Most of the people start blaming the Roti maker appliance once they fail in making proper chapatis. I can make proper round rotis with a 1000rs Roti maker. So it completely depends on your skills. Just like every other task, this too takes time to expertise in it. So just calm down & try to practice for some time before returning the roti maker. You might feel happy later on, once you become a pro in making chapatis. The making of rotis won’t differ from Roti Maker to Roti Maker, all that is required is skills to understand & implementing guides as per the given manual.

It is very good product .It makes roti very nicely. But you have to follow the instructions given with the product. It will definitely take time to perfection. But it will definitely make your task easier. You can make puri while the machine is off n fry them on stove.