Most of us identify copper as an antique benevolent material that’s associated with numerous health benefits besides the traditional opulence that it carries. From cookware sets, waters dispensers and charger plates to water pitchers, tumblers and kitchen sinks; copper has established an unparalleled prominence in American kitchen over the years.

We’re going to be specifically discussing about the pros and cons of copper sinks in this article alongside reviewing the best copper sinks in the market. If you’re on the lookout for a dependable copper sink for your kitchen, we’ll ensure that you are armed with all the necessary information to make an informed purchase. Unlike other copper sink reviews that you may find on the web, our compilation remains completely unbiased with the sole intention of helping our readers get the best out of their investments.  

Comparison Table

Premium Pick
Fossil Blu FSW1105
Sinkology Adams Sink
Best Overall
Sinkology Angelico Sink
Sinkology Riley Sink
Color y Tradicion
Product Title
Product Title
Fossil Blu FSW1105
Sinkology Adams Sink
Sinkology Angelico Sink
Sinkology Riley Sink
Color y Tradicion
Installation Type
Installation Type
Farmhouse/Apron Front
Farmhouse/Apron Front
Bowl Config
Bowl Config
Single Bowl
Single Bowl
Single Bowl
Double Bowl
Double Bowl
33 Inch
33 Inch
33 Inch
33 Inch
33 Inch
Cabinet Size
Cabinet Size
36 Inch
36 Inch
33 Inch
33 Inch
36 Inch

Copper Kitchen Sink Reviews

1. Fossil Blu 33” Luxury Single Bowl Copper Farmhouse Sink

Fossil Blue 33" Luxury Copper Sink Review
  • Made from 12-gauge, 99% pure copper; thickest sink you could find
  • 10” deep sink bowl makes for a luxurious capacity
  • Comes with all a bottom grid and a disposal flange
  • Reinforced apron front
  • Natural patina
  • Shipped in a double-walled box with reinforced corners; zero chances of transit damage
  • Uniform hand-hammering pattern with no visible pattern lines
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Expensive. But totally worth it!

Out of the ordinary, classifying as a true luxury, this Heavy Duty copper farmhouse sink is one of it’s kind. Literally everything about this copper sink from Fossil Blu is extraordinary. Being made from 12-gauge 99% pure copper, this sink is hands down the thickest, heaviest and by extension, the most durable 33” copper sink on the market. The thing weighs over 50 pounds and is obviously meant for folks seeking top-tier quality over everything!

With effective bowl dimensions peaking at 30” L x 19” W x 10” D, the sink is left with a grand 10” exposed apron that simply overshadows all other attractions in your kitchen. Similarly, you have a luxurious depth of 10” within the bowl that you’d most likely be overwhelmed with. Coming to the hammered finish over the sink surface, there’s something out of the norm here too!

Upon giving it a close look, you’d discover that the sink is a true example of a product of skilled craftsmanship besides uncompromised quality and utility. What’s to be highlighted here is the absence of the usual hammer pattern lines. The impressions left from hand-hammering are truly uniform that you’d hardly find in other copper sinks on the market.

Unlike most other brands and sinks that you’ll come across, Fossil Blu includes all the necessary accessories with your purchase. Anyhow, it’d only be pragmatic for you to get a matching bottom grid if you’re investing in such a masterpiece. The package contains a custom-fit copper plated bottom grid, and a copper plated disposal flange with the sink. If you don’t have a garbage disposal and wish for a strainer drain, the seller sends it across upon request.

Finally, the company also appreciates potential transit damage concerns and hence goes the extra mile in better packaging ensuring zero transportation/handling damage is sustained by the actual product whatsoever. There’s just so much right about this copper apron front sink that we’re out of emphasis-inducing words. If price is not a limiting factor, get this copper sink home and you’d be thanking yourself for years to come. Easily tops our list of copper farmhouse sink reviews.  

