Bradford White Water Heaters Review

Best Bradford White Water Heater Review

Bradford White is one of the most trusted brands that you can come across when it comes to water heaters. Their products are suitable for both commercial and domestic establishments. It is an employee-owned company which slowly climbed the market due to one thing credibility. Established in 1981, the company slowly started main line production of water heaters and slowly expanded their presence internationally.

Now the major part of the business mainly propelled in sales mainly due to the varieties of water heaters that they have to offer. They have many variants of water heaters that runs on natural gas, electricity and propane as well. Some of these variants like the propane model that their competitors like AO smith and Rheem do not offer is one of the major stand points for the company to move their products in the commercial platform. Check the Rheem Fury 22V40F1 Review to compare with subsequent picks from Bradford White. 

To make sure that we cover the extensive performance of the water heaters from Bradford white, we went ahead with the Electric- Water heater type and the Natural gas type water heater which was widely driving sales in the market. The water heaters went through an extensive testing methodology to make sure to find every loophole that we can come across and the testing team was indeed stunned with the performance that the water heater had to offer. There are a lot of performance index points that were fulfilled during the performance and the test analysis that made the water heater to be a reliable product and a long-lasting one as well.

The global presence of Bradford White is mainly due to the extensive collection of various types of water heaters that they have at their disposal. They have a wide range of products starting from normal gas driven water heaters to Electrically powered water heaters.

There are two main basic variants that we are going to deal with ahead and one of the most important factors include the gas type variant and the electric type variant. This article has all tank water heaters only. If you’re looking for best tankless water heaters, you can read our dedicated review of that.

Bradford White Water Heater Review

1. Bradford White 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater – Gas Heater

Bradford White 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater


  • The model is technologically advanced.
  • Has Ultra efficient operation.
  • Best in terms of safety features.


  • Not suitable for smaller domestic households.
  • Expansion tank needed in some cases.

  • 4.9/5.0

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This product is probably one of the most effective gas variant water heaters that is available with Bradford White. Now If you are looking for a conventional water heater for a commercial setup, then this model will be a great start for you. The size and weight which is around 60.5” X 20” and 134 pounds is the apt water heater for a small-scale commercial space or an averagely large domestic household.

It runs on natural gas that you can get on subscription basis if you are looking for setting the same in a domestic household. Now to talk a little about the various attributes that the model offers from its competitors is the safety aspects. It has a flame arrestor technology to make sure that the flame does not spread out of the body of the heater in case of a failure. The other important aspect is the reset thermal switch that goes off in case of overheating. 

The product also covers well in terms of the performance graphs, with a factory pre-installed hydrojet performance system, you water heater would always be performing at its best efficiency.  This will make sure that your heater will consume gas and help you save a lot when it comes to the gas bills.

Now the other best thing about the product is that it comes with a latest ICON technology from Bradford White that will probably help you with efficiency, thermal conductivity and maintain a long life-time for the heaters.

2. Bradford White RE350S6-1NCWW 50GAL Water Heater – Electric Heater


  • Robust Design.
  • Corrosion resistant materials inclusive.
  • Lesser maintenance.


  • Basic safety features involved.


  • 4.5/5.0

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The Bradford White BWC RE350S6-1NCWW is one of the latest models of electric type water heaters from Bradford white. The water heater is a 50 Gallon variant that works on the standard 240 V source. If you are not thinking of establishing a gas type water heater at home or a small commercial space, then this is the next best option for you to lay out.

There are a lot of other non-standard models that are available with the same model in the 120V, 480V, 208V and the 277V variant as well. The heating tubes are well coated with a layer of magnesium to prevent rust and help you in having a long-term service free plan. The heater is also designed with 4500 watts elements to make sure that the efficiency is well maintained and also the heater works in such a controlled way that your electricity bills don’t shoot up through the roof. Overall, it comes with a manual to easily help you setup your very own water heater at home and get it running in no time. The compact design is what aids to the sales and this means that it will not be taking a lot of space.

The overall shipping of the hole product is going to wind up anywhere between $650 and with additional installation charges to your local plumber, the price can be bumped up to as high as $700 max.

3. Bradford White RE350T6-1NCWW 50GAL Electric Water Heater – Electric Heater

Bradford White BWC RE350T6-1NCWW 50GAL 240V Electric Water Heater


  •  Sleek design to fit all types of households.
  • Better thermal efficiency
  • Better performance


  • Slightly higher price point.

  • 4.7/5.0

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This is the T series of the Bradford White BWC RE350T6-1NCWW is similar to the S series but is different in the way the output gallons in the first hour delivery is based at. This model basically supplies nearly 65 gallons in the first hour. Which is pretty much different in the other models. The other bright side is that the there are also improvements in terms of heat loss prevention with added heat traps in the main line and the discharge line outlet.

