Vigo Sink Reviews 2020 – Read This Before Buying!

Designing a kitchen or revamping it to upgrade its appearance and functionality remains a pretty challenging task on its own. Add to it the burden of finding contemporary, resourceful yet economical kitchen fixtures and you’re probably looking at days of haphazard and futile groundwork. To help you avoid such pitiful instances, we do the work for you.

In today’s article, we’re going to be discussing about kitchen sinks; more specifically, about kitchen sinks from Vigo Industries. Vigo largely concentrates on stainless steel sinks unlike more diverse sink collections from brands like Elkay and Blanco. These too are however limited to stainless steel and Granite. If you’d like to extend your research to other materials and sink configurations, you might also want to check our copper sink reviews and farmhouse sink reviews

Vigo kitchen sinks are popular among homemakers for their functional designs, durability, generous assurance periods and of course, highly competitive pricing. In this Vigo kitchen sink review, we’ve made sure to elaborate relevant aspects in relation to their products so that you know beforehand, what would be a realistic expectation if you opt for a Vigo Industries’ sink as your next kitchen sink upgrade.

Comparision Table

Product Material Bowl Config Type Size Cabinet Size
Vigo Sink Reviews 2020 – Read This Before Buying! 1. VIGO VG3219CK1 Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Single Undermount 32 Inch 34 Inch
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Vigo Sink Reviews 2020 – Read This Before Buying! 2. VIGO VGR3219CK1 Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Single Undermount 32 Inch 34 Inch
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Vigo Sink Reviews 2020 – Read This Before Buying! 3. VIGO VG3620CK1 Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Single Farmhouse 36 Inch 36 Inch
Check Price
Vigo Sink Reviews 2020 – Read This Before Buying! 4. VIGO VGRA3318CS Kitchen sink Acrylic Single Farmhouse 33 Inch 33 Inch
Check Price
Vigo Sink Reviews 2020 – Read This Before Buying! 5. VIGO VG2920BLK1 KitchenSink Stainless Steel Double Undermount 29 Inch 30 Inch
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Vigo Sink Reviews 2020

  • Constructed from durable T-304 16-gauge thick stainless steel
  • Undercoated with sound deadening pads to reduce noise
  • Industrial grade satin finish to protect the sink surface against stains and scratches
  • Generous bowl depth and grooved sink bottom make for easy drainage
  • Comes with a matching heavy-duty bottom grid and strainer
  • Two cut-out templates allow you to install your undermount sink flush or with a slight reveal
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Sharp edges might require a fine bristled brush to clean
  • 4.9/5.0
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Standing toe to toe with other leading stainless steel kitchen sinks on the market, this handmade single bowl sink can be bought at a fraction of their price while still keeping their quality, resilience and appealing looks. Like other options form the brand, this one too is an ideal undermount sink option for frugal homeowners that like their purchases to be at par dollar for dollar.

To begin with, the sink is crafted out of T-304 16-gauge stainless steel; one of the most resilient forms of the alloy among other inferior variants. This construction gives the sink the required toughness and resilience to impact, dents and fissures. The entire surface is then covered with an industrial grade satin finish to guard it from scratches and other stains. The combination makes for a durable sink material that has proven to ace the test of time.

To account for the usual con of metallic sinks being noisy, this Vigo sink is completely undercoated and appropriately padded to minimise the sound from water splashing. If a quite kitchen matters to you, you must ensure that the stainless-steel sink you’re set on, uses some means of noise cancellation. Most kitchen sinks achieve this with the help of thick noise deadening pads on the sides of the sink.

Speaking of the design of the sink individually, we think some readers that value sleek and sharp lines in their kitchen are in for a treat. The sink features clean, zero-radius edges that’s considered to better complement some kitchen décor schemes. As for the bowl space, you’d hardly fall short owing to the generous 10” depth.

Unlike in standard outdated sinks, you can easily handle all your flatware, baking and casserole trays alongside large pots and pans. A1 functionality for a sink priced as low as it is. You could even think of putting saved dollars in to a high-end kitchen faucet to make your sink the center of attraction of your kitchen. 

