Best Professional Gas Ranges for Home – Reviewed

Best Professional Gas Ranges Review

Over the past few decades, professional gas ranges have started making their way into home kitchens, slowly but surely at a steady pace. The reason is simple: professional gas ranges for the home can perfectly fit relatively smaller kitchen spaces while offering the same industrial-grade features of a pro range used at commercial kitchens.

There’s yet another reason for their steady demand indoors. Professional ranges for home are highly preferred by seasoned chefs who like upscale their culinary skills. It could be baking, perfecting steak, or preparing a 4-5 course meal, who doesn’t want to show off their cooking talent at family or friend get-togethers? A professional gas stove helps you achieve just that.

Why only seasoned cooks; professional gas ranges for the home are always the top choice for experienced chefs alike. After serving guests all day at their restaurant/hotel kitchens, it’s always a pleasure to come home to a pro range that gives just the same wonderful experience. Only this time they can enjoy the privilege of cooking for their loved ones while availing all the exclusive features a professional gas stove offers.

Here we review the best professional gas ranges for the home that you can choose to buy in 2021.

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Best Professional Gas Ranges Reviews

Cosmo GRP304 Freestanding 30” Professional Gas Range Review
  • Freestanding and slide-in features both
  • 4 Italian sealed gas burners
  • Gas knobs made of heavy-duty metal for longer life
  • 30” dimension allows for easy placement in constricted kitchen spaces
  • Stainless steel body ensures easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Couldn’t find any

Despite being a pro gas range, Cosmo is designed to blend perfectly into any kitchen space – small or big. It’s quite compact compared to other models in this category; you can easily shove it in between your other steel appliances in the kitchen and it’d only add to the beauty of your kitchen décor.

This cooking range provides 4 sealed burners made of Italian material. There are 2 rapid burners – 18,000 BTU and 12,500 BTU, respectively – 1 semi-rapid burner of 10,000 BTU and an auxiliary burner of 4,500 BTU. The two rapid burners facilitate high-heat cooking, such as boiling, frying, or searing. Meanwhile, the semi-rapid and auxiliary burners allow for low simmering to ensure that delicate food items don’t crumble up and retain their succulent juices.

A rapid convection oven provided underneath the stovetop has 3.9 cu ft. capacity. The rapid convection technology makes sure that heat gets circulated evenly around the food. This reduces cooking time and ensures perfect browning of all food. Besides, baking happens at a relatively lower temperature than conventional ovens.

Cosmo supersedes other brands in build quality too. The body is made of corrosion-resistant, 304-grade stainless steel. The cooking grates are also made from heavy-duty cast-iron. Effortlessly ranks as one of the best commercial gas range for home use. 

  • The hood of the gas range is its top attractive feature
  • Highly affordable as compared to other brand models in the same category
  • Provides a griddle with cover
  • Stainless steel body ensures durability and easy maintenance too
  • The large professional look of the appliance looks quite beautiful even from a distance
  • Smaller oven may have burner problems
  • Electronic ignition of the burners also problematic

This is the best gas range for home chef that’s a real treasure to keep. You won’t be disappointed in a host of its excellent features. The 48” 6 burner gas range has a stainless steel body which ensures longevity while also lending a thorough professional finish to the appliance.

Besides, the device also comes with a 48” under-cabinet range hood also constructed of stainless steel. The hood effectively works at preventing heat from spreading out into the kitchen and even outside when the gas range is in use. It can be easily installed at home with assembly instructions included in the pack.

The 6 burners provided are large enough to place big pots and pans and are corrosion-resistant to prevent scratching from movement of vessels. The control panel features convenient settings for easy and comfortable operation, fan and light settings included.

The gas range is dual-fuel-powered and can be converted to LP anytime. A griddle with cover is also provided. As for the oven, there is a combined-duelconvection oven provided with 6.07 cu ft. capacity. Besides, an infrared broiler with 16,500 BTU facilitates efficient professional-style cooking. You can have boiling water by your side in just few seconds!

