When it comes to kitchen sinks, there are limited brands that provide true value for their listed price points. If you’re someone that likes their purchases to be at par dollar-for-dollar; Franke is one among the very few to consider. You’d probably be made to realize this in every other Franke sink review you refer to. To begin with, Franke has a fair variety of sink materials, designs and configurations within its collection to choose from unlike giants including BlancoElkay and VIGO. Having manufactured across such wide selection of materials and configurations, Franke kitchen sinks have pretty much found the sweet spot in terms of sink design. All Franke sinks that we’ve reviewed in this article are subtle in appearance yet elegant with meticulous detailing towards functionality. 

You may however feel a lack of material variety though; to compensate, we’ve compiled just as thorough lists of granite sink reviewscopper sink reviews and elegant farmhouse sink reviews for everyone that would like all their options lined up before picking any favorites. However, if you’ve got a thing for Franke sinks and have your eyes set already, this review has all that you need to know.  

We’ve included a thorough buying guide at the end of our top Franke sink recommendations for your reference. It further includes unique aspects of Franke kitchen sinks. Also, we’ve listed out reasons that we think make Franke a good choice to consider when going for that much awaited kitchen remodel. However, if you’re here only for our top picks, below are the best Franke kitchen sinks, in our honest opinion. 

Franke Kitchen Sink Reviews

1. Franke EDOX33229-1 Double-Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink


  • Approved for dual mount installation; can be installed as an undermount and drop-in sink
  • Double-bowl design accounts for organised cleaning and other chores at the sink
  • Made from granite composite; extremely durable and resilient to weathering
  • Highly durable; sink material is resistant to cracks, chips and other impact damages
  • 3 additional knockout holes in addition to the standard.


  • Requires a minimum cabinet size of 36″
  • Made of solid granite composite, the unit is heavy and make for troublesome installation

Franke granite sinks are very popular and remain in talks for their reliable built, unrivalled durability and reasonable price points. Franke EDOX33229 is an example display of what granite sinks offer to a kitchen. The double-bowl sink features 9-inch deep bowls, rear set drains and a pre-drilled hole of faucet installation (3 additional knock-out holes if needed). Further, the sink can be installed either as an undermount or a drop-in sink depending on your preference (know the difference between an undermount and drop-in sink). This is only seen in granite sinks and not in standard stainless-steel sinks. All mounting hardware and a cut-out template.

2. Franke Gravity 33-Inch Single-Bowl Dual Mount Granite Sink


  • Spacious 33″ wide single bowl configuration; ideal for large pots
  • Tough surface; resistant to impacts
  • Naturally quite sink; produces negligible noise
  • Approved for dual mount installation
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty


  • No color options to choose from
  • Heavy sink; might require professional assistance if you opt for undermount installation

If you think your kitchen needs a spacious single bowl sink with reliability as that of Franke Granite sinks, you need not stroll any further. This 9″ deep single bowl sink has a functional sink shape and comes with dual installation options like its double-bowl counterpart. Similarly, it is built from a composite with 80% natural granite as its primary constituent. This implies that the sink has a feel of natural stone and has a commendable tough and non-porous surface. Besides, granite sinks are naturally quite. The only downside to granite sinks including this model is that they’re heavy and make require professional assistance in installation 

3. Franke PEX110-31 31.5-inch Single-Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink


  • Designed and hand fabricated in Italy
  • Rear set standard drain and grooved bottom make for effortless drainage
  • Outer surface has thick sound deadening pads to account for excessive noise
  • Curved corners make for easy cleaning
  • Corrosion resistant; made from food-safe T-304 stainless steel


  • Made from a rather thinner 18 gauge stainless steel alloy
  • Not Ideal for sink replacements due to an odd width of 31.5 inches

In addition to granite sinks, standard stainless-steel sinks are just as much acclaimed for their overall workability and functionality. However, this particular model differs from other stainless-steel sinks in a couple of ways. First, the sink is 31.5- Inch wide in contrast to the standard width of 30 and 33 inches. Second, all sinks from this collection are hand fabricated in Italy. As desired, the sink comes with thick noise-deadening pads to counter the usual con of metallic sinks being noisy. 

