A kitchen remodel can be overwhelming on its own; set aside trying to find the perfect upgrades to your older kitchen fixtures. One such instance might arise when you’re looking to replace your kitchen sink or even get your first one. Given the amount of options at your disposal across various sink brands, materials and configuration, you can easily get caught up in a dilemma.

Compared to similarly priced sinks from Elkay and VIGO, there are multiple reasons for you to consider sinks from Blanco. Blanco kitchen sinks have maintained their vogue across the states for their functional designs, durable sink materials, affordable price points and limited lifetime warranties on all their models. However, sinks from Blanco seem to be concentrated in the undermount and drop-in configurations. If you’re rather inclined towards or have a general affinity towards apron front sinks, you might want to give our farmhouse sink reviews a quick read. In this write-up, we’ve compiled our top Blanco sink reviews across different configurations and budget segments, each described in great detail with their respective pros and cons.

Towards the end of these Blanco sink reviews, we ensure that you have enough information and you’re in a position to decide if a Blanco silgranit sink is the right fit for your kitchen. We’ve selected these kitchen sinks based on the most prevalent sizes, some with dual installation approval, functional sink designs and other desirable aspects.

Blanco Silgranit Sink Reviews 2022

Blanco Diamond Single Bowl Dual Mount Silgranit Sink
  • Wide range of colors and sizes to choose from
  • Can be installed as an undermount or drop-in sink.
  • Highly durable, non-porous surface
  • Inherently sound resistant
  • Immune to scratches and stains; can sustain heat up to 536°F
  • Drain grooves in the sink bottom for better drainage
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • The slanting bottom may restrict utility while you work with soapy glassware.
  • The hard bottom may break glassware and fragile crockery in case of mishandles.

Blanco, the German giant has a rich combined history spanning over a century. The brand has recently completed 35 years of service in the United States and is rightfully known as a leading composite sinks brand all across the states. The brand’s unprecedented quality standards and versatility are at full display with this Silgranit Diamond Single bowl kitchen sink.

Silgranit, essentially is a patented granite composite material where 80% granite sand is combined with heavy-duty binders and acrylic resins. Leading kitchen designers swear by the durability and toughness offered by Blanco silgranit sinks. This non-porous composite exhibits exceptional anti-bacterial properties, easy cleanability and high resistance to scratches, stains and heat. Moreover, it provides the charm and toughness of solid granite at a much more affordable price. If granite composite interests you, you could compare granite kitchen sinks from different brands to silgranit sinks and realize the differences yourself.

Speaking of the specifics, the Diamond super single bowl sink is designed with incredible thoughtfulness. Starting off, it can be installed as an undermount or drop-in sink, giving you room for modifications in your kitchen remodel plan, even after you have your sink delivered to you.

Secondly, a generous depth of 9.5” allows you to wash big pots alongside flatware while the sink easily contains all the splashing. Thirdly, the sink bottom has slanting grooves to facilitate drainage and the surface is immune to mold growth.

Now, although the sink is immune to scratches and stains, it is still highly recommended to get the optional matching stainless-steel grid for multiple other reasons. As the sink bottom isn’t perfectly horizontal, the grid will compensate for the slanting surface and add to the functionality and overall appearance of your sink. Also, the sink surface being too hard may break glassware and ceramic crockery if they slip out of your wet hands. (Stainless steel and copper sinks are a bit more forgiving in this respect.)

All in all, the diamond series from Blanco has a wide range of composite granite sinks in different shapes, sizes and colors to match your kitchen décor, all while delivery commendable durability and functionality at a reasonably low price. To top it all, the brand covers the sink with a limited lifetime warranty which by extension means, it would easily last you a lifetime.

  • Multiple color options to choose from
  • 80% granite powder in the composite gives the material a feel of natural stone
  • Tough and highly durable sink material
  • Quiet sink as compared to metallic variants
  • Functional low divide double bowl design
  • Heat and impact resistant
  • Antibacterial and food grade safe surface
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Drains not included with the purchase
  • Dark colored variants might retain soap watermarks

Keeping the benefits of the silgranit material, this double bowl kitchen sink from Blanco provides a more functional configuration for organised dish cleaning. The Blanco 441590 is essentially a low dividing double bowl sink that allows for separate washing and rinsing of dishes and also allows you to clean larger pans above the height of the divider. The brand is serious with upgrading their sinks to the most functional designs, to say the least.

