Granite sinks, to say the least, are in a league of their own. The sheer elegance and durability of composite kitchen sinks remain unprecedented to date. Besides being commendably durable and sturdy, granite kitchen sinks are highly resilient to scratches, stains, chipping and excessive heat. Additionally, these are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes, colors and finishes.

Above all, composite granite is inherently an anti-bacterial material making it one of the safest options if bacterial breeding or mold growth is one of your concerns. But then, like every other material out there, these too have some minor cons that must be weighed against the benefits before you consider getting one for your kitchen. If you’re uncertain whether a granite kitchen sink will offer everything that you seek, our buyer’s guide below contains all the information that you could possibly need to make an informed purchase. You could repeatedly encounter sinks from Elkay and Blanco in this review because of their consistent lead in the composite sink market. If you’d like to refer different models from each of them for a better comparison; we’ve separately compiled our top picks from both these brands. You may refer to them here: 

However, if ‘granite composite sink’ is all you care about; you’d find the best models across brands in this review. This guide takes into account all the flashy highlights with the limitations to bring you the best granite sinks on the market.

Granite Composite Sink Reviews – 2022

BLANCO 440194 Diamond Super Single Silgranit Drop in or Undermount Granite Kitchen Sink Review
  • Wide range of colors and sizes to choose from
  • Can be installed as an undermount or drop-in sink.
  • Highly durable, non-porous surface
  • Inherently sound resistant
  • Immune to scratches and stains; can sustain heat up to 536°F
  • Drain grooves in the sink bottom for better drainage
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • The hard bottom may break glassware and fragile crockery in case of mishandles.
Overall Rating:

Blanco, the German originated brand was founded in the year 1925 giving it a rich history of almost a century. The company has recently completed 35 years of service in the United States and is rightfully known as a leading granite composite sinks brand all across the states. The brand’s unprecedented quality standards and versatility are at full display with this Silgranit Single bowl kitchen sink.

Silgranit, in essence, is a patented granite composite material where 80% granite sand is combined with heavy-duty binders and acrylic resins. Leading kitchen designers swear by the durability and toughness offered by Blanco silgranit sinks. This non-porous composite exhibits exceptional anti-bacterial properties, easy cleanability and high resistance to scratches, stains and heat. Moreover, it provides the charm and toughness of solid granite at a much more affordable price.

Speaking of the specifics, the Diamond super single bowl sink is designed with incredible thoughtfulness.

Starting off, it can be installed as an undermount or drop-in sink, giving you room for modifications in your kitchen remodel plan. Secondly, a generous depth of 9.5” allows you to wash big pots alongside the dishes while the sink easily contains all the splashing. Thirdly, the sink bottom has slanting grooves to facilitate drainage and the surface is immune to mold growth.

Now, although the sink is immune to scratches and stains, it is still highly recommended to get the optional matching stainless-steel grid for multiple other reasons. As the sink bottom isn’t perfectly horizontal, the grid will compensate for the slanting surface and add to the functionality and overall appearance of your sink. Also, the sink surface being too hard may break glassware and ceramic crockery if they slip out of your wet hands. (Stainless steel and copper sinks are a bit more forgiving in this respect.)

All in all, the diamond series from Blanco has a wide range of composite granite sinks in different shapes, sizes and colors to match your kitchen décor, all while delivery commendable durability and functionality at a reasonably low price. To top it all, the brand covers the sink with a limited lifetime warranty which by extension means, it would easily last you a lifetime.

  • Dual mount approved (can be installed undermount or drop-in)
  • Comes with 4 knock-out holes in addition to the central pre-drilled hole
  • Rear set drain maximises workspace in the sink and storage in the cabinet below
  • Naturally hygienic material, resistant to mold growth
  • Generous sink depth and gently sloped bottom for quick drainage
  • Lot more quiet than metallic sinks
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Soapy water, if not rinsed thoroughly, may leave visible dusty residues.
  • Slightly heavier than metallic sinks
Overall Rating:

With an overwhelmingly high consumer satisfaction rate, Kraus is all set to draw level with established industry giants. All of Kraus’ kitchen and bathroom supplies are profoundly known for their elegant design and uncompromised functionality; and this granite double bowl kitchen sink is no different.

