If you’re here, then chances are you might already be in possession of an over-the-range microwave. These microwaves not only save a lot of space but leave your kitchen feeling spacier and neater. Whatever your reasons might be for removing your over-the-range microwave – maybe you’re replacing it with an undercabinet range hood, or taking it out to get it fixed – you need a guide that gives you instructions on how to do so. While installing and uninstalling over-the-range microwaves look like an intimidating deal, it’s only a few steps that you can do yourself at home! We do highly recommend you have another person around for help, however, since these machines can be quite heavy. Let’s move on to the guide on how to remove an over the stove microwave.

Please note that it is not advised to use your Over-The-Range Microwave on a countertop , however compelling and convenient it looks. It could cause heating issues and potential permanent damage to your appliance. If you’re to relocate it, use it only under a cabinet with appropriate clearance beneath it.

How to Remove An Over The Range Microwave? 

Over-the-Range microwaves are the same as that of any other types, except for how they’re installed and a few additional functionalities. During installation you might have noticed that your microwave is mounted on a bracket and connected to power, usually inside a cabinet nearby so as to not have all these loose wires hanging around. Let’s start with making a mental note of what you have to keep in mind while removing your microwave.


If your microwave is situated right above your stove, make sure that it is disconnected from power before you begin working on the microwave. And of course, unplug your microwave from power as well by reaching into the overhead cabinet. Your cord will most likely be connected through a hole in the cabinet. If not, you’ll have to check the nook behind the microwave for the plug. Situate the cable at a position wherein it doesn’t hinder your work. 

If your microwave is situated right over the range, you may choose to remove this range for greater ease of access. That way you don’t have to awkwardly lean over the countertop when you’re trying to unmount your microwave and slide it off the bracket. 

Gathering Materials

This part is fairly simple and thankfully, this procedure does not require a lot of equipments. Just keep your drill and your screwdriver in handy and you’re good to go!

Steps on How to Remove Over the Stove Microwave

  1. Open the overhead cabinet and observe all the screws that are holding your microwave in place. These are screws that we have to remove, so exercise caution – we don’t want the microwave falling off too soon with loosened screws!
  1. If you’re looking to simply fix your microwave and not replace it, take some time out to remove the grease filters and flip them in the wash. This step is not mandatory, but we highly recommend that you do it! Greasy exhaust filters may begin to clog after a while, and you definitely don’t want that.
  1. If you have prepped correctly, your power will be disconnected for all your nearby appliances, and especially your microwave. Once this is achieved, grab your screwdriver and begin to unscrew a couple of screws, one by one.
  1. To expedite this process, you can bring in your drill after the initial unscrewing and take out the bolts for good. At this point, you will feel the microwave begin to sag on you quite a bit – and this is good, there’s no cause for worry there. 
  1. At this point, the microwave is essentially free of its restraints. The only thing holding it back currently is the bracket that is situated at the back of the microwave. If your microwave is not connected to external vents and ductwork, this is basically the final step for you. Attempt to slide the microwave off the bracket and mind that the plug doesn’t catch on to the cabinet and block the removal of the microwave. Careful though, this can be quite heavy!
  1. However, if your microwave is connected to external venting and ductwork, you need to put in some extra effort for the unmounting process. Reach into the overhead cabinet once again and attempt to unfasten the microwave from the plastic venting. Clear any additional ductwork that you feel may get in the way. The last thing that you would necessarily want to remove is the duct adapter that may be hindering movement for your microwave.

And that’s it! With that final step, you’re all set to remove your over-the-range microwave safely and easily. You can leave the mounting bracket in if you’re either replacing it with another over-the-range microwave, or simply taking yours for repairs.

Final Words

That was an easy-to-follow, concise guide on how to remove an over-the-range microwave. Not so difficult, was it? Even if you don’t consider yourself as much of a handyman, follow these steps to the T and remove an over-the-stove microwave with ease. You will save time with this procedure, and also have your microwave exactly where you want it to be. Removing your over-the-range microwave is exactly as simple as owning one. All you have left to do is handing your microwave over to the repairs, or getting an entirely new one! Either way, you’re choosing convenience and spatial ease for years to come. 

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