Top 5 LG Microwave oven for your Kitchen

Best LG Microwave Oven to Buy for Kitchen

LG has been in the microwave oven market for decades and has evolved in to a brand that people rely on with complete trust. Premium quality appliances and great after sales support being their prime assets, the company continues to serve millions.

Although there are many microwave oven models that LG has manufactured along the years, not all have got similar responses from users. While some models received criticism, others became sensational trends. Today, I present you a collection of the finest microwave ovens from LG that have it all. Right from inclusion of essential features to being commendably cost efficient.

If you too are fond of LG products like me and are looking for some value-for-money microwave ovens from the brand, you’re in time. Below is my best attempt to help you find the top LG microwaves that are available online. Please be informed that these picks are standard microwaves and do not include the convection feature. If you’d like to view models that include this feature, check our concise list in our Best convection microwave article. Now, all of the following picks display great features, look sleek and most importantly, don’t drill a hole in your pocket. So, without further ado, lets get to the compilation.

Top 5 LG Microwave Ovens of 2019

1. LG LMC2075BD 2.0 Cu. Ft. Neochef Countertop Microwave Oven

LG NeoChef Microwave Oven Reviews

Key Features

  • 2.0 Cu. Ft. Storage capacity
  • 1200 watts of cooking power 
  • 16-inch sturdy turntable 
  • Sensor cooking technology, Easy Clean Interior, Energy efficient 
  • 10 power levels for precise cooking 


  • Huge cooking capacity
  • Energy saving technology used along with sensor cooking and easy clean interior
  • 16-Inch glass turntable
  • Appropriately illuminated cooking cavity 
  • 10-year Magnetron Warranty 


  • Some customers have complained about it being loud while in operation 

Overall Rating:

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Smart, Spacious, resourceful, sleek and elegant; our top pick, LG Neochef LMC2075BD displays a vibrant array of attributes that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. This 2.0 Cu. Ft. Countertop microwave rightfully takes the cake in our list of the best LG Microwave Oven. 

To begin with, the magnetron assembly of the microwave generates 1200 watts of cooking power that can be easily adjusted with the help of 10 power settings entitles you to precisely replicate recipes as per instructions. Another rather unconventional feature that you get with this one is a pretty sturdy 16-inch turntable with 6 wheels instead of 3 for added stability. You could just go ahead and place tall and heavy items inside the spacious microwave cavity without having to think twice. 

A yet another noteworthy addition in this microwave is the bright illumination of the cavity making it easier for you check on your preparations. The SmoothTouch glass controls further add to the functionality and looks of the appliance. 

2. LG LMC1575ST 1.5 cu. ft. NeoChef Countertop Microwave

best LG Microwave LMC1575AST 1.5 Cu. Ft. Neochef Countertop Microwave Oven

Key Features

  • 1.5 cu. ft. Storage capacity
  • Energy efficient owing to the smart inverter technology 
  • Stainless steel build
  • Sturdy glass turntable supported by 6 wheels
  • Advanced Easy clean technology
  •  Bright LED light inside the cooking cavity 


  • Moderately large cooking cavity 
  • Smart Inverter technology makes it an energy efficient model 
  • Bright LED illumination inside the cooking cavity 
  • Smooth touch controls
  • 10-year Magnetron warranty 


  • No handle on Door
  • Priced highly just because of More holding capacity

Overall Rating:

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The LG NeoChef Series has something for everyone. While other features remain almost same, the cooking cavity in this one might just be perfect for moderate sized families. Slightly smaller than our previous pick, the LMC1575ST might as well fit your kitchen space restrictions just right. 

Like our top pick, this one also exhibits a stainless steel built, 1200 watts of cooking power, and 10 different power levels. Furthermore, the EasyClean interior lets you clean the microwave with no hassle whatsoever. DIY home measures clean the cavity well and you’d rarely find stubborn grime inside. Alongside being moderately sized, this variant form the LG Neochef series also has a smart inverter 

The touch panel on this one also works pretty fine and it is extremely smooth and responsive. The display shows the current mode and timer. As established in the other models from the NeoChef Series, the LMC1575ST also has bright illumination inside the cooking cavity making it extremely easy to monitor over your dishes. 

3. LG LMV2031ST 30-Inch Over the Range Microwave

LG Microwave Oven Review otr

Key Features

  • Stainless steel build
  • 2 Cu. Ft. Storage capacity
  • 400 CFM Venting system
  • 10 Power levels
  • 1,000 Cooking watts
  • Auto Defrost/Reheat technology
  • Venting system can be adjusted to vent behind or above the unit
  • 1-year warranty (parts and labor included)


  • 1000 watts power output 
  • Spacious 2 Cu. Ft. cooking cavity
  • 10 different power levels
  • 400 CFM venting fan that can be adjusted to vent behind or above the unit
  • Stainless steel built 
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty (10 years on magnetron)


  • Tiny 4″ window that is heavily tinted coupled with a dark grey interior makes for poor visibility

Overall Rating:

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Here’s a masterpiece of a microwave oven in the over range configuration from LG. This 30-Inch LG Microwave is arguably the most cost effective model considering the features and customer satisfaction of this model.  