  • Professional finish of the appliance lends it a gorgeous look to suit every kitchen décor
  • Easy to clean and maintain for long; stains over steel body can be easily wiped off clean
  • Great value for money
  • Oven capacity is large enough to prepare multiple dishes
  • High-efficiency burners
  • Self-cleaning feature not provided
  • Low lighting may be a problem for some customers

Equipped with a single convection oven feature and 5 burners, this is quite a small and compact piece for your kitchen. Yet, it shouldn’t be misunderstood as lacking any of the thorough professional features that it’s designed for.

The body is made of heavy-duty stainless steel which increases its longevity comfortably. Even the cooking grates are made of durable cast-iron which helps prevent scratches and corrosion on touch with steel pots and pans.

The gas burners are designed to deliver the best performance in heating and even cooking of food placed thereupon. Besides, these burners lend extreme versatility in cooking styles too – allowing to boil, fry, sear, or simmer food at the same time.

There’s only one convection oven provided with the range but is highly efficient nonetheless. It can roast, broil, or bake food at just the right temperature with even heating facility. There’s also an in-built display panel with a 12-hour clock provided for user convenience.

The gas range also includes a detachable backsplash and complementary wok ring for those who love wok cooking in style. Cosmos provides a 2-year limited warranty for both the parts and labour.The unit is natural gas; doesn’t include LP conversion kit.

  • The temperature in the oven can be regulated with the thermostat provided
  • Alloyed zinc knobs assure greater durability
  • Easy operation; auto re-ignition safety feature provided
  • Stainless steel build lasts longer and is also easy to clean
  • Convection technology of the oven ensures even heat circulation, even browning and faster cooking
  • Few customer complaints of corrosion of control panel over regular use

Another excellent offering from Thor, this one too promises the features of a high-end professional gas range model at the price of a low-end one. Your friends are sure to woo over its stylish looks and versatile cooking ability; yet would never know that you’ve paid way less than what it looks like.

There are 4 burners provided – 2 at the front and 2 rear. All of them excel at delivering just the best heat and cooking performance. After use, the cooktop can be easily wiped clean with a soft cloth, all thanks to the black porcelain drip pan on its surface.

The burner knobs also look pretty durable made with zinc alloy material. The control panel has blue LED lighting provided which looks stylish and is convenient at night too.

Coming to the oven, the single convection oven has a 4.2 cu ft. capacity which allows for versatile cooking of multiple dishes at the same time. The cooking grates both in the oven and on the stovetop are made of highly durable cast-iron.

The interior of the oven is made of beautiful blue porcelain and also consists of a commercial convection fan and light. Great value for this price point.

  • Simple operation and high efficiency
  • All burners are full-power ensuring faster and even cooking on all sides#
  • Great value for money at this cost
  • Blue porcelain oven interior looks gorgeous even from the outside
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Ignitors make a constant clicking sound when turned on
  • Some customers complained of oven racks not sliding smoothly causing inconvenience in use

This one’s a compact piece for your kitchen space, especially if it’s slightly constricted than you’d have preferred it to be. But Thor assures that cooking-lovers shouldn’t be deprived of the benefits of a professional gas range nonetheless. This stainless steel, 6-burner cooking range with oven intends to provide just that.

You’d love the efficiency of the device. Starting with the 16,500 BTU infrared broiler which makes even grilling and browning of food possible so your guests would never have to be disappointed. The convection oven too is an absolute delight at a high-power efficiency of 22,000 BTU. The interior capacity is 4.2 cu ft. which facilitates cooking several dishes simultaneously.

As for the body of the appliance, Thor kitchen devices always speak the language of durability and this one’s no exception to the rule. The stainless steel surface is easy to clean and maintain for longer yet looks absolutely professional and gorgeous as it stands free in your kitchen, blending effortlessly with the other steel appliances lying therein.

Thor also generally provides a 2-year warranty on nearly all of its products, which includes both its parts and the labour involved. The customer support too is remarkable at repair and replacement.

Best Professional Gas Ranges for Home - Buying Guide

Who needs a Professional Gas Range for Home?

Who needs a Professional Gas Range for Home

There are a variety of Cooktops available in the market today, including both premium radiant electric cooktops and gas cooktop models. Electric ranges can be coiled, smooth-top or induction, that looks appealing to the eyes. Despite that, most of the top chefs incline towards the gas Cooktops as they bring a drastic change in the cooking game. 

