10 Best Microwave Ovens under $100

For any kitchen to qualify as a virtuous kitchen, it must be equipped with all the essential appliances. One such critical appliance is a microwave oven. A microwave oven is a versatile piece of technology that has elevated kitchen convenience to new heights. Although, microwave ovens add a great deal of ease and convenience to the kitchen, owning them can be an expensive feat. Recent microwave oven models have started to inculcate new and advanced features but at the cost of exponential raise in the prices. (More about types of microwaves). 

In such scenes, people searching for cheaper variants ideal for daily use have a hard time to find appropriate models. With us at your service, you need not exert too much energy on surfing through different models. We have it all done for you! Below is a compilation of the cheapest microwave ovens that are priced under $100. Not only they are equipped with essential features but also are guaranteed to serve you for long. If you’re on to lookout for the microwave ovens with convection features, we have tested and formulated a list of best convection microwave ovens; do check it out.

Further along the article, we have listed our top 10 best Countertop microwave under $100. Alongside being inexpensive, these microwave ovens are packed with all desirable features. The list below is prepared after an extensive research of various online platforms so you can rest assured for their authenticity.

Comparision Table

Best Microwave under $100

  • Spacious 1.2 cu. ft. microwave cavity
  • 10 progressive power levels building up to 1100 watts
  • Sensor cooking for automatic error-free cooking
  • 6 convenient pre-programmed menus 
  • Easily readable LED display clock/timer
  • 1-year warranty (parts and labor included
  • No anti-slip feet (tends to slip forward while opening the door)
Overall Rating:

Slightly exceeding the $100 mark, the EM131A5C-BS is a rather spacious microwave than some other options on this list. Precisely sitting at 1.2 cu. ft. of cavity volume, the microwave conveniently houses larger dinner plates. Corresponding to higher capacity, the turntable diameter in this unit measures 12.4 inches.

Also, the power rating as compared to its predecessor Toshiba microwave is slightly higher at 1100 watts. Augmented with 10 power levels, the microwave settings can be finely adjusted according to the requirements of the recipe. Besides amplified capacity and power output, this variant has a major feature addition in the form of ‘sensor cooking’. 

The microwave cavity has built-in sensors that in response to the vapors and humidity inside, automatically adjust cooking power and corresponding times to give out consistent and thoroughly cooked/reheated meals. A very convenient feature that takes out the estimations and guesswork out of your microwave cooking. 

With only these differences to list, the black stainless microwave looks fairly similar to its predecessor. Alike the smaller variant, the buzzer can be individually switched off or muted by long-pressing the ‘8’ button. Also, including the “eco-mode” for optimal energy saving and an easy-to-use control panel, I believe the microwave is well-worth the extended budget.

  • 1.1 cu. ft. cooking capacity
  • 1000 watts power output makes for quick preparations
  • 10 different cooking power levels facilitate precise cooking
  • 6 One-Touch cooking functions for popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage, or a dinner plate
  • Defrost by time or weight
  • Digital control and led display with clock
  • Removable rotating glass turntable
  • Keypad Lock prevents unsupervised use
  • Sides of the oven often heat up
Overall Rating:

Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB is one of the highest rated Microwave Ovens on Amazon that sells under $100. Combining a compact footprint with an appropriately large cooking cavity, this unit brings along the best of both worlds. The microwave has a generous 1.2 Cu. ft. cooking cavity with an adequately large 12.4-inch glass turntable inside. 

The model looks great. Alongside being sleek in design, the features of this model can give other high-end models a run for their money.  It doesn’t beep forever if you forget about your midnight snack. It has quick command buttons like +30 which enable the user to adjust cooking time and fine tune the preparations.

Unlike some expensive microwave ovens, this one functions silently. It has a power output of 1000 watts. The handle is sturdy and super easy to use. The turntable spins with a steady velocity to facilitate even cooking. The memory feature enables you to save your favorite custom recipe settings. Then, the cavity doesn’t stain all that bad in case of spills. Even if you manage to spill the grime inside, use this comprehensive guide to cleaning microwaves inside out and you should be good. 