With a power output of 1000 watts, sensor cooking feature and a 2 Cu. Ft. cooking cavity; your recipes come out just as you want them to. Adjustable power levels further ease your preparations and give you total control to fine tune your preparations.   

The venting system can be adjusted to vent above the unit or behind it. The 400 CFM venting fan ensures your kitchen stays nice and odor free. You also get Auto Defrost/Reheat modes. LG covers your purchase with a 1-year warranty (labor and parts included). The magnetron is an exception here and is warrantied for 10 years. 

4. LG LMV1762ST 1.7 Cu. Ft. Over the Range Microwave Oven

Key Features

  • 1.7 Cu. Ft. Storage capacity
  • Sensor cooking
  • Easy clean interior
  • 300 CFM venting system 
  • Ergonomically designed handle 
  • 1000 watts power output


  • Sleek design
  • Great build quality
  • Convertible to Recirculating venting
  • 10 different power levels
  • 1000 watts power output
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty (10 years on magnetron)


  • The venting fan makes some noise while in operation 

Overall Rating:

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This LG microwave is another sophisticated microwave in the over range category that comes with Auto Defrost/Reheat technology. The oven displays a stainless-steel finish. If looks rank higher in your checklist than other trivial features, this one is the best pick for you, i reckon.

The glass door and the touchpad of this microwave have a seamless black color adding a nice contrast to the front panel. The handle is ergonomically designed to give a sturdy and firm grip. The oven has power levels going right up to 1000 watts, giving total control on your food prep methods. Along with all the essential features, you get the reliability of the LG brand.

This oven has a cooking capacity of 1.7 cu. ft., just right for an average home. Also, the venting mechanism includes a 300 CFM exhaust fan. That implies, the oven’s venting system is powerful enough to vent out all smoke and odor from a range with 3-4 burners. The oven can further be configured into venting the air above or behind it. A decent selection for the price! If an over-the-range is what you’re looking for, you’d probably find more competent models in our complete OTR review

5. LG LMC0975AST Neochef 0.9 Cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven

best LG Neochef Countertop Microwave Oven


  • Sleek design that goes well with all kitchen decors
  • Smart inverter technology makes it an energy efficient model
  •  1040 watts cooking power 
  • Smooth touch panel
  • Highly illuminated cooking cavity 
  • 10-year Magnetron Warranty 


  • 0.9 Cu. Ft. Cooking cavity may not be able to accommodate large pans 

Overall Rating:

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LG LMC0975AST Neochef is another great microwave by LG. I reckon it is the perfect combination of Power and compactness. This Countertop Microwave oven by LG has a minimal design that’ll go well with pretty any kitchen decor scheme. it is built using stainless steel making it highly resilient and durable. 

There is no compromise in terms of the build quality of LG LMC0975AST Neochef. The best part about the LG Neochef series is that these come with a hefty 10-year magnetron warranty. Furthermore, LG is a very good brand in terms of after sale service. 

The only downside that i can point out in this one is a smaller cooking cavity. But, you need not worry unless you’ve got a family of more than 4 to 5 people. Customers on Amazon have loved it and the reviews state it clear. 

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel build
  • 0.9 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Sturdy 6-wheel supported glass turntable
  • Smart inverter makes it an energy efficient appliance 
  • Easy Clean Interior

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These were the best LG Microwave countertop ovens that you can buy for yourself. Being an active customer of the brand, I can vouch for their reliable quality and great after sales service. Furthermore, this list has been made after a long research so you can buy any of these without having to worry about them being overpriced. LG has been a prominent name in the microwave industry for years and is only getting more reliable by the day. 

Although we reckon our picks to be the absolute best their categories, we still insist you to go through their customer reviews once before so you have no uncertainties. This will really help you to gather more information about the product.

If you’re searching for more products, you can look into our best microwave oven under $100.

As I’ve already stated, LG stays loyal to their customers before and after the purchase. So, in case of anomalies, hit them up and the discrepancy will be sorted in a matter of days. 

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  1. LG microwave is very substandard as megnatron becomes short after only one year. We have LG oven and lost 4000 rs. already by way of repairing. Also there is no service after sales. So we have to depend on crooks for servicing who claim to be authorised repairers.