Best Wall Oven Reviews of 2023

Best Wall Oven Reviews

Let’s get it over with already! It’s 2023 and no kitchen is complete without a wall oven. Be it for the sake of better functionality or merely enhancing your kitchen decor, you need to have a wall oven in your kitchen (convection or conventional; doesn’t matter all that much) . If you’re reading this, I reckon you realize this too. The problem lies in selecting the best wall oven once you set out to find one. Let the pleasure be mine! I’ll take all measures to ensure that this is the only wall oven review you need to read in order to finalize your pick.

Why Go with our Picks?

We’re a team of people that have been around kitchen appliances for most of our lives. Comprising of professional chefs, food reviewers and kitchenware experts, our team independently reviews products that claim to have inculcated compelling features. With an eye for quality, we bring you thoroughly analysed kitchen appliances that legitimately stand by their claims with solid, uncompromising performance.   

This particular review was written after conducting an independent research that spanned over 20 hours. All our shortlisted wall ovens in separate categories have made it through the screening stage after rigorous evaluation against metrics like design, features, performance, durability and cost efficiency.

Best Wall Oven Reviews 2023

1. GE Café CT9070SHSS 30-Inch Single Electric Wall Oven – Best Single Wall Oven.

GE Cafe CT9070SHSS 30" best Single French Door Electric Wall Oven
  • Unique french door configuration 
  • Spacious cooking capacity of 5.0 Cu. ft.
  • True European Convection with direct air
  • 3 Halogen interior lights
  • 1 Self clean Heavy duty rack, 2 Self clean roller racks
  • 10-pass bake element
  • Can be operated remotely through Wi-Fi connect
  • Limited 1-year Warranty (Parts and labor included)
  • None that I found

In our opinion, GE Cafe CT9070SHSS​​ turns out victorious in the single wall oven category amongst all other top-rated single wall ovens. We’ll tell you every reason why we recommend it over other models.

Looks stunning– Although it’s not entirely pragmatic to opt for an appliance just because it looks good, you shouldn’t disregard the looks completely either. This single wall oven, however, has got it all. Looks sleek, functions meticulously!

All I’d like to say is, you can’t ever go wrong with a gleaming stainless-steel wall oven. No kitchen décor scheme to the best of my imagination would deem this appealing wall oven unwelcoming.

Ample cooking capacity– Cooking capacity of a built-in oven is truly tested in the holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are arguably two occasions when you’re really compelled to use every cubic feet of that oven cavity. Well, you won’t break a sweat with this one. With a generous cooking capacity of 5.0 cu. ft., you can effortlessly cook a 30-pound turkey with ample space to spare in the oven cavity.

Includes Smart features– This single wall oven from GE packs a multitude of desirable features. To begin with, the wall oven has Wi-Fi connect. So, you could as well pre heat the oven on your way back home from the grocery store. Time management, you see? Who likes to stand and stare the oven in the face while it preheats anyways?

Secondly, the wall oven sports convection powered cooking to match with expectations. This feature ensures elimination of “cold spots” and hence a uniform temperature distribution throughout the cavity. This results in perfect baking, roasting or broiling every time.

Also, the oven racks move to and fro on ball bearings. So, pulling out the racks or pushing them back in involves zero jerks. Consequently, you can easily take out the racks before setting the oven on self-clean.

Unique Design– The first thing that catches the eye in this oven is the unconventional door design. The french door configuration not only makes for a unique looking oven but also imparts the appliance an unmatched convenience over the traditional configuration. 

The door opens sideways form the middle, requiring almost half the clearance than drop-down door ovens. This provision makes this model a perfect choice for constricted kitchen layouts. 

Perfect Upgrade for a Remodel– Kitchen remodels are all about enhancing the functionality of the kitchen alongside its appearance. This Single door wall oven gracefully ticks both the checkboxes. If you’re replacing your 30-inch oven or are planning to upgrade to a 30-inch, following are the exact cutout dimensions for this single wall oven to fit in seamlessly.

W x H x D (Inches): 28-5/8 x 27-5/16 x 23-1/2.

If those numbers concern you, Amazon complements this wall oven with an expert installation service.

2. GE Profile Series 30” Wall Oven Microwave Combo – Best Wall Oven Combo.

GE Profile PT7800SHSS 30" Built-In Convection Combination Microwave Wall Oven
  • Fits perfectly in an existing 30-inch cutout
  • Both oven compartments are adequately illuminated
  • 16-inch turntable in upper microwave can accommodate large plates
  • Convection aided cooking in both compartments (Microwave and oven)
  • Self-clean with steam clean mode (lower oven)
  • 1-year limited warranty on the product and 5-year on the magnetron
  • Customers have complained about the beep being very faint

A double wall oven with microwave often resolves the dilemma of choosing between a single wall oven and a double wall oven. The top microwave compartment accounts for smaller, frequent meals while the bottom convection oven takes care of full-fledged family sized dinners. Not only such an assembly enables you to free up your counter space but also aids in functionality being paired with an oven. The setup closely rivals the functional compatibility of a microwave drawer and single wall oven assembly. 

