Best Portable Electric Stoves – Reviews & Guide

Best Portable Electric Stoves to Buy in 2020

Technology has been a tremendous support in the rise in the usefulness of our kitchen appliances. Science has made it possible not only to prepare delicious food but also to enjoy the entire process of cooking with much ease and enjoyment.

Stoves have a significant role in our daily chores, and it is considered as one of the most important cooking appliances. The gas stove as we see today has undergone a radical change since its initial days and modernization has paved the way for the rise in the use of the portable electric stoves.

Nowadays it is seen that portable electric stoves are much more in vogue due to the many conveniences it has covering, major areas like the affordability, accessibility and durability. Hence, due to its increasing popularity, it is widely available across the states with a varied range of configuration and usage. You may find single burner, extremely compact stoves with fairly portable dual burner induction cooktops for small kitchens. Choosing the right product to suit your needs becomes a matter of great difficulty from such a wide range and variety. 

We have tried to compile a comprehensive and best portable electric stove reviews for some of the best portable electric stoves in order to render you with a complete satisfactory purchase.

Best Portable Electric Stove Reviews in 2022

Cusimax Double Burner Portable Electric Stove
  • Double Burner
  • Multipurpose for daily use and occasional backup
  • Mini size and convenient portability
  • It can be easily used with any kind of cookware
  • A powerful and safe method of cooking food fast.
  • Stainless steel body surface causes heat conduction.

If you are looking to add some flexibility along with the benefits of having a backup option in your kitchen, Cusimax Double Burner is the best deal to opt for. The powerful hot plate works with all types of cookware, and it comes extremely handy for students’ hostels, offices, camping, caravans, and holiday homes or as an extra cooking appliance in your kitchen. The design is compact; ideal for carrying and moving around in small kitchens. Upon comparison, you’d discover that the such compact electric stoves are more or less similar in terms of efficiency as that of built-in radiant electric cooktops.

Cusimax Hot Plate adds a dash of cooking flexibility to your kitchen and renders it with a sense of elegance and panache. It is extremely easy to use, clean and wipe with a damp cloth and has an adjustable thermostatic control with a voguish knob. It comes with a thermal fuse for overheating protection and has highly durable and reliable stainless-steel housing. The glass plates provided are of high quality which can be used with all types of cookware in your house and is compatible with a maximum size of 7.1 inches.

The surface of the burner is made of stainless steel which results in heat conduction; hence it is not at all advisable to touch the body of the burner when in use. It also helps in keeping your food warm for about 20 minutes after the burner has been used, as it takes time to cool down completely. The non-slip rubber feet at the bottom ensure its stability, and thus its movement is restricted when placed on the tabletops.


  • Temperature control gives dual purpose for heating as well as cooking.
  • Very easily cleaned.
  • Running and ready indicator lights.
  • Provided with non-slip feet
  • Double burner with scratch and rust resistance features.
  • It is very time-consuming to heat something in the smaller burner.

Loaded with extreme durability and two extra burners, this is one of the best portable electric burners available in the market! The appliance is a perfect solution to all your holiday and parties as it provides you with extra countertop cooking options.

It requires 1800 watts of power, divided in a 1300-watt large plate and a 500-watt small plate which helps in heating up the food real fast with the retention of a high level of heat throughout the cooking process. This cast iron double burner stove renders epitome flexibility to your food processing, and the premium brushed stainless steel gives a look of style and taste to your kitchen.

The iron plates which are without coils are extremely durable and can be cleaned easily with a wipe. The wonderful versatility of the applicable comes with its separate 6-setting temperature control for each burner as with the help of the lower burner settings the foods are kept warm and with the upper one, an entire meal can be cooked.

It is perfectly suitable for entertaining a crowd and at the same time its compactness and portability makes it a favorite among the dorms and hostels and any such compact spaces. It also has non-slip rubber feet which help it keeping steady on the tabletops.

  • The circular shape gives an added advantage with other kitchen utensils.
  • Wide range of temperature.
  • Equipped with memory functions.
  • Adjustable timer and auto shut off feature.
  • Wide diameter.
  • Proper cookware is required for it to function well.
  • The auto shut off feature has no delay setting.

Most of our kitchen utensils are round in size be it the cooker base or the plates, pots or pans. For you to have a hassle free smooth working in your cooking, Nuwave has a reliable range of round bottomed electric stove. The Precision Induction cooktop is a neat example of functionality and elegant design on a budget. 

The NuWave has 6 different pre-programmed settings but has the flexibility to cook at 52 different temperatures settings. This permits the appliance to act as more than just a cooktop. It actually does the thinking for you! It is equipped with programmable stage cooking functionality with up to 100 hours of programs memory and performance that allows you to enjoy their state-of-the-art facilities and prepare some of the most complex recipes with ease, allowing you to become the favorite among all!

