Best Meat Grinders for Deer – Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you someone who loves to eat meat, but is exploring for a healthy lifestyle to follow? Indeed, all things considered, a meat grinder will be extremely valuable for you. With the meat grinder, you can without much of a stretch, maintain a strategic distance from the synthetic compounds and the additives that are available in the prepackaged meat. Home grinding the meat with the grinder likewise safeguards the taste and the flavor of meat in the most ideal manner. When we talk about regular meat, we don’t mind having a mildly inconsistent texture. But when it comes to venison or deer meat, things take a slightly different curve. 

It is considered to be one of the healthiest meat as it incorporates fewer calories and is an excellent source of protein. It is certainly the most delicious options that we have and with the help of the best meat grinder for deer meat, you can enjoy them tender steaks at the comfort of your home. If you’re of the opinion that standard domestic-use meat grinders can handle venison with the same efficiency, you might be disappointed to realize the performance gap. You need to ensure specific aspects are in place if you’re majorly going to be using your meat grinder to grind deer meat. That’s why for all deer meat enthusiasts out there, we have researched and listed some of the best heavy-duty meat grinders for venison. 

On a similar note, if you’re looking for a unit for commercial purposes, we’ve a separate compilation of the best commercial meat grinders that can handle any meat you feed it. Alright, enough talk! Let’s delve into the details so that you know what to expect from each one of these venison meat grinders before buying.

Best Meat Grinders for Deer – Reviewed

1. Weston 10-0801-W 0.75 HP Pro Series #8 Meat Grinder


  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Vapor sensing feature
  • Convenient dial controls
  • Features various pre-set recipes


  • Comes with only two grinding plates
  • The exterior interface may catch fingerprints

  • 4.8/5.0

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Ordinary meat grinders often find it a daunting task to grind through cartilage and tendons. They may require you to reversely operate them quite a few times during the session. You know the battle on the off chance that you have claimed one of these before. All things considered, there is no purpose behind you to proceed with the regular old abandoned execution. 

This electric meat grinder from Weston is ostensibly the best pick for you if you have continuous and high meat grinding requirements. Be it individual needs or pounding crude pet food. One of the principle features of this grinder is that it can without much of a stretch granulate through bones. Moreover, everything that goes into this grinder requires no manual chopping and it applies to chicken wings and legs as well. This meat grinder is ideal for pet proprietors.

You can advantageously process raw dog food in your home. Another important aspect of this grinder is its groundbreaking 1500-watt air-cooled engine. The essentially powerful engine brings about quicker and smoother grinding.

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The compact design further augments this meat grinder. It features a stainless steel construction that enhances its durability. Also, it features coarse and medium-sized grinding plates along with the sausage stuffing kit. The anti-slip feet is another sharp expansion proposed to keep you away from expected accidents. Coming to the security angle, the design of this meat grinder incorporates a tray guard that protects your hands during the grinding operation.

2. STX Turboforce II “Platinum” w/Foot Pedal Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Grinder

STX Turboforce II Platinum with Foot Pedal Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Grinder for deer


  • Five tempered steel grinding plates
  • Enhanced durability
  • Quad air cooling system
  • Hands-free operation
  • Complements every kitchen décor


  • The price range may seem high to some buyers

  • 4.6/5.0

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This electric meat grinder is an ideal combination of beauty and a beast. It is designed to complement any kitchen décor and comes in either black or white with chrome accents. It is quite easy to notice the high-quality craftsmanship behind the Turboforce II. It incorporates 2000 watts of peak output power that allows the appliance to grind even the hardest cuts of meat with ease. 

Besides this, it features a patented Quad air cooling system that protects the motor and expands the overall lifespan of the grinder. If you are a meat lover and frequently prefer to grind meat, then you should consider purchasing a product featured with this kind of longevity.

Another aspect that is worth mentioning is that it comes with five grinding plates manufactured from tough tempered steel and three stainless steel cutting blades. These cutting blades can be easily washed in a dishwasher and hence makes the cleaning process hassle-free. One of its aspects that makes it stand out all the other grinders is that it offers you hands-free operation by featuring an On/Off electric foot pedal. This operation makes the entire grinding process quite convenient for you, especially when your hands are preoccupied with holding meat or any other kitchen appliance. 

