Best Korean Rice Cookers – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Korean Rice Cooker Reviews

Rice is enjoyed worldwide, but in Korean cuisine, it is an absolutely essential staple. They usually prefer to eat short-grain white rice, which can be prepared sticky for some recipes that require shaping the rice, whereas it can be less sticky for some other Korean recipes. The other common type of rice in Korea is brown rice, which contains more nutritional value compared to the white one. Each type of rice has a distinct purpose in Korean cuisine, whether it is sweet sticky rice for dessert or a muted flavored brown rice ideal to mix with veggies as a side dish. 

Consequently, korean rice cooker brands are one of the masters in the art of making pristine quality rice cookers. Some of the top Korean brands that are currently leading and rivaling top US manufacturers incorporate Cuckoo, Cuchen, Shinil and Lihom. If you are looking to discover the best korean rice cooker, let’s delve into the detailed reviews of some of our top picks, so that you know what to expect from each one of them.

Best Korean Rice Cookers : Our Top 5 Selections

1. Cuckoo CRP-P1009SB 10-Cup Korean Pressure Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-P1009SB 10-Cup Electric Best Korean Rice Cooker


  • Multiple cooking functionalities
  • Intelligent cooking algorithm
  • Water drainage system
  • Auto steam cleaning
  • Numerous safety features


  • Expensive

  • 4.8/5.0

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This premium quality rice cooker can prepare 10 cups of uncooked rice at one time, which is sufficient for a medium-sized family. It highlights X-wall diamond-coated inner pot and a double-layered rubber packing, which completely seals the inner pan and prevents the leakage of steam. The intelligent voice navigation system offers you the access of three distinct languages (English, Chinese and Korean) making your cooking experience quite convenient and intuitive. 

This rice cooker preserves the nutritional value of rice and you can prepare from raw grain to germination to fully cooked rice with the help of one-touch operation. Moreover, it offers ultimate versatility as you can prepare Sushi rice (check our picks of rice cookers for preparing sushi), porridge, chicken soup, ferment bread and bake as well by utilizing the programmable settings. 

It features a water drainage system that collects the excess water vapors and eliminates bad odors and bacteria while sustaining the flavor of fresh food. Also, it makes the cleaning process a breeze as you can simply sanitize and clean the interior with the help of a push-button. This self-cleaning system can be a true lifesaver for individuals who don’t get enough time to clean their kitchen appliances.

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Considering the safety, this rice cooker mainly includes the pressure control device, lock checking device, secondary pressure release, reed switch, thermal fuse and hence ensures that you enjoy a safe and healthy cooking experience.

2. Cuckoo CR-0631F 6-Cup Micom Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CR-0631F 6-Cup Micom Korean Rice Cooker


  • Incorporates fuzzy logic and intelligent cooking algorithm
  • Well-manufactured and durable
  • Prepares exceptional rice 
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient to clean


  • Most of the users are not satisfied with the texture of cooked rice

  • 4.6/5.0

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The CR-0631F rice cooker is an exceptional kitchen appliance for cooking rice like a seasoned sushi chef. In contrast to some different brands, this apparatus cooks rice really quick. You don’t need to stress over burning the grains around the edges. It is the ideal rice cooker for any individual who drives a bustling way of life. The timer function permits you to set an exact time when the rice is required, it will be prepared straight away. If you enjoy fresh rice in your breakfast meal, then use the keep warm mode as it can keep the rice at ideal serving temperature for up to 24 hours.

Among other rice cookers from Cuckoo, this one is a rather popular model among users. It highlights a robust and well-constructed design which makes this rice cooker highly durable. The cooking bowl is substantial weight aluminum, and the body and top are strong. The fuzzy logic and inbuilt efficient cooking algorithm detect the grain type and hence adjust cooking temperature and time accordingly. Also, you can utilize the pre-programmed functions to prepare glutinous, mixed, GABA and brown rice.

This rice cooker is ideal for individuals who prefer to work with simple and user-friendly appliances. Most of its functionality is based on just press button and you will get exquisite rice. Moreover, it offers a detachable lid which makes cleaning quite convenient. There is a steam cup located at the back of the device which collects the excess water and thus eliminates bad odors.

3. Cuchen Premium IH 6-Cup Korean Pressure Rice Cooker

Cuchen Premium IH 6-Cup Korean Pressure Rice Cooker


  • Durable inner pan coating
  • Speedy cooking 
  • Voice navigation system
  • Programmable settings
  • Auto clean function
  • One year warranty


  • Keep warm mode is limited to only 12 hours

  • 4.5/5.0

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This device offers another choice in case you want to utilize a pressure cooker approach to make rice. It offers access to numerous functionalities which gives you a lot of control over the entire cooking procedure. The display panel highlights various options, incorporating a preset button, keep warm mode along with the programmable settings for preparing plain rice, GABA, brown rice and mixed rice.

The manufacturers have stated that it can cook mixed rice in just 29 minutes and hence, we can call this a smart and speedy kitchen appliance. Also, it gives you the option to steam veggies and prepares soups as well. You can also use the slow cook function if you like to prepare extra soft rice. 

Moreover, the design is a bit bulky, but the inner pan is made of a diamond queen coating, which ensures that it is quite durable and can withstand the heating pressure. The display panel features all the functions in both English and Korean languages along with the voice navigation system. It ensures to offer a user-friendly cooking experience and is a great feature for amateurs as well.