The low divide variant is an upgrade of the strictly double bowl Silgranit sink. You may select any one of these based on your preferences. Apart from the divider’s height, there’s no difference in both these models including the sink dimensions. This implies, both the double bowl sink variants come with the benefits of the patented Silgranit material.

Following are a few trademark features that you’d find in either of these Blanco double bowl sinks. The composite material is highly heat resistant. To be precise, Silgranit is rated to withstand temperatures of up to 536°F without leaving any marks on the sink surface. This property allows you to put hot pans and pots directly into the sink bowl without having to run them across a stream of cool water.

The material is inherently antibacterial and is immune to mold growth around the drain fixtures (as it is the case with metallic sinks). Further, maintaining the sink is comparatively easier with no requirement of abrasive chemical cleaners at all. You simply clean the sink surface with a soft scrub and bleach/dishwasher soap). This also reduces your Blanco sink’s maintenance costs as you need not purchase separate chemical cleaners to keep it spotlessly clean.

If you’re set on this functional silgranit sink, you may want to note a couple of details. Contrary to some other Blanco kitchen sinks that are approved for dual mount configuration, the Diamond low divide double bowl sink is strictly an undermount sink. Next, you need to buy the drains and optional grid accessories separately.

  • Looks beautiful with meticulous functionality
  • Non-porous, hygienic sink surface
  • Silgranit composite gives the feel and look of natural stone
  • Curved sink edges for easy cleaning
  • Free mesh colander
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • At 40 pounds, may make take some effort in installing the sink

Combining the best of both worlds, Blanco’s performa cascade brings together the spacious built of a single bowl sink with the functionality of a double bowl model. An integrated raised ledge on the right end of the workable sink space makes for a handy placement of the mesh colander (included) to rinse fruits and vegetables. The 7-3/4” deep ledge as opposed to the 10” depth of the larger section of the sink, effectively drains out the water through ergonomic drain grooves and the central furrow.

On top of commendable utility, this Blanco granite sink also promises unmatched durability. Unlike granite sinks from other brands that may develop cracks, Blanco silgranit sinks are pretty much immune to this issue. The undermount sink is made from Blanco’s patented Silgranit composite, which by extension, means the sink’s surface is non-porous, anti-bacterial and resistant to impact, scratches and stains. The sink gives a general feeling of a luxurious depth on the left section, ideal for washing big pots and pans while handling all smaller utensils on the right.

An ideal blend of form and function, to the say the least. Further, the edges of the sink are curved and do not require fine bristled brushes to take and rinse out any food particles while cleaning the sink.

The sink comes with a cut-out template that reveals a fine strip (1/8”) along the periphery of the sink. There’s a smaller 33” rectangular counterpart of this sink available for those replacing their rectangular undermount sink. Also, mounting clips and a free mesh colander are included with both variants. Additional accessories like the stainless-steel grid for the large bowl and chopping board are to be purchased separately. Needless to mention, the sink is covered with Blanco’s signature limited lifetime warranty.

  • Rounded edges make for swift and easy cleaning
  • Centrally located drain allows a superior drainage
  • Generous depth for handling large pots
  • Non-porous sink surface
  • Highly durable
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • High self-weight might make installation a bit challenging

In at number 4 in our Blanco Silgranit sink reviews, we have a rectangular single bowl 32” x 19” undermount kitchen sink that fits with ease over a 36” cabinet. The sink strictly installs as an undermount model and the available finishes make it an attractive alternative to other options on this list.

In comparison to our first Blanco single bowl sink, the Blanco Diamond Single bowl model, this one has a couple of notable differences. First and the most prominent difference is the location of the drain. This model features a central drain that’s located along the back of the central axis of the sink.

The curved sink bottom and the central location of the drain collectively make for superior drainage. Next, there aren’t sharp drain groves along the sink bottom in this one which could offer better functionality while handling larger pots in the sink bowl.

