10 Best Over-the-Range Microwave Reviews

Looking for ways to clear some counter space? Switching to an Over the Range microwave oven might just be your best bet. Countertop microwave ovens are great, but an over the range microwave is a notch better. Over the range microwave ovens generally include more features in comparison to other types of microwaves, like stovetop lights and venting fans.

An over the range microwave oven is essentially a vented microwave oven and hence it doubles as a range hood. Besides clearing some countertop space, an over range microwave also lets you omit the expenses involved in buying a dedicated range hood.

Despite their popularity, some of the best selling over range microwaves are poorly rated on online platforms owing to their inefficient venting apparatus. However, there are a few hand-picked models that hit the spot just right! Yes, I bring you 10 of my top picks under the “best over the range microwave” category, that back their claims with uncompromising performance.

So, if you’ve been searching for the best OTR microwave, your quest ends here. Let’s dive right in!

Best Over the Range Microwave Reviews

Overall Rating:
  • Spacious cooking cavity
  • Affordable price
  • Two speed, 300 CFM venting fan
  • Compatible for ducted or ductless ventilation
  •  Adequate cooktop lighting
  • Handle is made up of plastic
  • The window on the door is quite small

This 30″ over the range microwave from GE has the most optimal combination of looks, features and cost-effectiveness. 950 watts of power output and an ample cooking cavity of 1.6 cu. ft. make it a perfect choice for varied cooking options. Furthermore, it features a stainless steel construction. The build quality is comparable to other overpriced models. Summarizing the looks of the product, it has an aesthetic finish that will give a high-end look to your kitchen.

As discussed, this model from GE has a power output of 950 Watts which is evidently high enough to save you some precious time in the kitchen. With 10 different power levels, you get full control of the cooking temperature settings. This provision enables you to precisely cook meals to the desired levels of doneness. The microwave has an appropriately bright incandescent bulb and houses a 12.5 inches recessed glass turntable. 

The control panel is well distinguished and is augmented by a clearly readable LED display. To briefly describe, the microwave is fairly easy to operate, includes all essential features / cooking options and is available for a reasonable price.

The venting mechanism is comprised of 300 CFM exhaust fan making the microwave a powerful alternative to a range hood. Also, two incandescent bulbs on the undersurface of the microwave make for adequate cooktop lighting. 

This microwave oven graciously passes the checklist of essential and desirable features. Being priced fairly reasonably, this one might just prove to be a complete package.

Overall Rating:
  • Modern, sophisticated design
  • Spacious cooking cavity of 2.1 cu. ft. 
  • Integrated door handle
  • Sensor cooking 
  • Chef connect bluetooth feature syncs the microwave’s clock to the range to automatically switch on cooktop lights 
  • 3-speed 400 CFM venting apparatus
  • 3 incandescent bulbs inside the microwave cavity 
  • Despite adequate illumination in the cooking cavity, the heavily tinted window restricts visibility 

Seamless exterior, contemporary design, meticulous cooking controls, huge interior capacity, yet reasonably priced, the GE PVM9005SJSS is truly one of the best over the range microwave ovens on the market. Precisely sitting at a spacious 2.1 cu. ft. of cooking capacity, the microwave still manages to fit in a 30-inch wide cabinet cut-out. The cavity encloses a 14.25-inch glass turntable, clearly enough to handle the biggest dinner plates.

Speaking of a modern design, the integrated door handle makes so much more sense than the ones attached on the outside. Completely eliminating the concern of cleaning under fine handle crevices, the handle placement also gives the microwave a more streamlined look.

Ranking among the smarter variants, GE’s 1050-watt microwave is equipped with sensor cooking. Meaning, the microwave automatically adjusts the power and corresponding cooking times while sensing the steam levels inside the cavity as the recipe progresses. 

Another feature that reinforces the “smart” label is the iconic Chef Connect Bluetooth function. This feature enables the microwave to connect with a GE range and sync clocks to automatically activate the microwave’s cooktop lights and vents concurrently with the range. The Chef Connect being one of the most prominent features, this over range microwave is best coupled with a GE range. 

Beside a bunch of handy microwave cooking settings, the cooktop lights and venting apparatus are exceptionally acclaimed by existing users. The pair of work surface lights can be set on the bright or night setting corresponding to requirements. Additionally, the venting apparatus is rated at 400 CFM at the highest of the 3 fan settings.

On the downside, despite 3 incandescent bulbs in the microwave cavity, the heavily tinted microwave door makes for a very poor visibility. So, if you feel the need to check on your recipe midway, you’d unwillingly have to interrupt the clock.

