Brizo is a luxury fittings brand for the individuals who don’t limit fashion to their clothes only and understand the fact that it reflects their entire lifestyle. The brand is a subsidiary of Delta faucets and features only high-end premium faucets highlighted with distinctive designs that complement the royal décor. The Brizo 63225LF secures a respectable spot in our personal recommendations for upscale kitchen faucets in 2021. Brizo likes to see their kitchen faucets, alongside their different installations, as propelled centerpieces. For this manufacturer, a faucet is not only a fitting. That is the reason each assortment is listed as being “By Brizo.” Every kitchen faucet is marked with those two words to give evidence of the fact that it is thought of as an alluring work of art.

The design of Brizo Artesso single handle faucet is inspired by factories of the early 20th century. It features a dual joint articulating arm with a semi-flexible hose. Besides this, it is incorporated with magnetic docking system and touch clean nozzles that efficiently swipe away mineral deposits. Moreover, it offers two functionalities- spray and stream that make distinct kitchen cleaning tasks quite convenient. Let’s dig into the detailed Brizo kitchen faucet review to have a deeper look at its various specifications.

Brizo Artesso 63225LF Review

1. Faucet Weight 7.34 Pounds
2. Dimensions 24.7 x 13.1 x 3.6 inches
3. Spout Height 20 Inches
4. Faucet Type Pull down
5. Magnetic Docking Yes
6. Number of Handles 1
7. Hose Length 23 Inches
8. No. of holes 1
9. Spout Reach 1″
10. Water Consumption 1.8 GPM
11. Installation Method Surface Mounted


  • Convenient Articulating design
  • Spray and stream functionality
  • Installs easily with standard plumbing lines
  • Pull-down spray head secured with magnetic docking
  • 5 year warranty


  • The articulating arm doesn’t stay put. It tends to come down to its initial position slowly

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1. Thoughtful Design

Brizo Kitchen Faucet Designs Review

Brizo Artesso kitchen faucet features a unique articulating arm and adjustable double-jointed scaffolding mechanics which allow the faucet to take a broad range of stance. It implies that you are able to alter its height as well as the reach of the spout as per your comfort level. It highlights a single handle which is convenient for when the other hand is already holding a pot or any other kitchen item.

It has a long hose that is adaptable enough for productive spraying of the sink while cleaning and effectively reaches the pot over the counter. Other than the extraordinary practicality, it is integrated with the best curve with the goal that whatever position you place it in, it despite everything keeps up an effortless, basic, and uncluttered appearance on your kitchen counter.

The faucet swivels up to 360 degrees, which makes it ideal for both small or large, single or double basin sinks. Also, the rotating body makes it compatible with both right and left-handed users. Moreover, the Artesso’s magnetic dock situated toward the end of the articulating arm guarantees the head remains in place and doesn’t droop over time. The docking seat can turn 180 degrees to one side or right, and you can likewise isolate the spray head from the dock and move it around as the hose is semi-flexible.

2. Unique Finishes

The Artesso kitchen faucet comes in numerous finishes, including luxe gold, stainless steel, Venetian bronze, polished nickel and chrome. Out of these stainless steel and chrome are more common among the buyers as they are quite affordable as compared to others.

The distinct finishes offer you the opportunity to select the one that goes well with your kitchen décor scheme or color of the sink. All of these are premium quality finishes that enhance the durability of the faucet while at the same time they are convenient to maintain and clean as well. With their bold and shiny look, they offer your kitchen a more sophisticated appearance. 

3. Durable Diamond Coated Ceramic Cartridge

Brizo Artesso 63225LF Review

The Artesso kitchen faucet incorporates a ceramic cartridge which offers enhanced durability and leak-free experience as opposed to faucets with washers. The ceramic is robust enough to resist cracking and can withstand the extreme heat and cold temperatures as well.

Moreover, the flow adjustable cartridges allow you to control the water flow too and if you are concerned about saving water, then this is the feature you will be happy to have. You can also periodically dismantle the cartridge for cleaning and maintaining purposes if you have got a basic plumbing knowledge, otherwise, you can hire a professional as well.

4. Convenient 1-Hole Installation

The Brizo 63225LF features a single hole installation which is hassle-free and requires less time as well. It is a magnificent choice for undermount sinks with the faucet installed through the countertop. Also, there is less faucet base to clean around. The installation includes a few steps, such as positioning the sprayer hose, attaching all the flexible connectors, ideal seating the faucet and at last tightening the connection with the help of an adjustable wrench. 

5. Generous Warranty

Brizo ensures that the materials utilized in their kitchen faucets and the craftsmanship behind each model are liberated from imperfection for a time of 5 years after the date of procurement for both domestic and commercial usage. It indicates that the faucet is built to look pretty in domestic kitchens, but is, in fact, a commercial-grade faucet in terms of performance.

In the event that a guarantee must be made, at that point, Brizo will supplant or fix the faulty faucet inside the appropriate guarantee time frame. In certain conditions, at their sole circumspection, Brizo likewise may choose to offer a full discount of the price tag upon an exchange of the defective product. 

Verdict – What do we think of the Brizo Artesso 63225LF

After examining all the pros and cons of the Brizo Artesso kitchen faucet, we can certainly state that the manufacturers have designed it precisely keeping in mind the comfort level of discrete users. The wide array of finishes offers diverse options to the users so that they can select the one that matches their preferences and style of their kitchen décor. It’s adjustable features make everyday kitchen tasks quite convenient for the users and hence save a lot of their essential time as well. Owing to it’s robust built and augmented functionality, we’re even contemplating adding it in out top picks for commercial kitchen faucets in 2021. Moreover, it also claims to conserve water while offering an easy installation which can be a prominent feature accountable for buyer’s inclination towards it.

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