So, why do we recommend this model? Because, it stands out! This 30 Inch wall oven microwave combo from GE has it all that you desire. With a pleasing outer appearance and a smart set of features, this oven microwave combination could just be the best addition to your kitchen. Speaking of a pleasing appearance, this microwave oven combo is available in four discrete outer finishes to match any kitchen décor. The finishes being slate, white, stainless steel and black.

Apart from the looks, let’s see what both compartments of this oven microwave combo are capable of. Regarding the warranty, GE covers the entire appliance with a 1-year limited warranty and the magnetron tube with a 5-year warranty. All in all, a total steal-deal!

Standard countertop microwaves are great but you can’t compare those to a full-fledged convection microwave. The convection feature in the upper oven enables the microwave to circulate heat evenly throughout the cavity and eliminate temperature differences. This in turn cooks food thoroughly inside out. Also, the fact that the microwave is installed at your eye-level and the cooking cavity is illuminated with a Halogen Light lets you monitor your preparations conveniently.

Although there are some great convection countertop microwaves available, but having it right with your convection oven adds to the overall elegance of your kitchen. Besides, it saves you a lot of your precious countertop space. A layout that enhances functionality alongside overall appearance sounds like a good bargain to me.

I can confidently vote on every sane person’s behalf that they’d choose a convection oven over a traditional oven if they could only have one. Heating elements like in a conventional oven paired with fans make for the most amazing baking, roasting and broiling results.

Besides the convection fans, there are a few more intelligent features in the lower oven that caught our eye. Firstly, the lower oven cavity is illuminated by two halogen lights. So, visibility issues are out of the way! Secondly, the oven self-cleans. This implies, all the greased roller racks need no scrubbing. The steam clean option does the job fairly effectively.

3. GE Profile Series 30″ Double Wall Oven with Convection- Best 30″ Double Wall Oven

GE PT7550EHES Profile 30 Slate Electric Double best Wall Oven with Convection
  • Fits seamlessly in an existing 30” cutout
  • Ample cumulative cooking capacity of 10 cu. ft.
  • Halogen interior lights in both ovens
  • Temperature probe in Upper (convection) oven
  • Limited 1-year warranty (parts & Labor included)
  • Takes up to 30 minutes to warm up to 400°F
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity.

If you’re a fond baker, a double wall oven is one of the must-have accessories to concoct all your baking fantasies. Besides a gigantic cooking capacity at your disposal, you get a variety of cooking modes to help you follow those cooking instructions precisely. There are multiple reasons why we think this slate-finished double wall oven from GE dwarfs other competitors in this price range.

Firstly, getting a seamless fit with the existing cutout is the top concern for most people when upgrading their wall ovens. Well, let the brand take care of it. GE ensures a perfect fit if you’re replacing an older 30-inch wall oven (from any brand) with this one. If at all needed, the brand compensates for up to 300$ towards modifications.

Coming to the features, both upper and lower ovens on this double wall oven are self-clean oven and exhibit individual cooking capacities of 5.0 cu. ft. The busiest of family gatherings shouldn’t concern you when you have a solid 10 cu. ft. of oven space beside you. Chances are slim that you’ll need to ever stress with manual cleaning, but if you do, these DIY oven cleaning hacks will get your new purchase squeaky clean inside out. Additionally, the upper oven is a convection oven while the lower is a traditional (conventional) oven. Following is a side-by-side comparison of features on both the ovens.

Upper oven (Convection Oven)Lower Oven (Traditional Oven)
Capacity5.0 cu. ft.5.0 cu. ft.
Cooking TechnologyConvectionTraditional/Conventional
Interior illumination2 halogen lights1 halogen light
Number of racks3 (2 self-clean standard oven racks with a self-clean roller rack)2 self-clean standard oven racks
Cooking modesThermal bake, thermal broil, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil.Thermal bake, thermal broil.

4. Frigidaire FGMC3066UF 30″ Combination Wall Oven – Best Budget Oven Microwave Combo

Frigidaire FGMC3066UF 30" Combination Wall Oven – Best Budget Oven Microwave Combo
  • Spacious 2.0 cu. ft. microwave compartment
  • Convection lower oven
  • Sensitive touch controls
  • Heavy duty sturdy racks in lower oven
  • Self-clean with steam clean option (2-hour cycle)
  • Large see-through window (lower oven)
  • Limited 1-year warranty (parts & labor included)
  • No “Keep warm” function in upper microwave

Unlike our previous pick from GE, this wall oven microwave combo costs you a great deal less. This slack in the price is however not compensated by cutting back on essential features. Besides being cost efficient, this oven microwave combination carries itself with elegance.

Starting off with the cooking capacities, the upper microwave has a generous cooking capacity of 1.6 Cu. ft. I bet you wouldn’t want a countertop microwave this big eating most of your counter space. Also, you’d hardly find any over range convection microwave with a cooking capacity of more than 1.6 Cu. ft.

The lower oven is a convection oven with 5.1 Cu. ft. capacity. Didn’t I say that this wall oven offers generous features when compared against the price it is sold for. You’ll further read to discover that this one has way more smart add-ons that most overpriced models. The wall oven fits easily in an existing cutout if you’re planning to replace oven microwave combo with this one.

