Top 10 Best Microwave Oven under Rs. 10,000 in India (2020)

There are lots of guides available online about choosing the best microwave oven under rs.10,000 in India but here’s what makes this unique:

We’ve tested 33 microwave ovens selling for under Rs. 10,000 and discovered that majority of them don’t have features and functionality that you need in your kitchen. Out of the 33 microwaves we tested, we shortlisted 10 of them as the best microwave ovens that will last long in your kitchen without much maintenance. Choosing a microwave under Rs.10,000 doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you get a model that doesn’t even last a year. In fact, you’ll find some really durable picks for your kitchen in this segment super-saver segment! If you have an even tighter budget, we also have a list of best Microwave oven under Rs. 5000.

The good news is, you don’t have to spend a minute on the internet reading review after review.

  • We’ve done all the tests for you
  • We’ve included the critical factors you need to consider when you are buying a microwave
  • We’ve also listed the best microwave ovens that will save you time in the kitchen

So that you don’t waste any minute looking for a needle in the haystack. Isn’t that what you want to save time and have your meals ready when you need it? Ready, let’s dive right in!

Top 10 Best Microwave oven Under Rs. 10,000

  • 25 L capacity is perfect for a family of 3 or 4
  • Comes with conventional features that allow you to cook, grill, preheat, defrost, and bake
  • Sensitive touch pads that work at a press of a button
  • 26 Auto menus available for you
  • Delivers 2000 watts which means that you will cook food fast
  • Customers complains of noise and other says that they did not receive the starter kit.
Overall Rating:

Did you know that you can create up to 26 new flavors and cuisines using this microwave? Thanks to its auto cook features which lets you enter the weight of the food and does the cooking for you.

Secondly, the defrost setting on this convection microwave works well when you want to thaw food. Like the auto features, all you need is to key in the weight, and it will calculate the required power it needs to unfreeze your food.

Whether you have little toddlers’ home or you don’t want your kid to touch the microwave. The good news is the IFB comes with a child lock setting. What this means, is that before you kid operates the microwave, he/she will need to enter some specific codes for it to work. Doing this will minimizes the risk of injury and fire in the kitchen.

  • Beautiful glass finish that’s makes the microwave have a glossy feel
  • You save 40% on energy bills thanks its standby mode
  • Comes with painted steel rolls to ensure uniform distribution of heat
  • The 20 L capacity very so small. The only thing I like out of it the energy saving function.
Overall Rating:

Gone are days when you could have a microwave that does one function: Reheating alone. A modern microwave should be versatile and give you the options to cook, bake and warm food. And that’s exactly what the Haier 20 L model is skilled at. 

Because it is 20 L capacity, it is the perfect microwave for a small family of four or anyone that lives alone. Apart from that, the 20 L capacity model comes with five heating power modes to speed up your cooking and help you make tastier meals for your family.

The most important feature I love from the Haier is the standby mode and its role is to make you sure that you are saving 40% of your energy bills when you are using a microwave. Imagine that.

I tested Haier 20 L convection and IFB 25 L to determine which one saves more energy power, I found out that you can save more with Haier 20 L model than IFB 25 L. You have more reasons to go with Haier.

  • Compact, powerful and affordable microwave; ideal for small families
  • Features convection feature’ hence can be used for baking and grilling besides ordinary microwave recipes
  • Sensory protection feature to avoid overheating or inadequate heating
  • Stainless steel Microwave interior 
  • Child-lock feature 
  • Comes with wire rack for grilling and a baking tray for baking 
  • Generous 2-year Manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Might not suffice peak requirements of big families with more than 5 members
Overall Rating:

In at number 4, we have one of the most pocket-friendly convection microwave ovens that you can get in India. Despite the modest price this 1300 watt Morphy Richards microwave is available for, you get the most improved set of features, user-friendly interface and uncompromising cooking performance. 

This 23-Litre compact microwave has a seamless black outer appearance that goes extremely well with most kitchen designs. Ideal for simple cooking, defrosting, reheating and occasional baking, this microwave is best suited to bachelors or small families with 3-4 members. With 10 Auto-cook options and 5 power levels you get a commendable degree of flexibility with what you could make in your kitchen. 