2. Sinkology Adams Single Bowl 33” Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Adams Farmhouse Apron Front Handmade Farmhouse Copper Kitchen Sink
  • Has a distinctly eccentric look
  • Spacious bowl; adequate depth
  • 16 gauge thick solid copper construction
  • Inherently anti-bacterial
  • Matching accessories to improve functionality
  • Unlike other copper items, the sink doesn’t turn green over typical use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • It’s 40 pounds of solid copper, so you might need a hand to install it
  • Sustained exposure to acidic compounds like ketchup, citric fruits and toothpaste might produce discoloration
  • Patina changes along with use

Moving forward with our top recommendations, here’s a really popular copper farmhouse sink form Sinkology that has managed to receive exceptional acclamation from its existing users. The copper sink is a single bowl model with spacious bowl dimensions measuring 30″ x 19″ x 9″. Adding the extra 1.5” rim thickness on either side hidden under your countertop, the sink’s overall length comes out to be at par with the standard 33” size.

The exposed apron front configuration of the sink allows it to overtly display the classic beauty of hammered copper easily making your sink the absolute centre of attraction of your kitchen. Besides making an instant statement, sinkology copper sinks are also extremely functional. With 9” of generous depth, you can handle large flatware, casserole dishes and tall pots in the sink bowl with extreme ease.

Additionally, a deep sink easily contains splashes and helps you avoid unnecessary clean-up. To summarize, the sink’s exquisite design is augmented with commendable functionality, clear-cut effortless installation and an attractive price point.

Furthermore, the sink is made from commercial grade 16-gauge pure solid copper and its surface hand-hammered by artisans to give it a striking finish. The gauge count here is a representation of the thickness of the copper metal (lower is thicker). You may find really thick and durable 14 gauge copper sinks on the higher side of the price spectrum while you may also discover sinks with gauge count of 20 (really thin and noisy). On that scale, a 16 gauge copper sink makes for a considerably thick and durable rating that you may blindly rely on.

Now, if you think your regular activities at the sink might cause potential damage to the surface, Sinkology sells a matching Heavy Duty bottom grid that guards the sink bottom against scratches and dents. Also, you need to buy the strainer drain or disposal flange separately. If you plan on getting the sink with these accessories, you can customise your purchase on a bargained price. Optionally, if you only want to get the bottom grid alongside the sink, here’s the perfect match.

Taking it further up a notch for our readers that are really serious with making their copper sink take over their kitchen décor, you must not overlook this hand-embossed copper farmhouse variant with the exact same dimensions. This variant features a beautiful piece of art delicately hand-embossed on the exposed apron front giving the sink a luxurious appearance.

3. Sinkology Angelico Drop-in Copper Kitchen Sink

Sinkology Angelico Drop in Copper Sink
  • Drop-in configuration makes for a relatively easy installation
  • Spacious bowl dimensions
  • Made from 17-gauge solid copper metal
  • Includes mounting clips and hardware
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Available with 3 and 4 holes on the faucet deck
  • Optional customisation with strainer drain, disposal flange and bottom grid
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Harsh cleaning agents might cause local discoloration
  • Sharp cutlery might scratch unprotected sink bottom

Competitively priced for a 33” Drop-in kitchen sink, the SK101-33AC-AMZ-D is Sinkology’s one of the most sought-after models among fellow copper sink aficionados. If you’re looking to replace your older 33” kitchen sink with a first-class single bowl drop-in copper sink on a budget, this one according to us, combines all desirable features in optimal proportions.

The sink is thoughtfully designed to make for an easy replacement and easier first-time installation. So much so, you wouldn’t need your plumber for anything besides securing faucet lines. Further, it is handmade from 17-guage pure solid copper with a uniformly hammered surface. Excluding the rim dimensions, the single bowl sink measures 31″ x 17″ x 8″. This is clearly ample space to handle all kinds of kitchen utensils, pots and pans. All in all, the copper sink’s installation is effortless and quick, appearance is splendid and functionality is uncompromised.

Like any other solid copper sink, this one’s too naturally anti-bacterial and has a living patina finish. ‘Living patina finish’ refers to the constantly changing outer shade of the sink that corresponds to the sink’s life. Copper sinks are profoundly known and liked across the states for the evolving nature of their patina where users perceive it as a symbol of aging together.   

