5 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Purified Water

Water is undoubtedly the most fundamental need of all life-forms.  Safe drinking water should be available to all beings, for it lays the foundation of our health. Although 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, most of it is trapped in glaciers and mighty oceans. As a matter of fact, only 2.5% of the available water is fit for consumption. Doesn’t feel abundant now, right? Adding to the misfortunes, we humans have been consistently contaminating the fresh water as well.

Staying hydrated is important. But, it is more important to consume water in it’s purest form. People tend to keep searching for methods to get super healthy while having their basics corrupted. Yes! Drinking plenty of water is the first step you should take to ensure good Health.

It cannot be stressed enough over the importance of hydration. Improved cardiovascular health, better functioning of joints and muscles, nourished skin and scalp and faster metabolism are some of the many health benefits of being hydrated.

Although, drinking plenty of water has a lot of health benefits, it won’t do much good if it isn’t pure and free from chemicals and microbiological pathogens. If contaminated by any of these agents, it would rather pose a threat to your health than to offer any benefits. In such a scene, it becomes essential to have a system that corrects the possible contamination of drinking water. Water Purifiers do just that! Not only do they clear the water of all chemical compounds and pathogens but also add essential minerals that our bodies need. The purification process also eliminates foul taste and odour if any present at all.

One criticism they have been receiving is related to the RO purification system. It is abbreviated for ‘Reverse Osmosis’. In the RO stage of water purification, water purifiers filter out all chemical compounds along with the naturally occurring minerals. This was clearly a drawback in the earlier models of purifiers.

But presently, high-end water purifiers are manufactured with an additional unit that adds back all necessary minerals in the right proportions. So, a sample of water that is treated is not only purified of impurities but also rectified for ideal mineral composition. If you can’t buy a new Water Purifier, you can check different alternatives of it.

5 Health benefits of drinking purified water

1. Nourished glowing skin

Glowing Skin from drinking Purified Water


Healthy skin equates to well hydrated skin! Appropriate hydration can improve your skin quality drastically. Having enough water content in our epidermis makes up for a plump and supple appearance. Also, dull skin is a result of dehydration besides build up of dead epidermal cells. These symptoms can be eliminated by drinking plenty of clean mineral water.

Furthermore, dehydrated skin produces a stimulus for the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum (oil). This is an immune response to defend dry skin. It can be significantly reduced by increasing skin hydration levels. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day can help the skin get rid of toxins. So, replace the expensive anti-ageing treatments with water and other skin hydration routines.

2. Improved scalp and hair health

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Purified WaterIf you’re currently facing any type hair damage issues, it is strongly recommended to examine the quality of your water. Excessive chlorine content in drinking water can have a serious negative impact on your scalp. Hydrating your scalp with chemical-free water is the first step you should take to ensure hair health. One-fourth of the weight of every hair strand is water weight. So, drinking ample of pure water will certainly strengthen your hair. Dehydration on the other hand will make your hair brittle and produce split-ends.

Proper hydration also has indirect benefits for healthy scalp such as, improved circulation to the hair follicles. Better blood circulation leads to better absorption of concerned nutrients at the site of damage. This leads to efficient repair. Moreover, drinking enough water will also counter problems related to dandruff and hair thinning.

3. Aids in weight-loss

Purified water helps in Aiding Weight Loss using Water purifier


Drinking more water can be of great help for people struggling with weight-loss. As water is calorie-free, there are no restrictions to how much you consume. Drinking more water can substantially boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of toxic wastes and also suppress your appetite. Although you must do more than just drink water if your intentions are to lose significant weight. But, it will definitely give you an edge!

How to drink water and encourage weight-loss?

  • Drink before a meal: This measure will suppress your appetite leading to lesser intake of calories.
  • Replace sugar drinks with water: Liquid calories are your enemy! They give you way too many calories for very small volume. Drink water instead.
  • Drink it ice-cold: it is proven that our bodies need to burn extra calories to warm up cold water. Tell us another way of burning calories doing absolutely nothing!

4. Keeps your joints and muscles healthy

Health benefits of Purified water on Knees and Joints

If physical fitness matters to you, you are most likely a disciplined individual with dedicated routines. Be it working out, following a specific diet or hitting your macros to precision for building muscles. Everything might be well-organised. But, an often overlooked factor is getting in enough water.

75% of our muscles is constituted of water. So, it is extremely important to supply adequate amount of water to our body to keep our muscular functionality optimal. Moreover, being well-hydrated reduces the chances of injuries and muscle cramps. Also, water is an essential constituent in the makeup of the synovial fluid that is responsible for lubrication in the joints. so, it is highly recommended for people to keep track of their water intake.

5. Clean water aids digestion

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Purified WaterThe solution to digestive issues can be as simple as drinking ample of clean water. Water helps in the breakdown of large food molecules to facilitate easy absorption. Also, water is the primary agent that moves the digestive system along.  Also, if an individual is constipated, appropriate hydration can soften the stool and promote easy passage of bowel movements.


Above listed are some of the many benefits of drinking clean, purified water. Being hydrated is one of the most effortless ways to ensure optimal functioning of all bodily activities.

As in today’s world, water keeps getting polluted, contaminated and adulterated, the most we can do is, get familiar with scientific advancements and use them to our rescue wherever possible. If haven’t already, consider getting a personal water purifying machine and take your stand against contamination. Make your family’s health a priority.

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