Who does not like pretty, warm and cozy carpeted floors? But as pretty as a carpeted house looks, it is an undeniable fact that carpets need regular maintenance. Carpets attract dirt like magnets. And if you have pets at home, it becomes even more difficult. Staining makes the carpets look ugly and then you start to question your decision to buy them in the first place. Getting them dry cleaned professionally may seem like a viable option at times, but it is extremely costly. And just vacuuming is just so unhygienic.

Well then, the Hoover Smart Wash is here for your rescue! The Hoover SmartWash FH5200 is an automatic carpet cleaner that simplifies the process to shampooing carpets extremely and does not even cost you fortunes. It is one of the most effective and quickest carpet cleaning devices available in the market. It is mostly automatic and utterly easy to use. Read on to know about the hoover smartwash automatic carpet cleaner review that we bring to you after an immense research.

Hoover FH 52000/52001 Review 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Great Suction power
  • 12- inch cleaning path
  • Long hose for long
  • Dual brush roll with longer bristles


  • Vacuum head height not adjustable
  • Cord may be short for big carpets

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1. Weight And Dimensions

The Hoover FH 52000/52001 weighs only 18.9 pounds empty and its dimensions are 43.5 x 13 x 18.5 inches. In order to ensure better portability, this hoover smartwash carpet cleaner is equipped with a carry handle at the back close to the cord wrap hold.  Thanks to the rubberized wheels, it is easy to push and pull on the carpet and even spin smoothly.

2. Cleaning Power

The Hoover FH 52000/52001 has a  powerful motor which creates strong suction and gives effective delivery of the cleaning liquid. It also has well-designed brush rolls that loosen the dirt quickly. This smartwash carpet cleaner uses a 10A motor that gives high power suction of debris and dirty water. 

The two brush rolls are extremely effective in agitating dust particles by rotating in the same direction. Bristles of these brush rolls are helically arranged making the Hoover FH 52000/52001 capable of cleaning all kinds of carpets, even the high pile ones.

The makers of this hoover smartwash carpet cleaner suggest that the carpet is vacuumed first and then the carpet cleaner is used in order to get the best results. Also, it’s advised to clean stained spots individually before using the Hoover smartwash across the length of your carpet for optimal results. A good spot cleaner might be helpful at occasions where you want to clean localized stains and not the whole carpet. This is because this carpet cleaner shampoos the carpets and not dry vacuum them. Because of such amazing features, the Hoover FH 52000/52001 cleans the carpets amazingly!

3. Input Power

Like any other carpet cleaner, the Hoover FH 52000/52001 requires high wattage power consumption. It should be plugged into a 120V standard American outlet. This high power wattage is required to ensure powerful suction and for other cleaning features. The cleaner comes with a 22 feet long power cord which wraps around on the back side of the unit.

4. Filtration Efficiency

The Hoover FH 52000/52001 carpet cleaner is equipped with the filter in the tank for carrying dirty water. This filter does not need maintenance frequently. It only needs to be wiped clean while you are washing the tank. You need to ensure that it does not get clogged or it is cleaned when it gets clogged because it can affect the suction power of the clear otherwise. The Hoover FH 52000/52001 doesn’t pose any danger of allergens like conventional vacuums.

5. Dust Capacity

The Hoover FH 52000/52001 carpet cleaner does not work as a dry cleaner. Thus it does not have a dust bin or a bag to hold dust. But this doesn’t mean that the dust can not be carried by the cleaner. In this cleaner, the dirt gets soaked by the sprayed water and the dirty water is then sucked up by the tank. The debris in the process is filtered out.

Even the water capacity of the tank is very high at one gallon. It is adequate for cleaning averagely sized carpets uninterruptedly. The water capacity for clean water is also one gallon. The cleaning solution tank can store upto twenty ounces of the liquids. These may not be enough for larger areas of carpets but works just perfect for small to medium sized carpets.

6. Auto Mix

The manufacturers have put a lot of thought into determining how they can make the carpet cleaner more user friendly. And it is in the same attempt that they have added an auto mixer to the cleaner. All that you need to do is to fill the two tanks with cleaning liquids and start to clean. It will mix and dispense the cleaning solutions accordingly on its own. This means that there are no chances of getting the solution too soapy or less soapy. Correct cleaning solution also means that carpets will be dried very quickly and will not end up sodden or foamy.