To begin with, the sink is dual mount; meaning it is approved for undermount or drop-in installation. This gives you the liberty to make modifications in your renovation plan even after you have your sink delivered to your home. Additionally, the sink rim has 1 pre-drilled hole in addition to 4 knock-out holes giving you total control over your number of faucet accessories. Furthermore, the drain is positioned towards the rear end of the sink bottom, increasing the workspace in the sink and the storage space in the cabinet below. Talk about a thoughtful design!

Besides, the sink has all the other generic benefits of composite granite sinks. Kraus, in particular for granite sinks, uses a composite with 80% natural granite. Such composition lends the kitchen sink the look and feel of stone while augmenting it’s cleanability and anti-bacterial attributes. In addition, the sink has an inherent sound absorbing capability making it one of the quietest sinks among other sink materials.

The sink can further withstand abrupt temperature fluctuations without zero effects on the surface. The Quarza granite sink collection from Kraus also has variants with a 60/40 split, low divider double bowl design for added options. Lastly, you can have complete peace of mind a limited lifetime warranty on your purchase.

  • Looks beautiful with meticulous functionality
  • Non-porous, hygienic sink surface
  • Silgranit composite gives the feel and look of natural stone
  • Curved sink edges for easy cleaning
  • Free mesh colander
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • At 40 pounds, may make take some effort in installing the sink
Overall Rating:

Bringing together best of both worlds, Blanco’s performa cascade combines the spacious built of a single bowl sink with the functionality of a double bowl model. An integrated raised ledge on the right end of the workable sink space makes for a handy placement of the mesh colander (included) to rinse fruits and vegetables. The 7-3/4” deep ledge as opposed to the 10” depth of the larger section of the sink, effectively drains out the water through ergonomic drain grooves and the central furrow.

On top of commendable utility, the composite granite sink also promises unmatched durability. The undermount sink is made from Blanco’s patented Silgranit composite, which by extension, means the sink’s surface is non-porous, anti-bacterial and resistant to impact, scratches and stains. The sink gives a general feeling of a luxurious depth on the left section, ideal for washing big pots and pans while handling all smaller utensils on the right. 

An ideal blend of form and function, to the say the least. Further, the edges of the sink are curved and do not require fine bristled brushes to take and rinse out any food particles. Among other models, this one truly deserves a neat heavy-duty kitchen faucet to fully complement its looks and functionality. 

The sink comes with a cut-out template that reveals a fine strip (1/8”) along the periphery of the sink. There’s a smaller 33” rectangular counterpart of this sink available for those replacing their rectangular undermount sink. Also, mounting clips and a free mesh colander are included with both variants. Additional accessories like the stainless-steel grid for the large bowl and chopping board are to be purchased separately. Needless to mention, the sink is covered with Blanco’s signature limited lifetime warranty.

  • Heat resistant, can withstand temperatures upto 535°F
  • Smooth, non-porous surface easy to clean
  • Sloped bottom facilitates drainage
  • Naturally quiet
  • Resistant to impact, scratches and stains
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Drain not included
Overall Rating:

Quartz composite can be seen as a close cousins of granite composites and offer almost the same benefits. The classic single bowl sink form Elkay beautifully displays all desirable properties of a quartz composite.

The 33” sink is close to 10” deep and has a matte finish on all the available colors; and matte, just can’t not look good on a countertop. Speaking of colors, the classic series from Elkay has wide array to choose from and match your décor. Additionally, the single bowl configuration is ideal for people that like their sink’s workable space to be uninterrupted.

