How To Replace Hidden Bake Element In Your Oven

How To Replace Hidden Bake Element In Your Oven

The cooking power of your oven comes from two heating elements- one at the top and another that is hidden at the bottom of the oven. The hidden one, in particular, works as a cleaner. Both of these elements can be seen if you peek into the oven. You can usually tell if they are working by noticing whether they’re glowing or not. However, if one of them does not work, the cooking power drops certainly. When it comes to the hidden bake element, you may need to tackle a hidden element replacement. Since this task is confusing, here’s a guide to help you replace hidden heating element in your oven. 

Replacing Bake Element In Your Oven

1. Warm The Oven

Replacing heating element in oven present a unique set of challenges. Usually, these heating appliances shatter when they are cold. However, there’s an interesting way to replace your oven element carefully without smashing it or burning yourself. This would require you to warm up the oven first and then get started with the replacing work. In order to do this, set your oven at the lowest possible setting and wait for the oven to warm up for not more than 5 minutes. Turn off the oven after 5 minutes. 

Note: Wearing gloves is always recommended.

2. Shut Off Electrical Power

After warming up, remember to unplug the electric oven from the power. This ensures that no electric current is flowing via the element while uninstalling it. There are high possibilities that an electric oven with a hidden baking element can give you an electric shock if you try removing it while the oven is still plugged in. You can try flipping the kitchen breaker if the oven plug is hard for you to reach for as it is hidden. 

3. Remove The Bottom Panel

Once done with the unplugging, you would require to remove the bottom panel present inside the oven. You can do this by removing the oven racks and setting them aside carefully. You might as well consider cleaning the oven racks. After the removal of the racks:

  1. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and carefully remove the lower panel of the oven.
  2. Place the bottom panel on a towel after taking it out.
  3. Clean the panel if it’s dirty.

4. Remove The Oven Bake Element

Removing the bottom element will expose the hidden bake element. The next step you are going to follow is a multi-step process. First of all, check if the hidden element is neither too hot nor cold to touch. You have to be extra cautious while checking the temperature. Then, start unscrewing the mounting brackets holding the hidden bake element. After removing all the screws, pull the hidden element from the back wall of the oven. You will find several wires attached inside the oven wall or inside the element that’s connected by a harness clip. Make sure to unfasten the clip on either side of the oven bake element. Once unfastened, pull out the hidden bake element and dispose of it off.

5. Install The New Oven Bake Element

Installing the replacement element is simple. First, make sure to get a replacement heating element that is compatible with your oven. Proceed with the installation by setting the replacement element in position. Connect back the wire harness clips on each side and slide the wires back into the hole. Then, secure all the screws and brackets. You must have got a set of fastening hardware along with your element. However, you can always use the set you just removed from the previous element if they don’t provide you with a new set.

6. Re-install The Bottom Panel

After ensuring that the replacement element is well secured, put back the bottom panel of your oven and fit it into its place. Secure it carefully with the screws that you had removed. And you are almost good to go.

7. Test

This one last step requires you to finally set up your oven and check if your oven’s bake element replacement was successful. For doing so, place back the oven racks in their places and plug back the oven to the power or flip the breaker to return power to the oven. The best way to find out if you accomplished your mission is to do a visual inspection of the bottom panel or use a thermometer to test for accurate temperatures or to bake something! The quality of your baked item shall help you know if the element is heating evenly.

What To Do If The Element Shatters

Shattering of the heating element is a possibility that you cannot ignore. Nevertheless, even if it shatters, you are supposed to throw away that heating element anyway. But do not forget to work with your gloves on. The heating element going through a lot of extreme heating cycles is the most accurate reason to explain its shattering. If at all it shatters, sweep up the shattered pieces by using a rag or old towel. Then disconnect the wires and remove the rest of the old element and continue with the repair.


The installation of a brand-new heating element in your oven is a cakewalk. It is one of the simplest tasks you can perform on your oven. All you need to do is follow the aforementioned points stepwise, and voila! However, if you suspect anything more than a damaged heating element, it would be wise for you to give a call to the repair technician or customer service.

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