Farmhouse sinks are unrivalled among other sink options when it comes to aesthetics, elegance and functionality in the kitchen. These have been a popular choice among homeowners for a very long time and for all good reasons. If you happen to be looking for the best farmhouse sink for your new kitchen or even a remodel for that matter, let us reassure you that your opinion concurs with that of leading home décor experts in the country. Farmhouse kitchen sinks go exceptionally well with both; traditional and modern décor schemes.

With multiple options in terms of design, style, color and material to choose from, farmhouse sinks arguably have one of the most diverse range of choices out there. From copper farmhouse sinks to granite, fireclay, porcelain and stainless steel sinks, you have the privilege to choose corresponding to your specific requirements and preferences. While it is in a way, a good thing to have these many options to consider before actually investing your money, it could potentially leave some people overwhelmed and confused. This is where you could use our concise guide to help you find the best material for farmhouse sinks, their functional abilities and real-life shortcomings. With our thorough and reliable farmhouse sink reviews at your disposal, you could considerably narrow down your options while knowing exactly what to expect from your investment.

Best Farmhouse Sink Reviews 2020

Kraus KHF204 33-Inch Standart Pro Double Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
  • Deep bowls provide more space to work with
  • Made from durable grade T-304 Stainless steel
  • Satin covered for protection against scratches and stains
  • Thick noise-cancelling pads cover more than 80% of the sink base
  • Rounded sink corners account for easy cleaning of the sink
  • Comes with a resourceful set of accessories compatible with the sink model
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Some users have complained about the satin finish wearing off upon sustained usage

Stainless Steel farmhouse sinks like the Kraus KHF204 bring together the elegance of an exposed apron front design and the durability, low-maintenance, heat resistance and immunity to chipping & cracking of stainless steel. Besides, stainless steel sinks are known to be cheaper than other options which is naturally the case with this one too! If you are are looking for an affordable farmhouse sink, you all now know where you should be looking. As for this model, there’s just the design of the sink left to analyse and check if it aligns with your preferences.

The sink is a thick 16-gauge double bowl model with two 10-Inch deep basins split at 60/40 of the total sink width. Sinks with an obvious emphasis on basin depth are generally more liked by people owing to the added functionality they provide.

Meaning, the sink could effortlessly accommodate your largest pots and pans while still having room for you to move your hands. Deep sinks are also better at containing splashing. Both sink bowls have individual rear-set standard drains that in combination with grooved bottom surfaces account for good drainage.

The sink installs beneath the counter while the slightly curved apron front sticks out in front of the edge. Like all other stainless-steel sinks from Kraus, this one too comes with a commercial satin finish to protect the surface from scratches. Additionally, the sink comes with compatible stainless-steel bottom grids to guard the bottom surfaces of both bowls against scratches from heavy pots and pans. Cleaning the sink isn’t an issue either. All the edges and corners of the sink are appropriately rounded and hence easily accessible.

To counter the usual complaint of metallic sinks being noisy, this sink comes with thick noise-deadening pads. To be precise, over 80% of the sink’s base is covered with pads and is said to cancel noise from dishwashing and waste disposal. Above all, the sink is covered with a limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

  • Looks great
  • Thorough manufacturing standards of fireclay sinks result in a sturdy, non-porous and tough material
  • Easy to maintain
  • Resilient to scratches, stains, extreme temperatures and heavy impact
  • Compatible stainless-steel bottom grid
  • The manufacturer replaces the sink in case it arrives damaged, stained or chipped
  • Could break fragile flatware upon impact
  • Limited size and color options available

Fireclay farmhouse sinks are a choice of consideration for many for their subtle yet classic appearance, low maintenance and extremely durable nature. Out of endless options in the market, we truly believe that this 30-Inch Fireclay sink from Bocchi is the best farmhouse sink for the money. Despite being priced competitively, the sink adds exceptional aesthetic value and elegance to your kitchen.