The sink surface is non-porous and resistant to scratches from heavy utensils and cutlery. The drain is located in the rear end along the centre of the length. Leaves most of the workable area wide open. The base is further pitched towards the drain to facilitate drainage. The design meets everything that standard

Moreover, the sink carries other natural benefits of a quartz composite sink. One of the many notable benefits of composite sinks is that these act as great sound absorbents. Unlike the echoing sound in case of most metallic sinks, all quartz and granite composite sinks are quieter. This would even help dampen the sound of garbage disposal if you’re planning on to install one. You can check our review of best garbage disposals if you’re planning to add more features to your kitchen.

  • Dual mount approved (Can be installed as undermount or drop-in)
  • Composite material with 80% natural granite enhances the natural benefits of pure stone
  • Resistant to heat, scratches, stains and heat
  • Smooth curved edges, easy to clean
  • Sloped bottoms in both basins to aid drainage
  • 3 optional knock-out holes
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Soapy water may leave dusty remains on the sink surface 
Overall Rating:

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include a sink from Swanstone in our list of granite kitchen sinks. Swanstone has managed to keep up their reputation in level with much larger brands through uncompromising standards in quality and attention to detail.

No different from their top-notch standards, this double bowl sink is a highly functional and aesthetic addition to any modern kitchen. The sink’s abilities are cheerfully acclaimed by existing users all over online retail stores. The 33” sink, to begin with, is approved for undermount and drop-in installation. Meaning, you can still change your remodel plan after having your sink delivered to you. That’s quite a liberty, if you’d think about it!

Secondly, the composite material used for the sink has 80% natural granite. This means, the sink is loaded with all the inherent benefits of composite granite kitchen sinks. Be it the strength against impact or chipping, density against sound and vibration or inertness against bacterial growth, the sink carries it all.

Coming to the design of the basins, both the bowls are pretty thoughtfully crafted along with the divider. The lines along the edges are seamlessly curved and the bottom of both bowls pitched towards the drain. Not a single con to point out here! In addition, the rim has 3 knock-out holes to the right of the pre-drilled hole for additional faucet accessories.

Granite Sink Buying Guide

The advent of lustrous, feature-packed metallic sinks may have taken the limelight away from composite granite for a good while, but granite sinks remain to be the timeless classic that they are. Imparting unparalleled durability, functionality and aesthetic value to modern kitchens, granite sinks are yet to find a rival that matches their ‘bang-for-the-buck’ score.

If a composite granite sink is on your kitchen upgrade wish list, there are pretty high chances that you’re about to make a purchase you’d be thanking yourself for, down the years. We love granite sinks and we’ll tell you every reason why you should too! Just in case in you’re looking for a comparison of granite site with every other element type, you can check our comparison of premium stainless steel kitchen sinks.

What is a Granite Sink?

Granite, in essence, is a hard rock that is geologically classified as an ‘igneous rock’. Granite stone is inherently hard enough to withstand abrasion, impact and weathering, dense enough to absorb sound and vibration and workable enough to be carved into desirable shapes. These characteristics of natural granite make it a favourable material for domestic interior design units like countertops and sinks. The term ‘granite sink’ is collectively used for both; pure natural granite sinks and composite granite sinks.

Natural vs Composite Granite Sink Review

1. Natural Granite Sink

Solid granite sinks are rather rare to find. These are simply carved out of a solid block of granite. Depending on the complexity of the design, single bowl or double bowl, straight or curved edges, sinks are hand-carved or shaped by machines. Pure granite sinks being made out of a block of natural granite stone, these are also known as ‘one-piece granite sinks’. Natural granite sinks are highly priced and often lack the smooth finish of composite sinks.

2. Granite Composite Sink

Granit composite is a thoughtfully curated blend of granite stone dust, heavy duty binders and acrylic resins. Most granite composite blends are 80% natural granite mixed with appropriate binders and resins to achieve the desired feel and color in the composite material. Blanco’s patented composite material, ‘Silgranit’ is a good example of a high-quality granite composite. As opposed to natural granite, granite composite is available more readily and in a wide array of colors, styles and mounting options. These are also more economical than natural granite sinks. Elkay kitchen sinks are another great option to consider if you’re really into composite sinks. 

