How a Water Purifier can help you Prevent Health Issues

How water Purifier can help prevent Health Issues

We live in a world full of adversity where some parts are deprived from access to sufficient water whereas others keep wasting gallons and gallons per day! We cannot deny the fact that many of us are extremely fortunate to get this proportionate supply of clean water for a living. But, did you know this clean water is just not equivalent to consuming 100% purified water, even if it has been boiled?

In our busy life we tend to forget the fact that our health is our true treasure. We keep seeking our treasure hunt throughout lifetime, but fail to notice the greatest wealth within us, i.e. being healthy and fine.

There is a common string that connects health with purified water. This means that a good health is associated with purified water. No matter how much you boil, theories suggest that water is not purified enough unless you use a best RO water purifier. A simple measure like boiling is not enough for treating all the likely contaminants available in water. We cannot determine water quality by visual inspection.

Even the natural spring water (which had been declared harmless for all practical purposes during the 19th century) must now be examined before determining what sort of treatment is required.  The only way to acquire the required information for deciding on the suitable method of purification is by Chemical and microbiological analysis, which is very expensive.


How a water purifier technology can help prevent health problems

How much water is present in Human Body and Purpose of water in Human body

  1. Water purifier helps to prevent many deadly diseases, and one of those is cancer. People who do not get access to purified water may suffer from several diseases which can even lead to death in future. Furthermore, in many developing countries, reducing deaths from waterborne diseases is a major objective for public healthcare. There are countless health benefits of drinking purified water.
  2. We already know that to function a machine smoothly for years require high maintenance which includes of oil. Just as that, water functions like oil to our body, and to keep it running easily we need purified water consumption.
  3. Purified water helps to decrease the mortality rate and increase life expectancy rate. A simple technology like water filter can save an enormous number of lives each year throughout the world.
  4. Have you ever thought your brain comprises of mostly water? Water containing toxin like lead metal can cause serious brain damage and anemia. Therefore filtered water is needed to improve concentration and cognition, your brain’s memory function, your mood and emotions balance. It also prevents and relieves headaches, while boosting blood flow and oxygen to your brain.
  5. Purified water detoxifies your body from within. Your body fluids carry waste materials to and from your cells, and your kidneys and liver wash out those waste materials and other toxins out of your body, which can only be carried out properly and efficiently only if you are hydrated enough. This requires drinking plentiful of purified water. There is a higher risk of developing kidney stones and suffering urinary tract infections if you are NOT consuming enough clean water, or even consuming unfiltered water containing germs.
  6. Your gastrointestinal tract must maintain a smooth flow, for which it requires drinking clean water. Also, drinking clean water helps prevent constipation. Your digestive tract needs purified water to dissolve waste particles and pass smoothly through it.
  7. Drinking filtered water lubricates your body joints and prevents your muscles from cramping. Moreover, it can even make your muscles stronger. Consumption of pure water helps your muscles work for much longer period before they feel exhausted, and this builds muscles further.
  8. Achieving a youthful and healthy skin requires consumption of tons clean water, as water works as a as a protective shield to protect from excessive fluid loss. For a younger look, you must drink pure water to hydrate and plump up your skin cells, to replenish skin tissues, to moisturize your skin, and improve your skin’s elasticity. It also cleans out impurities and improves blood circulation and flow, while giving glow to your skin. That’s why it is highly recommended to drink at least 84 ounces of water a day.
  9. A surprising fact is that drinking pure water is also needed for your bones too as your bones contain about 25 percent water!

How a Water Purifier works?

How Water Purifier Works

A water purifier consists of a number of filtration layers. This means the water is being filtered through multiple procedures before it reaches our final consumption.

Water purifier helps to eliminate biological contaminants, unwanted chemicals, suspended solids and gases from water making it fit enough to be drinkable. Most water is sanitized for human consumption.

