How to Deep Clean your Mattress for better Sleep

A good sleep is as important as exercising and having a healthy diet, to ensure and maintain a good physical and mental health balance. An inadequate/poor sleeping pattern is associated with depression, low productivity, back pain; all of which contribute significantly towards putting down your . One of the causes of poor sleep can be associated with a poor mattress, so a lap of luxury is a must-have to get a better sleep!

In a survey it is found that on an average a person sleeps 229,961 hours in a lifespan, this means we basically spend one third of our life on our mattress! So undoubtedly getting a good sleep plays an important role in our life. This involves keeping our mattress free from stains, odors, dust mites, dead skin cells, bed bugs, or other tiny invisible particles, before you hit the hay!

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Useful Tips to keep your Mattress Clean and Dry:

1. Vacuum Clean

Mattress cleaning with vacuum Cleaner

Remove your mattress cover/protector first and deep clean the entire mattress with a vacuum cleaner to suck in all the dirt, dust, leftover tiny food particles, a fuzz of hair or some other allergic particles that remain hidden in the mattress.

Note that you can’t use a high powered vacuum in some mattresses. For instance, coir mattresses are not recommended to be vacuumed at full power as it may lead to their fibers to disorient. Learn more about coir mattresses here: Coir mattress vs. Foam Mattress.

2. Spot Cleaning

how to clean mattress spots and stains DIY

It’s super annoying when there are stubborn stains on your mattress! Such stubborn stains are often tough to remove. Here are a number of ways of spot cleaning.

  1. You can combine a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and liquid dish soap, and treat on the affected area suitably. Also you can spray it with equal parts of cold water and H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). It will foam as it releases. Damp a clean rag with cold water and rub the foam with it. Repeat until the stain goes away.
  2. Another combination which may work is applying the stained area with a mixture of salt and lemon juice, and then resting it for up to twenty to fifty minutes. After that wipe and clean with a towel.
  3. Furthermore, using non-toxic, natural enzyme cleaners may also help eliminating stains or odors.
  4. A solution of hot water and vinegar is also good. This soluble remedy may help to bring up the stain and the odor from your mattress.
  5. You can also try using stain remover and a toothbrush. You will have to scrub very hard on the stained area, and it may come out.
  6. A weird but helpful way can be hairsprays to reduce the stain. Spray the stain, try blotting, not rubbing, and then spray lightly with water and blot and let it dry. Repeat as necessary. You can follow up with a soft padded cleaner by blotting it and allowing it to dry again.

These spot cleaning techniques will help to eliminate or at least fade out the tough, hard-to-remove stains or odors. Visit the mattress sub-section of our website to discover more cleaning methods to remove stains from your mattress.

3. Deodorize

Mattress Deodorize

To get a good aroma from your favorite mattress or at least to eliminate bad odors from it, you can sprinkle bits of baking soda on your entire mattress. To enhance the aroma, you can also add your desired essential oils in the baking soda, before distributing it evenly on the mattress. You can rest the baking soda on the mattress as long as you can, or perhaps overnight, since the longer it stays the better it cleans and prevents odor. After resting for a while, vacuum clean the mattress again, ensuring all baking soda have been sucked into the cleaner.

4. Air out your Mattress

Drying Mattress tips

Now that your mattress is clean and odor-free, it is better to let it air out for some time. This will help dry out any leftover liquid in it. Just like Asian our mothers and old grannies used to do in our childhood, you can dry out the mattress in the open sunlight by taking it to the rooftop. Sunlight kills germs and bacteria in it, eliminates odor and also quickly dries it out, where fresh air will also be the good company.

If you think that it is tough to pull the heavy mattress and taking it to the rooftop, or maybe you do not have access to your rooftop for some reason, then don’t worry, there’s another solution for you! You can open all the doors and windows in your room and let the fresh air and sunlight come in and give your mattress a good pamper!

5. Protect the Mattress

How to protect Mattress Tips and Tricks DIY

If your mattress can be used from both sides, such as conventional mattress, then you can flip it over from the side you were sleeping to another side.

Or, if the mattress has all equal sides, you can 180 degree rotate it. Therefore, flipping or rotating the mattress after every couple of months will ensure even wear over the mattress’s surface.

To keep your cleaned mattress safe now, you can use a plastic case as your mattress as the cover and protector. Then seal it with a zipper to protect from further hassle. If there is no pull tab for the zipper, you can make one out of ribbon or a paper clip.

There are also many ready-made or customized mattress covers and pads available in markets, which are usually laid onto the mattress to protect from spills or dirt.

One tip to be followed is that touch the mattress all over cautiously before making the bed to check for moisture. If you sheath a damp mattress in linens and blankets, it won’t dry out soon and this may result in mold growth.

It’s finally time to make the bed as the mattress is now cleaned, dried, flipped, and protected! Now you can make the bed using clean linens. Start with the fitted sheet, and then the top sheet above it. Put the pillows back in their covers, and allocate all your desired pillows, blankets, and decorations to the bed according. Your desired mattress is now fresh and hygiene. Now you can get a good sleep in comfort. So rise and shine with a clean mattress!

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