Can You Put a Yeti Cup in the Microwave?

are yeti cups microwave safe

In this fast-moving world there is an ever rising time crunch. This makes way for products and services which may help in relieving us of some of the pressure by saving our time. Yeti cup is one such appliance which let’s us carry our hot coffee or tea and be on our way. The Yeti cup lets us carry our beverages around and drink it at a temperature we desire. 

These are insulated cups which are capable of maintaining the adequate temperature of our drinks. It doesn’t matter whether it is hot coffee or tea or ice cold drinks, this cup keeps their temperature intact. The cups are made using stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation. They have the capability to keep a liquid hot or cold twice as much as plastic. 

What are Yeti Cups?

A yeti tumbler is what gets you through your day. They are vacuum sealed insulated tumblers which are made of stainless steel and have a plastic lid. Made using kitchen graded stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation, it protects your drink at all costs. It is suitable in cases of both hot and cold beverages and will retain their temperature for around 12 hours. 

A yeti cup is known for its ability to keep the temperature of your liquid intact. Whether it’s your morning brew or iced cold coffee, a yeti cup is made to make work life easier for you. You can carry it around easily and can drink your drink whenever you get a chance during the day. Its exterior is designed in a way that it acts as an additional barrier of protection for the drinks inside and prevents the heat or cold from escaping. 

Can You Put a Yeti in the Microwave?

can a yeti cup go in the microwave

In cases of hot drinks, a Yeti cup is great at retaining its temperature for long hours. Sometimes it just so happens that after a considerable time has passed, your drink might not be as hot as you would prefer and it might need a little bit of warming. Thus arises the question of can you put a Yeti cup in the microwave? The answer to this will be yes. 

Yeti cups can be put in a standard microwave for a little bit of warming without causing any damages. The contents inside will heat up but it will be a rather gradual and slow process when compared to heating in a glass or ceramic cup. While yeti cups can be put in the microwave safely for some time, there is still a need to be careful so that the steel does not get too hot. 

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Are there any Dangers of Putting Yeti Cups in the Microwave? 

Yeti cups are made using stainless steel, so when the cup is put inside the microwave, the outer surface gets exposed to the radiation and the electrons present in the metal can then conduct electricity. Since the cups are made using a thick and flat metal, the electrons vibrate back and forth on it and the microwaves bounce off its surface. 

This causes the metal to heat up and can become extremely hot if kept in the microwave for a long period of time. The effect can be amplified in convection-assisted microwaves due to a fan moving the heat around. If you are using a thin metal, then it gets heated up faster and increases the possibility of a fire occurring. Although, In cases of yeti cups the risk of electric sparks occurring is low. 

However, in yeti cups the microwave slowly heats up but the outside metal reflects most of the microwaves. This makes it challenging to heat any liquid kept inside the yeti cups. The microwaves can still get in through the top and warm it, but it takes a little more time than usual. 

How Long Can You Microwave Yeti Cups For? 

Putting yeti cups inside the microwave will only be a time consuming process with not the best results. The thick metallic exterior of the yeti doesn’t absorb heat easily and is therefore not the best way to reheat the liquids. Microwaving a yeti cup may result in excessive heat build up which may eventually lead to smokes, sparks and potential flames inside the microwaves. Normally putting a yeti cup inside the microwave won’t result in these circumstances, but keeping the yeti inside the microwave for too long will result in such situations. 

Even if not always resulting in a catastrophic situation, a Yeti cup won’t be the ideal choice for reheating liquids. Its stainless steel structure blocks the rays and shields the contents from the rays and thereby prevents them from heating. So after a lot of trouble it only gives a lukewarm drink, which is not worth all the risks. 

Will a Yeti Cup Catch Fire In the Microwave?

It is usually unlikely for a yeti cup to catch fire inside the microwave. However a fire may be caused if the cup is left inside the microwave for too long. Microwaves make use of radio waves to heat the content put inside them. Materials like glass are able to let the rays pass through it to the food inside and warm it. In case of metals, this does not happen and rather the rays get reflected back which can result in sparks or cause fire. 

Yeti is made of thick metal which decreases the reflection of rays but the metal still reflects most of the rays since it’s also tougher for the rays to pass through the thick metal surface. Since it takes longer to heat the content this way, the yeti cup might have to stay in the microwave for longer thereby increasing chances of fire occurring. Apart from metallic containers, there’s a whole bunch of other things that you must not put in a microwave.

Are Yeti Cups Oven Safe?

Putting the yeti cup in the oven is also not a safe option. Maximum temperature that yeti cups can withstand is 185°F. Exposing the yeti cups to temperature over 185°F can damage the cups by either warping its metallic surface or melting its components. 

The stainless steel double vacuumed surface of the Yeti cup is designed specifically for keeping the temperature of the inside liquid intact, hence it prevents any outside heat from entering. Thus it will take too long for a liquid to heat in a yeti cup. 

Therefore, you can put a Yeti cup inside the oven if you keep the temperature well below 185°F, but it won’t be an effective way of reheating and would be rather time consuming. 

Verdict | Avoid Microwaving Yeti Cups If You have Other Cups to Use 

While there are some yeti cups which are microwave safe despite not having a microwave safe symbol, we still advise you to avoid putting yeti cups in microwaves. Yeti drinkware is made from stainless steel like aluminium or any other conductive metal which does not go well with the radiation that is emitted by the microwaves. Thus exposing a Yeti to the microwave can be very dangerous and should be strongly discouraged. 

The yeti cups have been specifically designed to retain the heat and not to reheat. Keeping the lid on the Yeti cup helps keep the liquid warm for longer periods and reduces the need of reheating. Even if certain situations may arise which warrant reheating the liquid, there are better alternatives available than a Yeti cup which is both a slow heater and prone to fires and sparks. 

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