Sinkology’s Angelico series includes multiple kits where you can customise your sink as per your requirements and liking. As for the number of holes on the faucet deck, you get two options; one with 3 holes and the other with 4. Further, there are selections to accessorize your single bowl drop-in sink with a disposal flange, a strainer drain and a custom made Heavy Duty bottom grid. Whatever collection of accessories you settle on, you can have complete peace of mind with the lifetime warranty your sink is covered under.

4. Sinkology Riley 33” Drop-in Double Bowl Copper Kitchen Sink

Sinkology Riley Drop in Double Bowl Copper Sink Review
  • Double bowl configuration improves functionality
  • Easily fits into existing 33” cut-out
  • 1 faucet hole and 3 faucet hole variants available
  • 17-gauge still makes for a durable sink; however, there are 16-gauge alternatives
  • Antibacterial; doesn’t need to be disinfected as often
  • Pre-installed sound dampening pads
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No 4 faucet hole option in 17-gauge thickness
  • Citrus/acidic liquids might cause temporary discoloration

Think a double bowl copper sink might better suit your requirements? The Riley Drop-in sink might just be the perfect match for you. Keeping the overall dimensions the exact same as the Angelico Single bowl drop-in sink, this double bowl counterpart introduces the utility of separate sections in the sink. The sink has a 50/50 bowl distribution giving each bowl effective dimensions equalling 14.5″ x 16.5″ x 8″.

Such a double bowl configuration sure gives you separate sections to handle different chores, it also reduces the space in each bowl increasing the chances of scratches on the sink bottom from cluttering of dishes and cutlery. If you’re considering to get this one, we highly recommend you to complement both bowls with their custom-made bottom grids. Investing some additional bucks in a heavy duty bottom grid not only prevents the copper sink’s finish from tarnishing but also safeguards your fragile dishes.

Like its single bowl variant, this one too, is thoughtfully designed to fit in standard 33” sink cut-outs. Existing users haven’t has any problem fitting the sink into their existing counter holes. Further, you have two variants in the Riley 17-guage thickness and similar variants in the 16-gauge thickness. Both measure and look the exact same with the one difference in number of pre-cut holes on the faucet deck. You have a model with a single hole and another with 3 holes.

Sinkology copper sinks come with all inherent benefits of solid copper. The material being anti-bacterial, you need not worry about disinfecting your sink every other day. The sink does it for you. Other metallic sinks are often associated with being a breeding spot for microbes. Further, the natural patina of copper gives you something to look forward to. With a constantly evolving copper kitchen sink that’s backed by a lifetime warranty, your sink would most likely be “in fashion” for decades.

5. Color y Tradicion Rounded 60/40 Double Bowl Copper Farmhouse Sink

Rounded Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Double Bowl Mexican Copper Sink
  • Elegant rounded apron front design
  • Handmade in Mexico by authentic artisans
  • Functional 60/40 bowl split
  • Spacious 9” of depth in both bowls
  • Different patina finish options for single bowl variant
  • Costly
  • Thinner gauge used for the price

An apron front sink is in itself considered an elegant option out of other mounting types. A rounded apron takes it further up a notch. Equipped to be the centrepiece of your kitchen, this double bowl farmhouse sink is hand-made in Mexico by native artisans that are masters of their craft. Each piece is unique in terms of color, texture and patina owing to the non-uniformity created by completely hands-on method of construction.

The sink piece measures 33” in length, 22” in width and 9” in depth. A 60/40 bowl distribution for these dimensions leaves ample workable space in both sink bowls. The design makes for a functional kitchen sink to say the least. On the downside, the copper sink is made from 17 gauge metal which is clearly not the highest thickness standard.

If you’re put off by the thinner gauge of the sink but still like the rounded apron front design, we think this 14 gauge single bowl rounded farmhouse sink could be a neat alternative. Along similar craftsmanship standards, these sinks form Soluna are hand-made by professional 3rd generation coppersmiths. Further adding to your liberty, you can select from four different patina finishes to best match your countertop and overall kitchen décor.