At full power, with 1000 watts, you can easily heat a full dinner plate in a minute, bake a couple of potatoes in ten minutes, or make a quart of ice cream more easily served with a spoon in ten seconds. The compact size makes the unit a reasonable choice for a kitchen countertop.

  • 0.7 cu. ft. cooking capacity
  • Bright microwave cavity light 
  • Cook times can be increased at 30-second intervals.
  • Comes with an easy to read LED display.
  • 10” glass turntable.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Child lock feature prevents unsupervised use
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • You might need to rephrase certain commands before Alexa ‘gets it’. 
  • Small cavity 
Overall Rating:

If you’re short on counter space or are looking for a compact microwave for any other reason, this unit from AmazonBasics has you covered. With a tight footprint of 17.3″ x 14.1″, the microwave barely takes bothers you to readjust your countertop appliances. 

Despite being priced exceptionally low, the appliance has all the basic microwave settings/features like an LED display kitchen timer, a 10-inch glass turntable, 10 progressive power levels up to 700 watts and a child lock. Besides these basic features, the microwave is enabled to pair with Amazon Echo dot, popular known as Alexa. 

Although compatible, the microwave doesn’t come with an Echo dot in the basic package. You either need to buy the echo dot separately or along with your purchase (linked directly to microwave + echo dot). Once paired, you can control the cooking options with your voice. Now that’s some functionality you’d generally relate to high-end kitchen appliances exclusively, won’t you? 

Furthermore, you need not specify the details as you’d be doing while manual operation. Just ask Alexa to heat a cup of coffee and it automatically employs optimal power and time settings. Another important detail that i’d like to mention is, when paired with the Echo dot, Alexa remembers the last time when the microwave door was opened. Consequently, it won’t turn on the microwave following your voice command if the door wasn’t opened right before the command.

  • 1.1 Cu. Ft. cooking cavity 
  • Microwave cavity light
  • 10 adjustable power levels with 1000 watts of cooking power
  • 6 auto cooking/one touch menu options
  • Express cooking and weight defrost
  • 12.4-Inch removable glass turntable
  • Digital timer and digital clock
  • Limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • No sensor cooking 
Overall Rating:

Coming in at number 4, have a look at this elegant, sleek and powerful microwave from Black+Decker. Priced just under $100, this microwave comes with a pleasing stainless steel exterior, moderately spacious cooking cavity of 1.1 Cu. Ft. and the magnetron produces a decent power output of 1000 watts. This microwave comes with design standards rivaling as that of premium high-end models. 

The cooking cavity has a 12.4-inch removable glass turntable that rotates uniformly to ensure even heating around the food. With 10 progressive power level settings and even heating apparatus, you get perfectly cooked meals each time. To further augment the cooking controls, the microwave includes 6 of the most frequent meal options as pre-set buttons. The pre-set options include  popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage and dinner plate.

The control panel isn’t cluttered unlike some compact microwaves but is rather well separated. It includes an easily readable key control set and a bright LED display. The LED display doubles as a clock and a countdown timer. As evident, the design of the microwave doesn’t include a door handle. The door rather opens with a push button that’s located at the bottom right corner of the front panel. 

Additionally, the microwave comes with a child lock feature to prevent unsupervised usage. Above all, your purchase is warrantied for a year against all malfunctions (parts & labour included)

  • Control panel with push-button door release
  • One touch genius sensor
  • 10 different cooking power levels
  • Quick Minute feature
  • Child safety lock
  • Inverter turbo defrost
  • Sides of the oven often heat up.
  • Just 0.9 cu. ft.
Overall Rating:

The Panasonic NN-SB458S is an aesthetic microwave oven suitable for small kitchens. Due to its appropriate size, the microwave fits virtually anywhere with absolute ease. The powerful 900-Watt gizmo can easily handle frequent meal preps and reheating requirements. The aspect where the microwave really shines is the defrost function. Unlike some under-powered microwaves that are selling for under a 100 dollars, this unit thoroughly defrosts meat without the usual on/off hassle. 