Overall Rating:
  • Beautiful, scratch-resistant black stainless outer finish
  • Spacious 1.8 cu. ft. cooking cavity with a 14.2 inches turntable
  • Sturdy stainless-steel handle
  • Convection feature enables it to be used as a secondary oven
  • Sensor cooking
  • Bright cavity and work surface lights
  • Powerful, multi-speed 385 CFM venting mechanism
  • The window glass is tinted, making it difficult monitor your recipes without interrupting the timer

Unlike the other two convection microwaves from Sharp and GE on this list, this one from Bosch packs the good from both keeping their respective cons away. With a spacious 1.8 cu. ft. microwave cavity as opposed to the teeny 1.1 cu. ft. in our Sharp pick, it combines the glorious convection feature with a sizeable cooking capacity. Also, priced lower than the Advantium microwave, this one is a fairly economical convection over range microwave.

The touch control panel located right beside the sturdy stainless-steel handle is well separated and is augmented by a clear LED display. The overall black stainless finish gives it a clean and modern look, that goes seamlessly with most kitchen décor schemes.

The microwave’s interior cavity is stainless steel and hence facilitates even reflection of microwaves. The convection mode renders it be used a secondary oven right above your range oven. Great looks and unmatched functionality at a decent price point, to say the least!

The 1000-watt microwave is further equipped with sensor cooking options that remove guesswork out of cooking. This also enables the microwave to automatically decide/adjust power levels and corresponding cooking time. Apart from these desirable microwave functions, the unit has LED lights inside the cavity and on the undersurface for adequate illumination. The venting apparatus stands powerful at 385 CFM and is convertible (can be set to vent out or recirculate vapours in to the kitchen).

Overall Rating:
  • Luxuriously spacious 2.1 cu. ft. cooking cavity
  • Large rectangular gliding tray accommodates oversized casserole dishes
  • Firm stainless-steel door handle
  • Comes with a rack and is approved for bi-level cooking
  • Bright work surface lights
  • Powerful exhaust mechanism with odor removing charcoal filter
  • 10 year limited parts warranty
  • Omitting the conventional turntable takes away the edge of uniform heating
  • No sensor cooking

With a luxurious cooking capacity and a gliding glass tray in the cavity, the Maytag MMV5219DE is the perfect option for you if you do a lot of your cooking in oversized angular plates and large casserole trays. Unlike the traditional rotating glass turntables, this over range microwave employs a wide (15” x 10”) rectangular gliding tray. The tray rests on guided rollers and can be pulled forward and pushed back in. While this provision limits the advantage from a rotating turntable, it further augments the complete usage of the large cooking cavity.

The microwave features a spotless black exterior and a stainless-steel interior. Appearance wise, the unit may suit some kitchens really well. Also, unlike many models with flimsy handles, the stainless-steel door handle on this one is firmly fastened. Besides looking sleek, the microwave is easily installed.

The microwave also comes with a wire rack and is approved for bi-level cooking. So, having the main dish on the glass tray, you need not wait to cook your side dishes after. You may stack them right over the wire rack and get them both done simultaneously.

The undersurface of the microwave has two incandescent lights that work on two brightness settings. Additionally, the ventilation system is comprised of a grease filter, an odor removing charcoal filter and a powerful 4-speed, 400 CFM exhaust mechanism. The venting apparatus is convertible and can be opted to vent out or recirculate.

Overall Rating:
  • Equipped with convection feature
  • Adequate interior illumination
  • Can be configured to vent outside or to recirculate 
  • Elegant design
  • Stainless steel build
  • Dual setting cooktop light
  • 10 Years warranty on major components
  • Small cooking capacity

Sharp R1874T is another beautiful Over-the-Range Microwave for the adventurous. This one from Sharp might just prove to be the perfect replacement for the worn out microwave in your RV. Users all over the internet have been loving it owing to the compatibility it offers to their kitchens and/or motorhomes.

The microwave features a stainless-steel interior and is adequately illuminated for better visibility. It has an interactive touchpad on the right end of the front panel which makes for an easy user interface.

The cooking capacity is however not the best aspect of this oven. With a 1.1 cu.ft. of interior capacity, it’s not the roomiest over-the-range oven on this list. But, hey! Unless you’re planning it to use it in your kitchen with a family of over five to six, you got no worries. For a couple of people that are on a quest to quench their wanderlust, its more than enough!

Besides, this over range microwave from sharp includes a convection fan for even heating. If the convection feature matters to you, this is only one in our list that has it. Regarding the exhaust mechanism, the microwave has a 240 CFM venting fan that can be set to recirculate the air in the kitchen or to vent outside by adjusting the exhaust flaps. For context, a 240 CFM venting fan is enough for a range with 3-4 burners.