The sink bottom is further grooved to facilitate drainage. It features fine lines tapering towards the rear-set drain that allow for all the water to readily wash off the drain line. Another advantage that you can look forward to are the complementary accessories that are included in the factored price. You get a perfectly fitting stainless-steel bottom grid, a strainer and a cutting board alongside the sink, cut-out template and the mounting hardware. Above all, Vigo covers your purchase with a generous limited lifetime warranty.

The sink’s 30” variant is just as resourceful and well-built. If your base cabinet measures 30” – 32”, the smaller 30” undermount sink would fit better on your countertop.

  • Constructed with commercial grade 16-gauge stainless steel
  • Protected against scratches with a dependable satin finish
  • Smooth 15mm curved edges make for easy access to all parts of the sink
  • Undercoated with sound cancelling pads
  • Generous 10” depth accommodates tall utensils
  • Comes with custom-made sink bottom and drain strainer
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Plastic strainer; prone to damage
  • 4.5/5.0
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Feel like a sharp-edged zero radius sink might cause excessive cleaning nuisance? Vigo has a neat alternative for you that’s at par with our top recommendation if not better. The VGR3219CK1 is built from a commercial grade 16-gauge thick stainless steel that imparts it the desired resistance to impact, dents and fissures. Likewise, the surface of the sink is protected against scratches with a commercial grade satin coating.

Secondly, like other top-selling Vigo kitchen sink models, this one too is primed for optimal noise reduction. The sink is undercoated with thick sound cancelling pads that account for considerable noise cancellation from running faucets and splashing of water. This one further eliminates the only con from our top pick and makes for easy cleaning of the sink’s corners and edges. With smooth 15mm radius curved edges, you can simply wipe all areas of the sink with your bare hands and a cleaning cloth or a scrub.

Based on your base cabinet dimensions or your previous sink’s existing cut-out, you can select one of the 30” or 32” models. Both sinks display a generous depth of 10” that can easily fit large plates, pots and pans. Next, the sink comes with fitting bottom grid, a drain strainer and complementary cutting board, so you neither need to search for a custom-made bottom grid nor you need to pay extra and wait for a separate delivery.

As desired, Vigo covers your sink with a limited lifetime warranty. This, by extension, means that the sink is made to last a lifetime. The sink’s high durability gives it a well-earned rank among our top picks for the best kitchen sinks on the market. 

  • Elegant apron front design
  • 36” large single bowl configuration
  • Generous 10” depth
  • Grooved sink bottom
  • Complementary bottom grid included
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Requires a 36” base cabinet
  • 4.9/5.0
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Extremely popular among home designers and planners, a farmhouse sink offers your kitchen that added sense of luxury. The exposed apron front displays the beauty of the material used concealing next to nothing. While all apron front sinks are appreciated by owners, the beauty of it expands with its size.

This 36” farmhouse sink reinforces just this fact. With an elegant display of the front apron, your kitchen sink diminishes all other attractions in your kitchens. Besides being an absolute centrepiece, the kitchen sink is durable and cost-effective. Conforming to the highest manufacturing standards, the sink is manufactured with a grade 302 stainless steel with a gauge thickness of 16. Such construction leads to a high degree of resilience towards impact and subsequent dents.

The sink is further designed thoughtfully to be functional alongside being attractive. The sink bottom features tapering grooves leading to a standard 3.5” rear-set drain opening. However, the slanting bottom in such a large bowl can cause utility limitations while handling lesser utensils in the sink. Vigo compensates for this with a complementary bottom grid that rests flat on the bottom.

Further, the sink surface is undercoated with thick sound reducing pads to minimize noise from clanging of dishes and splashing of water. In addition to a resourceful design and charismatic appearance, the sink is covered with a limited lifetime warranty. Vigo also sells a similar 30” farmhouse sink that fits well over a 30”-32” base cabinet.

  • Made from hygienic non-porous material
  • Resistant to cracks and chips
  • 10” deep sink provides ample work space
  • Reversible apron front
  • Curved edges make for convenient cleaning
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • White finish may discolour with usage 
  • 4.7/5.0
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Breaking the monotony of stainless-steel sinks, this acrylic farmhouse sink from Vigo gives you a different option to ponder upon. The sink is made out of a unique composite material that’s proven to be a superior alternative to cast iron and fireclay. The feel of the material is almost as that of fireclay with the only difference of better resilience towards cracks and chipping.

