GE Advantium Microwave Oven Reviews

GE Advantium Microwave Oven Reviews

After a long day at work, it’s really frustrating to prepare dinner when you come home. It consumes an ample amount of time and energy. However, GE’s Advantium Technology can take this hassle away. This unique technology can do microwave and convection cooking, both at the same time by harnessing the light energy. It’s a patented system. 

GE’s Advantium ensures that the food is cooked perfectly every single time by adjusting the heating cycle just as required. Standard convection microwaves lack this level of sophistication.

Let’s have a look at the way an Advantium works.

  1. The primary source of power is light (Halogen). Makes the food look brown and crispy.
  2. The source of microwaves is a magnetron tube, as with cheaper standard microwaves.
  3. True European convection aids baking, roasting and broiling.
  4. The system is designed to circulate the air to ensure consistency in temperature. Food is cooked perfectly every time.
  5. Several cooking algorithms are there to boost the microwave energy. It helps the food to cook faster than other microwaves out there.

The speed cooking function is the most attractive part of GE’s Advantium. The speed cooking is the combination of all the three-cooking systems. Advantium uses high-intensity halogen lamps, a microwave, and a convention system to boost the cooking speed up to 8 times faster and that also without preheating. Pretty amazing, right?

This is where GE’s Advantium excels and beats most of its peers. Along with over 175 pre-programmed recipes and tons of features, GE overshadows all the other competitors in the market. GE’s Advantium will make sure the food is flawlessly cooked with the exact blend of taste, regardless of the power level.

What Configurations does GE Advantium Come in?

1. Advantium Wall Ovens

Advantium Wall Ovens

What can be more preferable than cooking all kinds of food without “preheating”? Be it a conventional or a convection oven that you currently own, long pre-heating time is something both these configurations are associated with. Advantium Wall Ovens are something that you will definitely want to incorporate in your kitchen. These ovens contain about 175 pre-programmed menu items, manual cook help, and demo models. If you want to expand the cooking versatility, then the Advantium wall oven will be your perfect choice.

Wall oven is just not a standard wall oven; it is something more than a microwave. Experts of the American Institute of Architects, kitchen activities are increasing considerably. In order to get modern technology, people are remodeling their kitchens.  

GE’s Advantium Wall Ovens is easy to install only for those kitchens that have the built-in microwave/wall oven set. It has a special sensor that automatically adjusts time and power for delicious foods. The size of an Advantium oven may differ accordingly. The standard widths are of 24,27, and 30 inches (models can vary an inch or two). Advantium Wall Ovens offer the customers to get all the latest features without installation stress. Cooking capabilities of Advantium wall ovens include:

  1. Delivers quality food four times faster than an ordinary conventional oven, without preheating
  2. 975-watt automatic sensor mode that delivers awesome cooking solutions
  3. Keep prepared food fresh and retain moisture to keep it crispy
  4. A special feature allows the dough to rise quickly
  5. Racks can be removed easily, allowing to cook several dishes at a time

You can install GE’s Advantium wall oven with the cooktop. This will not only help to add more space to your kitchen, but also this will enhance the overall look of your kitchen. The Advantium technology works with the help of radiant heat from halogen bulbs. Read how other electric wall ovens compare to the GE advantium oven.

Nowadays, most individuals opt for compact and organized kitchens. Those are easy to maintain and have all modern appliances. What can be more suitable than GE’s Advantium Wall Oven for your kitchen?

2. Over-The-Range Advantium Ovens

Over-the-range Advantium Ovens

Expand your cooking flexibility with the help of “Over-the-range Advantium Ovens”. It has four ovens within a single one. You can enjoy all the qualities of the oven with the help of 240-volt speed cook technology. These Advantium ovens are easy to clean up spills with no scrubbing included whatsoever. A perfect combination of innovation and style in your kitchen place! 

Over the range, Advantium Ovens can be installed over your stove. It will help to free some space in your kitchen and also give a precise look. An exhaust fan attached to the oven that serves as a ventilation system to eliminate smoke. Redesign your kitchen in the best contemporary design and modern technologies with an Advantium oven. While there are some virtuous over-the-range microwave models in the higher price range category; the GE advantium is in a league of its own.

Ge manufactures two popular advantium models in the Over-the-range configuration. These are PSA9240SFSS model and the PSA9120SFSS. Both of the variants have almost identical features and functions. However, the PSA9120SFSS variant is cheaper than the PSA9240SFSS model. The following comparison clearly distinguishes between them for you to know what to expect from either of these variants.