Fireclay sinks are 100% inorganic in nature and are moulded at very high temperatures (up to 2000°F) to fuse with a porcelain enamel outer layer. This distinctive method of manufacturing imparts fireclay sinks a tough and non-porous surface. Furthermore, the sink surface is smooth, seamless and curved unlike sharp edges in some metallic sink designs that could lead to gunk build-up. Single Bowl rectangular sinks are spacious and arguably one of the best sink shapes

By extension, this means that the sink’s surface is way smoother than most glazed ceramic surfaces. This implies that keeping the sink clean isn’t even a task. Also, the sink has a very high resilience against heat. All fireclay sinks can withstand extreme heat from pots and pans right off from the stove. However, the sink comes with a fitting stainless-steel bottom grid for added protection. You can choose to install the sink flush with the countertop or beneath it depending on what suits your kitchen best.

  • Unique matte finish makes for an elegant sink
  • Various size and color options to choose from
  • Tight radius corners and grooved edges improve functionality of the sink
  • PVD coated sink; highly resistant to scratches and corrosion
  • Noise cancelling pads account for noise reduction
  • Stainless steel sink bottom for added protection against scratches
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Might require some assistance in installation

Of all stainless-steel farmhouse sinks available on the market, I’ve got a thing for matte finished models and I believe you’d agree too! Reason? Because a matte finish gives out a very unique, bold and elegant appeal; be it a sink, a faucet or any other fixture at display for that matter. However, you’d usually find a limited number of options to choose from. As for this model, it’s a fair exception. You have an array of 30-Inch, 33-Inch and 36-Inch farmhouse sinks with Gunmetal matte black, matte bronze and matte gold finishes to choose from; all 10-Inch deep. All variants would be best complemented by similarly finished high-end kitchen faucets

The sink is manufactured from 16-gauge T-304 grade stainless steel. Meaning, the sink is sturdy, tough and resistant to dents; at par with models from top brands that are much overpriced. Further, the sink design is very functional with design elements like gently sloped and grooved sink bottom, tight radius curved edges and a rear-set drain. The exposed apron front is curved and slightly protrudes in front of the cabinet plane making it stand out even more.

As desired, the sink bottom and sides are covered with thick noise-cancelling pads to reduce the noise from water splashing. The sink comes with all the necessary accessories including a stainless-steel bottom grid, a strainer, a cotton apron, a cutout template. Please note that the 30-Inch model requires a minimum cabinet size of 33-Inches.

  • Reversible with one side plain and the other fluted
  • Spacious design (30” x 20” x 10” exterior dimensions)
  • Made from solid 1” pure fireclay, display extreme resistance to scratches, heat and impact
  • Approved for flush and undermount installation
  • Comes with a stainless steel bottom grid
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Limited color options available to choose from
  • Standard disposal flange might not fit

Upon thorough comparison, we can very confidently infer that Ruvati RVL2100WH is the best fireclay farmhouse sink in our opinion. The sink inherently accompanies all the generic benefits of fireclay while the thoughtful design complements it equally well. To begin with, the sink is reversible with different finishes each side. One side is plain and smooth while the other fluted. Meaning, you can have it installed either side facing front. In other words, there’s no front or back side the sink and the central drain design further reinforces this idea.

The sink is 1” thick solid fireclay, weighs roughly 80 pounds and is approved to be installed flush with the countertop or beneath it as the user wishes. It is advisable to only invest in a solid fireclay sink if you’re going to be opting for a fireclay farmhouse sink as your next upgrade.

There are hollow variants available at attractive prices that of course do not stand the test of time. The 30-Inch single bowl design further allows for a luxurious work space with an ample depth of 9 Inches (inside) and a front to-back measurement of 20-inches (as opposed to standard 18-inch front-to-back measurement of regular 30-inch wide farmhouse sinks).  

Additionally, despite the sink’s exceptional resistance to scratches, stains, impact and heat; it comes with a protective stainless-steel bottom grid. To top it all, the sink is covered under Ruvati’s limited lifetime warranty for that added sense of security. We see no reason as to why this you should overlook this one if you’re in the market the best fireclay farmhouse sinks.