Vigo calls the material of the sink matte stone which is essentially and PMMA composite. Trademark qualities of this composite material include lesser degree of superficial weathering and better immunity to cracks and impact chips. Coming to the functionality of the sink, it is 10” deep giving the bowl adequate space for all kinds of trays, pots and pans.

Adding to the convenience, the edges of the sink aren’t sharp and have a smooth radius of 10 mm that make tricky corners easily accessible for efficient cleaning. The sink comes with a drain strainer and a complementary cutting board as additional accessories.

A couple of distinct benefits that are associated with this matte stone sink are found below. The material is non-porous and hence impermeable to liquids making it a hygienic choice. Further, the sink has two reversible apron fronts that can be reversed at intervals giving you the look and feel of a completely new sink altogether. Naturally, as with Vigo kitchen sinks, this sink is too covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Dual bowl configuration might suit some people better
  • Highly durable; made from 16-gauge T-304 stainless steel
  • Ample 10” depth
  • Grooved sink bottom
  • Undercoated with sound reducing pads
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Shorter overall primary dimension at 29”
  • 4.7/5.0

Gauge a dual bowl configuration to be a better option for your needs? This undermount 70/30 sink might just be the perfect option for you. Both bowls are 10” deep giving you adequate space in each to handle separate tasks. The left bowl can accommodate dishes and small to medium pans while the right bowl comes in handy to rinse cutlery, vegetable and fruits while still having your dishes piled up in the sink.

As for the quality, the sink is constructed using the ultra-durable T-304 grade stainless steel with a gauge thickness of 16. This translates directly to a high-quality, rust-free, sink surface that’s hard enough to stand impacts causing dents and fissures. The steel surface is further satin coated to guard it against surface scratches. Overall, the sink installed flush or with a slight reveal, looks extremely appealing and contemporary.

Both sink bowls feature rear-set drains with bottoms having grooves leading to the drain holes. The 3.5-inch standard drain holes with the grooved bottoms aid drainage allowing waste water to pass effectively.   

On the downside, the overall length of the sink peaks at 29”. Dividing it further into separate bowls may result in smaller dimensions along the primary length of the sink. This may however affect you in no way if you have low dishwashing needs. Lastly, like all other Vigo kitchen sinks, this one is covered with a limited lifetime warranty.  

Vigo Sink Buying Guide

Getting the ideal kitchen sink is one of the crucial elements of your kitchen space. Most of the dishwashing and other errands are done there which require right implements at hand. Selecting the perfect kitchen sink can enhance the productivity of your kitchen tasks to the next level.

Vigo Industries - A Word About the Brand

About Vigo Kitchen Sinks and the company

It is an American company which was founded in New York City in 2009. Now it has successfully made its mark in the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America list for 2014. Vigo focuses on the production of high-quality shower heads, shower doors, kitchen sinks, high standard kitchen faucets and many more similar accessories. The company accounted for revenue of around 10 million dollars within five years of being established, making a strong impact on the market. 

The mission of the company is to make every customer fall in love with their kitchen and washroom space as both of them are highly functional. They believe that it’s worth making an investment in the product’s design, durability and functionality when the final result is a happy customer. The engineering team of Vigo is highly committed to staying at the forefront of technology and manufacture products that match the highest quality and environmental standards. 

What Makes Vigo Sinks Stand Out?

Sophistication comes along with the Vigo brand and when the term combines with the minimalist design, a piece of art is created. The brand looks at the aesthetics to be the primary factor in their product’s formation as it is one of the crucial aspects. Vigo kitchen sinks have a reputation for combining an appealing design with advanced components that make things run smoothly. 