The microwave features a 0.9 cu. ft. cooking cavity, that in our opinion, is apt for most average household needs. The cavity is illuminated which aids in monitoring the progression of your recipes. The light is bright and aptly located. So, despite the dark tint on the microwave glass door, monitoring your preparations is no big deal. 

The keep warm feature helps you to maintain the food temperature without overcooking the food. The microwave operates silently which is a basic requisite for many. The microwave oven has 10 different power levels that enable the users to cook precisely.

On the downside, the cooking cavity can prove to be small for over sized platters. Also, the light inside the cavity only turns on when the door is closed. Although, the visibility is adequate, some people might like the lights to remained turned on while the door is opened.  

  • 4 auto cook menus
  • Two-way defrost
  • Zero standby function
  • 5 microwave power levels up to 700w
  • Quick buttons like ‘Add-30’
  • Efficient defrost feature
  • Sides of the oven often heat up
  • Some users have complained about the flimsy design 
Overall Rating:

For the people that are into retro looking appliances, this one form Nostalgia might just hit the sweet spot for you. This microwave is very pretty to look at and although slightly smaller than most microwaves it fits a standard sized plate easily. If you are willing to sacrifice some capacity and power for aesthetics, then we recommend you this model.

The 0.7 cu. ft. cavity houses a 10-inch recessed glass turntable. The recessed configuration of the turntable ensures that no more of the microwave cavity is eaten away. The model heats edibles really well and the defrost function really seems to defrost quickly, evenly, and without pre-cooking the food. The timer and temperature knobs are sturdy and work smoothly. Further, the control panel comprises of a bright LED display that is easy to read and adds a nice contrast of functionality to the whole “retro” theme of the appliance. 

As mentioned earlier, the microwave compromises on some performance factors. Unlike most other microwaves on this list, this one only has 5 power levels ranking up to 700 watts. Although, it may be enough for regular meals and reheating; these numbers compare poorly with modern high-end models. 

Other quick buttons like the 30 second push enables users to conveniently adjust cooking times. You do have to remember to clear any remaining time, however, if you want it to power off automatically. The auto-cook menus make up for quick and easy meal preparations. Furthermore, 5 different power levels enable users to precisely set cooking instructions

  • 0.9 cu. ft. cooking capacity
  • 10 cooking levels up to 900 watts
  • One-touch 1-6 minute quick start with plus 30 seconds
  • Time and weight defrost 
  • Custom memory
  • Child lock feature for additional safety 
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Slightly noisy at full power
Overall Rating:

Elegant, compact and virtuous; this countertop microwave from Toshiba is arguably the best rated for daily usage. With convenient one-touch features like pizza, popcorn and potato, you need not program the appliance each time for such frequent meals. 

The microwave is rated at 900 watts of cooking power with 10 convenient power levels for fine adjustments. To further add to the virtues, it also has a power-saving feature named as the ‘eco-mode’. When opted for, the microwave shuts down the digital clock (LED display) and consumes minimal power while still being plugged in. 

Speaking of the LED display, it is fairly bright, easy-to-read and doubles as a clock besides cooking timer. The buttons on the control panel aren’t clumped together but well separated. All in all, a very easy-to-use, budget-friendly microwave that elegantly blends in with most kitchen decor schemes. 

The microwave cavity is appropriately sizeable at 0.9 cu. ft. with a 10.6 inch glass turntable within. There’s a sufficiently loud buzzer that lets you know when your programmed/pre-programmed timer runs out. You can, however, choose to mute the buzzer individually. Above all, Toshiba provides a limited 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. 

