How To Get Stains Out Of A Mattress

Whether you have an inexpensive mattress or a memory foam mattress or latex mattress, there is one problem that keeps bothering you all the time. That is the stains on the mattress. Now no one will deliberately get those ugly stains on the mattress. You might just hurt yourself, and the blood might spill on the mattress. Your little one might soil the mattress with urine stains.

You may very well clean a freshly stained mattress, but if kept as it is, stains may become permanent and induce unpleasant odors. If the latter is the case with you, you may as well consider getting a new mattress altogether. If you’re confused in which one should you go with, you can refer to our personal favourite contenders as the best mattresses in India. We’ve tried most of these for at least their trial periods and hence can genuinely advice you on what you could expect from them.

Now the biggest question is how to get stains out of a mattress? After all, a stained mattress will smell, look ugly, and it will also bring in lots of embarrassment. It is, therefore, essential to make sure that you get rid of these stains when they are fresh. 

A Guide Removing Stains From Mattresses

The most common types of stains that you will encounter in the case of your mattress are bloodstains, urine stains and sweat stains. These stains if not cleaned in time, will leave behind ugly marks on your mattress. Over a while, the mattress will also start smelling. Overall this is not a good thing for your health, and you will also cut a sorry figure if you have guests who plan to spend a holiday in your home.

How To Remove Blood Stains From Mattress?

How To Remove Blood Stains From Mattress

Are you wondering How To Remove Blood Stains From Mattress easily and quickly? You can make use of 3% hydrogen peroxide for the same. Apply the solution on the stain and then rub it with a clean cloth. You can also try using lemon juice to remove the bloodstain. You can also use laundry detergent to remove the bloodstain. Remember that for cleaning the blood, you must always make use of cold water. 

How To Remove Urine Stains Off Mattress?

How To Remove Urine Stains From Mattress

Are you having a tough time tackling the bed-wetting problem of your little one? Have no idea How To Remove Urine Stains Off Mattress. Here are some tips that will help.

  • Take a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide. To this add 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Now add a few drops of washing liquid and mix well. Fill this mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the stain and leave it for one hour or more. Next, cover the stain with baking soda and leave it for 8 to 10 hours. Only a faint stain might remain, and the smell will be gone.
  • Take a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal quantities. Spray this mixture on the stain. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Dab it with a cloth. Finally, sprinkle baking soda to get rid of the stain and the smell.

How To Remove Sweat Stain From Mattress?

How To Remove Sweat Stains From Mattress

In the scorching summers, you are bound to be sweaty, and when you lie down on your mattress with all the sweat, you are bound to have sweat stains on the mattress. Now here is How To Remove Sweat Stain From Mattress. 

If the stain is fresh, then first try to remove the moisture by making use of a paper towel. Now in a spray bottle add equal parts of hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap and water and mix well. Spray this mixture on the stain and leave it for at least 20 minutes. Now again blot the stain with paper to remove the moisture. Next, cover the stain with baking soda and leave it for around 10 to 12 hours or maybe even more. Once again remove the excess moisture. 

It is sometimes possible that the stains are deep and hard to remove. you might need to deep-clean in such cases. If nothing works, it would be better to buy a new mattress. If you do decide to buy a new mattress, you can read some of our reviews on some of the mattresses


1. How To Dry A Mattress?

First of all, remove the moisture with the help of clean, dry towels. If there are any stains, then make sure that you remove the same by treating the stains with the correct method. If only a small amount of liquid has spilt on the mattress, then you may make use of hair-dryer. If there is excess liquid, then you will have to make use of a vacuum. Irrespective of the Mattress Sizes the best way to dry a mattress is by exposing it to direct sunlight.

2. How To Kill Bedbugs in Mattress?

The first thing that you need to do is remove the bed sheet, pillow covers and wash them in hot water. Now vacuum the mattress slowly and adequately with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Make sure that you remove the vacuum cleaner bag outside the house. If the bedbug problem has aggravated to the extent that vacuuming will not help, then you need to call a professional pest control company.

3. How To Store A Mattress?

First of all, clean the mattress thoroughly. Once you have cleaned the mattress, you must wrap the mattress in a clean cover. Make sure that you seal the cover properly. If you intend to store the mattress for a long time, then it is better to purchase a good quality mattress bag. Make sure that you check the stored mattress at regular intervals. You must also ensure that you store the mattress in a flat position. Use a clean and dry place for storing the mattress.

4. How often should you get your mattress cleaned?

If you are concerned about the health and wellbeing of your family, then you have to make sure that you clean the mattress at regular intervals. You do not have to clean it as often as your bed sheet and pillow covers. But yes, proper cleaning is a must.

Ideally, you should clean your mattress every six months. You can make use of a vacuum cleaner for the same. Once in a way, you can also get the mattress cleaned by a professional. But regular cleaning is a must.

A stitch in time saves nine! Even in the case stains on the mattress if you treat them in the right way at the earliest, then you can surely remove the stains, and you will also increase the life of your mattress. It is also equally important that you clean the mattress at regular intervals and address issues like bedbug problems etc. at the earliest.

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