  • Made from 12-gauge, 99% pure copper; thickest sink you could find
  • 10” deep sink bowl makes for a luxurious capacity
  • Comes with all a bottom grid and a disposal flange
  • Reinforced apron front
  • Natural patina
  • Shipped in a double-walled box with reinforced corners; zero chances of transit damage
  • Uniform hand-hammering pattern with no visible pattern lines
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Expensive

Out of the ordinary, classifying as a true luxury, this Heavy Duty copper farmhouse sink is one of it’s kind. Literally everything about this copper sink from Fossil Blu is extraordinary. Being made from 12-gauge 99% pure copper, this sink is hands down the thickest, heaviest and by extension, the most durable 33” copper sink on the market. The thing weighs over 50 pounds and is obviously meant for folks seeking pristine quality over everything!

With effective bowl dimensions peaking at 30” L x 19” W x 10” D, the sink is left with a grand 10” exposed apron that simply diminishes all other attractions in your kitchen. Similarly, you have a luxurious depth of 10” within the bowl that you’d most likely be overwhelmed with. Coming to the hammered finish over the sink surface, there’s something out of the norm here too!

Upon giving it a close look, you’d discover that the sink is a true example of a product of skilled craftsmanship besides uncompromised quality and unprecedented utility. What’s to be highlighted here is the absence of the usual hammer pattern lines. The impressions left from hand-hammering are truly uniform that you’d hardly find in other copper sinks on the market (not even our top budget picks).

Unlike most other brands and sinks that you’ll come across, Fossil Blu includes all the necessary accessories with your purchase. Anyhow, it’d only be pragmatic for you to get a matching bottom grid if you’re investing in such a masterpiece. The package contains a custom-fit copper plated bottom grid, and a copper plated disposal flange with the sink. If you don’t have a garbage disposal and wish for a strainer drain, the seller sends it across upon request.

Finally, the company also appreciates potential transit damage concerns and hence goes the extra mile in better packaging ensuring zero transportation/handling damage is sustained by the actual product whatsoever. There’s just so much right about this copper apron front sink that we’re out of emphasis-inducing words. If price is not a limiting factor, get this copper sink home and you’d be thanking yourself for years to come.

What is the Best Material for a Farmhouse Sink?

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

Stainless steel alloy from the very beginning is a material of choice when it comes to manufacturing durable kitchen and home appliances. The alloy has since found numerous applications across different industries. It being a blend of iron, nickel and other resourceful metals, it is one of the first choice for sink producers. 

Owing to their corrosion, heat and weathering resistant nature, stainless steel sinks have seen a dramatic rise in prevalence across all states. The only negative for stainless steel sinks or any other metallic sink for that matter is that these tend to be noisier than granite and fireclay. Manufacturers coat the underside of the sink with noise deadening pads for this reason. Also, stainless steel steel can scratch easily. You must ensure that the steel sink you’ve set your eyes on has a protective stain finish to account for superficial scratches. Additionally, you could add a stainless steel bottom grid to your sink to further safeguard it from scratching.

2. Fireclay

Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Fireclay farmhouse sinks are the most popular variants of farmhouse sink in recent days. These sinks are molded at high temperatures which is distinctive method of manufacturing and sets them apart from other sink materials. This peculiar method of construction also imparts fireclay sinks the strength and toughness that they’re known for. These may attain temperatures of up to 2000° and are subsequently dried for as long as 24 hours.

This unique procedure results in a smooth, tough and durable material that is warrantied to keep looking young in any kitchen for years to come. On the downside, fireclay sinks have a limited choice of colors and designs to choose from as opposed to tough granite sinks.

The kiln-burned enamel coating further gives fireclay sinks an inherent immunity against stains and scratches. Furthermore, these do not hold on to stains from chemicals and other acidic food waste washed down the sink. However, fireclay sinks can be really heavy and may require professional assistance in installation. Also, you need to make sure if your cabinets  can offer the needed support. Further, you  must also ensure that the farmhouse sink you select is made from solid fireclay and is compatible with standard under-sink garbage disposals

3. Copper

Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Material

Copper is a rather unique and distinctive metal when compared other prevalent kitchen sink materials. Copper has been known its anti-bacterial properties for ages and has been an integral part of Asian kitchens for an exceptionally long time. On the downside, copper is softer than other alloys and hence you must ensure that you get a copper sink with a thick gauge. (Gauge of a metal implies its thickness; where smaller the gauge means a thicker cross-section). Copper due to its lustrous nature becomes a premium pick for modern kitchens with arbitrary kitchen decor. 

