, turn it off or walk around it.

5. When Not In Use, Secure The Blade: When you’re not using the blade, keep it safe. Before leaving the machine alone, switch it off, disconnect it, and set the blade to “zero” or locked.

6. Never Play With The Machine: The meat slicer machine’s safety monitoring is essential. Attempting to tamper with the safety switch will void the warranty and jeopardize the machine’s safety features. Use at your own risk!

7. Use Caution When Cleaning: When cleaning the meat slicer, always use a cut-resistant glove. Use the work gloves to keep yourself safe, whether you’re doing a fast wash or a thorough cleaning.


 If you have a meat slicer in your kitchen, you won’t be able to use it for years unless you sharpen the blade. There is no electronic device or tool that is everlasting, but if we take proper care of any machine, it will last for a long time. 

This article on how to sharpen a meat slicer will walk you through the process of caring for your meat slicer.

When it comes to slicer maintenance, you must sharpen your blade regularly. It will keep the slicer from becoming too dull, which will make it difficult to maintain. After each use, always clean the slicer. It not only keeps bacteria away but also prolongs the life of your blade. 

You are now aware of how to sharpen meat slicer blades at home. If you follow all of the steps correctly, your machine will function normally and allow you to slice meat as if it were brand new.

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