Moreover, advanced features like sensory protection guard your recipes against overheat and and uneven temperature distribution giving you perfectly cooked meals every time. To further emphasize on safety, the microwave comes with a child-lock feature; so you need not worry about small kids interacting with the microwave when you’re busy with other work. 

Also, if free accessories catch your attention, give this one a thorough look. The Morphy Richards 23MCG microwave comes with a wire rack for grilling and a baking tray to bake cakes, cookies and pizzas. Regarding baking results, the interior of the microwave cavity is stainless steel, which implies uniform distribution of microwaves making the appliance all the more suitable for baking and grilling. Above all, this feature-packed microwave is warrantied for 2 years from the brand. 

  • Floral panel, disinfect, power save and deodorize
  • Keep warm, multi-stage cooking and weight defrost
  • 10 Power levels, 10 temperature levels with temperature settings
  • Combi-Tec which allows both (Grill + Microwave) and (Convection + Microwave)
  • Weight defrost system
  • Due to the floral design, it’s hard to see the cooking process going on inside the oven.
Overall Rating:

Anytime I hear my friends ranting about the IFB 23 L capacity microwave. I am reminded of the three unique things about it. There is a reason why this microwave has received lots of love from customers in the past.

First, the floral design. I know some people don’t look at the design, but imagine the allure it will have on your kitchen decor. Depending on where you place it, it will blend perfectly, therefore, elevating your interior.

Second, the power saving feature. Given the fact that it is meant for small families or people living alone, it was an excellent idea for the manufacturers to include this feature so that small families can save 40% of energy bills. Even if you live alone and you are on a tight budget, this microwave won’t cause a dent in your pocket.

Third, the keep warm setting deserves a mention, because it is an essential inclusion since it helps in keeping meals warm for the next 90 minutes after they are cooked while still not overcooking it. 

With its LED digital buttons, you’ll be an in a position to operate and get informed at every stage of cooking. The combination of power grill makes it easier for any cooking mom or Indian chef to brown their delicious meals like a chicken with ease. If I had a small family, I wouldn’t hesitate to get on my own or give it to my daughter for her birthday.

  • Best for moderate cooking like baking, grilling.
  • 20L is sufficient if you have a small family.
  • 101 cooking menus
  • Combi-Tec: 2 – (Grill + Microwave) and 4 – (Convection + Microwave)
  • 3 Years of warranty.
  • IFB Service
  • Nothing that I found during the testing period.
Overall Rating:

IFB, the name is enough in the Microwave oven industry. With over a decade of experience in making kitchen appliances, IFB products are generally excellent at durability. This 20L Microwave Oven is superior in looks with the glass finish which provides a premium look to it. This Microwave consumes around 1200 watts of power which is decent for its size and functions. Talking about the overall design of this Microwave oven, it’s possibly the best looking Microwave Oven in India at this price.

It has a holding capacity of 20L which is relatively decent for a family of 4. The Microwave comes with 10 Temperature and ten power levels to allow you to select the most suitable heating conditions for the best cooking.

Along with many other features, it also comes with a unique Combi-Tech function which enables you to use Grill and Microwave at the same time. If you plan to make sandwiches in your oven, this Combi-Tech feature would be beneficial in such situations. The only downside to this product is the service offered from IFB for its Microwave oven. While I have never faced any such issues, most people complain about their service is a bit slow.

  • Compact design, ideal for small to medium families
  • 800 watts power output 
  • Stainless steel cooking cavity translates to even cooking 
  • Touch controls 
  • 1-year warranty on product and magnetron
  • Less buttons to prevent confusions.
  • Only 1-year warranty on magnetron as opposed to several years for other models
Overall Rating:

If you’ve been reading the cons of our top-ranked products, some are known for incomplete package delivery issues. All the accessories that are advertised with the product aren’t always delivered to the customers. This mostly happens due to a lack of communication between the brand and online stores (Amazon). One way around it is to consider buying a convection microwave that Amazon itself manufactures. 

The listed 30 L Convection microwave is just as good as our other top picks in this segment. Unlike some models on our list, this one has a pre-heat option that ensures your dishes go inside the oven cavity at the right temperature. 

Adding to it, the convection microwave has autocook menus, child lock feature and a sleek design. With an LED display, and easy user interface this model is arguably the most cost-effective convection microwave on our list so far. Alongside including a nice set of essential features, this microwave is efficient at uniformly cooking your meals. The stainless steel interior enables the appliance to uniformly distribute the heat inside the cooking cavity. 