Copper farmhouse sinks are available as both; single and double bowl sinks. Be it the smooth finish or the hammered finish, both variants carry extraordinary aesthetic appeal. If copper sinks intrigue you, we’ve compiled a dedicated copper sink review for your reference. 

However, there are some downsides that you must consider before finalizing copper as your preferred sink material. Copper is associated with time-dependent visual decaying. In other words, copper oxidizes with time and develops a patina. This tendency is peculiar to copper and isn’t found in most other elements used for industrial manufacturing. This is the reason some people view it as an added pro rather than believing it to be a disadvantage. The patina doesn’t pose any threats and the sink functions just as well even after having developed the oxidized layer. Moreover, if you give your copper farmhouse sink enough time, it develops a uniform patina and levels out the difference in shades. 

You may try and avoid early development of patina layer by ensuring that you do not let prohibited chemicals (even acidic food remains) get in direct contact with your sink surface. Bottom line is, although copper sinks are elegant and give any kitchen a high-end look, these require careful maintenance. 

4. Granite Composite

Granite Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Granite stone and granite composite are two variants when you mention granite sinks. Both are reliable, tough, heavy and durable in nature. Granite sinks are anti-bacterial, non-porous and excellent at noise absorbing. They arguably have no con as compared to metallic sinks except for being heavy.

Granite composite sinks, in contrary to fireclay sinks have a larger variety in terms of design and finish options. Owing to a generous availability of color options, granite sinks go very well with any kitchen schemes.

Granite farmhouse sinks are in may ways, superior to metallic sinks. Unlike copper sinks, granite stone or composite granite sink won’t ever show signs of corrosion. Similarly granite sinks are naturally quiet and they don’t need any exterior mechanism to account for noise. 

The material also cancels out sound from a garbage disposal (if installed beneath). Further, composite granite is highly resilient to scratching, staining and heavy impact. So much so, that you might need to be careful while handling glassware in a granite sink. Granite sinks are rather non-forgiving towards fragile flatware and dishes. This might be a con for some people, if you see it in a particular way. If you’ve developed any interest in this material, we’ve got a detailed guide to selecting the best granite sinks in out granite sink reviews

5. Enameled Cast Iron

Enameled Cast Iron Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Enameled cast iron 

Cast iron is a yet another widely used kitchen sink material but has been seeing a gradual declination in popularity. Typically, cast iron is coated with a layer of porcelain or enamel to give the sink a smooth and seamless look. People might often confuse these with fireclay sinks because of the similar outer appearance. One point of distinction is that these have a greater variety in shapes and sizes unlike fireclay sinks.

Cast iron is associated with remarkable durability just like stainless-steel. The outer porcelain coating can however suffer damage from impacts.

Why are Farmhouse Sinks So Popular?

Farmhouse sinks (also popularly known as Apron front sinks) have gained massive admiration owing to the cozy tenderness associated with it’s looks. These symbolically represent the good old country cottages and carry a warm homely feeling. Apron front sinks have been traditionally used for a varied range of purposes including scrubbing pots and pans, washing clothes and bathing babies.

Nothing adds sophisticated elegance to the kitchen like these do. Farmhouse sinks are big and spacious enough to accommodate baking trays and sheet pans, deep enough to stack a pile of them and wide enough to easily move things around. The exposed apron front catches the eye in an instant and is sure to be the focus of your kitchen.

Unlike Undermount or top-mount kitchen sinks, Apron front sinks are installed by sliding the sink in the custom gap created in the counter. The weight of the sink is entirely supported by the cabinet beneath. A custom-built cabinetry and countertop are, however, a prerequisite for installing most Apron front kitchen sinks.


Farmhouse sinks are an unwavering choice for designers and home owners for many reasons. The most prominent one of those still remains to be the elegance and warmth it adds to a kitchen. Unlike other popular categories in kitchen appliances and fixtures, you’ll have just as many options to choose from as you can go through. Further, each material for farmhouse sinks has separate benefits. You can choose solely based on your needs and preferences. 

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