One of their biggest aspects is its response speed. Gas burners tend to respond promptly when ignited and they also cool down faster, allowing you to take a rolling boil down to simmer within seconds. This is one of the fundamental reasons why most of the home chefs with high cooking requirements consider them to be a better option. Moreover, they offer you surpassing control over temperature and eradicate the need for moving the pan away from the burner to cool down the ingredients. 

Additionally, they can be used with varied cookware and are really convenient to clean as well. All these superior aspects of gas Cooktops are accountable for enhancing their prevalence in commercial applications as well. 

Types of Professional Ranges: Electric Vs Gas

Electric Professional Ranges vs Gas Ranges

The heavy-duty electric ranges hold their prevalence in commercial applications as they are versatile and are manufactured for operations of all sizes. They are integrated with a wide variety of features that help in enhancing productivity. They are mostly forged by using stainless steel that endures the everyday wear and tear and still remains intact for a prolonged time. The distinct variants of electric range incorporate open coil, smooth top and induction range top. 

Coil Cooktops set the best example of a heavy-duty appliance as they offer maximum durability and can endure a lot of stress. They heat up fast and cool down easily as well. On the contrary, the other two variants feature a sleek and modern appearance and are mostly used in home kitchens.

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Professional Range for Home

1. Fuel Type

It is one of the primary aspects to consider before purchasing any professional range for the home. Electric models are integrated with a heating element used for cooking and baking. If you like to work with digital displays and smooth Cooktops, then they are ideal for you. The gas Cooktops offer high performance and are suitable to meet high cooking requirements. They are integrated with porcelain and enamel hobs and feature digital settings for cooking time and temperatures. On the contrary, duel fuel ranges combine a variety of features and are preferred by most of the chefs. They offer around five gas burners and more than one electric convection. 

2. Installation Type

There are drop-in and slide-in ranges and each one of them requires different installations. Drop-in ranges are dropped into a specific cabinet cut out along with a wood panel at the bottom. They are less common among the buyers because of the specific cut out, the smaller oven capacity and fewer options for gas or induction. Mostly, people are only interested in them when they are replacing their old drop-in range or their cabinets already have that required to cut out. 

However, slide-in ranges are more prominent as they blend quite well with the kitchen countertops. They are an ideal fit for people who are looking for a custom or built-in look. These ranges slide into an open space in your cabinetry. They have a lip on the left and right sides of the cooktop, permitting the device to sit flush with your counters. They feature a warming drawer as well. 

3. Single or Double Oven Ranges

You may find professional gas ranges with options of single and double ovens. 

1. Gas Range with Single Oven
Cosmo GRP304 Freestanding 30” Professional Gas Range Review

These are the medium range models that start at the price of around $650. Their features typically include high-performance burners, storage drawers for pots and pans, digital settings for distinct cooking times and temperatures and a self-cleaning oven. The oven also features some control lockouts that avoid undesirable changes to oven settings. These ranges come with steel grates which can be cleaned easily and are available in white, black and stainless steel color options.

2. Gas Range with Double Ovens
Thor Kitchen HRG4808UHRH4806U 6 Burner Professional Gas Range

These are the premium quality gas ranges that start at the price of around $1600. Their primary features include a removable stovetop griddle, high-grade burners, electronic control panels for programmable cooking times and convection ovens. They also integrate some hidden baking elements for convenient cleaning. Now while hidden bake elements sure give an aesthetic touch to your ranges, they’re a tad bit harder to replace in case of a malfunction. So you ought to consider the upsides and drawbacks before deciding on a feature. 

4. Style and Finish

Although style and finish would not contribute directly to the longevity of the range, yet they should match your preferences and complement the overall kitchen décor as well. Mostly the professional ranges are available in black, white, slate and stainless steel finish with corresponding-colored cabinet and handles. The white range features cast iron burner grates painted with gray enamel. On the other hand, the black range features black enamel grates and stainless steel offer black or matte enamel. 

