Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews

Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews

Golden Vantage is a well-known name in the world of range hoods. They are well known for manufacturing modern wall mount, sleek, cabinet, and island hoods worldwide. Golden Vantage has made a name of its own due to the attractive hoods they make at pocket-friendly prices. The Golden Vantage Range Hood consists of parts like blowers, filters, and LED bulbs, which keep them one step up from the other competitors in the range hood business.

The company has a wide range of hoods available for the customers based on their needs. Golden Vantage range hood reviews show that the products made by this company are not only attractive and sturdy but are also very pocket friendly. If you can spare some extra dollars for you new kitchen installation, we’d recommend you to go through our take on Cosmo and Zephyr Range hoods before you decide your final pick. They suit the preferences of every kind of customer. This makes them very popular among the customers who can purchase great range hoods as per your needs.

Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews – Our Top 5 Picks

Product Size Suction Power Noise (max CFM) Light Price
Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews 1. Golden Vantage Wall Mount Range Hood 30 Inch 217 CFM 65 dB 2 LED Check Price
Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews 2. Golden Vantage RH0392 Island Mount Range Hood 30 Inch 350 CFM 65 dB 4 LED Check Price
Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews 3. Golden Vantage RH0344 Wall Mount Range Hood 30 Inch 343 CFM 65 dB 2 Halogen Check Price
Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews 4. Golden Vantage RH0429 Wall Mount Range Hood 30 Inch 343 CFM 66 dB 2 LED Check Price
Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews 5. Golden Vantage GV-RH0343 Wall Mount Range Hood 30 Inch 400 CFM 65 dB 2 LED Check Price

1. Golden Vantage 30-Inch Wall Mount Range Hood

Golden Vantage 30-Inch Wall Mount Range Hood
  • Two mesh filters for trapping smoke
  • Three wind speed levels
  • Professional look
  • Powerful motor
  • Less noise
  • Additional chimney to be bought separately
  • No remote control

You may be a professional chef, or you may be a homemaker, but this range hood will suit the needs of both. The wall Mount Hood has a professional look and will surely enhance the look of your kitchen. The range hood comes with an extremely powerful hood, which helps to suck out the steam and smoke that can arise due to the cooking. Enabled with three wind speeds, you can select the wind speed to select the air suction intensity.

The motor makes very little noise, and hence you can cook in silence with full concentration. The range hood has LED lights that help you in cooking. The range hood’s touch panel control has a user-friendly display that you can use as per your requirement. Turning it on or off is a child’s play. The two mesh filters on the hood can be washed with a dishwasher. You can easily remove stains and grease that can get stuck in the range hood. 

On the downside, as opposed to under-cabinet range hoods, the installation might be a little troublesome. The mesh filter ensures a good airflow in the kitchen and good ventilation of the kitchen. The three-year limited warranty on the parts enables a customer to save money if any part requires to be replaced.

2. Golden Vantage RH0392 30-Inch Island Mount Range Hood

Golden Vantage RH0392 30-Inch Island Mount Range Hood
  • Auto-size pan detection feature included
  • Oven space bigger than most models
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not scratch easily for the stainless finish
  • LCD light control panel makes it easy to monitor cooking
  • Not a big oven window

Made from stainless steel, this golden vantage range hood is the perfect answer for your kitchen needs. The modern and minimal style of the range hood will appeal to many customers. This can be used in professional kitchens as well as in your homes too. 

The 30” range hood has an extremely professional look and can suck out any smoke, air, or grease from your kitchen and help you maintain the kitchen’s cleanliness. The 190W motor of the range hood with three-speed levels ensures that all kinds of smoke and grease are sucked out. The premium touch control panel helps one to control the various functions of the range hood easily. The mesh filters can be easily washed in the dishwasher, and hence cleaning the filters will not be a problem.

This range hood is perfect for those consumers who want modern, practical, and efficient range hoods. To aid you during your cooking, it also has LED lights. The island mount range’s LED lights help you to remember to turn it off when leaving the kitchen. The range hood has a powerful motor, which though strong, does not make much noise when it runs.

3. Golden Vantage RH0344 30-Inch Wall Mount Range Hood

Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews
  • Metal case motor
  • Great suction power
  • Powerful vent
  • Available in ductless and ducted versions
  • Bright halogen lights
  • Instruction manual not helpful

This wall mount range hood from Golden Vantage has an extremely professional look. The black stainless-steel exterior will surely add to the beauty of the kitchen. The black colour lends an air of sophistication to the look of your kitchen. With a 194W powerful motor, you can be assured that the air and smoke of any kind will be eliminated from the kitchen.

This will enable you to keep the kitchen fresh. With three speed levels, you can choose the air suction intensity. This is helpful as you can choose the speed according to the level of cooking that you are doing.