  • 20 Litre compact built ideal for small households
  • Beautiful outer appearance 
  •  Stainless Steel cavity 
  • Convection mode can be used for baking and grilling besides regular microwave cooking
  • 11 power levels 
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Moderate power output of 800 watts 
Overall Rating:

BPL, the Indian brand founded in Kerala in 1963 is known for its premium kitchen and health care appliances that offer excellent quality at affordable prices. The microwave makes it at a fairly decent 5th spot in our compilation of the best microwave oven under 10000 INR. At 20 Litres, this convection microwave is a fairly compact appliance that is ideal for small families with little kitchen space to spare. 

Speaking of the outer appearance, the BPL microwave has a minimal yet sleek design. The subtle black outer finish interrupted only by the beautifully molded silver handle makes for a beauty of a kitchen appliance. The power rating of the microwave however doesn’t resonate with the sturdy built. Rated at a moderate power output of 800 watts, the microwave is not the among the most powerful ones on this list. 

However, upon looking at the complete package, this microwave fairly compensates for it’s price. With 11 power levels, right up to 800 watts, it provides you precise control over the temperature settings. Additionally, the convection feature aided with the stainless steel cavity can easily account for occasional baking and grilling bouts. 

The microwave is warrantied for a period 1 year by the manufacturer. 

  • 30L of cooking capacity serves large families just fine
  • Disinfect, power save and deodorize fetaures
  • Keep warm, multi-stage cooking and weight defrost
  • 10 Power levels, 10 temperature levels with temperature settings
  • Combi-Tec which allows both (Grill + Microwave) and (Convection + Microwave)
  • 1-year warranty on the product and 2-year on magnetron 
  • Max Temperature is 200°C
  • Few customers have complained about missing accessories
Overall Rating:

Coming in at number 3, we have a very versatile convection microwave oven from Whirlpool that also happens to be modestly priced. Now Whirlpool is a brand that we Indians have heard about almost all our lives. It ranks among some of the very few companies that people trust without hesitation. 

Top stand-out feature of this microwave is the easily programmable multi-stage cooking option. It lets you decide the power levels and cooking times for different stages of the cooking cycle so that your preparations turn out perfectly done each time. Furthermore, a spacious 30 L cooking cavity equipped with a 315mm glass turntable enables you to fit in large plates and baking/grilling utensils. However, if baking is your primary concern, we have listed some really good models in our Best OTG oven in India article. 

To further add to the flexibility of cooking, you can use the microwave, convection and grill modes separately or combining any of the two at the same time as per the requisites of the concerned recipes. Cooking inside an appliance doesn’t get any better, does it? 

If you’re someone who is looking for an Air Fryer along with a Microwave, this is a go-to Microwave as it comes with Zero-oil cooking. Now, What exactly this feature does? The revolutionary Zero-oil Smart Oven circulates hot air, creating a crispy texture and moist interior using only a dash touch of oil or none if you’d prefer. 

If you like Punjabi-style lachha parathas, Mughal-inspired Tandoori rotis, and delicious butter naans, this Microwave won’t disappoint you because of its Tandoor technology which replicates tandoor-like conditions with a temperature of up to 240-degree Celsius.

  • Attractive floral design on front panel 
  • Stainless steel cavity makes for even heat distribution 
  •  Easy fermentation allows you to make idli batter and curd at the touch of a button 
  •  LED display and minimal control panle make for a easy user interface 
  •  1-year comprehensive warranty on product and 5-year on magnetron 
  • Misses out on many Auto-cook features.
  • Doesn’t include rotisserie as 
Overall Rating:

Godrej is another trusted Indian brand which provides a high-quality appliance at moderate prices. This 23 L Microwave by Godrej has all the features you would expect from any other Microwave brand. This microwave comes with an attractive front panel just like most of the Microwaves in this list. 

The Microwave looks very well built and adds a great appeal to your kitchen layout. It comes with an anti-bacterial Stainless steel cavity which prevents and bacteria inside the Microwave. 

Coming on to the features of this Microwave, it comes with a unique Preset option which allows you to that lets you set the cooking option in advance while you can manage other chores. It comes with Auto-cook menus, child lock, and combination cooking. Surely a good buy if you’re a Godrej fan. 

