Cooktop Vs. Range | Detailed Comparison- What your Kitchen needs?

Cooktops vs Ranges-Which is better for your kitchen

Stoves are one of the primary kitchen appliances that you would find in any kitchen space. They offer you an efficient method of preparing meals at home. Today’s market is loaded with a wide array of stoves that differ in terms of configuration and fuel type. They rely on the application of direct heat for the cooking process and some units may also incorporate an oven. If you are currently looking to buy one of these appliances, then you must examine the differences between cooktop Vs. range, so you have a better idea of what to expect.

What is a Cooktop?

What is a Cooktop in Kitchen

Cooktops are independent units that consist of only the burner portion, so they require countertop space and possibly a range hood. They are ever-mainstream in contemporary kitchens since they take into consideration unique arrangements and workspace designs. They can be paired with wall ovens to save cabinet space or introduced on a kitchen island for an adaptable cooking station. 

The adjustable control knobs are located entirely on the unit. Normally, they will be situated in the front or close to the sides of the grates. The standard sizes favored by the vast majority of the purchasers are 30 and 36 inches, yet you can locate some commercial models in 60 inches too. The top interface of the appliance will differ contingent upon the model and brand you go with, yet they all commonly offer numerous cooking surfaces and grates.

Types of Cooktops: Gas Vs Induction Vs Electric

1. Gas Cooktops

Gas Cooktops in Kitchen

Gas Cooktops are the preferred units for genuine home chefs, as they offer high temperatures and effectively customizable controls required for quick and proficient cooking. These units utilize an open flame as a heating element and therefore can reach high heat fast. 

While gas cooktop structures differ, numerous units highlight a power burner intended to reach at most extreme temperatures rapidly and a simmer burner for more delicate cooking such as melting chocolate, preparing soups, etc. Besides, the best gas cooktops highlight commercial grade parts, permitting you to prepare café quality dinners from the solace of your own home.

2. Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktops in Kitchen

Induction cooktops are a sort of electric cooktop that uses electromagnetic energy to prepare food. A component beneath the apparatus’ flat ceramic surface generates a magnetic field that responds to cookware with iron, steel or magnetic stainless steel bottoms. The response creates a vibration that outcomes in the heat you require to prepare meals. 

On account of this exceptional structure, there are various advantages to possessing an induction cooktop. These models heat up a lot quicker and offer unrivaled temperature control. Besides, they essentially lessen the danger of burning or kitchen fires, as they possibly produce heat only when the congenial cookware contacts the surface. If you desire the streamlined look and safe operation of induction cooktops, you could lend a hand in choosing the best options from our detailed Induction cooktop reviews. On the other hand, if you wish to have a smaller secondary induction burner, there are also dual element induction cooktops that cost less, take up less space on your countertop and still let you have your primary gas cooktop.

However, both configurations are limited by a common con. Induction cooktops require special magnetic cookware that are specifically made to be used with them. These are often branded as non-stick induction ready cookware. If you’re upgrading to an induction cooktop, you might as well have to invest of a cookware set that’s induction compatible.

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3. Electric Cooktops

Electric Cooktops in Kitchen

The burners on these units are heated by utilizing electricity and they do take a little longer to heat up. The traditional models feature coil burners, whereas, on the contrary, modern appliances offer a smooth top design. Regardless of the style, you can expect precise temperature from the burners every time as electric settings ensure uniformity. While using these units, you may notice a slight rise in your electricity bills as well.

Moreover, they are a bit more affordable to buy and are generally easier to install than their gas counterparts. As with any other type, these too have their own pros and cons but are generally preferred for their sleek design. We’ve compiled a list of our top picks for the best radiant electric cooktops in 2021 for your reference.

What is a Range?