Although, the brand is primarily specialized in manufacturing showers yet you get a wide range of kitchen sinks featured with the creative designs and modern functionality. The kitchen sinks of Vigo industries are definitely worth your money if you are in search of something that has got an eye-catching look along with the great functions and compatibility with attachments like premium garbage disposals. Most of the competitors manufacture sinks that are just embedded with the ideal components and they hardly pay any attention to the looks. But, Vigo never launches a product unless it satisfies their style. 

1. Competitive Pricing

When it comes to price, we lookout for something that is worth our investment and comes within an affordable price range. Vigo kitchen sinks are slightly inclined towards the higher price, but it is still better than its competitors. For instance, you can buy Vigo’s single bowl stainless steel sink within the range of $300-$400. On the other hand, Kohler, which is another well-renowned brand, sells it for around $600. Elkay kitchen sinks are another great option if price is a concern for you. Now, here you have to make a wise selection as a customer as you are getting superior quality sink within two different price ranges.

Vigo brand surely offers you the assurance that their kitchen sinks will last in your kitchen space for a considerable length of time to come. So, you will not need to invest in any other sink anytime soon. Moreover, the cutting edge structure of these sinks additionally implies that they will stay classy for quite a while to come.

2. Neat and Functional Sink Construction

Vigo Sinks have neat design and best customer support

Vigo kitchen sinks are featured with some unique and creative designs that enhance their aesthetic value. Handmade with additional regard for the care, VIGO’s Matte Stone sinks are cut to flawlessness. They arrive in an assortment of covers, including 3D geometric structures, opened assortments, carved casement, sensitive crown, and smooth fronts. Completed with artfulness, these sinks have a cutting edge matte outside and a smooth coated inside.

Most of the companies only focus on the looks leaving behind the functional design of sinks, unlike Vigo brand which believes that the form and function should go hand in hand. The brand features both single and double bowl stainless steel kitchen sinks that are highly functional and are incorporated with matching grids and strainers as well. Moreover, the bowl depths are sufficient enough to accommodate large bowls while cleansing.

3. Durability

Vigo Sink Reviews 2020 – Read This Before Buying!

The material of kitchen sinks need to be highly durable as it has to go through a lot in the kitchen space every single day, including food preparation, cutting, cleansing and straining of hot water pots. Vigo brand features two kinds of variants by which kitchen sinks are manufactured- Vigo Stainless Steel Sinks and Vigo Matte Stone Sinks. Stainless steel is as durable as cast iron, but lighter in comparison and its durable nature allows it to withstand the wear and tear of everyday errands happening in the kitchen space. It is efficient in resisting scratches as well as corrosion. 

As far as Vigo’s matte stone is concerned, it is an ultra-durable PMMA acrylic composite solid surface designed to look like carved, polished stone. The solid-core construction allows it to easily resist scratches and chips. Moreover, it is corrosion-resistant, fire retardant and has got a non-porous surface as well, which makes it a hygienic and safe option for use in kitchen spaces. Feel like exploring the composite granite material in depth? You could use our thorough guide to study and select the best granite sinks on the market. 

4. Environment Friendly

The pollution level is increasing tremendously every single year and not many companies pay attention to this factor while manufacturing their products. Considering the Vigo brand, it strictly strives to produce as sustainable products as possible, keeping it as an integral aspect during the product development procedure.

The brand claims to meet all environmental certification requirements and planning to write future legislations as well. All of their kitchen faucets are CEC certified and the company is immensely involved with organizations like NKBA, ASID, AIA and NEWH.

Taking the environmental factors into consideration, Vigo follows the latest CALGreen flow rate reduction standards while constantly trying to reduce the packaging also.


Vigo is an extraordinary kitchen sink designer, which primarily focuses on magnifying the living by offering the most inventive and highest-quality products manufactured by accompanying unique designs. Alongside, it also maintains great post-sale connections with its customers, which most of the brands don’t pay attention to. All these aspects make this brand stand out of all the competitors. Although some of its products incline towards a high price range, yet they are worth your money as you get high-end, enduring and sustainable products.

After taking a deep dive in the article, you must have enlightened with different Vigo sinks. So, grab the opportunity to buy the ideal kitchen sink that matches your preferences and needs. Moreover, the brand also offers color variants, therefore get the one that goes well with the vibe of your kitchen space.

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