Upper Oven (Standard Microwave)Lower Oven (Convection Oven)
Capacity1.6 cu. ft.5.1 cu. ft.
Cooking TechnologyMicrowaveConvection
Interior illumination1 LED bulb2 Halogen lights
Cooking modesMicrowave, Defrost, Melt/Soften, Reheat, Sensor cookingThermal bake (2200 watts), thermal broil (6 pass, 4000 watts), convection bake (2500 watts), convection roast and convection broil

5. Frigidaire 30″ Electric Double Wall Oven – Best 30″ Double wall oven

Frigidaire 30" Electric Double Wall Oven - Best 30" Double wall oven
  • Economical
  • Both compartments are convection ovens
  • Adequate lighting in both ovens
  • Large oven window for better visibility
  • Delay start and delay clean settings in both ovens
  • Some customer feedbacks state that the oven needs temperature correction quite often
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity

This 30 Inch double wall oven from Frigidaire has the most relevant set of features you’ll ever come across. Unlike our the 30-Inch double wall oven from GE we featured a while ago, this one exhibits convection aided cooking in the both the ovens! 

This implies, both the ovens can be used as a traditional oven and a convection oven as and when needed. We’re talking efficiency! As good as it gets.

Superficially, the wall oven has a gleaming stainless-steel finish. Stainless-steel appliances go really well with almost all kitchen décor schemes. From the door panel to the handles, everything looks spotlessly clean. Also, the exterior surface doesn’t catch fingerprints. Bingo!

Coming to the individual oven compartments, the ovens have a total cooking capacity of 9.2 cu ft. Apart from an additional temperature probe in upper oven, both the ovens are exactly identical in all aspects. Following are the key features that both (upper and lower) ovens are equipped with.

  • Capacity: 9.2 cu. ft.
  • Cooking technology: Convection
  • Interior illumination: 2 halogen lights
  • Number of racks: 3
  • Convection wattage: 2500 Watts
  • Cleaning system: Self-cleaning
  • Cooking modes: Thermal bake, thermal broil, convection bake, convection roast and convection broil.

Wall Oven Buying Guide

 Double Wall Oven

Wall ovens in contrast to range ovens eliminate the discomfort of bending over every time you need to use your oven. Being installed at eye-level, they’re also easier to monitor your preparations alongside convenient handling of food. But this convenience can often cost you some serious disbursement.

Nevertheless, if you’ve an impending kitchen remodel due, investing in a top-rated wall oven might drastically improve the functionality and overall ambience of your kitchen. So, if you see it coming, we’ve got some concise guidelines for you so that you never face the dreaded “buyer’s remorse”.

Although space, budget and your cooking requirements are the three most influential factors to consider, the following aspects might help you narrow down your options as well.

1. Size

Wall ovens are available in standard widths of 24, 27 and 30 inches. Alongside the width, vary the other two dimensions. These standard dimensions are however, not exactly same for different brands. So, if you plan to replace your wall oven with one from a different brand, make sure the cutout dimension requisites of the oven match with your existing cutout.

Some brands like GE claim a perfect fit for all their wall ovens if you plan on replacing your existing one with theirs. On the other hand, if you’re adding a wall oven to your kitchen, select a size that has an appropriate corresponding cooking capacity.

2. Type

The type of fuel consumed by wall ovens can be considered as a means to classify them. At present, there are two predominant types of wall ovens; Gas and Electric. With time, electric wall ovens have overshadowed the gas variants. So, it would be fair of me to say that gas wall ovens will become obsolete in the coming years.

The reason being, electric wall ovens are far more efficient than their gas counterparts. Be it faster heating, even heating, temperature accuracy or ease of use; electric ovens vanquish gas ovens in all these aspects any day of the year! You can refer to our article about different types of Microwave.

3. Single Wall oven or Double Wall oven

Single wall ovens vs double wall ovens vs wall oven microwave combos; all three types of wall ovens are highly resourceful and can be suitable for a particular set of requirements.

For instance, single wall ovens might be perfect for a confined kitchen layout and/or for people that have limited cooking needs. On the contrary, a double wall oven lets you up the cooking capacity and hence is appropriate for families. Single wall ovens come with a variety of cooking capacities ranging from 3.5 cu. ft. to 5.0 cu. ft. While double wall ovens can go up to 10 cu. ft. cumulative cooking capacity. Choosing between the two really boils down to your cooking needs and cabinet space allowances.


You can’t shy away from a wall oven when contemplating a kitchen remodel or moving in to a new place altogether. Considering the practicality and aesthetic value a built-in oven adds to a kitchen, it becomes even more difficult to resist this elegant assembly.

Only if it were a bit less complicated to select one, people wouldn’t have to read multiple reviews just to end up being more confused. Amongst the chaos, I’m glad you found the best one. All the wall ovens listed above are brought to you by a group of people that know these appliances in and out. With over 60 years of cumulative professional experience in food related businesses, we’re certain that you wouldn’t find better in the same price range.

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