What is Range

A range is a cooking appliance that integrates a cooktop with a wall oven. They are usually larger in size and are designed to slide into your kitchen countertops, thus creating a consistent built-in look. They vary drastically in terms of size. You can find small ranges of 20 inches that are suitable for small to medium kitchen space. On the other hand, the larger ranges can climb up to 60 inches and are generally preferred for commercial purposes. However, most of the homeowners are likely to buy the standard size ranges of 30 or 36 inches. Corresponding to the width of the range, the set is often complemented with a ventilation unit that could either be a vented microwave or an under cabinet range hood.

In addition, you will find the control knobs located right on the front of the unit slightly sticking out of the cabinetry. The top interface consists of varied size cooking zones and grates that are suitable for preparing distinct meals. Besides this, larger ranges offer you griddle and double oven too, that you can use for baking purposes.  

Types of Ranges based on Installation: Slide-in Vs. Freestanding

1. Slide-in Range

What are Slide-in Ranges in Kitchen

A slide-in range has the advantage of appearing as like it’s implicit and specially crafted for the kitchen, yet really being a lot simpler to install than that, since you can simply slide them into the accessible spot in your kitchen space. Generally, they don’t feature a backguard and the controls are situated in the front of the range, so they have a smooth and clean appearance. They are additionally more extensive on top, so there’s no space left between the range top and the counter and dribbles and crumbs can’t get through.

2. Freestanding Range

Free-Standing Ranges for Kitchen

These ranges offer you the easiest installation as they are designed to stand alone or be directly installed within your kitchen cabinet space. They feature finished sides and a level back and their sizes are standardized so they should fit into any standard range space. Moreover, you will find the control knobs on the front of the unit which is a few inches tall. The control panel is located at the very back of the range so that you get easy access to the oven below. They are not only the most prevalent type of ranges seen in the kitchens but also the affordable ones.

Types of Ranges based on Fuel Type: Gas Vs Electric Vs Dual Fuel

1. Gas Range

Cosmo GRP304 Freestanding 30” Professional Gas Range

Numerous chefs, including amateurs, incline toward professional gas ranges since they offer a degree of accuracy on the burner that electronic range doesn’t oversee. With gas ranges, you can move between various degrees of heat on the stove within a moment. Since you can see the flame on a gas burner, you have a steady viewable prompt of how hot the burner is. 

Gas rates better than electric regarding vitality use. You can hope to save money on your monthly vitality charges by going with a gas range. But you will have to spend significantly more to get your gas range set up if your kitchen doesn’t already have a gas hookup.

2. Electric Range

GE Electric Range in Kitchen

Electric ranges are more popular among the buyers as they feature smooth top stoves having sleek and modern aesthetics that blend well with every kitchen décor. The homeowners who don’t have a gas hookup in their kitchen can opt for electric ranges as they don’t have to worry about installing a gas line. These ranges are an affordable option initially, but they can cost you more in the long run as they contribute a significant amount in the utility bills. They are preferred by most of the experienced chefs as they allow you to cook evenly and are widely considered superior for baking. 

3. Dual-Fuel Range

Verona Prestige Series VPFSGE365DSS 36” Dual Fuel Range

These ranges combine the precision of a gas stove with even baking in an electric oven. They usually cost you a bit more than other types of range, but it is quite worth it as you get more flexibility and cooking options. It is suitable for consumers that do a lot of cooking on a regular basis and are specific about their cooking preferences. Also, the installation procedure is going to be equivalent to that of a gas range, so make sure that you have a gas hookup in your kitchen space. 

The usual configuration is a gas cooktop on the top combined with an electric oven in the bottom. Owing to the preferred benefits of both, one can see a higher prevalence of dual fuel ranges across domestic and commercial kitchens. If you’re currently looking for one, here’s our top recommendations for the best dual fuel ranges in 2021.


As you can see, when you consolidate two essential appliances into one unit, it serves as a functional, easy to use and an engaging centerpiece of your kitchen. After delving into the differences between cooktop and range, now you must be able to conclude which one satisfies your cooking requirements. Prudently analyze your demands and how you anticipate using the appliance in the years to come. 

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