The major part is that it operates at a 3500watts but is built with elements that can withstand up to 4500Watts making it extremely reliable and easy on the electricity bills. The next part is the optimal space that the water heater occupies is very compact thus making it a easy fit for any kind of domestic household.

The price point is around the $750 and you are looking upwards to a roundup of $800 inclusive of shipping and installation as well. Well this is definitely a long-term investment and we are looking here for a term of 10 to 15 years.

Bradford White Water Heaters – Buying Guide

Bradford White Gas vs Electric Water Heaters

Bradford Electric vs Gas Heater

“In most cases, you are going to just go with whatever your home has been fitted with already,” says Daniel O’Brian, technical expert for online plumbing and HVAC retailer SupplyHouse. Nearly all houses have electricity, and many have access to both gas and electricity.

While there are many more types of electric heaters like Solar, heat-pump and heat condensing which are available in the market, Gas & Electric ones are the most popular in households. We have compared Bradford White’s Gas water heater with Electric one to help you make the right choice easily.

Factors Gas Heater Electric Heater
1. Initial Cost High Slightly less than Gas
2. Operational Cost Low High
3. Energy factor (EF) Rating Slightly less than Electric High
4. Power Failure Will work under Power outrage Will not work under Power outrage
5. Reheating Takes less time to reheat Takes more time to reheat
6. Suitable for Household/Commercial Household
7. Efficiency Moderate High

Bradford White Gas vs Electric Water Heaters

Features of Bradford White Gas Water Heaters

The Braford lineup of gas-powered water heaters stand at the top of the line with the latest technology integrated into the working of these water heaters. These water heaters are sophisticated to make sure that the overall performance of the water heater is in the ultra-efficient range.

There are a lot of factors that determine the efficient performance of the machine and one of the most dedicated sources is the usage of the latest technology to make sure that there is a better transmission rate of heat and the overall performance of the water heater is at the top end priority. The intelligent gas controller system that is integrated into the operations is one of the key highlights that makes the system to work at minimum consumption at maximum efficiency. 

The other key parameters that are contributing to the overall development of the machine’s performance is the energy saving systems that are integrated into the system that makes it valid to improve operational performance.

The biggest deal breaker with the Bradford White water heaters is the amount of dedication and effort that has gone behind to get the best possible build quality. The materials that have been used to make sure that the best of the best quality is maintained and the efficiency of the device does not take a blow. The design elements added into the elemental strategies of the water heaters is what gives the build quality a valid consent to consider. Overall, the materials that are included in the overall build and design certainly have a majority contribution to the Build quality.

The main highlight of the Bradford white gas water heaters is that there is a type for every type of usage. This means that you can choose a wide range of types of gas type water heaters according to the demands of your needs and requirements as well. Starting from difference in performance duty ratio like the light duty to heavy duty water heaters are available. There are also different types of products in terms of the vent placement for the gas inlet which is also one of the most desirable aspects.

 When it comes to developing a lot of definite strategies with regard to the same, it is highly evident to understand the output efficiency of the water heater. Hydro jet system with the addition of protective lining is an exceptional combination to make sure that the system’s output does not become detrimental. The Defender safety system is also one of the key parameters that makes the system much more suitable and able in the output performance aspect.

While running compatibility tests with the two product segments, it is evident that the Bradford white has the upper advantage of customizations than the AO Smith BFC cyclone.  it is a stand-alone model and this is one of the major reasons why customers opt for the Bradford White 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater #RG240T6N and there is no account of claim for the AO smith BFC Cyclone that it emits lower rate NOx emissions which is a cause for concern when it comes to purchasing the same for industrial based applications. The quantity that is mentioned with the product is less than 30 ppm which is way higher than what Bradford White Light Duty Ultra low NOx power vent gas provides.

Features of Bradford White Electric Water Heater

The next big thing from Bradford White water heaters is the electric type water heaters that makes most of the sales starting from commercial spaces to domestic households. The electric water heaters have a significant number of detailed features to make sure they meet the requirements of each and every type of applications.

There are a lot of definite features that are available within the electric water heater system to make sure that the performance of the device is not hindered at any cost. There are a lot of performance features that are enlisted within the systems to make sure that the system stays at the top of the performance order.

When it comes to electrical heaters, it is definitely the consideration of wattages and voltages. This means that there has to be a ton load of definite ranges of voltages and wattages that the water heaters can be designed to complete your requirements. Every single water heater type can be customized according to the requirements.

So, based on the different types of requirements, it is also evident to see the fact that they have a wide range of duty-based type water heater to make sure that every client is satisfied with the products. Starting from low duty up to heavy duty, you can find the different kinds of electric water heaters to meet your needs.