The product also boasts some of the most recent technical advancements with the safety measure features such as automatic shut off when an induction-ready pan is removed from the base. This also uses up to 70% less energy than conventional gas or electric range and is lightweight and portable. Its versatility feature includes the various features like boiling, simmer, deep-fry, stir fry, sauté, steam and sear, slow cook, barbecue, melt and grill. Please note that alike all standard induction cooktops, this portable unit too requires induction compatible pans. Further, it’s always better to go for non-stick induction cookware as they’re easy clean and last long. The unit includes one 9″ compatible pan for starting though! 

Check In-depth NuWave PIC Review to compare with other top-sellers in this price range. 

  • Highly efficient in energy saving
  • Comes with easy temperature controls
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Includes a number of safety features
  • Comes with an included storage bag
  • It requires induction-ready cookware which is not included with the cooker.

To add to the modern look of your kitchen and to serve the various delicacy functions, EurKitchenPortable Induction Electric Cooktop comes handy. The appliance comes with the sleek design that allows you easy storage which can be very conveniently kept on your countertop for a contemporary touch to your cookery.

It comes with an energy-saving technology which uses nearly 90% less power, safer than traditional gas or electric stovetops and prepares food much faster. The cooktop disperses heat evenly across the cooking surface, heating only the metal cooking vessel and its contents.

It is very convenient and simple to use with precise temperature controls and has 18 temperature levels included with 17 power levels. The included temperature cooking guide and recipe Ebook surely makes cooking with the cooker super fun and easy.

The black crystal glass surface can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The portable and easy to use cooker can be used ideally in homes, in boats, hotels, dorms, hostels or while travelling anywhere. While it’s true that a certain class of cookware is best suited for induction cooktops, you can still manage with non-induction-compatible cookware while you play with this thing. 

  • Energy efficiency levels are high.
  • The touch control panel makes it suitable for use around children
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Wide range of temperature settings and power levels
  • Built-in count down digital timer
  • Not a completely noiseless device as it emits a high-pitched sound due to multiple layers of metals sandwiched together.

A compatible appliance for the household having children, DuxtopBT Portable Induction Cooktop comes with very highly protected usage. It has a child safety lock that keeps the cooking and timer settings from being accidentally changed once they have been set.

It has a wide range of temperature levels to select from including 20 preset power levels and 20 preset temperature level settings. This induction burner stands at a much higher level as compared to the traditional gas or electric stoves with 83% energy efficiency standards. The Duxtop portable cooktop is perfect for boiling your water fast and all your cooking requirements.

It comes with a sensor touch panel and LCD displays which helps in easy viewing and control. The built-in countdown digital timer is programmed up to around 10 hours.

The other safety features that this induction cooktop comes with include auto-pan detection, overheat protection with a diagnostic error message system and a convenient system for a high and low voltage warning. With 100/120V 15 amps, the appliance becomes a compatible cooking device for all kinds of kitchen.

The Duxtop portable cooktop has been made with much compactness and is light in its weight. This helps in making it very popular because of the easy handling and storage purposes. This is an ideal solution for hostel or dorm rooms, home kitchen, boats etc.

Buying a Portable Electric Stove – Guide

Choosing the right Portable Electric Stoves

Portable Electric Stoves have become the utmost need of the hour when it comes to modern cooking. The modular kitchen is the newbie in our home kitchen scenes, but it comes with a huge pocket pinch to consider. Having access to a portable stove becomes your saving grace as it offers you a gamut of solutions to most of your problems.

They are lightweight, easy to set up and very easy to operate. They are inbuilt with a wide range of temperature and timing controls. It is prudent to have this as a backup even if you are into full-fledged stovetop setup in your kitchen.

Portable electric stove can prepare your food fast and allows you to maintain a steady temperature throughout. These are quite the blessings in the summers as you can avoid the suffocating kitchen temperatures and also the overheating of the walls

What are the types of Electric Portable Stoves?

1. Portable Radiant Electric Stove

Best Portable Electric Stoves - Reviews & Guide

The radiant electric stove provides high heating efficiency and cooks food faster than the conventional gas stove. This kind of products use infrared energy to produce heat so that the nutrients present in your food can be retained, which gets lost in the normal kind of boiling and cooking. The utensils and the food are heated in three ways, the direct heat, the heat due to convection and the infrared heats the objects from in inside as well. 

Unlike induction which is only supportable with stainless steel cookware, the radiant electric stove works almost with everything including glass, stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum, etc., except for plastic products. 

It comes with a unique design with easy cleaning technology and efficient heating capacity. It is provided with a glass top that is scratch-resistant and can be cleaned without any fuss. The only negative aspect that some have complained about the product is that the heating is slower in comparison to the induction models. 

2. Portable Induction Electric Stove

Portable Induction Electric Stove

Induction cooking has seen a phenomenal rise in its usage in recent years though it has been around for decades. The term induction is used to refer to a specific method of heat generation where electromagnetism is used for cooking the food inside the pot or the pan. There exists an electromagnetic relationship between the burner and the pot or pan and in the absence of these two, just turning the burner on will not generate any of the heat. 