  • Looks very elegant with buttons placed perfectly.
  • A knob provides better cooking and helps in heavy duty.
  • Has combination cooking of Microwave+Grill+Convection.
  • Multi-Stage cooking.
  • Material quality is not good.
  • Microwave starts catching rust.
  • Only has 4 levels of heating.
Overall Rating:

This Morphy Richards 20MBG comes with a capacity of 20 litres. The microwave is equipped with the multi-stage cooking feature which lets you cook and grill separately. There are many modes of operation that the microwave provides. You can choose the perfect setting for your dish by using the mirror finish control panel. Navigate between the various modes of operation, set the time for which you want your food to cook, and you are all set to relish your dishes freshly prepared. You can also defrost the food right after you have taken it out of the refrigerator by using the defrost function.

One other feature that makes this microwave oven a must-have piece in your kitchen is the powder coated cavity. The appliance consumes 1270 watts and operates on 230V 50Hz AC supply. Buy this microwave oven from the house of Morphy Richards and enhance the taste of your various dishes. Shop for your favorite products on Amazon India and experience the joy of shopping online.

How to Choose the perfect Microwave Oven?

Can I be honest with you?

Spending 10,000 rupees on a microwave doesn’t mean that you buy the cheapest microwave on the market. In my understanding, it means looking at the value the microwave has and how it is going to enhance your cooking without giving a dent in your pocket.

That said, if you need a microwave oven under Rs.10,000, there are some factors/features your microwave oven needs to have. Most importantly, it needs to match the benefit you will get if you bought a high-end microwave oven today.

Ready, okay! Here is the list of features you need to keep in mind.

1. Size and Power

How much power does the microwave emit? Size and power affect how you are going to cook your food. In other words, it means getting your food ready in the next 5 minutes or waiting a little bit longer.

And since we are living a busy life with a hectic schedule, you need to save time in the Kitchen and do important things. That said, a good microwave oven selling under rs. 10,000 should deliver 1,000 to 1, 6000 watts of power. With this power potential, you can cook food for the family and yourself fast. A mid-range microwave can give you between 800 to 1,000 watts of power, but it could mean that you will have to wait for your meals.

Apart from power, consider the capacity. Capacity affect your choice of the microwave but it also depends on the needs you have. If you leave alone or have a small family of four, you can do well with microwaves having 20 to 25 L capacity.

More than 25 L capacity is ideal for large families of 7, 9 and 10. If you also do lots of cooking or run a restaurant, the large size is perfect for you.

2. Turntables

It’s no surprise that you’ll find a great microwave on under 10,000 rupees without turntables or having poor quality turntables. If you get a microwave, the first thing you need to inspect is the quality of turntables because they are responsible for uniform cooking.

You don’t want to stop the microwave now and then to changes food by hands. The good news is some of the microwaves we have used have turntables.

3. Racks

Chances are, you will one day use a convection microwave to cook lots of dishes simultaneously. It happens lots of time when you have a large family. But buying a microwave for under 10,000 rupees does not mean that you don’t get racks.

Consider buying a microwave oven that has racks so that you can cook two meals at the same time. Finally, make sure that it also has an ample space to let you prepare those two meals on the go. Otherwise, what’s the need of getting the racks if you have a small microwave that won’t allow you to place two meals inside the microwave.

4. Oven features

The most expensive microwave always come with over 100 pre-programmed menus which lets you select and cook meals with easy. The good news is that under 10,000 rupees, you can get such a microwave. And we have included in our list of microwaves that have over 100 menus so that you don’t have limits over what you can’t cook and can cook in your microwave oven.


The biggest challenges you will ever face when choosing a microwave oven under Rs. 10,000 lies in performance. With that said, always look at the key features such as size, power, turntables, racks and oven feature before you shell out your cash. If you don’t feel like investing much in your Microwave Ovens, you can check our best Microwave oven under Rs. 5000 list.

It can be the difference between you taking ages to cook your meals and having them in the record time. Thanks to our collection of the best microwave under rs. 10,000, you’ll have great peace of mind using them because we have tested all of them in our chain of restaurants and they work well.

For those having a big family they should invest in a big model of 25 L capacity and above. Second, they should also consider the power potential of the microwave. I hope that this article has helped you narrow down the choices you have so that you can choose the best microwave for yourself.

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