The edges of the sink are spaciously curved making those tricky corners accessible while cleaning. Combine this with the stain resistant properties of the Silgranit composite, maintaining the sink is barely a task. The sink bowl has a generous depth of 9 ½” depth – more than adequate to handle tall cooking pots under the faucet. All in all, the construction of this sink is an optimal combination of form and function and is best suited to people that like their sinks deep and spacious.

Besides the functional sink design, you’re assured with all the advantages of the brand’s patented composite material – the Silgranit. Your sink is guaranteed to serve you for the a really long time owing to its inherent non-porous, tough and impact resistant nature. To put the hardness in context, you may as believe that the toughest sink materials on the market as of now are all granite composites. Among other composites, Silgranit sinks are exceptionally durable. Further, the sink is heat, stain and chip resistant.

  • Highly functional design; aids in organized activities at the sink
  • 80% granite in the composite gives the sink a feel of natural stone
  • Free mesh colander included
  • Hygienic, stain and chip resistant sink material
  • Sink surface immune to mold growth
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Might require cut-out adjustments in case of replacements.

The Blanco Precis cascade is essentially a rectangular counterpart of the Blanco Performa cascade that we’ve reviewed earlier. Measuring 29” x 18”, the single bowl sink requires a rather unconventional cut-out. This makes it a good option only if you’re installing a new kitchen sink altogether and not looking for a replacement unless of course, you have the same or a smaller counter cut-out.

The sink installs as an undermount sink and looks great with granite and laminate countertops. Alongside great looks and commendable durability, the silgranit sink sports a really functional construction with the space of a single bowl and utility of a double bowl sink. The sink bowl is divided into two distinct workable spaces. The left section of the sink is deeper at around 8” of overall depth and spans 19” in length. The remaining 8” on the right end of the sink are raised over a ledge reducing the overall depth of the section to 5 ½”.

The raised right bowl of the sink is ideal for washing fruits and vegetables while the left, deeper section can be used to handle other dishwashing needs. Such bold appearance and augmented utility call for a feature in our Blanco sink reviews. To further augment the resourcefulness, the model comes with a stainless-steel mesh colander that fits over the raised section of the sink and can be used to rinse fruits and cutlery. The right bowl doesn’t have its own drain and hence, is designed to drain out waste water in the deeper bowl through a furrow along the raised ledge.

Blanco Kitchen Sinks- Buying Guide

Selecting the ideal kitchen sink is considered to be one of the most daunting tasks. Your kitchen sink will significantly affect your everyday life, and you need your sink to stand the trial of time. Some significant errands, including food preparation, cutting, cooking and washing can be productive and even pleasant when you own the right sink.

Blanco’s Rich History in the US

Blanco, with its headquarters in Oberderdingen, is one of the leading producers of high-quality sinks and kitchen mixer taps all over the world. The biggest German sink producer has likewise been a kitchen mixer tap showcase in Germany for a long time. The range likewise offers to squander frameworks and extras for the sink. The Blanco Group utilizes an aggregate of 1,500 individuals, remembering 1,100 for Germany. The Group has various auxiliaries in Germany and abroad, particularly in Europe, North America and Asia. The company was founded in 1925 by Heinrich Blanc and now it mainly belongs to the Blanc & Fischer family. 

The company produces kitchen sinks in all three market-pertinent materials which incorporate Stainless Steel, its patented Silgranit sinks and ceramics. It took three decades of research and development in the invention of the revolutionary Silgranit. They are manufactured in Toronto, Ontario and are available in over 300 variants offering numerous functional and eye-catching sink designs suitable for every kitchen. Silgranit is comparatively stronger and durable than other sink surfaces manufactured by the company. The patented material eliminates the risk of thermal shock and is made of the anti-bacterial and close-grained surface.

Silgranit Sink Pros and Cons


1. Strong Surface: The manufacturing of the material is quite strong and you can also chop your veggies and fruits on it. Since it has got the finishing of epoxy resin, you don’t have to stress over fixing the sink to forestall stains. It is normally impervious to a significant number of the risks that you’ll discover in the kitchen. 