Not all types of cookware are suitable for use in the induction method of cooking. A magnetic pot or pan is required in order to generate the electromagnetism that will help in cooking the food. Hence, only cast iron or magnetic stainless-steel utensils can be used.

Induction cooking is really fast with the help of its electromagnetic cycle and also helps you in the consumption of less energy. This makes it an environment-friendly product and also slashes your electricity bill amounts. Induction is a very safe method of cooking, especially if there are children and pets around. It also comes with a hassle-free cleaning system.

Induction cooktops are on the expensive side as it is relatively a new technology. Also, it is not compatible with all kinds of cookware products except the magnetic items. Hence, this also requires a separate investment. While in operation, the induction cooktops make a buzzing noise and also with a power cut, your cooking will come to a standstill. 

Check the Copper chef induction cooktop review to get a fair idea of the specifications and capabilities of a portable induction electric stove. 

Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Portable Electric Stove

1. Sturdy Construction

Best Portable Electric Stoves - Reviews & Guide

Whenever you are going for buying an electric stove, one of the most important factors that need to be kept in mind is the build and construction of the product.

Portable Electric Stoves are mainly utilized for the convenience it offers in terms of portability and cooking convenience. Hence, it is imperative for the product to endure much of the movement it might be projected to. A strongly built electric stove will give you the advantage of its low maintenance, and it can be carried to long distances without the fear of it getting damaged. The sturdy construction of these products should always be given a top priority. 

2. Power

Best Portable Electric Stoves - Reviews & Guide

While buying an electric stove, the power interval settings should be taken into consideration. 

These products come with different power levels that allow you to set the amount of heat you need for any particular food. Low power options are preferred by many as they render you with lower power bills. However, in the long run, this does not stands true as with the more usage of the low power for longer durations or high power for a short duration end up giving the same output. 

With lesser power setting intervals, the cooking becomes easy. But to make it more user-friendly or convenient, a slight increase or decrease can be regulated.

3. Temperature Range

Portable Electric Stove with Temperature Control

Too much or too less, both aspects can be the reason for the taste and quality of your food. And when it comes to temperatures, one must be very careful in setting up the optimum levels. 

Uneven temperatures can result in over or under cooking of the food, so it is important to know the temperature levels required to achieve that perfect balance. Electric stoves come with a range from 38 degrees- Celsius to 260 degree- Celsius. No matter how powerful the cooktops are, high heat settings are never advisable as very hot temperatures are never needed for normal cooking. Further, temperature precision isn’t a strong point of electric cooktops in contrary to gas cooktops, you should expect a bit of learning curve before you get a hand of the portable electric cooktop you settle for. 

It takes practice to understand the appropriate temperature intervals for the ideal condition of your food. Hence, at the time of purchasing the product, these factors are to be considered to get the best deal according to your needs.

4. Convenient Controls

Convenient Controls Touch and Knob in Electric Stove

It is known that electric stove burners get quickly heated up and come with a consistent level of cooking. But one needs to be cautious of the control levels of the product while buying. 

Many a times, it has been found that the burners are working inconsistently with giving out fluctuating heat or are not working at all. The amount of heat is determined by the amount of electricity available, and the flow of electricity is controlled by the burner control switch.  

Before ending up just about any electric stove, the control mechanisms should be thoroughly checked, and care should be taken to learn about the burner control switch. Testing the switch is easy and within the capabilities of most of the homeowners.

5. Safety Features

Safety is the most important parameter that is needed to be maintained while in the kitchen. When buying a new oven, it is always advisable to buy from a reputed dealer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions about installation, usage and cleaning mechanisms. 

Some of the most important safety features that one should keep in mind while purchasing an electric device include child lock feature that will keep the control panel away from children and pets, a self-timer to set up the required time for cooking any food, an auto-pan detection feature that will shut your burner off in the absence of cookware on its top, smoke alarms and heat detectors for appliance fires etc.

6. Safety

Go for the product that will give you your money’s worth. The price of the appliance and how much you are willing to pay for it are some of the most important aspects to think over. One can get access to a humungous range of products for different prices. 

It is, without a doubt, the more you pay, the more will be the efficacy of your products. The various high-end products with their numerous usages come with a big price tag. In the case of kitchen appliances where along with the quality of the food prepared, safety and protection also form a huge part, it is always prudent to invest in the more reputed items. But then again various other factors such as the size, material, styling and other features also constitute in determining the price of these products. 


Bottom-line, your budget and affordability are the key factors while choosing the best portable electric stove from the many options available. 

In our discussion on the best portable electric stove, we have tried to narrate a thorough narrative on the various utilities that they have in store for you like a practical and functional kitchen-friendly appliance. We have also given an in-depth knowledge on some of the best and most popular potable electric stoves that are available in the market in order to help you in your quest for selecting the best as per your requirements. 

Whether you are making food in your own kitchen or want to enjoy the outdoor cooking, the above list of some of the best portable electric stove will come to your enormous aid and guidance. 

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