I need not emphasize the importance of coffee in our lives. Our hectic schedules are often powered by this caffeine rich beverage. Although heavily debated, coffee addicts like me merrily enjoy our favorite cup of coffee regardless of potential health benefits or harms. There’s literally no better way to start the day. Apart from commencing the day right, coffee also helps us get through prolonged work hours. However, many seek to drink coffee for its numerous health benefits such as a healthy heart and liver, prevention of diabetes and certain forms of cancer.

It is however not pragmatic to go overboard on coffee consumption. Moderation is the key, as with any other aspect in life. Further along, we’ll discuss several effects that coffee has on your mental health.

There are contradictory beliefs and opinions about how coffee essentially affects your brain. The effects of coffee on each individual can be distinctively different. Let’s begin with the positive ones.

Positive effects of coffee on your brain

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

  1. Coffee is infused with a number of incredible antioxidants. Having coffee regularly can make you feel positive and progressive as it boosts your mental focus. Hence, coffee can be labelled as an effective mood influencer.
  2. To be precise, the beverage does it by increasing serotonin levels. Thus, a cup of freshly brewed coffee can be your well-wisher if you are a morning commuter or a sportsperson, as it keeps you fresh and active.
  3. In addition to its mood enhancing properties, coffee also helps to create alertness, and can increase focus and attentiveness. It is also argued that caffeine reduces the potential hazard of suicidal thoughts.
  4. As coffee brings positive vibes, you are also away from depression and other cognitive maladies.  This also creates greater productivity and efficiency at work. Moreover, mental health is associated with physical well-being.
  5. Coffee can be your loyal buddy when you reluctantly wish to stay awake during long nights, perhaps for late-night studies or finishing due office work or even as a much needed pre-workout.
  6. Coffee can also help you deal with painful headaches and migraines. It allegedly helps to make your head feel lighter.
  7. Many say that coffee improves the brain’s memory system. It aids to keep the brain active and remember more. So to all the coffee lovers, cheers to all of these reasons to enjoy your sip.

On the contrary, coffee can conversely hit your brain in a series of ways as explained below.

Negative effects of coffee on your brain

Negative effects of Coffee

  1. Coffee has a tendency of blocking a neurotransmitter, named adenosine, in your brain which eventually gives you long sleepless nights.
  2. Having trouble in sleep can affect your mood adversely, resulting in a cranky mood, headache, tiredness, fatigue, or even difficulty in concentration and alertness. An inadequate sleep could often result in poor mental health since our brain also needs rest.
  3. Furthermore, while the adenosine neurotransmitter is kept on hold by the caffeine, other neurotransmitters such as glutamate and dopamine keep functioning effectively, thus joining in to the team to further cause sleep deprivation.
  4. Patients with anxiety disorders can further aggravate their condition owing to unchecked caffeine consumption.
  5. Coffee can also lead to depression, since depression is highly associated with adverse mood effects and mental disorders.
  6. Excessive coffee consumption can lead to severe mental disorders like nervousness, hypertension, restlessness and insomnia.
  7. Excessively extreme doses of caffeine may even threaten life in rare cases.

So now you know the potential positive and negative impacts that coffee may have on your brain. You should also bear in mind that these effects of caffeine intake can highly vary from person to person, and also depending on the level of intake. Having everything up to a balanced level is always favorable, and excessive consumption of anything can result in getting yourself harmed.

Either sizzling hot or chilled, if you are willing to enjoy a refreshing and authentic cup of freshly brewed coffee at home or at your workplace, then you should buy a coffee machine with grinder. As the competition increases, augmented models are being put to prices like never before.

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