As desirable, the bottom surface of this over stove microwave has cooktop lights with 2 brightness settings besides the “off” setting. 


Overall Rating:
  • Spacious 1.8 cu. ft. microwave cavity
  • 2-inch turntable that can be individually kept off
  • Sensor aided cooking eliminates guesswork
  • Durable ceramic enamel interior makes for an easy-clean cavity surface
  • Cooktop lights with 2 settings
  • Powerful yet quiet, 4-speed 400 CFM venting system
  • Comes with mounting bracket and screws
  • 1-year warranty on microwave (parts and labor included)
  • Cannot house taller utensils

Another great option for people looking for an elegant, durable and cost-efficient over the stove microwave. This 1.8 cu. ft. variant from Samsung is a ferocious performer considering its price point. Correcting a major flaw of many microwaves, this one comes with a durable, scratch and stain resistant interior. The ceramic enamel microwave cavity provides a solid, smooth surface and thus ensures easy cleaning of greasy spillovers.

For consistent & accurate heating, the microwave features a sensor cooking option. Be it a packet of soup, defrosting a frozen meal or reheating leftovers, the sensors in the microwave cavity ensure optimal adjustments in the cooking power and time leading to perfectly done meals each time. The microwave does the thinking for you.

The cavity has a 14.2 inches glass turntable – enough to house most dinner plates. If you’re going to be using a rectangular plate that happens to slightly exceed the turntable diameter, you can choose to individually switch the turntable off while the microwave heats. This provision lets you utilise every corner of the cavity when using oversized plates.

Apart from other handy microwave features like eco-mode, pre-set recipes and a digital display, this model has a powerful venting mechanism. The 4-speed, 400 CFM ventilation system is very efficient at clearing fumes and odor while staying nearly silent at even the highest fan setting. Also, the bottom of the microwave has two cooktop lights accounting for work surface illumination.

Overall Rating:
  • Thoughtful low-profile design complements kitchens with low-lying above-stove cabinets.
  • No door handle makes for easy cleaning of the front panel.
  • Despite the smaller height, easily accommodates most dinner plates
  • 12-inch recessed glass turntable, can be kept off individually, is dishwasher safe
  • Bright cooktop lights
  • Powerful venting apparatus at 400 CFM, charcoal filter augments odor removal
  • Cannot house taller utensils

Whether your cabinet hangs too low above the stove or you simply love the compact, low-profile design that leaves plenty of room above your range, you simply can’t overlook this sleek microwave from Whirlpool. Loaded with a bunch of essential features, this is arguably one of the most resourceful otr microwaves on our list.

As evident form the picture, the microwave doesn’t have any handles on the body. The door opens with a tap on the button located on the right bottom of the front panel. This means you can do so while your palms are wet/not clean with the back of your hands. A little convenient feature that we’d be remiss not to mention.

Now, the microwave may seem small at first sight but it is, in fact, pretty purposeful. With 19 inches of interior width, 15 inches depth and 7 inches height, you’ll realize that the cavity easily houses most dinner plates and cookware. The cooking performance further, is consistent with an ample power output of 1000 watts and the convenience of sensor cooking. The microwave is designed to automatically adjust cooking power and times corresponding to the moisture content inside the cavity.

The turntable measures 12 inches in diameter and is recessed to not further eat up any cavity space. Also, the turntable can be individually kept off to facilitate the use of oversized angular plates. Thoughtful overall assembly!

The microwave bottom has two bright worktop lights that better illuminate the work surface owing to a slightly greater height and hence better dispersion. The venting apparatus on this one is fairly efficient at 400 CFM. The ventilation system includes a charcoal – odor removing filter that keeps your kitchen all nice and odor free.

Overall Rating:
  • Unmatched cooking flexibility with the advantium technology 
  • Can be used as a microwave, conventional oven and a convection oven all at once
  • Halogen heating lamps omit the usual preheat time as observed in conventional ovens 
  • True European convection 
  • Comes with 2 wire grill racks, approved for bi-level cooking 
  • Expensive

Accompanying the highly acclaimed Advantium technology, this 30-inch GE over range microwave is a standard microwave, a convection microwave, a conventional oven and a convection oven all at once. Moreover, that’s not all that is to it; the advantium microwave promises to deliver conventional oven like results two to four times faster!