Build quality is one of the key parameters that are keeping Bradford white in the business. Their motto “products from Bradford white is American strong” is true to every product aspect of them. The materials that are used in the electrical water heaters are made sure that they are prone to corrosion and very well insulated from the water elements. They are also made up of resistive elements to ensure that the electricity conservation is maintained and the efficiency of the working is also maintained.

There are a lot of significant developments that you can see with regard to the details of output performance. With state-of-the-art performance index and high-quality material integration, the electrical water heaters from Bradford white are pretty much ultra-efficient. The overall technology that controls the devices is also of the latest trends to make sure that there is effective management of utilization and to deliver maximum performance ratio.

There are a lot of different models that we can work with regard to the electric type variant. The most sold variant from Bradford White is the Utility electric model which operates at the 35Kw range proceeded high with the sales. The Twister from AO smith offers in the same range however there is a lot of feature elements that the Utility Electric has and the twister does not. The build quality in the Utility electric is more standard than the twister from AO smith. Preferably these are some of the standpoints that is making the Utility electric to stand out in sales.

Bradford is one of the most prominent vendors of water heaters. They offer the product reasonable pricing and the best overall value in terms of efficiency and safety. Here we have highlighted some unique features of Bradford White Water Heater that stand different from competitors

Why Choose Bradford White Water Heater?

Why Bradford White Water heaters are best

1. Choices & Range of Products

Bradford holds a wide range of products. They offer the range from gas, electric, and hybrid. No competitor offers such ranges to the consumers. Bradford suggests consumers to first think about safety and then buy the product accordingly. Bradford White offers the Eco-Defender safety system feature to the products to protect the consumers from any harm. This feature is one of the safest and scalable features Bradford White has ever introduced. 

2. Energy Star Certification

Energy Star is the EPA program that understands the environmental surroundings and helps protect the consumer and save money. With other vendors, to conserve energy and save bills the consumer needs to shorten the shower speed. But Bradford White doesn’t keep any barricade in front of the consumer. The consumer can have a long soothing bath without any worry. The products by Bradford White are energy savers and understand the environmental concern. In addition, all the Hybrid Models are Energy Star Certified. 

3. Hydro jet Engineering

To bring impactful performance to the water heater, dregs are placed at the bottom of the machine. Bradford White has expected this issue and was prepared with the plan of getting Hydro jet engineering. Hydro jet can be the safest and effective way to clean the blockages of pipes. This method is used when there is constant high-pressure water running through pipes to clear blockages, cleaning the diameter of the pipe. 

However, the heater needs to be maintained or else there might be chances of explosion due to high pressure

4. Defender Safety System

As most of the manufacturers mainly focus on the inside part of the water heater Bradford White, always staying ahead of the competition, senses the external threats and shut down before any unusual incident happens. Bradford White believes to protect the product from inside and outside both. 

5. Icon System

Bradford White has designed this concept with an intention to offer smooth control over the hot water usage. As this is a smart feature, the consumer can easily operate advanced temperature control with the help of microprocessors that record and operate the burner. 

The Icon system is much more beneficial and comfortable for the consumer as it constantly provides precise water temperature levels while bathing. The performance software of the system records the rating temperature control mechanism. In case of any issue with water heaters, the Intelligent Diagnostics detects the problem and suggests methods to solve it through the application. 

6. Enamel Tank Linking

This is an enamel tank linking which is fitted into the tanks. When it works, it forms a protective barrier between the metal tank and a corrosive component in hot water. Bradford White ensures to deliver quality products with extending longevity. 

7. Scale Reduction Technology

Limescale is placed inside the water heaters and degrades the materials. This may affect the lifespan of the water heater system. But, with the help of Scale Reduction Technology, Bradford White reduces the chance of limescale into their Infiniti Tankless Water of Heater range. This technology is effective and prevents damages to components. This feature not only increases the longevity of the water heater but it also reduces the maintenance cost. 


Bradford White is one of the leading manufacturers in the water heater industry. With releasing a number of models, Bradford White products are full of advanced smart features so that the user should be comfortable using the product. There is a one prime feature Bradford had put in the product is, Scale Reduction Technology. In the feature, it reduces the limescale into their Infiniti Tankless Water of Heater range. This technology is effective and prevents damages to components. This feature has a great lifespan of the water heater but with minimum expenditure on the maintenance. 

There are also a lot of definite characteristics of the water heater that makes it a suitable fit for all types of commercial and domestic households. The biggest advantage is that there are different ranges of water heaters suitable to every type of application.  The price tags with which these water heaters are introduced to the market are really affordable and all the products come with a four-year warranty. The product specifications of the water heaters can be customisable according to the preference of the customer. The supply for electric heaters comes in the standard 240 V and 440 V range, but they are also available in the non-standard versions like 204V, 244V and much more.

 Overall, the water heaters from Bradford White are really sophisticated to meet the demands and this means that with an overall ranges of water heaters from them, you can definitely find a suitable water heater according to your need.

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