5. Range Ventilation

Ideal ventilation is one of the most crucial aspects while installing a professional gas range in your indoor kitchen space. As professional ranges increase higher BTU output, there is a need for more powerful venting. Powerful under-counter range hoods help in removing smoke, odors and steam released during meal preparations and hence keep your indoor environment clean. The range hood should be as wide as the size of your cooktop and preferably 3 inches longer on each side. For instance, if your cooktop size is 24 or 30 inches, then you must consider the standard range hoods having widths 30 and 36 inches respectively.

6. Additional Oven Features

1. Hidden Elements

Professional ranges are meant for heavy-duty usage and hidden elements contribute to better safety. Many ranges feature a hidden bake element which implies that you don’t need to lift the element to clean spills and worry about loosening the element after a certain time. It enhances the durability and moreover, wiping the bottom of the oven becomes easier. 

2. Flexible Rack System

Most of the ranges feature lots of rack positions so that you can create space in your oven for additional or tall items when required. The system varies as per the model and mainly offers roll-out extensions, adjustable racks to accommodate multiple dishes at the same time, slide-out racks for easy loading or a removable half rack to create space for tall dishes.

3. Temperature Probe

This device indicates you about the internal cooking temperature. Some ranges let you set the desired temperature according to the food item and alert you when it’s reached. This feature is really useful when you want to cook the dishes as per your taste and style and not just by following the standard cooking temperatures. Make sure that the probe doesn’t touch any bone, fat or gristle and to get the ideal temperature, insert it fully into the food item.

4. Self-cleaning Settings

The self-clean cycle is a time-saving feature, especially added for your convenience. It’s really useful if you lead a hectic lifestyle and don’t get enough time to clean your ovens. The oven is usually cleaned by heat and at temperatures that range above the standard cooking temperatures. During the cleaning process, the oven is heated to about 880 degrees. At this temperature, the food spills inside the oven decompose and leave behind a small amount of ash which can be easily wiped out by using a wet cloth.

5. Large See-through Oven Window

Most of the ranges feature a wide see-through oven window that allows you to keep a check on the cooking progress. Opening the oven door frequently results in the loss of heat and also disrupts in sustaining the ideal food temperature. Thus, the wide window efficiently eliminates the need for doing that and as result you get to enjoy the faster cooking experience.

6. WiFi Connectivity

The wifi controls enable you to remotely control your range by using your smartphone. It allows you to easily preheat your oven, alter the oven’s temperature and set timer alerts from anywhere. This can be a useful feature for the people who like to have fresh and hot meals as soon as they reach home from work. 

7. Additional Gas Features

Electronic Ignition

The robust electronic ignition system offers you a quick, safe and an ideal gas ignition. The igniter continues to spark until the burner flame is established and re-ignites in case of a flame blow out. It requires electricity and doesn’t incorporate any moving parts. The entire operation is handled by solid-state electronics which enhance the reliability and reduces the maintenance requirements as well. That’s why it is one of the crucial aspects to consider in heavy-duty ranges as you can save a lot of money in the long run by spending less on fuel. 

Power and Simmer Burners

The professional ranges incorporate both power and simmer burners to fulfil the requirements of high-performance cooking. The power burners allow you to heat the food items instantly and are mostly used to quick boil or sear foods. On the contrary, simmer burners provide low heat for delicate cooking like preparing soups, stews, sauces and melting chocolate.

Continuous edge-to-edge grates

Some professional ranges feature continuous grates, whereas, on the other hand, some of them feature individual grates and bridge elements. If you mostly work with a large and heavy pot or pans, then you must consider the continuous grates. They allow you to slide the pot easily around the surface to a different burner and eliminate the need for heavy lifting. It makes everyday kitchen tasks quite convenient and also helps the old age people who suffer from restricted hand movements.


After delving into the comprehensive reviews and detailed buying guide, you must have made your mind which professional style gas range is suitable for your home. 

While deciding about the best professional gas range, this article must come with an extensive range of assistance. All the introduced best picks highlight high-end functionalities accompanied with style, design, performance and durability. You should select the one that matches your needs as well as preferences and ensure that the selected model fits into your budget as well. Besides this, go for the one that blends well with your kitchen décor and contributes to an elegant cooking experience.

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