4. Franke FHK710-33WH Single-bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


  • Comes polished with a dirt repellant finish; immune to stains unlike some fireclay sinks
  • Tough and non-porous surface
  • Resistant to scratches and stains; easy to maintain
  • Approved to install flush and beneath the counter
  • Off-set type drain optimizes the available work space of the sink


  • Expensive

Who doesn’t like a good farmhouse sink in their kitchen provided they have the space and cabinets primed for installation? That’s right! No one. The Franke FHK710-33WH is one excellent example of why homeowner tend to have a soft spot for elegant apron front sinks. Made from 3/4″ solid fireclay, this farmhouse sink is a tough and durable option if price and installation are not your prime concerns. In concurrence with the prevalent notion, the sink has a very subtle yet graceful appearance and is sure to take the limelight in any kitchen decor. 

5. Franke C2233R/9 Stainless Dual Mount Double-Bowl Kitchen Sink


  • Attractive built; complements some kitchen schemes better than rectangular sinks
  • Undermount flush installation gives your kitchen a clean and seamless look at the sink and counter interface
  • Doesn’t stain while withstanding heat up to over 500°F
  • Highly durable and resistant to scratches, stains, cracks and chips
  • Multiple color options to choose from


  • The sink is extremely tough; might break fragile dishes and other glassware if handled without caution
  • Darker variants retain after marks from soap and dishwashing liquids

In addition to granite sinks, standard stainless-steel sinks are just as much acclaimed for their overall workability and functionality. However, this particular model differs from other stainless-steel sinks in a couple of ways. First, the sink is 31.5- Inch wide in contrast to the standard width of 30 and 33 inches. Second, all sinks from this collection are hand fabricated in Italy. As desired, the sink comes with thick noise-deadening pads to counter the usual con of metallic sinks being noisy. 

Franke Sink Reviews – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Franke Kitchen Sink Review

Franke is a company that has studied the language of kitchen sinks very well. This is a Switzerland-based company. It first started its expansion in Europe. Then in 1976, it reached the US. It continued its successful journey by acquisition in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia. Although several other companies are performing the same task without fail in the US, undoubtedly, Franke has always been one of the leading brands.

 The utility of their sinks ranges far beyond just design and practical application. While choosing a kitchen sink, several factors need to be studied closely for the best results. Such factors include durability, performance, and last but not least, of course, the cost factor is a definite concern. Franke closely monitors every individual aspect while designing and manufacturing the sinks.

 The high-quality design of the Franke sinks with optimal performance easily beats its competitors. Moreover, certain innovative features also adorn Franke sinks. The stainless steel bowls are deep and durable: advanced sound and heat features are implemented for silent use with push-button pop-up waste and low-profile waste kits.

What Makes Franke Sinks Unique

First, there are various types of mounting methods to suit your utility best. The holes, the finish of these sinks are also unparalleled. It is suitable for all types of faucets. Some of the most popular types are stainless steel sink, granite sink, composite granite sink. The material of the sink always delivers a concrete impact on the durability and functionality of the product.  

Why we recommend Franke sinks

1. Variety in Sink Materials

Kitchen Sink Material type

Frank kitchen sinks are available in a wide variety of materials. You have the liberty to choose from a wide selection. Stainless steel is the most popular sink material as it can handle any temperature. Moreover, there is no question regarding its durability. Along with a high utility range, Franke sinks are agelessly aesthetic and stylish. Franke Stainless steel Sinks have

  1. High gauge steel quality
  2. Aesthetic construction
  3. Temperature resistant
  4. Extremely hygienic
  5. Easily cleanable

 Granite may be a better fit for some kitchens. Franke granite sinks are

  1. Highly durable
  2. Good and attractive looks and build
  3. Temperature resistant
  4. Prevents the growth of bacteria
  5. Wide range of designs and colors

 Although the range of choice is a bit limited in the case of Franke composite granite sinks or fireclay sinks, yet it is quite liked. These sinks are

  1. Harder than metal
  2. Extremely hygienic
  3. Scratch-proof
  4. Can handle high temperatures well

2. Variety in Mounting Styles

Franke Kitchen Sink Installation Type

Franke kitchen sinks give you the liberty to choose the installation or mounting method. It comes with a top mount, under mount, or dual mount installation method. Such variety encourages a perfect hassle-free sink installation.