2. Resistant to Heat: Silgranit strongly resists heat up to the temperature of 280 degree Celsius. It simply means that even if you set your baking dish or a boiling pot of water directly on the sink, it will not cause any damage to it unlike stainless steel and copper kitchen sinks

3. Lightweight: Silgranit sinks are lighter as compared to the other standard granite or cast-iron sinks, which makes it an ideal option to consider for an under sink mount design for the kitchen.

4. Easy to Clean: You can remove food stains and other debris elements easily by using a small amount of water, scouring pad or even mineral oil for the stubborn stains.


1. Difficult to Remove Limescale Deposits: Although Silgranit resists surface stains, you can get a tough time in removing limescale deposits.

2. Can Break Dishes: Although the feel of the material is smooth, it’s much stronger and even the small accidental drops can cause cracks in your dishes. 

Why Blanco Sinks Stand Out

Let’s discover some of the aspects that allow Blanco sinks to give tough competition to the other brands in the market and stand out of all.

1. Wide Range of Materials

Blanco offers multiple options to the customers and manufactures kitchen sinks as per their demand, needs and wishes. 

A. Stainless Steel Sinks
Blanco Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

They are by far the best selling sinks. Blanco engineered their stainless steel sinks to the best quality of value and sturdiness. Stainless steel is incredible for both individual and modern applications and they have many outstanding advantages. Owing to their multiple desirable aspects, Blanco kitchen sinks are undoubtedly among our picks for the best kitchen sinks in 2020. They’re practically difficult to imprint, and they add up a smooth and modern look to your kitchen space. You could pour dark espresso, pomegranate juice, and blueberry puree all over this sink and see that its aesthetic would remain unchanged. Just shower it down with a touch of warm water when you’re done and everything will wash off. 

B. Silgranit Sinks
Silgranit Sinks blanco

Blanco silgranit sinks are patented version of Blanco’s Kitchen sinks and have got the strongest surface. The material is created from 80% granite and the rest 20% consists of the ceramic and acrylic matrix. Being non-porous is one of their major advantages as you don’t have to worry about staining at all. Food and other juice stains can’t take away the shine of this material. You just need to rinse off the sink using some water and offer an occasional scrubbing once in a while and you are done. Moreover, it comes with eight color variations that can easily match your preferences.

C. Fireclay Sinks
Blanco Fireclay Sink Reviews

If you are looking for an extraordinary kitchen sink, then this one is the ideal option for you. It is featured with the soft classic hues and elegant fine lines with a touch of design and style that you have never seen before. Fireclay sinks are manufactured using hand-finishing techniques along with high firing temperatures that make the material durable and scratch-resistant. All of this comes with a surprise of a graceful style and versatility which is certainly not found in any of the other kitchen sinks. If you are tempted by its various aspects, then just go for it.

2. Reasonable Pricing

With regards to value, Blanco won’t just offer the most economical sinks available, yet you will get preferred quality as well. The price domain of Blanco kitchen sinks ranges somewhere between $100-$3000 which is quite genuine as compared to the competitors. If you have a moderate income even then you can own a functional design kitchen sink. On the other hand, if you are capable enough to stretch your limits, then the brand has got you covered as well. If shopping for a long due kitcehn revamp, sinks from Blanco will have you left with enough to get functional upscale kitchen faucets and garbage disposals to complete that corner of your kitchen. Along with the fair pricing, you get a highly durable and modernized kitchen sink that will stay bright in your kitchen space for years. 

3. Functional Sink Designs

Blanco Sink Design

The fundamental part of the kitchen space is no doubt a kitchen sink, which offers a clean flowing water. It’s crucial to select the kitchen sink that fits into your inclinations and needs rather than just influencing over the modern design trending in the market. 

Performa Cascade is one of the best selling Blanco kitchen sinks which is manufactured with the functional theme. The exquisite, curved design of the composite sink adds a component of style to the kitchen, conveying the functionality of both single and double bowl. The sink is featured with 10” & 7-3/4” bowl depths which is ideal for cleansing of large pots. 

