Dishwasher Size Chart – Which one should you select?

Those old despondent chapters of having dull grumpy hands are now buried. Thanks to this obliging kitchen appliance—the dishwasher, which has facilitated saving your precious relaxing time along with blessing you with happy hands.

In case, if you are thinking of purchasing a new dishwasher for the very first time, or whether you are planning to replace or upgrade the existing one, then this article is meant for you. At first, you need to understand the standard dishwasher size chart. If you are more into integrated dishwashers, then you need to properly measure the parameters of your kitchen cabinet, so that the appliance fits in seamlessly. Also, try to keep at least an inch gap of additional space behind the dishwasher for the pipes.

In case, if you prefer replacing the old one, then do not forget to carefully measure the width of the existing one.

So now, before proceeding with the standard dishwasher size chart and finalizing the one that you should select, let me introduce you with the types first.


Multiple forms and varied styles of Dishwashers include:

1. Semi or Entirely Integrated Dishwasher

With full or at least semi built-in system, this appliance saves kitchen space by simply adjusting to your kitchen design. However, do not forget to install it near your kitchen’s water supply line.

2. The Hidden Built-in Dishwasher

This fully built-in dishwasher actually camouflages with your kitchen cabinets by perfectly fitting in it with its flawless and similar design.

3. The Seamlessly Fitted Semi Built-in Dishwasher

This dishwasher seamlessly adjusts itself under the bench top without any gap or extra space.

4. Slimline Dishwasher

A small and compact dishwasher like this one are ideal for those with a very restricted kitchen space or those who have a smaller family. A Slimline dishwasher is narrower than the standard size dishwashers.  Slimline also fall under the category of integrated dishwashers.

5. Drawer Dishwashers

Such dishwashers with compact dish drawers are usually optimal with limited kitchen space or if you are opting for flexibility in either smaller amount or tons of dishwashing heaps. Such dishwashers are typically designed with a single or double drawer system, and with a varied height and width.

6. Separate Dishwasher

Such self-supporting dishwashers come with a complete top and front and can be positioned anywhere in your kitchen, or under the kitchen counter, therefore, making it the most common type of dishwasher in the dishwasher market.

7. Portable Dishwasher

You can place a portable dishwasher on your countertop/bench top or anywhere according to your convenience. However, portable dishwashers have limited loading capacity.

Dishwasher Size Chart

The dishwasher size chart has two distinctive sizes. One is Standard size and the other is Custom size.

Dishwasher TypeDimensions
Place Settings
Standard SizeW: 24 inches, H: 35 inches, D: 24 inches13 to 14
Small SizeW: 24 inches, H: 18 to 22 inches, D: 24 inches4 to 6
CountertopW: 18 to 22 inches, H: 18 to 22 inches, D: 18 to 22 inches4
Portable DishwasherW: 18 inches, H: 37 inches, D: 24 inches6 to 8
Semi-IntegratedW: 24 inches, H: 35 inches, D: 24 inches6 to 8
SlimlineW: 18 inches, H: 32 inches, D: 24 inches4 to 6
Compact dishwasherW: 18 inches, H: 35 inches, D: 24 inches6 to 8
Single drawerW: 24 inches, H: 17 inches, D: 24 inches5

1. Standard Dishwasher Size

Unlike all other kitchen appliances, dishwashers have a common standard size. Standard and semi-integrated dishwashers come with a height of around 35inches, a width of 24 inches and a depth of 24 inches. Luckily, they have modifiable height legs to fit in a varied range of kitchen cabinets or bench tops.

2. Custom Dishwasher Size

A Small dishwasher usually come along with a height of around 18 to 22 inches, and width and depth of 24 inches accordingly.

The larger ones come with a size of nearly 30 to 42 inches in width.

An Integrated dishwasher like the one that sits on Countertop usually have their height, width and depth of around 18 to 22 inches.

Portable dishwashers have a width of 18 inches, a height of around 37 inches, and a depth of 24 inches. Countertop dishwashers need 4, and Portable dishwashers need 6 to 8 place settings.

Semi-Integrated dishwashers have a width of 24inches.

Slimline dishwashers have a width of around 18inches and height of 32inches. All such compact dishwashers are also collectively referred to as 18 inch dishwashers.

Single drawer dishwashers have a width of 24 inches, a height of around 17 inches and a depth of 24 inches. They need 5 place settings.

Typical Dimensions of a Dishwasher

Therefore, as mentioned earlier, a standard dishwasher’s typical dimensions would be a height of almost 35 inches, and a width and depth of 24 inches. Such dishwashers would take around 13 to 14 place settings.

Save Kitchen Space with Small Dishwashers

Small dishwashers usually do not exceed more than 24 inches of width. They are either attached to the kitchen cabinets or simply to the basin. Single drawer dishwasher, Portable dishwasher, Countertop dishwasher and also Slimline dishwasher classically fall under the category of small dishwashers. Besides saving your precious kitchen space, a compact dishwasher is also easy on your pocket.

Each one of your needs is different from others. My opinion for you to choose among the varied types of dishwashers before you jump to any conclusion is considering your kitchen space, the price, design, and features of the dishwasher, and also recognize your typical dishwashing requirements.

Hopefully, this article has assisted you in choosing the optimal size of your desired dishwasher. If you’re looking for a compact dishwasher, kindly check out our detailed reviews of Best Dishwasher under $500.

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