Pairing the highly versatile advantium microwave with your range oven would translate to you having both; an oven & microwave combo and a double oven assembly. The 1.7 Cu. ft. advantium over range microwave comes with a standard magnetron, two 1200W halogen lights, a 500W ceramic heater and true European convection all working in separate algorithms in different cooking modes.

The biggest feature that advantium ovens are celebrated for, is the SpeedCook option. Both the halogen lamps on the top of the cavity act as the primary heat source while the lower ceramic heater aids heating as a secondary source. These radiant heat sources coupled with microwaves and the convection fan make for unmatched cooking speeds. For context, you could roast a whole 5lb chicken in under 30 minutes on the speedcook menu as opposed to 2 complete hours in a conventional oven (including preheating time).

Speaking of preheating, unlike traditional and convection ovens, the advantium oven relies on halogen lamps and hence, is almost instantaneously ready to receive your baking and grilling trays. A great timesaver! The otr microwave comes with two wire racks and 2 rack positions.

The advantium over range oven further has two cooktop lights with bright and night brightness settings. Then, the venting fan can be adjusted to vent externally in the rear or top directions or to recirculate inside the kitchen. Rated at 300 CFM, the venting fans are just about average at clearing steam and kitchen odors.

Overall Rating:
  • 300 CFM powerful vent fan
  • Venting out / Recirculating venting apparatus 
  • Bright cooktop light
  • Spacious cooking cavity
  • 3 incandescent bulbs account for better interior illumination
  • Smooth, sensitive touchpad
  • Easy clean technology
  • Attractive design
  • Less cooking presets

Frigidaire FGMV176NTD is one sleek-looking microwave. I mean, have a good look at the picture again! If you are a big fan of looks, convenience and  cooking controls then you should definitely check this one out. Like any other microwave oven on this list, it also exhibits a stainless steel built. The black stainless finish on the exterior looks spotlessly clean. Furthermore, a firm door handle on the side of the door is a pretty neat design element.

With a 1.7 Cu. ft. of cooking capacity and 13.6 inch glass turntable, you’ve enough space to cook large meals. Additionally, the oven exhibits a power output of 1000 watts which is enough to cook you meals on the go. 9 discrete cooking power levels account for precise and customized cooking.

In lines with expectations, this over-the-range oven includes automatic and manual defrost besides pre-programmed cooking presets. Furthermore, the microwave is equipped with a 2 speed, 300 CFM powerful venting system besides other desirable features. The venting fans of the microwave are designed to vent out or recirculate air in the kitchen. 

Moving ahead, the microwave cavity has incandescent bulbs to account for adequate interior illumination and enhanced visibility. Also, the microwave’s under-surface has a cooktop light with two intensity settings. The bright setting renders your work surface adequately illuminated for all cooking activities. 

Overall Rating:
  • large cooking cavity 
  • 14.2-inch glass turntable 
  • Illuminated microwave cavity 
  • EasyClean Interior 
  • Quiet 3-speed 400 CFM venting system 
  • Heavily tinted window limits visibility 

The LG LMV2031BD is a moderately priced over range microwave, ideal for frugal homeowners. The black stainless exterior is scratch proof and continues to keep up the gleaming finish. The microwave sits at a spacious 2.0 cu. ft. of cooking capacity and houses a large 14.2” turntable. Safe to say, you could easily put in a large dinner plate for reheating.

The control panel is easily to use and is placed at the right side of the ergonomically designed door handle. The microwave is equipped with sensor cooking technology that allows it to automatically adjust cooking times and power levels based on the humidity inside the cavity for perfectly done meals every single time.

The stand-out feature for this LG over range microwave is the exceptionally silent venting apparatus. The vent system is a 3-speed 400 CFM apparatus that silently clears out steam and kitchen odour. The microwave cavity has an incandescent bulb that illuminates once the door is opened. The microwave also has work surface lights that account for adequate counter illumination in low light.

On the negative side, the microwave door is heavily tinted and hence the visibility through the window is very limited


Best Over the Range Microwave Oven reviews of Amazon

These were some of the best Over-the-Range microwave ovens that you can get for your kitchen. You can buy any of mentioned microwave ovens as all of them offer good value for money.

In case your priority is convenience than you can get Microwave oven with better controls and more presets. If you want a decent over the stove microwave for your home then you should get the one with elegant design. If you want one for a long term usage then you should consider getting one from a Good brand. We will recommend you to read amazon customer reviews before buying any of the mentioned products. Reading reviews will help you to get more information which will be beneficial.

If you have a restricted budget, you can check our review of Microwave Ovens under $100

We have also seen some reviews in which people received damaged ovens so it is highly recommended to unbox the product in front of delivery person.