Alongside, the integration of raised ledge is efficient for the hands-free placement of colander to rinse fruits, vegetables and utensils. Moreover, it is constructed by using 80% solid granite, so you don’t have to worry about the scratches and stains at all.

4. Durability

Kitchen sinks go through a lot every day from hot pans to food and liquid stains. Each one of us looks out for a kitchen sink that looks appealing while at the same time lasts for long years in our kitchen space. Considering all the accidental damages that can happen in the kitchen, we should always search for the materials that have got a strong resistance power along with the sleek and modern design that matches the trend. 

Blanco silgranit kitchen sinks have got all of it as they are reliable, durable and simply ideal for any kitchen space. They are manufactured from one of the toughest materials including granite sinks, silgranit, ceramic and stainless steel. These materials hold up well with the regular stains, scratches and other damages and last for a longer period of time. So, if you are looking for the durable kitchen sink options, blanco kitchen sinks won’t let you down.

5. Optional Accessories for Better Utility

One of the best features of Blanco platform is that they offer numerous options for their buyers to upgrade and enhance their entire kitchen setup to a whole new level. They have manufactured a bunch of accessories that will match with your cooking and cleaning needs. They help you organize your kitchen space in a better way and increase productivity as well. 

Some of their products incorporate universal cutting board that is perfect for chopping veggies and fruits and even children can also use it. Apart from this, you get a drip tray, corner caddies to organize your sponges and food, removable shelves and attractive soap dispenses built within the sink. If you want something more advanced, then they offer the smartest drain remote control as well. It is simply a push button featured with a modern sensor electronics which aids you in opening and closing the drain in the sink.


One of the best features of Blanco company is that they offer numerous options for their buyers to upgrade and enhance their entire kitchen setup to a whole new level. They manufacture a bunch of accessories that will match with your cooking and cleaning needs. They help you organize your kitchen space in a better way and increase productivity as well. 

Some of Blanco’s kitchen sinks have additional accessories like a wooden cutting board that is perfect for chopping veggies and fruits under a running faucet. After reviewing their kitchen sinks, we conclude that the brand offers value with its sinks that are at par with other industry-leading options like Moen, Kohler, Elkay and Vigo kitchen sinks. Apart from this, you get a drip tray, corner caddies to organize your sponges and food, removable shelves and attractive soap dispensers built within the sink. If you want something more advanced, then they offer the smartest drain remote control as well. It is simply a push button featured with a modern sensor electronics which aids you in opening and closing the drain in the sink.

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  1. We installed our Blanco sink in January 2019. After 6 months I noticed 3 chips I now have six all on the left side of the sink. Before we purchased the sink I had a sample piece and I hit it hard with a pen and a fork to see if it would chip, and it did not. We are very careful with the sink and I wash heavy pots like crock pots in the basement sink.
    I use only Bar keepers cleaner to clean it.
    I love this sink and I am so distressed about these chips. I looked up the warranty and it doesn’t cover chips.
    I would like to know what causes these chips and how I can have them fixed or have my sink replaced?

  2. I have had a Blanco metallic gray silegranite sink for 20 years and it still looks new. I am an interior designer and recommend it for all of my kitchen remodels. I show clients pic of my 20 year old sink vs a new stainless steel in a model home only a few months old. All spottted and scratched with only the sales people using it. Also great for rental property owners holds up

    1. debi – since you are in the business – do you think the composite quartz sink is better than the granite?

  3. I have had two Blanco sinks. LOVED the first one. The second one not so much. Our second Blanco is so stained from water spots, calcium and other things. I have tried everything to clean it. Vinegar, Dawn, Bleach, Bar Tenders Scrub and nothing works. Extremely disappointing. I really loved my first Blanco.

  4. Purchased a Blanco Diamond 33.5 x 22 White Single Bowl Drop-In Kitchen Sink for new construction, installed June of 2020, house was moved into in late July. I purchased the grate to go inside the sink. The sink has discolored and spotted, I am extremely disappointed in this sink. I have sent request directly to Blanco with no response.

  5. I have a white composite sink that is about 3 yrs old and it has developed faint brown spots that I cannot remove they look like tea stains