I’m pretty sure every single person right now flicking through this article is more or less a coffee lover. And adding to that, it’s obvious for each one of you to have your own special blend of coffee. Whether latte, espresso, mocha, black or whatever your term is, your brew definitely has quite some stimulating effects. However, the surprising matter is this that you could also enjoy your sip as a subject of your pre-workout mission. So high five to the coffee freaks for now having an additional excuse to enjoy your brew.

It’s no secret that coffee can yield some mental and health problems to many, as the effect on each individual can be different. Plus, too much consumption of anything could be dangerous. However, this does not mean that we would forget about its incredible benefits.

Interestingly coffee is a great magician ready to serve you in intensifying your workout with its spell. But to avail its wonders, at first you need to ditch its sugar and cream and have it simply black.

6 ways in which Coffee is your loyal Pre-workout buddy

1. Speeds up Fat Loss

Coffee helps Speeds up Fat Loss

Coffee has some amazing fat burning specialties. Consuming coffee as pre workout scheme could crank up fat loss during exercise by using fat cells as a means of energy. Coffee increases your body’s metabolism and helps to burn more calories through the day following the exercise. Furthermore, coffee also helps in reducing your appetite besides enhancing your workout effects.

However, many argue that the effect of coffee on your appetite is slight and from this point of view coffee may not help with weight loss commendably.

2. Boosts Performance

benefits of coffee as a pre-workout

The accurate amount of caffeine dosage greatly helps in boosting your performance during work-out, therefore, enabling you to exercise for a longer period of time and pushing yourself through harder.

Numerous reports suggest that coffee intake is beneficial during pre-workout and athletic performance. This means you can run in the treadmill faster and longer.

A report published in the British Journal of Sports Science revealed that coffee consumers finished a fifteen hundred meters run on treadmill faster on average than non-consumers.

Exercise physiologist Matthew Ganio suggested that if you could bear caffeine in your body, then it may highly help to improve your athletic performance.

Conversely, caffeine intake may over-excite your brain and eventually make you feel tired.

3. Enhances Mood

Coffee can Enhances Mood

Coffee acts as a medicine to improve your mood by stimulating your brain’s central nervous system. Along with boosting your mood, it also keeps you attentive, less bored and away from depression. All these subtle benefits add to the effort you put in your workouts. To summarize, coffee has a positive impact on your overall mental health.

On the contrary, if coffee stole your sleep the previous night, the next whole day it could curse you with a cranky mood and as a result, you won’t enjoy your work-out either. So, you see? You got to manipulate it’s consumption according to your daily habits.

4. Increases Focus

how to focus during workout

Besides supplying you with greater energy during exercise, coffee also plays an important role in enhancing your mental focus and concentration, therefore, pushing you to be more focused and motivated during the workout. Coffee helps your brain to function better and thus the ultimate results during work-out are fruitful and dynamic.

However, a lot of people often suffer adverse focus and attentiveness effects from caffeine intake. Coffee can reduce focus the next day during exercise if you haven’t slept properly the previous night due to having quite a dosage of caffeine into your body.

5. Reduces Muscle Cramps

Coffee Reduces Muscle Cramps

Studies suggest that caffeine in your body reduces the further chances of muscle cramps during exercise, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity, along with higher resistance in work-out. So yeah, you could cardio more, flex more, or throw some extra push-ups.

6. Prevents Disease

Prevents Disease

Coffee with its high amount of antioxidants works as a shield to your body as it protects you from various kinds of diseases. So drink coffee as pre workout and stay free of diseases since you won’t be able to work-out properly if you keep falling ill.

So now you know that it’s a great way to team up coffee and exercise together to keep you both mentally and physically healthy. When you intake coffee, you are mentally healthy for a good work-out. And consequently, a proper exercise makes you feel physically fit and healthy.

Bear in mind that these effects of caffeine in your body significantly varies from person to person. The effects highly depend according to the level of caffeine intake, amount of daily consumption, and how your body reacts to it. Also, studies suggest that habitual coffee consumers need to intake a greater amount of coffee for the effects to take place than non-habitual consumers. Basically, your body adapts.

Brewing your ultimate cup of black coffee is an elegant flair. It’s up to you to decide on how you wish to make your black coffee. For people with frequent needs, a grind and brew coffee maker makes it way easier and less time-consuming to fetch for a cup when they feel like it.

Hope this article has helped you in clearing your reluctance regarding using coffee as a pre workout! So stay healthy and drink coffee!

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