The under-mount sinks are set slightly lower than the surface of the countertop. It is convenient for the user to clean up the spill better and with more ease.

The top-mount sinks are also known as drop-in models. These are mounted from the top and “dropped in” the place. It is an easier installation process. The dual-mount sink can be installed either as a top-mount or under-mount, as per your choice.

3. Apt sink depths

The sizes and shapes of the kitchen sinks vary a lot. Most of the kitchen sinks come in a rectangular shape varying from 15” to 36”. The sinks depths range from 7”-10”. As there is no standard size in the case of kitchen sinks, it is dependent on the measurements of the available space of the kitchen countertop. Deep sinks require lower cabinet space. Each Franke sink gives a correct estimate of the amount of cabinet space required for perfect installation. Therefore, we can see that Franke leaves no stone unturned in the kitchen sink business. It is a complete package covering all the necessary aspects.

4. High Impact Resistance

All the Franke sinks are noted for their quality and durability. The composite granite sinks and the fireclay sinks of Franke are especially noted for their extreme sturdiness. These are made from top quality materials and are very well-built and tough. Granite is one of the hardest materials, and it is extremely attractive. Franke utilizes both these aspects of the material in an aesthetic and customer-friendly manner. The hardness and toughness of the material make it highly impact resistant. There is no need to take any special care to retain the sink’s original beauty and glamour. Despite extreme rough handling and usage, these sinks look as new as it was when first installed.

4. High Heat Resistance

The most common materials for making Franke kitchen sinks are stainless steel, granite, and fireclay. The quality of all these materials is top-notch. All of these products are extremely heat-resistant. The activities of the kitchen cannot forego heat and oil. Therefore, the kitchen sinks require to be strong enough to withstand such activities on a daily basis. Franke never disappoints its consumers in this respect. All the Franke kitchen sinks, be it of steel or stone, have extreme heat resistance capacity.

These sinks can withstand a wide range of temperature extremities regularly without any sign. Despite handling such heat regularly, the sinks do not reveal any external sign of damage. The make of these sinks is so sturdy that extreme temperatures of the kitchen also cannot tarnish its glow or reduce its functionality. They remain equally competent as the new ones even after years of usage.

5. Non-toxic

Certain types of sink emit VOCs. This is highly harmful because kitchens are made for healthy food consumption for humans. They are made mostly of stainless steel, granite, and fireclay. None of these materials emits harmful VOCs. Such a nontoxic approach of the kitchen sinks makes Franke an unmatchable and unparallel ruler of its genre. The kitchen remains free from any sort of harmful emissions. Health and hygiene issues are never compromised with Franke.

6. Resistant to scratches and stains

Franke kitchen sinks are made from either high-gauge stainless steel or granite or fireclay. Such hard sturdiness makes these products extremely resistant to scratches and stains. Kitchen activities cannot forego the risk of stains and scratches. But with Franke kitchen sinks, there is much less risk of a dirty kitchen. Along with the retention of the original fervor of aestheticism, it is strong enough to withstand all the kitchen hardships.


From the above discussion; it is evident how unique Franke sinks are. They are extremely durable, scratch-proof, and sturdy. Moreover, these sinks come with sound deadening pads, which negate the possibility of the kitchen sinks’ irritating noise. These sinks are roomy and are amazingly stylish with a simplistic design. 

Such timeless aestheticism complements the kitchen gracefully, even within a limited space. Moreover, customers can choose from a wide range of products. Most of these sinks are quite budget-friendly too. There is no doubt regarding the quality, functionality, durability, price, and performance of the Franke products. Many of the Franke sinks come with pre-drilled faucet holes too.

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