Of other choices in this list, the STX TurboForce II is a genuinely durable meat grinder given that it is maintained well and cleaned occasionally

3. SuperHandy #12 Electric Meat Grinder

SuperHandy #12 Electric Meat Grinder


  • Highly efficient
  • Features four distinct stuffing tubes
  • Offers large capacity meat plans
  • Incorporates air cooling system
  • Long-lasting


  • It features a small plunger that makes stuffing quite daunting

  • 4.7/5.0

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Going by the name of the brand you can comprehend this is one of those grinders that are compact as well as user-friendly. Originating from the brand Superhandy, it incorporates all the most recent highlights and design. As it utilizes SUS304 treated steel metal apparatuses, you will have a superior presentation for a more extended time. Additionally, a similar innovation helps in holding the characteristics and spares it from harm because of rusting and corrosion. 

In actuality, this stainless steel meat grinder works by utilizing electricity. Along these lines, to ensure it doesn’t support any internal damage, it accompanies an electrical switch. The motor packs a decent 550W of intensity and has ¾ horsepower for quick and better grinding outcomes.

Besides, the motor doesn’t require high maintenance and features an air cooling system as well to protect it from getting overheated. Besides this, it comes with numerous accessories including two grinding plates: coarse and fine, one stuffing plate, neck, auger and a cutting knife. Also, it supports large capacity meat plan in case you prefer grinding meat in large amounts in one go.

4. Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer


  • Equipped with a powerful motor
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Features a removable drawer


  • It falls at a slightly higher price range

  • 4.7/5.0

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Are you looking to make grounded short ribs, meatballs, briskets, patties, sausages or fresh bacon strips? All things considered, this grinder has the force, speed, and adornments that make this grinder highly efficient. This unit accompanies three grinding plates that permit you to get medium, fine and coarse meat granulates easily. It is furnished with a multipurpose and incredible electric motor that produces the intensity of around 2000W. 

Regardless to what extent you are utilizing it, this grinder will run easily and produce the least commotion. Moreover, the colossal grinding capacity is one of the major aspects. It can granulate 720 pounds of meat in one hour. Also, the oversized pan and neck allow you to stuff large chunks of meat into the grinder head resulting in abundant meat grinding.

Other than the superior grinder, this unit likewise brags of stylishly engaging design. This makes it an incredible expansion to any kitchen. Besides this, the grinder accompanies superior steel gear and free air-cooled motor, permitting it to handle heavy-duty operations. Considering the safety feature, it includes a waterproof switch that ensures that there will be no accidental damage during the while the grinder is in operation.

5. Sunmile SM-G50 ETL 1.3 HP Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G50 ETL 1.3 HP Electric Meat Grinder


  • Largest meat grinder
  • Powerful motor
  • Dishwasher safe advanced cutting blades and plates
  • Incorporates a switch for on/off or reverse operation
  • Comes with three distinct grinding plates


  • It features plastic gear instead of metal gear

  • 4.6/5.0

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Grind and utilize more meat every time you are considering making some delicious meat preparations. With the assistance of this grinder from Sunmile, you will have the option to grind as much as 200 pounds of meat in 60 minutes. The 350W evaluated motor has a pinnacle power limit of 1000W, which is all that anyone could need for good meat grinding. Cleaned cast aluminum has been utilized for the grinder head that has a dimension of 12-inches to deal with more prerequisites easily. 

This meat grinder comes with three distinct stainless steel cutting plates so that you can choose among the coarse, medium and fine grinding as per your preference. Also, you can conveniently wash all the cutting plates and blades in a dishwasher and make cleaning procedure hassle-free.

Considering the safety, it incorporates On/Off switch which makes it easy for you to start and reserve. The circuit breaker is featured to prevent the overheating of the motor and thus protects you from accidental damages. As the whole grinder and parts are ETL certified and accompany a food-grade guarantee, this is safe to be utilized anywhere.