  • Compact design; easily fits on small kitchen counters
  • 10 power levels with multi-stage cooking
  • 6 one-touch menus
  • Digital display
  • Interior LED lights
  • Child lock
  • Might be underpowered for busy households
Overall Rating:

If your requirements allow you to be a bit frugal with the microwave capacity and cooking power, the FMO07AHTBKJ is a commendable option in a budget that still gets the job done. The 700 watt microwave is thorough at heating and is augmented with a convenient control panel. The controls include easy one-touch functions like popcorn, pizza, potato and more besides smart options like time ad weight defrost. Further, the panel has a bright LED display that functions as a kitchen timer while cooking and a regular clock when the microwave isn’t in operation.  

Farberware has kept the design pretty sleek and appealing; matching its other high-end models. Meaning, despite being a budget pick, the microwave sits pretty on your kitchen counter and is approved to match any kitchen décor scheme. Brushed stainless appliances are hardly accused of standing out and hence, are often recommended by home designers.

The microwave has 10 power levels and is equipped with multi-stage cooking options. This means, your cooking can be fully customised to the finest level of temperature manipulations so that your dishes come out perfectly done each time. Additionally, the child lock feature ensures that the microwave isn’t in operation while you’re away.

  • 0.9 cu. ft. cooking capacity
  • 8 convenient autocook menus 
  • Easy-to-use user interface     
  • Ideal for small apartments.
  • Makes a humming sound while in operation
  • No specified warranty period 
Overall Rating:

This microwave form Magic Chef is perfect for small countertops. An ideal pick for people looking for a compact microwave oven for daily use. The oven has a 900-Watt power rating that allows it cook meals at a considerably faster pace.

The oven is provided with sensor cooking feature that enables the appliance to precisely adjust the time and temperature settings. The user interface is extremely convenient with 8 one-touch buttons.

The oven features a memory setting that allows you to customise and save your favourite meal preparations. The cooking capacity of 0.9 cu. ft. is spacious enough to accommodate moderately sized dinner plates. 

  • 1.1 cu. ft. cooking capacity
  • Power rating of 1000 watts
  • 10-inches glass turntable
  • Bright LED 
  • Vibrant user interface with easy-to-read LED display.
  • Convenient “+30 sec” key for fine tuning
  • Available in different finishes
  • The sides of the microwave protrude a bit inside the cavity making it difficult to fit in larger plates
Overall Rating:

Here’s another good-looking, adequately sized countertop microwave in this budget segment. This 1.1 Cu. ft. (31 L) countertop microwave is equipped with 1000 watts of cooking power. This provision translates to quick defrosting, reheating and cooking modes. Coming to the cooking flexibility, it has 10 discrete power levels; meaning, you can fine-tune your dishes just the way you like them. 

Additionally, the microwave has 6 one-touch menus to get meals ready on the go. these auto-cook menus include popcorn, potatoes, pizza, beverage, frozen vegetable and dinner plate. The user interface is pretty easy to use and includes a bright LED display that doubles as a clock and a timer. 

The oven interior has a bright automatic light that switches on upon opening the door. The oven cavity has a ~10-inch glass turntable to facilitate even and uniform cooking. Your purchase is covered with a comprehensive warranty for a period of 1 year. 


Microwave ovens have completely revolutionized modern kitchens. This appliance saves time, energy and fuel to facilitate better quality of life. But recent models have been priced way too high in exchange for some smart features. If you’re looking for something which can be used for microwave as well as for venting smoke from your gas cooktops, do check our list of  Over the Range Microwave Ovens

Similarly, if your appliance wall needs an upgrade, you could use our reviews of the best wall ovens and wall oven microwave combos

The market however has all of the variants. Some are fairly priced while others unnecessarily priced higher. In this article, we have tried our best to pick the most reasonably price microwave ovens with all essential features. We compiled this list of microwave oven available under 100$ to help families looking for a microwave oven ideal for daily use.

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