With the baffle filters that are present in this range hood, you can be sure that airflow will be perfect in your kitchen, and proper ventilation of the kitchen will be ensured. The range hood has two halogen lamps which aided you in cooking. It also brightens up the cooking space to a great extent. The exhaust fan consists of a 1.5 A motor.

However, the motor is quiet and does not cause much noise pollution. Hence you can cook the dishes in peace. Though it does not have a remote-control feature, the push panel is very effective. 

4. Golden Vantage RH0429 30-Inch Wall Mount Range Hood

Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews
  • Convertible range hood with carbon filters
  • LED lights
  • ETL Compliance Certification
  • Can be easily assembled after cleaning
  • Three-speed fan
  • Can be installed only as a wall mount

This is a triangular-shaped wall mount range hood that will surely enhance your kitchen’s look and feels. Whether you are a professional chef or a homemaker, you can be sure that this range hood will help you with the best cooking experience. Its powerful motor enables you to keep the kitchen clean and prim after cooking all kinds of dishes. 

When you have a clean kitchen free from smoke and grease, you will feel refreshed. A smoke-free kitchen will also help in the proper ventilation of the kitchen, which is essential to keep the kitchen clean and fresh.

With efficient mesh filters of the range, any grease and smoke can be filtered out. Cleaning the mesh filters is also extremely easy. This can be cleaned with the help of a dishwasher. 

So it does not matter if you have less time on your hands as the cleaning process takes very little time. The range hood is made from top quality stainless steel, which gives the kitchen a modern look. It is also minimal in style and looks great in any kitchen type. 

5. Golden Vantage GV-RH0343 30-Inch Wall Mount Range Hood

Golden Vantage GV-RH0343 30-Inch Wall Mount Range Hood
  • Convertible range hood with carbon filters
  • LED lights
  • ETL Compliance Certification
  • Can be easily assembled after cleaning
  • Three-speed fan
  • Can be installed only as a wall mount

This 30-inch wall mount range hood from Golden Vantage is available in stainless steel and has a white finish to it. This range hood lends an air of style and sophistication to your kitchen. The colour white enhances the look and feel of your kitchen. The style of the range hood is unique yet contemporary. 

To enable you to keep track of time, there is an eighteen-minute timer. This has been added to the range hood to help the individuals who will be purchasing this range hood. There are two LED lights to brighten up the cooking area. This is helpful when you need to cook, and you might have a power cut in your house. 

Two baffle filters are there with the range hood, which helps remove any grease or smoke in the kitchen. One can also use a carbon filter separately and use it in the range hood. Cleaning the filter is very easy, as you can put it in the dishwasher to get it cleared. The control panel on the front of the hood is a push panel. But there is no remote control available with this range hood.

Buying Guide on Golden Vantage Range Hood

Types of Range Hoods

1. Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Under-Cabinet Range hood

Under-cabinet range hoods are among the most popular types of vent installed in the kitchen. These are usually installed under the wall cabinet’s bottom with the ductwork hidden inside the ceiling, wall, or chase. The range hood prevents proper ventilation by removing smoke and grease from the kitchen.

It also looks good in the kitchen. It is very pleasing for the eyes and is available in different styles. Hence it is suitable for different kinds of kitchens.

These range hoods are available in sleek models, which make it easy to reach upper cabinets when you are not using the hood. For common households, the hood extends halfway to the stove. Though this takes up space, it is best for those who cannot achieve the standard clear space between the hood and the stove.

2. Wall-Mounted Range Hood

Golden Vantage Range Hood Reviews

Wall mount range hoods sit on the wall over the top of the stove. Hence the size of the vent hood should be selected after measuring the available area in your kitchen. 

Considering the kitchen ceiling height is also important when you are picking a wall-mounted hood to put in your kitchen. The size of the wall mount hood’s fan must also coincide with the other appliances in the kitchen. They are built-in with powerful suctions, which prevents the spread of oil, smoke to the other rooms in your house. 

Available in different sizes and designs, an individual must make the buying decision while keeping in mind his needs and the kitchen space. The basic wall mount range hoods have a button control panel while the high-priced ones have a digital control panel coupled with LED screens.

3. Island-Mount Range Hood

Island-Mounted Range hoods

The island mounted range hoods are available in different kinds of sizes, styles, and finishes. The range hoods are available with LED lighting and have powerful motors. Despite having a powerful motor, this type’s range hoods do not make much noise and thus is very helpful for most individuals. 

Since they are mounted to the ceiling and the vent area on the top, these range hoods try to change the smoke’s direction. They send them away from the kitchen through the ducts located beneath the floor. These ranges lack a wall or cabinets beside them. These must be wider than the surface you are cooking so that the fumes can be sent outside the kitchen.