Water purifier reduces the concentration of particulate matter such as bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, suspended particles, parasites.  It also focuses on reducing the concentration of a wide variety of particulate and dissolved matter.

Water filter is a brilliant method for removing Cryptosporidium- which is commonly found in river, lake, and water for public supply.

There are two different techniques that water filters use to remove dirt, that is Physical filtration and Chemical Filtration. In Physical filtration larger impurities are eliminated by straining water. Therefore, a physical filter is a glorified sieve—maybe a piece of thin gauze or a very fine textile membrane. (If you have an electric kettle, you probably have a filter like this built into the spout to remove particles of lime scale.) On the other hand, chemical filtration removes impurities chemically as they pass through water from an active material.

There are 4 types of water filters

1. Reverse Osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis and How Reverse Osmosis Works

In Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration method, impure water is effectively pushed with pressure through a membrane. (a fine pipe). As a result, so the water passes through while the contaminants are sieved. Electrically powered pumps are needed for Reverse-osmosis filters.

Water purifier based on Reverse Osmosis (RO) technique can treat hard water to sweet soft water in an effective way. RO water purifier eliminates toxin from water that can make us ill, such as arsenic, fluoride, lead, mercury, chlorine, etc. Also, RO water purifier system eliminates salty water with the help of its semi-permeable membrane.

However, RO has some drawbacks: It is less effective in filtering bacteria. Also, it produces tons of waste-water—for each liter of pure water production some even waste almost four or five liters of water.

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2. Activated Carbon

Activated carbon granules (often known as active carbon or AC) are commonly used in household water filters. It is based on charcoal to eliminate many forms of impurities in water such as chlorine-based chemicals, pesticides, and also industrial solvents.

However, some of its drawbacks include: it is not much effective in removing hard water (limescale), sodium, nitrates, heavy metals(unless a special type of activated carbon filter is used), fluorine, or microbes. It even incurs replacing costs as it often clogs up with impurities.

3. Ion Exchange

Ion Exchange filters make ions by dividing atoms of a contaminating substance. IO Filters trap the “bad” ions (the incoming magnesium and calcium ions) and replaces with the “good” ones (release their own sodium ions). For this ion exchanging system, it is called Ion Exchange.

Unfortunately, a drawback to IO is that as IO filters releases sodium, they can create problems to people on low-sodium diets. Another drawback is that you need to recharge the filters with more sodium ions from time to time, by putting a special kind of salt in it.

4. Distillation

We all know that boiling water for purification it is one of the simplest measures. The heat from boiling eradicates many different kinds of bacteria, however, it fails to eliminate chemicals, limescale, and some other contaminants. Distillation is a process that goes beyond ordinary boiling. Distillation separates the contaminants from water by using selective boiling and condensation.

However, the distillation process fails to remove some contaminants (including volatile organic compounds) as these contaminants are boiled at a lower temperature and so are evaporated with the steam.

As you have now seen the different types of filtration methods eliminating different types of pollutants respectively, however, there’s no single method that eliminates all 100% of contaminants available in water. For this reason, many households prefer using two or more of these methods together for their water-filter system. It is therefore, impossible to remove all of those contaminants, no matter whichever technique you apply.

A note to remember: There are ongoing costs always associated with water filters, for their regular maintenance or to function properly. Also, there are other popular methods of water purification. We’ve discussed their key differences in the ‘RO vs Uv vs UF‘ article.


We all need clean water for a healthy living. Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and we all should drink purified water to sustain a healthy living. Apart from drinking, it is a good practice using purified water also in cooking .Moreover, due to high sensitivity, the babies’ feeder bottles and pacifiers should also be washed and cleaned with filtered water. So let’s eliminate germs and enjoy healthy living!

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  1. It made sense when you said that drinking purified water can give our digestive system the smooth flow it needs. My husband and I moved to the city last month, but we think the water in our new home doesn’t quite taste pure enough. I’m glad I read your article and learned why investing in a home water purification system would be a good idea!