4. Lihom LJP-HK100GDE 10-Cup Pressure Rice Cooker


  • Appealing aesthetics
  • Advanced induction heating
  • Voice navigation system
  • Multiple cooking functions
  • Self-cleaning system


  • Some buyers may find it expensive
  • Features a bulky design

  • 4.3/5.0

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This Lihom 10 Cup Rice Pressure Cooker is another propelled, very good quality model. It’s a great design and sturdy materials are a piece of the explanation we added it to our rundown of Korean rice cookers. It highlights the advanced Induction heating technology that disseminates heat equally during the entire cooking process. The conclusive outcome is rice with flavorful taste and texture that you would never accomplish with a saucepan and water.

Moreover, it is well-constructed with top-notch materials. The inner pan is made of a diamond micro-particle coating which makes it resistant to scratches and enhances the durability as well. It is also designed to offer impressive thermal efficiency, which implies that it can cook flavorful rice really quick. Hence, it can turn out to be a great device for individuals who lead a hectic lifestyle. 

Besides this, you get access to numerous functionalities, including voice navigation that leads you through each stage of the cooking procedure and timers that allow you to cook rice at your preferred time. Also, it features an inbuilt steam cleaning function that efficiently cleans the nozzle and lid and saves a lot of time and effort. 

5. Cuchen 3D IH CJH-PC0610RC Korean Rice Cooker

Cuchen 3D IH CJH-PC0610RC Pressure Rice Cooker


  • 3D induction heating technology
  • Multiple cooking functions
  • Voice navigation in three languages
  • Smart jog dial
  • Durable inner pot coating
  • Self-cleaning system


  • Some buyers may find the design a bit bulky

  • 4.5/5.0

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This rice cooker is perfect for those who mostly incline towards kitchen appliances that are both smart and aesthetically pleasing. It features charcoal coated inner cooking pot and 3D induction heating which ensures that you get to enjoy an evenly cooked and flavorful rice. It highlights the edge shaped voice navigation system in three languages- English, Korean and Chinese that allows you to monitor each phase of the cooking process. Also, you can adjust the taste of rice as per your preference as it consists of three levels- Sticky, fluffy and medium. 

Moreover, you can also access the smart keep warm mode as it keeps the rice at the ideal serving temperature by detecting the temperature difference between the inner and outer side of the pan. Additionally, the reserve keep warm system minimizes the evaporation of moisture to prevent dryness and discoloration of rice. The front panel features a smart jog dial for a convenient menu selection and you can easily adjust it to select the type of rice you want to prepare. This rice cooker features so many options that you usually find in Multi-cookers.

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It also offers you a hassle-free cleaning as you just require to add a little amount of water in the inner pan and select the auto cleaning function. The high-pressure steam will efficiently clean every spot while preventing the nozzle clogging. If you prefer to wash the device on your own, then you can also detach the upper lid. It is made of stainless steel which is quite easy to clean

Korean Rice Cookers – Buying Guide

Factors to look for in your Korean Pressure Rice Cooker

1. Capacity

Capacity of Korean Rice Cooker Buying Guide

People usually tend to incline more towards a rice cooker that offers a large cooking capacity, but is it essential for you? If you have a family of 4-5 people, then a 6 cup unit would be enough for you. You can go for larger models with 10-12-cup capacity only if you have a big family. The benefit of having a smaller model is diminished power consumption and they also emphasize a compact size that can be easily placed anywhere on the kitchen countertop. On the contrary, larger models tend to be bulky and occupy a significant amount of kitchen space.

2. The Material of the Inner Pot

Inner Pot material of Korean Rice Cookers

Distinct rice cookers feature different coatings on their inner pans to enhance cooking efficiency. Most of the modern rice cookers offer aluminum covering on the inner cooking bowl. Whereas, on the other hand, some high-end units feature stainless steel, copper, ceramic, pure carbon and diamond powder coating to level up the heat conductivity and taste of the rice. The material of the inner pan has a significant effect on the flavor and texture of the prepared rice, so ensure to choose the best one.

3. Induction Heating System

Induction Cooking Korean Cookers guide

The induction heating technology comes into the effect when the conductive metal in the inner pan reacts with the copper heating element. This reaction generates an electric current that is responsible for heating the food evenly. Zojirushi rice cookers can often be seen with such augmented features. Other advantages incorporate instantaneous temperature changes that level up the cooking accuracy. This feature is generally included in the high-end models, so if your budget permits, then it is a worthy feature to look for in a rice cooker.

4. Micom Menu Settings

Micom Menu Settings in Korean Rice Cookers

Micom is a general abbreviation utilized for microcomputer, which infers that a microcomputer is incorporated with the rice cooker to control the rice cooking system. They are an exceptionally propelled exhibit of rice cookers that for the most part include Micom, Micom fuzzy and Neuro-fuzzy rice cookers. The innovation attempts to computerize the most extreme cooking process which can be extraordinary assistance for all the beginners and the ones who lead a hectic life. On account of this modernized chip, you can cook brown colored rice and rice porridge without overcooking and overflowing. Although there are special brown rice cookers available for meticulous cooks, this still does the job. 

5. Dishwasher Safe Removable Parts

If you are fond of eating rice and tend to utilize your rice cooker every other day, then prefer to buy the model that offers dishwasher safe removable upper lids and inner pans. It can turn out to be a complete lifesaver option for you as it makes cleaning hassle-free and saves a lot of your essential time as well. Also, ensure to wash the unit periodically to maintain its aesthetics, efficiency and durability.


If you relish having a bowl of Korean style rice, then introducing a Korean rice cooker into your kitchen is well worth your investment. The quality of rice offered by them is exceptional to the rice that you ordinarily cook in a regular saucepan of water. Ensure to examine all the above-mentioned aspects while purchasing as each one of them is going to influence the quality and texture of the prepared rice. So, make sure to go for the best model that satisfies your budget as well. The best unit will just intensify your cooking experience by offering you access to the programmable settings accompanied by the user-friendly functions.

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