How Does Range hood Ventilation compare to that of Over-the-Range Microwaves

Range Hood vs Over The Range Microwave

Range hoods are more flexible than over the range microwave hoods. This is because of the filters that are present in the range hoods. Made from stainless steel, the filters in the range hoods are much more effective in capturing grease and smoke when compared to the microwave charcoal filters.

The range hoods’ motors are more powerful and efficient than the ones you can find in over-the-range microwaves. If you consider looks and efficiency, range hoods score high over the microwaves. Quietly operating range hoods also have great control panels, which help you to operate them easily. 

However, it’s not advisable to replace microwave with a range hood. Instead of that, you must buy a vent hood and a countertop microwave. Or else you can find a place where you can keep the microwave and use it effectively. On the off-chance that you don’t find it feasible to install a vent hood in kitchen at all; let these clever range hood alternatives take care of your kitchen ventilation. 

Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Golden Vantage Range Hood

Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Golden Vantage Range Hood

1. Size and Style

It must be noted that not every pot and pan is compatible with cooking on induction. Cookwares to be placed on inductions must be flat, smooth, and magnetic. However, one might get duped while buying such a vessel. Thus, it’s a good idea to use a magnet to check the bottom of the range before. If the magnet sticks, then the vessel is ideal for induction cooking. 

Generally, stainless steel, cast iron, and enamelled cast-iron work on induction cooktops. Aluminium, glass, and copper vessels don’t function on induction ranges. However, if one purchases an all-metal induction that uses iron plates, a.k.a converters, then cookware made with any material will function. 

2. Ducted and Ductless Venting

The oven capacity of your induction slide-in range will be dependent on whether or not it will be the primary oven in the kitchen. A roomy oven, for instance, comes in handy while baking or having a party. While some ranges include small ovens (2 cubic feet), others include sufficiently big ones (4 cubic feet). 

However, which oven will come in handy will depend on the type and amount of food being prepared. For instance, it’s not possible to fit a whole turkey in the 2 cubic feet oven, while it can fit very easily in the 4 cubic feet oven. Additionally, a single and double-door configuration of the oven must be checked as well. 

3. Design and Construction

The number of oven racks goes a long way in deciding how many dishes can be prepared in the oven. Two forms of oven racks are generally installed in ovens. These are standard and gliding racks. The gliding racks offer a slide option so that it can be taken out of the oven with ease. This is a very useful feature and comes in handy while roasting meat and does not allow the food items to tip over. Gliding racks are generally placed at the bottom of the oven since roasting generally takes place here. 

Above these, the standard racks are placed. The positioning of the racks adds to the taste of the food and makes it easy to prepare. Each rack placed in the oven has a different temperature range. For instance, the bottom acks are ideal for heavy heating (for example, roasting). The middle rack is ideal for medium heat requirement items like pies and pastries, while the upper rack is ideal for broiling.

4. Filters

There are different cooking functions to look into while buying an oven. Some of the functions include steam cooking, convection, and sensor aided cooking. The number of cooking options included in the oven determines how many types of food can be prepared in the same. For instance, steam cooking allows one to steam food in the oven. It is also ideal for baking and reheating.

Additionally, the convection mode circulates hot air in the oven, which cooks food more evenly. Finally, sensor aided cooking in the oven leads to even baking and is ideal for temperature-sensitive food, which requires constant monitoring. Sensor-aided cooking allows one to cook without being worried about the food being charred.

5. Fan Speeds and CFM

The power of the range hood that you purchase is usually measured in cubic feet per minute or commonly known as CFM. To determine what CFM will suit your need, it is important to understand what kind of stove you have in the kitchen and the cooking that you will be doing. An individual can buy a professional range hood if he/she prefers to do lots of grilling, frying, or cook fish or strong-smelling food items. If the person cooks light food, then a normal range hood will suit the needs perfectly.

6. User Interface

Some range hood models in the market are controlled manually while some can be controlled by remote. Golden Vantage 30-Inch Wall Mount Range Hood is one model that does not have remote control features. Depending on how you want to use the range hood, you must select the hood’s features. Many individuals have less time for cooking, and remote-control features help them to save on time. Others have time on their hands, and they may opt for the manual control featured range hoods.

7. Warranty

If you read Golden Vantage range hood reviews, you can very well understand that the company offers three years warranty on the parts. If you want to purchase the range hoods from other companies, you must check the offering’s warranty period. In that way, you will know how much money you will have to spend if there is any problem with the range hoods in the long run. Most companies offer warranties on the range hoods and so keeping a tab on them is very important. 


Reading Golden Vantage range hood reviews can be a good way of knowing which range hoods suit your kitchen and your needs. Golden Vantage manufactures lots of range hoods of different shapes, sizes, and functionalities, which enable you to select the best one for your kitchen. It is important to pick and choose a good range hood as this will help a lot in keeping the kitchen clean and the air well ventilated in the cooking area of your house.

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