Meat Grinders for Venison – Buying Guide

1. What is Actually Required to Process Venison?

The term venison is generally used to describe the meat of a deer or antelope. It can be consumed as steaks, roasts, sausages, tenderloin and minced meat. The cuts of venison tend to have a finer texture and are quite leaner as well. Many meat enthusiasts prefer to invest in ideal sharp tools, meat grinders, chest freezer and stuffers to perfectly process the venison.

The meat grinders for deer processing mostly incorporate higher wattage as they have more power and can easily push through harder cuts. Also, large capacity, distinct grinding and cutting plates and circuit breaker are some other common features included in meat grinders to efficiently handle deer meat

2. How are Venison Meat Grinders different from Regular Meat Grinders?

Venison meat grinders generally rely on heavy-duty motors as they efficiently handle the lean deer meat. Their power rating ranges somewhere between 350 to 750 watts and is able to grind up to 200 pounds of meat per hour. Also, their parts are forged with stainless steel as it enhances the durability, stays immune from corrosion and rust and offers easy clean up as well. Alternatively, most of the parts of regular meat grinders are manufactured by utilizing plastic material. Also, they rely on motors featuring less power rating somewhere around 250 watts and hence result in the less grinding outcome and it also gets daunting for them to cut through bones.

3. Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Commercial Meat Grinder

1. Heavy-duty construction

Similarly, as with some other kitchen appliance, you generally need to ensure that you pick a model that is going to keep going you as far as might be feasible and have the option to withstand the measure of use you intend to get it through. The durability of a meat grinder is straightforwardly dependant on the nature of the material utilized for manufacturing its components. Extending from stainless-steel to solidified plastic, there’s a wide scope of materials utilized for assembling.

Durability is any way just guaranteed with a stainless-steel construction. Besides, stainless steel blades can be sharpened once they start getting blunt. This further augments the overall durability of the meat grinder as a whole. That’s why we suggest you consider models that utilize thick gauge stainless steel alloy.

2. Power Output

The output performance of meat grinders is generally measured in terms of motor power and pound per hour output rate. These must be in accordance with your peak requirements. You can consider buying meat grinders above 400 watts, as they are all-powerful enough to cater to home meat grinding requirements. On the contrary, if you are looking for some commercial grinding needs, then you can opt for meat grinders with a power rating of over 550 watts as they can handle large loads efficiently. Also, they are more likely to be preferred by pet owners as they can easily grind bones.

3. Sausage stuffer and other attachments

Everybody adores getting a couple of additional accessories with a purchase, and kitchen machines frequently have probably the most entrancing and valuable adornments around. Considering a meat grinder, the main embellishments you are going to need is additional grinding plates, as they will permit you to alter the coarseness of the meat you granulate. A few models will just element two plates for coarse or fine grains so anything over that is truly going the additional mile. 

Some models also come with sausage attachments, which will permit you to grind the meat and feed it into a casing of your preference. A few models may give you attachments with various widths for various measured sausages, so check the number and sizes of these devices when you can. 

4. Grinding plate options

Different sized plates offer distinct coarseness to the ground. Some models come with two grinding plates and with the high-end models you can expect up to five plates as well. It depends on your preferences what grind size works best for your needs. So, always consider checking for available or compatible plate sizes that come with the model that you are looking forward to buying.

5. Warranty

Warranty period varies with companies. All the models mentioned above are covered by distinct warranty periods from the respective brands. If you are investing a considerable amount of money in a meat grinder, then it is must to get the one that has an extended warranty period. Long warranties not only give you the satisfaction that you will not be required to spend a penny on it but also offer you the evidence that the model comes from a trusted brand. A brand that ensures its customers regarding the superior quality and sturdy construction of appliances by offering longer warranties.


When it comes down to selecting the best meat grinder, it should be about finding a tool that will make your life easier. A high-quality model in your kitchen will let you showcase your creative side more often during small house events or parties. Moreover, having the choice of adjusting the grind size will permit you to further customize your meat preparations as per your preferences and style. Apart from this, you also remain certain that your meals are protein-rich and free from all preservatives.

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