VoltageThis model operates on 120VThis model operates
Cooking Speed4-8X faster than a Conventional Oven 2-4X faster than a Conventional Oven
Lights Has a separate light for interior lightingUses all the lights while cooking
Pre-heating Recommended Not Required
Functions All basic features available All basic features available
Auto-cook Menus 175+ pre-programmed recipes175+ pre-programmed recipes
Venting300-CFM venting system and backlit controls.300-CFM venting system and backlit controls.
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The differences are not that prominent, and both the models are outstanding performers. Both have speed cooking, baking, broiling, and warming features. It’s just that the PSA9120SFSS model has some minor set-backs. However, if you can spend a little more, you won’t be compromising in any way.

3. Advantium Oven Combinations

Advantium Oven Combinations

Want an oven that consists of both the values of a convection oven and your microwave? GE’s new creation Advantium Oven Combination is right here for you. It has the baking powers of a convection oven and the speed cooking of a microwave. However, the speed is much faster than a microwave. After all, it has the Advantium technology.

The upper portion consists of a strong Advantium microwave while the lower portion has the European style convection oven. It is basically constructed for getting a traditional backing experience. This oven combination packs with bright-halogen bulbs and the European convention to power the oven pulses for cooking. It can roast and bake almost anything and everything you want to cook. The roast will look golden brown, and the taste blend will just remain on the tips of your tongue. The dual-door modular design offers a sophisticated look to the oven with the slate-grey textured finish body. It almost looks like a fancy dishwasher or broiler. Despite newer models making their way, advantium wall ovens rank among the absolute best wall oven microwave combos available.

This wall-mounted oven combo has a glossy black screen and a shiny façade made of stainless steel. This gives a highly premium look to the oven.

GE’s Advantium Oven Combo is available in two configurations. The following comparison differentiates them with regards to what they have to offer.

VoltageThis model operates on 120VThis model operates on 120V
Cooking Speed2-4X faster cooking speed than a conventional oven2-4X faster cooking speed than a conventional oven
Pre-heat Not RequiredNot Required
Auto-cook Menus175+ pre-programmed recipes175+ pre-programmed recipes
Installtation Easily replaces an existing 30″ oven microwave combo. Fit guaranteed by the brandEasily replaces an existing 30″ oven microwave combo. Fit guaranteed by the brand
Other features Solid frames, huge control dials with hefty door handles. Recommended for people who want to give an industrial look to their kitchenSleek design, curved profiles with streamlined door handles. Recommended for people looking for contemporary kitchen appliances.
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Both the models are quite similar in functionality and price range. However, the CT9800SHSS model is no longer manufactured. That might be a downside for some people. So, I would like to recommend the PT9800SHSS model to anyone who is looking for an Advantium Oven combo with a sleek and premium design. The price is lower, as well.


Speed ovens are now the most in-demand kitchen appliance. Amidst the already vast variety of microwaves, speed ovens have emerged to be completely out of the competition. Similary, GE’s Advantium technology truly shines brighter than any other market competitors. The unparalleled speed of cooking is the most prominent feature of Advantium. That’s not all. GE’s Advantium Ovens have tons of features and almost 175+ pre-installed recipes to choose from. Be it baking, toasting, warming, or broiling, Advantium is your one-stop solution. The heat is no longer an issue. Whatever the power level, it manages to cook the food just the way you want it to be. Each and every time! What more can you ask for?

Lastly, I would suggest GE’s Advantium Ovens to anyone and everyone who loves cooking. The modern speed cooking technology will allow you to prepare a meal in a very short amount of time. The taste? It will be something you can always recall. I bet on that. So, if you’re remodeling your kitchen or planning to replace your microwave, go for it. You deserve an Advantium Oven in your kitchen. It’s the best a kitchen can have!

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  1. Ive had a 30″ advantiun mw/conv oven for 3 years. 20 tech visits, swapped out for a 2021 version and now new problems. Crap

  2. Ive had a 2 year old advantium replaced with a new one due to numerous problems. But this one is having issues too. I’m not impressed.
    Would like to find another brand thats similar

  3. We have the model PSB1201NSS01,in November 2009, Serial number VS900374K that was made in November 2009. It has developed a problem that the microwave does not shut off. The mother board was replace on January 16, 2021 but the problem reoccurred on March1, 2021. What model replaces this unit?