Empava Induction Cooktop Review

Empava Induction Cooktop Review

Induction cooktops are emerging as a very popular kitchen appliance in these recent decades. They offer the latest technology fused with contemporary design and add a stunning look to your kitchen. Amongst all other worthy choices for induction cooktops, Empava induction cooktop has been a heartthrob across the states.

You may come across many Empava induction cooktop reviews that will tell you a great deal about its premium 30-inch and 36-inch induction cooktops; we’ve tried to make this one even more comprehensive with the inclusion of double element cooktops. These smaller cooktops are rather less prevalent but can be an opt choice for small countertops. If you think you could use one for yourself, we’ve researched and narrowed down to a handful of them in our dual burner electric cooktop reviews

Empava offers superior quality induction cooktops in various sizes and designs. Some of the popular ones are 36″ induction cooktop, 30″ induction cooktop and two-burner induction cooktop. 

The Best Empava Gas Induction Cooktops

Empava Gas Induction Cooktops
  • Child Lock Safety
  • Pan sensor technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Stylish look
  • Stain and discolouration resistant
  • There have been complaints about inadequate sensitivity in the control

Empava 30″ Induction Cooktop Electric Stove adds that fine posh look to your home decor. If you are someone who enjoys doing things while looking great, then this product is ideal for you.

It has a smooth ceramic cooktop and tempered glass surface for effortless cleaning. It withstands intense heat without cracking or chipping so you can enjoy a smooth experience for decades. The glass surface is stain and discoloration resistant. However, to ensure that the cooktop stays in its pristine state, you must only use cookware best suited to smooth glass cooktops.

The cooktop has micro computerized control and multiple options to select from so you can unleash your inner chef and operate it according to your needs. 

Got kids at your home and worried about their safety? Empava got you covered. This cooktop has a hot surface indicator. Whenever the surface is hot to the touch, the cooking area display will have a “H” sign. Its pan size sensor customizes the heat according to your cookware size and turns off when no pan is present for safety. 

With induction cooking, heat is directly transferred to the cookware, so the cooktop stays cool. It even has a child lock feature that prevents unintended activation. 

This cooktop has all features included to handle your safety and is a must-have for a luxurious cooking lifestyle. 

  • 8 Power level settings
  • Electronic touch buttons
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Has no metal trim for protection

Empava EMPVIDCF9 has a supreme look embedded with all the premium features that can revolutionize your cooking experience. Induction uses the power of heating from metallic kernels to transfer the heat to cookware directly. 

This induction cooktop makes supper time real easy with more efficient cooking and easy cleanup. The glass surface is scratch, stain and discolouration resistant. This surface can withstand intense heating without chipping or cracking.

It is compatible with most stainless steel and cast-iron cookware. However, it isn’t advised to continuously use cast iron cookware on the smoothtop as it may lead to irreversible scratches. This cooktop comes with nine temperature level settings that cover a temperature range from 120 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a heating level from as low as 300w to fast boiling. The cooktop allows you to change your desired temperature for cooking easily and accurately.

You can switch through multiple modes like stir, fry, stew and then back to stir at the touch of a button. The 1-179 timer mode allows you to cook perfectly and accurately. You can even set your induction cooktop to turn off when your timer is up automatically.

Using this cooktop is a delight in itself, and the features alone are enough for you to cash this product immediately. As for the negatives, whenever you use all the five elements simultaneously, there’s going to be a lot of steam/odor in the kitchen, This con is common for all full sized cooktops and kitchen ranges. To counter this, you must either pair it with a powerful vent hood or opt for virtuous downdraft cooktop altogether. 

  • Child lock feature
  • Pan sensor technology
  • Hot Surface Indicator
  • Great appeal
  •  Cooktop surface scratches easily if not cared for 

Many people flip the products or the catalogue to check if reliable institutions certify the products. If you are someone who believes in this, then this magnificent smooth glass surface cooktop is USA & Canada ETL certified. With two years warranty and smooth tempered countertop, this induction cooktop is meant for your kitchen. 

It is manufactured without any hazardous material and has many features that take care of your safety. Hot surface indicator notifies you if the surface is hot by displaying “H” on its cooking area display. The induction technology ensures that heat is generated into the utensils only, and cooktop stays cool on touch. 

If your playful toddler worries then you can activate child lock in the cooktop. This feature will restrict any unintended heating. The list doesn’t end here as this cooktop comes with pan sensor technology that cuts off energy if no pan is present over the cooktop. 

These premium features packed in sleek black finish is best suited for your kitchen countertop.

  • Supreme cooking experience 
  • Child lock feature
  • Energy efficient
  • Glass surface is stain & discolouration resistant
  • Minimal cleaning required
  • Only has two heating elements; might not suffice for large preps

Empava IDC12 has a sturdy and sleek black design. It is ETL certified like other cooktops in this review. The induction cooktops are built to suit the highest cooking experience for its users. It is fully equipped for safety, and the flawless glass surface gives a modern look that complements the entire kitchen. 

Unlike other induction cooktops, cleaning this glass surface is very smooth. The glass surface is stain and discolouration resistant, so it looks brand-new for decades. The easy-to-clean vitro ceramic surface makes this stove a reliable choice for customers.

This cooktop has different features that aid safety like pan sensor or heat indication technology. The Empava stove is energy efficient in real terms as the energy consumption is cutoff whenever a pan is not detected.

The 1-99 minutes timer mode help you cook perfectly and accurately. The induction cooktop can control the cooking time for you, so you don’t have to struggle with the guesswork. You can set cooktop to turn the cooking zone off automatically when the timer is up and enjoy your leisure time while the cooktop does the work for you. 

  1. Child lock setting
  2. Pan sensor technology 
  3. Supports great cooking versatility 
  4. Sturdy
  • Great Appeal
  • Does not have a low setting

Remember when hosting a dinner used to be such a headache because you’ve to spend the whole day in the kitchen trying to cook all the dishes in one stove. Well with this induction cooktop you can bid goodbye to those sweaty and tiring days of cooking. This cooktop has five heating elements that allow you to cook multiple dishes in one go.

The old saying of “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies to this cooktop as well. The shiny black finish is very durable and stays without scratches or cracks for literally decades. Couple its durability with these tips to avoid scratches on a smoothtop, and you’ve got yourself a unit that’s going to shine for years to come. The list of the fabulous features doesn’t end here.

This induction cooktop has the pan sensor and heat indicator technology. So you don’t have to worry about getting burnt by the hot surface as the cooktop will indicate hot surface with an “H” on the cooking area display. 

Empava induction cooktop is made to suit most of the stainless steel utensils. The values of empava reflect well in the product as it is sturdy and laced with the latest technology available on the market. 


Getting great induction cooktops at an affordable price and enjoying all the premium features is what makes Empava a great option for you. We went through multiple induction cooktops and realized that it’s very difficult to find the same quality as Empava in this price range. 

It deals with all of your needs and stays durable for a long time. Unique features like child lock, pan sensor etc. is what sets these cooktops apart from other companies cooktops. We believe its a good investment and a must-have for your modern kitchen.


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