7. Auto Clean

Auto cleaning is probably one of the best features of the Hoover FH 52000/52001 carpet cleaner. You do not need a button to switch between the spraying and extracting modes. While moving in forward direction, the cleaner sprays water and the brush rolls rotate while in the backward direction water extraction and drying of carpet takes place. Please note that the Hoover SmartWash uses hot water extraction and does not steam the carpet. (Check the difference between steamers and hot water extractors in this article). This makes cleaning hassle free and the cleaner easy to use.

8. Auto Dry

The Hoover FH 52000/52001 carpet cleaner uses two technologies of suction and hot air to dry the carpets. During suction, it extracts water using the suction power from the sprayed and brushed surface. Additionally, it also releases heated air to make the drying process quicker. For this the company uses the  HeatForce drying technology.

To activate the drying mode, you do not have to do anything extra. Only pulling the cleaner will suffice. However, if you want to just use the dryer, you can select the option for ‘dry’ mode. This will ensure that there is no spray of water and only the dryer is activated.

9. Ease of Use

The best part about the Hoover SmartWash carpet cleaner is that it is extremely easy to use. It does not have too many parts which makes assembling a breeze. Assembly does not require any tools and can be set up in a few minutes only. Most of the cleaning functionality happens automatically. 

All you need to do is fill the clean water tank and the cleaning solution tank. Even the cleaning solution has an auto mix feature. So once you have filled the solutions, you are left with just switching on the cleaner for which you do not even need to bend since the switch is in the form of a foot pedal. 

The washing and drying mechanisms are also easy with the push and pull mechanism. When the cleaner is pushed in the forward direction, it cleans the carpet and when it is pulled in the backward direction, the drying feature activates. This means that you do not not need to press any buttons during the process. 

Apart from this, the drying and washing modes can be activated separately as well if the other option is not needed. All the tanks are separate and are easy to disassemble for washing after which they can be assembled back. Not only this but the cleaning nozzle is made  transparent so that you can see and monitor while  the cleaning liquid is dispensed into the tank and how dirt is being sucked up by the cleaner. Even this nozzle is removable so that you can wash it later. If need be, the brush rolls can also be removed for cleaning purposes.

10. Other Features

Apart from the above mentioned features, there are a few more features of the Hoover FH 52000/52001 carpet cleaner. If you still have doubts like, “is the hoover smartwash any good?”, get ready to have them cleared. Following are some other features of the Hoover FH 52000/52001 carpet cleaner.

Triggerless Design

You do not need to continuously press on triggers for using this cleaner. Additionally, it even has an ergonomic handle, which is all you need to push and pull. Pushing and pulling both have separate functions. The cleaning solution and the water get mixed automatically. The only button that you need to use  is the main switch which turns the unit on and off which is present in the form of a foot pedal so you don’t have to bend..

Low Profile –

The low profile of the Hoover FH 52000/52001 carpet cleaner ensures that the carpet that is under the furniture is also cleaned properly without hassle. 

Dual Brush Roll

The Hoover FH 52000/52001 carpet cleaner is equipped with two helically designed brush rolls that work for agitation of dirt and have a far reach into the carpet due to long bristles. 

Separate Tanks

The Hoover FH 52000/52001 carpet cleaner has separate tanks for clean water, dirty water and even cleaning solution making the cleaning extremely easy and efficient. You do not need to worry about the imbalance in cleaning mixture either. 

Verdict: Should You Buy The Hoover SmartWash FH52000?

We are not going to lie, some people do find the Hoover SmartWash carpet cleaner a little tricky to operate. But all the automation options have been welcomed pleasantly. If you are looking for a carpet cleaner you do not have to put a lot of brain in and just get the work done really quickly, the Hoover SmartWash FH52000 is probably your right match.

With this carpet cleaner, you will not have to worry about the ratios of cleaning solutions and water. You will not have to keep pressing on various triggers for releasing cleaning mixtures and water. You will not even have to bend to switch the machine on. In short, cleaning carpets could not have become this simple. And to add to this, the service that it gives is just amazing.

So if you are someone who needs to save time and money and get quality cleaning of your carpets, you should totally buy the Hoover SmartWash FH52000! At the end of this hoover smartwash review, we would definitely recommend the hoover smart wash carpet cleaner to be used alongside your regular vacuum cleaner for clean, hygienic carpets.

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