Copper Kitchen Sinks Pros and Cons

Pros (Why buy a Copper Sink)

  • 1. Durable: Copper is a highly durable metal. It generally doesn’t deteriorate or corrode over time, that’s why it is used in the manufacturing of products that are meant to last for a lifetime.
  • 2. Attractive Look: The color and appearance of copper make the kitchen sinks look more attractive as compared to porcelain and stainless steel kitchen sinks. The best feature is that it tends to enhance its look with every passing year.
  • 3. Antibacterial Property: Copper has the tendency to fight against bacteria which are likely to grow more often in the kitchen sinks and hence keeps the sinks healthy and hygienic.
  • 4. Sustainability: Copper has the ability to be recyclable as it can be molded, forged and melted multiple times. The cost of top-notch scrap copper is just 5% less than the cost of fresh mined ones. This implies you can generally change the state of the current sinks and make it look new significantly following a couple of years without purchasing another one. Generally hammered copper kitchen sinks are preferred if you want to replace frequently as there’s less efforts involved in making those sinks.

Cons (Problems with Copper Sinks)

  • 1. Maintenance: Copper kitchen sinks require more maintenance as compared to the other sink materials. You need to scrub them more frequently. Moreover, they are highly vulnerable to harsh cleaners, hot pots and acidic liquids.
  • 2. Expensive: The cost of a single kitchen sink ranges from hundreds to thousand dollars, which simply means that it may be troublesome to get a copper sink to some people. A copper farmhouse sink is generally used in places with a vintage or royal theme. But if the plan is right, a copper sink with a high-end kitchen faucet can even fit in with modern designs to imply a royal appearance.

Copper Sink Buying Guide

Copper sinks are a combination of skilled artisanship and one of nature’s most alluring metals, and they offer a captivating cluster of looks, sizes and styles to accommodate your kitchen space. This attractive metal offers a snazzy expression and reflects a well-defined finish over a period of time due to its reactive nature.

Factors to Consider while Buying a Copper Sink

You don’t buy a copper sink by just looking at its appearance. There are a lot more aspects to consider while buying the ideal one for your kitchen space. Let’s explore them now!

1. Mounting Style

Just like other sink materials, copper sinks also come with mounting variants. There are primarily three styles to consider during the installation of a copper kitchen sink, incorporating undermount, drop-in sink and farmhouse copper sink or also known as apron front. If you’re not sure what’s different in each of this variants, you can read about each variants below

A. Undermount Copper Sink
Undermount Copper Kitchen Sink Review

An undermount sink is usually mounted underneath the counter. There is no lip or edge, which implies that the edge of counter drops off straightforwardly into the sink bowl. Additionally, the style offers a spotless, modern look, this element makes for less work when cleaning since garbage can be cleaned straight into the sink.

Undermount copper sink accompanies a level edge that permits the sink to flush underneath the ledge’s surface, leaving no holes in the middle. They are typically favored for strong ledges, for example, those of quartz and granite kitchen sinks.

B. Drop-in Copper Sink
Sinkology Angelico Drop in Copper Sink

Drop-in sinks, additionally called self-rimming or top-mount, are the most widely recognized sort of kitchen sink. A drop-in sink has a noticeable lip around its edge that lays level on the ledge. The sink basin drops straight into the ledge cut-out, and the edge lip holds everything set up. Drop-ins are made sure about by shrouded metal clips under the ledge just as a globule of silicone caulk under the sink’s edge.

C. Farmhouse Copper Sink
Adams Farmhouse Apron Front Handmade Farmhouse Copper Kitchen Sink

A copper apron sink features a major copper front to expel the ledge between the sink and you, which means diminished straining and leaning. The sink’s forward portion features an ornamental apron panel uncovered and dwelling before the ledge edge, while the rest part of the sink is either dropped in or under mounted. 

This mounting style offers an amazing vintage feel with cutting edge manufacture and ergonomic structure. They are also called farmhouse sinks, as they were broadly utilized in old farmhouse kitchens. Mostly the 14-guage copper sinks are widely popular among buyers because of it’s appealing and appropriate thickness to give just the right look.

Apron sinks have both functionality and stylish appeal. They are very profound and wide enough to allow washing even small pooches and huge stockpots. You can easily maintain them as they get progressively beautiful over a while.