Being assembled under high pressure, the polished surfaces of composite sinks are strictly non-porous, hygienic and highly resilient to chipping, scratches, stains and heat. Most manufacturers specify the temperature that their composite material can withstand without any superficial blemishes. The specified value is often higher than anything domestic ranges or ovens can get to, so it wouldn’t harm your sink a bit even if you’d move a vessel straight from your oven to your composite sink.

Collectively, natural granite and granite composite sinks, both are commendably tough, durable and resistant to wearing as compared to other sink materials.

Composite Granite Sink Styles

Composite granite is a far more workable material than natural granite and hence, is available in a variety of colors, shapes and styles. Granite composite sinks can be readily found in all three installation styles – Undermount, Drop-in and Apron front.

All undermount and drop-in variants are available in almost the same price range with the exception of composite farmhouse sinks. Newer granite sink  models are often sold as dual mount approved sinks. Meaning, these can be installed as undermount and drop-in sinks. Whereas, granite composite farmhouse sinks are available at slightly higher price points.

1. Undermount Granite Sink

BLANCO 440194 Diamond Super Single Silgranit Drop in or Undermount Granite Kitchen Sink Review

As the name suggests, undermount kitchen sinks are installed from beneath the counter. Meaning, the lips of the granite stone it are bolted to the under surface of the counter with the help of mounting apparatus provided along with your purchase. Due to such installation, the countertop runs in perfect continuation with the sink walls. However, installing a granite sink as an undermount kitchen sink may be a bit laborious than the drop-in configuration due to the comparatively heavier self weight. 

Nevertheless, an undermount granite sink adds a seamless touch to your counter. People are generally inclined towards this type owing to the sheer elegance it provides to the kitchen. Both, single and double basin sinks can be installed undermount. 

Mounting your granite sink beneath the counter works great with waterproof countertops like granite and marble. However, such mounting is not recommended with laminate countertops. Reason being the edge between the countertop and sink is exposed to water spillage and hence prone to water induced damage. 

2. Drop-In Granite Sink

Best Granite Composite Kitchen Sink Reviews

Drop-In sinks are also popularly known as top-mount sinks. When you install a granite sink as top mount sink, there’s a clearly visible rim along the periphery of the sink that rests flat on the counter. Most homeowners prefer installing their composite sinks as top-mount to avoid the extra work involved in installing it from beneath the counter. It merely includes dropping the sink into the countertop cut-out and clamping the rims with the counter using the metal clips.Cleaning the counter for crumbed residues may bother you here. Such tiny bits of gunk generally get caught in and around the sink’s rim. 

3. Farmhouse Granite Sink

Granite Stone Sinks for Kitchen

Nothing adds sophisticated elegance to the kitchen like a composite farmhouse sink does. Period. The exposed front in this configuration truly shows off the true beauty of granite stone. Another benefit of opting for a granite farmhouse sink is the easy installation. You simply slide the sink in the cutout above your cabinet and connect the drain opening to the garbage disposal or the drainage line. The exposed apron front catches the eye in an instant and is sure to be the focus of your kitchen.

Farmhouse sinks (also popularly known as Apron front sinks) have gained massive admiration owing to the cozy tenderness associated with it’s looks. These symbolically represent the good old country cottages and carry a warm homely feeling. However, you’d find a limited number of granite based farmhouse sinks. You may use our farmhouse sink reviews if this is a configuration you’d like to study more about. Apron front sinks have been traditionally used for a varied range of purposes including scrubbing pots and pans, washing clothes and bathing babies. 

Wrapping Up

Granite kitchen sinks, although less prominent than mainstream metallic sinks are yet the go-to option for people seeking durability with aesthetics. Not denying that these may need some extra care and maintenance, but the luxurious value they impart to a kitchen in return is unmatched. While granite sinks are for people who love modern look, there are other unique materials that give your kitchen that elegant look most people are after. For Instance, copper kitchen sinks are another beautiful option if you’re after something out of the crowd, out of the ordinary. We’d highly recommend to have look if you haven’t flicked through this material before. 

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