2. Smooth vs. Hammered Finish

Smooth Finish vs Hammered Finish Copper Sink

Smooth copper sinks are fabricated, regularly mass-delivered as they are produced by machine with a form or press. “Hand-Hammered” sinks include a finished surface made by the pounding strategies utilized as they are made individually, by hand, in small craftsman shops. A smooth copper sink usually has modern and industrial style appearance, while a hammered copper sink has a warm, hand-created appeal that fits well to natural, mixed, conventional, just as a contemporary stylistic theme. 

Smooth sinks are somewhat hard to continue in a bustling region and are probably going to show scratches and dings. This has no importance in commercial kitchens as the surface would get damaged in no time. In a home kitchen where appearance is of prime concern, you can go with a hammered copper kitchen sink to avoid heavy maintenance.The hammered surface includes character and magnificence, yet additionally fortifies the surface and helps disguise those little denotes that happen with the regular use.

Instead of using single sheet for an entire sink, Copper sinks are generally manufactured by combining different elements with different welding techniques. So, make sure to check the manufacturer’s quality of interior corners and edges of the sink. Such details are generally visible in photos and also mentioned by brands on their product pages.

3. Gauge of Metal

Copper Kitchen Sink Gauge and Thickness Chart

Gauge is an estimation of the thickness of the copper material and is measured by the weight per square foot. As a rule of thumb, the lower the number, the thicker the gauge. Most of the kitchen sinks are in the scope of 14 to 18 gauge, with 14 showing the thickest and 20 demonstrating the most slender gauge. 

The thickness of copper utilized in the development of sinks changes extraordinarily. Copper is a delicate metal and the thickness can dramatically affect how well the sink wears after some time. This is particularly significant for kitchen sinks that experience a steady flood of pots, containers and cleaning items. If you’re planning to buy a copper sink for home kitchen, a 14 guage copper sink should be your choice.

Although a thicker gauge copper farm sink is mostly on the expensive side, the expense is quite worth it, considering the level of durability you are getting from it. A lighter gauge sometimes produces a tinny sound when the faucet is turned on and water splashes on the sink surface. Moreover, it also tends to dent easily, which is an aspect to be considered especially in the case of kitchen sinks.

4. Patina Finish

It’s crucial to understand the concept of patina while purchasing a copper kitchen sink as most of the buyers don’t expect the coloration shifts to take place. Patina or oxidation is a natural process which takes place due to the exposure of copper metal to oxygen. It results in the formation of a protective coating on the metal surface which is warm brown and gets shifted to green if it is exposed to acids or salts. 

The Patina can also lighten if salty water, chemicals and acidic foods keep sitting on the sink’s surface. If you don’t want this to happen, you can apply an appropriate coating of wax regularly in order to create a hindrance between environmental conditions and the metal surface. All the products mentioned in our copper sink review above are less prone to this effects due to appropriate coating by manufacturers.

5. Sink Maintenance

When we talk about the maintenance of copper kitchen sink, the first thing you can do is don’t let the items sit for hours or overnight in the sink. The metal surface can easily get stained if the water or debris is left on it. Secondly, don’t let the sink surface come in contact with the harsh bleaches and other cleansing agents as they can drastically alter the finish and color of copper metal. 

One of the simplest ways to keep the copper sinks from aging is to wash them every day with a dishwashing liquid and water. You can also use some baking soda and water to remove the stubborn stains.

Make it a habit to clean the sink regularly after cleaning all the dishes to keep it’s radiant look alive for years to come. If you’re often left with a clogged sink, you could use a garbage disposal to take care of your food waste that’s been giving you trouble. Further, for deep copper farmhouse sinks, low-profile garbage disposals are the best option considering the limited cabinet space left beneath. 


Copper kitchen sinks are a symbol of absolute luxury for homes that are emphasized with a traditional as well as contemporary décor. If you love the appearance and want something vintage for your kitchen space, then considering a copper sink is definitely a classic choice. On the other hand, if you’re open to other sink materials, we’ve com[iled quite a variety of top-notch kitchen sinks from brands like Elkay , VIGO and Blanco.

Despite the type of sink you end up purchasing, just make sure that you don’t compromise quality and functionality as they are the two major aspects of the selection procedure. We’ve given our best attempt at helping you find the best ones out in the flooded market. If you don’t already have a choice, choosing one form our compilation would save you the exertion of going through countless models because we’ve done that for you.

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